Wednesday, 9 July 2014

WOYWW - 266

Hi folks

I was determined to join in this week.  For the last 3 weeks - and definitely since I last blogged - I've been suffering with an infection under my very back molar (bottom left).  This initially wasn't apparent - so the dentist had diagnosed me with Trigeminal Neuralgia - indeed I had all the symptoms initially.  Then swelling appeared and so on and so forth.  I only work on Wednesday and Thursday each week - but things were so bad, that I had 2 weeks off since I last blogged - I went back last week even though still in pain - eventually I was given oramorph...

Anyway, I hadn't felt well enough to blog - even though I had taken pictures just in case.  After the issues I had with my dentist, and chasing down the referral to the hospital, I eventually got an appointment with a clinic that actually is a PCT pathway for referrals - and it was a very nice private clinic.  That was yesterday (Monday) and 2 hours later, I'd had the offending molar out.  Today, while I'm still recovering from the extraction and waiting for all the swelling to go down - it is honestly the FIRST pain free day I've had since 29th May when it very first started (I thought I'd got a migraine and then the electrical nerve and stabbing pains started)...

So, it gives me great pleasure to be here - because it means I'm feeling a whole lot better than I was.  Now, I would like to wish Julia, our head woman, a very happy birthday as she celebrates a half century milestone.  Julia - you mean such a lot to a lot of people.  Thank you for WOYWW and thank you for you!

If you want to join in and show off your desk - CLICK HERE and pop over to Julia's blog, where she has a page explaining all about the concept of WOYWW - it's like a blog hop where you find friends along the way!

So, here is what you came for - a nosey at my desk:

Above is a shot of my desk where my Tonic A3+ glass mat is - a couple of weeks ago, I cut lots of flowers out for a project I'm in the middle of - and am now a little behind with - but no one died, so that doesn't matter too much in the scheme of things!!  First I printed the papers, then cut them out on my Cameo - a variety of shapes, inked the edges, then snipped into them, sprayed them with water, then pinched them and dried with the heat tool.  They feel like some of the mulberry style ones after (a little bit!).  It's amazing to think they started out as a sheet of A4 120gsm white paper isn't it?!  I'm thinking about making some plain ones with actual coloured cardstock to see what they turn out like.  There was also a delay in me finishing this job off because my heat tool died a couple of weeks ago - so that pink one is my new Papermania one which has 2 heat settings, and is really quiet too - I'm well impressed and it was on offer at the Range.

Hmm this bit leaves a lot to be desired.  It's just a bit of push back to make room for me to work with the heat tool.  In the box is my SKY remote, hot glue fun and circle tool - because the project involved me cutting a circle out of cardboard.  However, that part of the project needs re-doing!  Needless to say its not coming along very quickly!  I'll have to put it off for a couple of days while I'm at work.  I really want to start my Christmas crafting after that.

If you enjoyed your visit and would like to see more desks - go HERE to see the list of others that have linked their desks up to the party that is WOYWW... If you are a visitor and not a fellow WOYWWer, why don't you consider showing yours and joining in!

Please say hi if you've been - then I can return the favour and come and say 'hi' back... 

have a lovely day, what ever you are doing today and whatever the weather... 

Paula x x x 

Edited on 9th July approx 10am to say that I got to work this morning, and have been laid off for economic reasons!!  I started in February after around 4 years recovering from ill health.  I'd been feeling better so decided to seek work.  I had phoned the company up to see if they had any room for someone with my experience, knowledge and skills... we met up and an offer of a job was made - I could only manager 2 days though... I was working on business improvements and improving the literature and following would have been the website - but in doing the literature, I'd addressed a lot of the things the company said they did - to find that they really weren't doing any of it - so had put all of those improvements in place... BUT I just was told that a couple of major contracts had gone backwards, so the necessary admin needed to be the focus - and that was already taken care of, so I was the casualty.  Funnily enough - I'm relieved.  I had started to really not like going.  I'd worked in Local Government and consider myself to be a professional - and the people at this company were anything but and that didn't sit comfortably with me, but I wanted to be 'normal' and have a job.  I came off ESA benefit in order to earn the money - I know I'm not 100% better - but accepted that 75-80% had to be better than where I was, and 75% was good enough for me to hold my head high again and earn the money myself.  Of course, this made us worse off slightly - but I could deal with that because the gain was for me to be back in the workplace again - whether I moved employment (I was looking actually), or stayed there a bit longer.  Well, my only concern is the financial side.  I am so happy not to have to go there again - genuinely.  My family are aware how I felt about it.... I was a bit shocked - but not surprised at being met at the top of the stairs by the owner - I accepted his news, collected my things and have come home to be able to sort some cards out, be with my dogs and be able to blog and do visits to other WOYWWer's - actually on a Wednesday!!!  Now to see what I need to do next - I can take a couple of weeks to consider my future - maybe training to do something completely different.  I believe the world is my oyster and I'm looking for the right pearl for me!!!!

Sorry the edit was so long - but just needed to add it for my own good!!!

Paula x x x 


  1. I think you are a blessing. As an Orthodontic Assistant, and working along side a Dental Surgeon for a few years, I understand the pain a molar can cause...goodbye was a great relief! Smiles..oh yes, love your desk!

  2. I so understand the feeling of an infection in your teeth having them removed is sometimes the only way to go and a complete blessing you'll be feeling better in a few days and never again should it bug you :) Pretty flowers you made too hugs Nikki no # yet

  3. Just left a comment and it disappeared! maybe it will re-appear later - lol. Glad you are blogging and hopefully crafting again - did the ATC arrive? x Jo

  4. Blimey! Nice to see you back but my goodness I had no idea it was as bad as all that from your brief comment in the email. And so sorry to hear the update news. More time for craftiness, but less cash to shop with. Still, you seem to be happy abut being set free so roll with it! With no pain and more time I expect we will see you on WOYWW regularly for a bit till that pearl of a job materializes!

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (1)

  5. You don't want to see my crafting table. So happy you are doing better!!

  6. Well I'm glad you are pain-free and recovering from your infection. Sorry to read about your work situation, but I hope the right thing for you comes along when you are ready. Lovely to see you here! Take care Zo xx 29

  7. Glad to hear you're feeling better after what sounds like a really nasty infection.
    Sounds like it's an exciting time for you. I'm sure your relief at leaving work will allow space for you to get creative with you next move.
    Have a relaxing week
    Gillian #49

  8. You have been through a lot for sure! Be well and take good care of yourself now. You have space for something wonderful to enter in and time to enjoy your projects.

  9. Pleased to hear you are feeling better. They have probably done you a favour and something better may come up workwise.
    Don't know what sort of thing you would like but there are some interesting jobs come up on 'JOBUNGO' online.
    In the mean time, have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x #41

  10. your gallery is just very nice .graphics are very nice . your website it just super. best of luck . do come visit me some time. that goes to everybody who see this. WE.HOBBIESANDCRAFTS.NET. and please sign my guestbook at the bottom of my webpage to let me know you came to see me do send your very good friends ( thank you ) it good to meet new friends. love a beautiful thing.


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