Wednesday, 28 May 2014

WOYWW 260 - 5th Anniversary


It's actually been quite some time since I posted here on my blog - it's been a little (OK, a LOT), neglected.  I just got into a rut, didn't commit any time to it and just fell out of love with blogging regularly (I imagine... it's hard to put into words to be honest!).

There have been lots of times when I've thought 'right, I'll get back on my blog and write about that' or 'I'll post about this card or that project' but never really put any proper effort into it or got round to it.

In the last couple of weeks, I've taken pictures of my desk with the intention of starting to post again - mainly, my aim was to take part in this anniversary, but as far as the last 2 weeks has been concerned, I'd not gotten around to doing a post because I wanted to do a make-over on my blog header and spruce up my blog before I posted again.  I've spent a fair amount of time playing about designing my blog new header and background- the one you're seeing now is version 3 in terms of design and colour scheme - but in terms of getting it in exactly the right place has been a matter of trial and error - so it's about vesion 50 odd!!!  I'm finally reasonably happy with it now - but don't hold your breath because I'll find some way to improve it again!!  I want to learn how to do separators etc between posts and how to show links to my social networking sites in a more professional and creative way (like in a nice row or something with a fancy flourish underneath!).  So I've definitely not finished with it yet.  The flowers and the banner i've made entirely myself using the basic shapes in Serif Craft Artist.  The effects on the lettering and the bevel on the banner flags is all done at the touch of a button.  Craft Artist is magic!!!

Anyway - the reason you're here is more than likely because it's Wednesday and more importantly, it's the day of the week when we do WOYWW.  It's been a while - I last took part in week 183 (or thereabouts) and the last time I actually blogged at all was in January last year so a fair amount of time has passed!!!  I now work on Wednesday and Thursday (which is another long story)...  This leaves me exhausted and involves me normally going to bed early - when I get it at nearly 5.30pm, the first thing I do (after being attacked by the dogs and fussed like Ive been on a month long adventure), I go up to get changed - the last few weeks I've been falling to sleep for around 2-4 hours, waking up, getting a drink and then going back again.  This happens - and then I take all day Friday getting over it! 

Despite all that - I'll make my best efforts to make visits when and wherever I can.  Please bear (bare?) with me as it's something I'll have to get back into and try and manage my time...

So here is my desk.  In all it's non-glory.  

The first picture shows the whole of my desk; the second shows my drawers which I often open to use as an additional 'storage' space to put things on - usually my laptop when I need more desk space or am using my cameo, but in the picture is a box of bits and bobs of embellishments etc - most of which I made or punched shapes from scrap paper etc.  The far right picture is of my trolley.  I fetched this from IKEA for my mum a while ago, but it was too tall for what she needed so she asked me if I wanted it.  I quickly took it off her hands and now it has some of the things I use regularly - there is my e-bosser and next to it my box of embossing folders; my craft tool and stationery carousel on the top (love it), and on the lower shelves, there are folders of scraps (sorted in to colour families) and a box of die cut shapes of all kinds that I've created - there just for me to dip in a will when I need something for a card.  

Just in front of the trolley is an IKEA storage box - that has a load of my 12x12 cardstock and paper stock in, amongst other stuff.  The pink folder holds a the stencils and masks I've cut with my Silhouette Cameo - it's so satisfying using one that I've cut myself - even if I didn't create the cut files... (most of them are from the on-line store).  I'll do more about those in another post another time.

Because this week sees the 5th Anniversary of the WOYWW 'club' (more like phenomenon), there are to be some celebrations - if you want to join in, just follow this link to read more about it. Taking part means that you have agreed to make an ATC to celebrate.  When you link up to the linky thing on Julia's blog... you will need to put an asterisk (*) after your name - so I would put 'Paula Gale*'...  Everyone will send their ATC to the next person on the list with an asterisk after their name.  I think I've explained it right anyway.  I know that I definitely want to take part so as I'll be at work I will attempt to link up sometime during the day, as I always take my tablet with me.  

Because there will be so many desks to get through - I think I've said enough here and will wind this post up - I'm not exactly known for keeping my blog posts short - so I'm going to be very strict and not waffle (I don't think I've been too bad - but let me know if you think otherwise!!!).

Any questions about anything on my desk - just leave a comment and I'll get back to you.  You should find that the photos can be enlarged when you click on them because i've done nothing to reduce their actual size.

So, it's nice to be back in the WOYWW 'fold' - can't wait to see who i'll be sending my ATC's to (I've not shown them here as it will be a surprise... it will be to me too as I've not made them yet lol (I promise i'll be on it and will have finished before the end of the weekend...  :)

If you want to know what WOYWW is all about - take a look HERE at Julias blog post where she explains all about it (far better than I could).

Big hugs to all

Paula x x x 

p.s. If some kind person would link this blog post up for me before I get a chance - I'd be SOOOOO grateful.  Remember to put the asterisk after my name though... 


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