Wednesday, 18 June 2014

WOYWW # 263

Hello there

I'm going to make this post short and sweet as I'm back at work today after my horrendous infection in my jaw area which turned out not to be dental nor trigeminal neuralgia as I'd been originally diagnosed (phew - I'm so thankful it wasn't that)!

Anyway, the pics I took last night were terrible as they were in the dark and my camera phone doesn't take the best pics in the dark. I'd have taken them on my tablet, but it had run out of juice, so had to charge it overnight.  I'm laid in bed writing this with one finger on my tablet right now (not the most efficient or comfortable way to get a post written, I can tell you!!

So, here are fresh pics this morning taken with my tablet. Nothing has changed on the desk, so it doesn't matter.

Oops, they're not in order but never mind.

In one pic you will see that I've all but finished a canvas with a matching tag, this is going to be a gift for someone special.   I've been stamping and heat embossing the hand cutting flowers like a crazy person over the last few days.. I find the cutting very therapeutic.

I did a fair bit of die cutting yesterday too, using my ebosser, which I moved to the top shelf of my trolley.  The birdhouses are to be decorated,  but are just there because I had to move them to get to a cpl of dies i'd got hooked up.  You can also see my cameo with my handmade cover... I didn't have a sewing machine at the time so this has been done by hand sewing. It does need finishing off by machine though.  Anything else you see and want to know more about - just drop me a comment.

To those who are expecting an ATC from me, I apologise profusely,  but I was just too unwell to do them so they are coming, I won't let you down.

If you want to know why I am showing my desk, or would like to show yours , pls pop over to Julia's blog HERE and read all about it. Full instructions will be there.

To link up or see more desks, go HERE.

Please leave me a comment to let me know you've been visiting, and I'll pop right back over when I finish work later.

Happy WOYWW,

Paula xxx

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

WOYWW - #261

Hi there - happy Wednesday to you all, 

For those that stopped by my blog to say 'Hi' last week - thank you so much..

It was so great stopping by a cpl of blogs and being able to see all those wonderful pics from the crop, plus hearing all about it from a few of you.  It was also such a bonus to see some of the ATC's made especially for the event/anniversary - what I saw were pretty awesome - you ladies are super-talented.

I only managed a couple or so desks I'm afraid.  I was working on Wednesday and Thursday - and so I'm fit for nothing on Wednesday and Thursday follows Wednesday making it double as bad.  Need I say more.

Anyway, when I got home on Thursday I could swear I was getting a migraine - I even mentioned it to my husband.  I just sat quietly and waited for it to pass - but unfortunately it didn't seem to go.  Following what felt like a mild migraine, I started to get a feeling of pain in my back molars - as if they were being drilled into, and then cold water being poured on them; then it would move to my front teeth which felt like they were being filed with sandpaper. It would then be my top molars, then my gland, then under my tongue - never on my right side though, always on my left.  By Sunday/Monday, I was in excrutiating pain - never had pain like it before - and that's going some for me... I was experiencing level 9 & 10 pain and then it would go - just like that, but with a dull ache and a niggling shooting pain up my temple... just too awful for words.  Anyway, the dentist has ruled out dental problems, has done xrays and found nothing on them - no treatment required as far as they are concerned.  He's referred me to the Maxio-facial unit at the hospital as a matter of urgency, but said it could still take up to two weeks on an urgent referral.  He couldn't give me any stronger painkillers than those I already take for my other issues.  No point in going to see my doctor about it as he would say the same - he doesn't have authority to prescribe me anything stronger than the pain consultant does. .

Anyway, that all said, I'm so sorry if you didn't get a visit from me last week - I started out with best intentions too... I didn't get that many visits myself - but to be fair, I linked up making a blunder somewhere (I was on my tablet at work when I linked up - and it didn't copy and paste the URL properly, so I tried to type in what a little message came up said I had to include in the html link... I tried, thought i'd managed it only to find I'd hardly had any visits... I then followed the link, and boom - it was there "bad link"!  I did it again when I got home on Wednesday, then forgot the asterisk, so did it again... what a nightmare - I suppose I didn't deserve any visit after all that shambles!!!  I was #72, then 150 then 151 (I think)!!!  Oh well - better luck this week hopefully!  If you're here, then I did something right!

So, onto the desk - here it is - not a lot been done at all I'm afraid (for reasons already explained):

click for a larger view
click for a larger view
Not a pretty site huh?  Plenty to look at though, so if you see something of interest - just ask, and I'll answer any questions.  You can see a project or two on there that I'm in the midst of doing.  Funnily enough, after this pic was taken - I tidied the whole desk up!  At least you got to see it in the genuine state that it was at the time I took the pic - and it wasn't staged, or tidied beforehand - which I'll admit to doing a time or two when it's been too boring for words!!!

So, lets see yours now you've seen mine!  Leave a comment for a return visit.  If you want to know all about WOYWW (What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday) - Julia is the host of this magnificent and ever popular link-up/blog hop and has done a special post on her blog, the Stamping Ground, explaining all about it - go HERE for further details.  Otherwise - go HERE if you just want to go over to Julia's blog and link your WOYWW post up.

Thank you for dropping by - I hope to visit as many desks as possible this week and also get my ATC's done and sent.   All depends on this hideous and painful condition. Just wish me luck in that the hospital is in touch as soon as possible.

If anyone has any spare ATC's and would like to cheer me up (hint hint), I'd love to do a swap with you - I appreciate that some of you might never have been here and won't know me from Adam (or Eve?), but we're already friends through being part of this - right? ;)

Anyway, that's me done, so big hugs - and special ones to all those who need one for what ever reason... we all have a story or a cross to bear - right?

Happy WOYWW - wherever you are and whatever you are doing!

Paula x x x 


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