Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2 more sleeps until...


I can't believe that it is 3 years since I set up my blog while kind of 'nursing' a poorly foot.  Everyone was in bed, I was downstairs with my foot up on the footstool as I'd tripped over the door theshold at my friend's house on NYE.  We were on the way to our local(s) and had to pass my friends house, so I called in to wish all the family a Happy New Year.  It was nothing to do with the fact that i'd had some home made punch prior to going out, or the fact that I was wearing some slippers while I had my high heels in a bag ready to change outside the pub...!!!

The start of my blog and my adventure into blogging didn't go well at all.  Just one week later, we'd endured all that snow that brought the country to a standstill, I came home from work (when we did finally get back) with a terrible chest infection which absolutely floored me - and had to have an x-ray on my chest.  I remember asking if everything was OK (as you do), and the radiographer nurse asking me if I'd had Swine Flu - I hadn't, so asked why she asked - she then said the usual - it has to be seen by the Radiographer...  

Approx 24 hours later (in working day terms), I'd received a call from my GP telling me that the X-ray I'd had was showed up something abnormal.  Within days, I'd had a barrage of tests scans, cameras, blood tests, lung capasity tests etc and was being treated as a lung cancer patient (because of the results plus my symptoms).  I was finally diagnosed with a tumour - which at first appeared to be on the outside of my lung.

Of course, the blogging friends i'd made in the first few days before all of this came to light, proved to be the most invaluable support system I had - and so much very more than I ever could have wished and hoped for.  You see, in 2 more sleeps - the date seems to have become a massive milestone - and always will be until I leave this mortal plane.

Because things have been a bit mixed over the holidays - a mix of stress due to the pressure I put on myself, and exhaustion, pain, tiredness etc - I only literally just realised minutes ago that the date was looming (I was putting a new blinkie in my sidebar, and saw my blogiversary gadget, realised it was in two more days - and looked on my homepage to see if it actually said '2 more days' or whatever it says... it didn't.  It was more like 189 or something.  I proverbially scratched my head - clicked on it to see why, then realised - i'd completed the info using the English date format instead of the American date format... so I set it right - and now it correctly reflects that there are TWO MORE SLEEPS.... but more importantly - it reflects that i'm not organised and didn't do anything much about my 2nd anniversary (perhaps it being literally just into the New Year doesn't help much either)!!!

So, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all who read my blog - whether that be ocassionally or regularly, whether you subscribe or whether I pop up (not often enough) in your google reader, blogger dashboard - or wherever... I'd like to wish you a happy and healthy, safe and successful 2013 - sent to you wrapped up in a great big hug from me.

To all my blog friends - whether I hear from you regularly or not - it doesn't matter, because I know that I've made some lifelong friends, and more importantly, know that you don't have to speak to one another 24/7 to be supportive to one another - sometimes just knowing that someone is there should you need them is comfort enough.  I've made friends like that through blogging.  We can contact each other whenever, and there will always be the underlying unwritten word that we are all here for one another - and that goes a long long way.  Further than I could ever have known when I clicked that button at the top of the page when I was on a blog, that said 'Create blog'.

So, if you haven't ventured into blogland yet by creating your own blog; not only are you creating a place where you can write about what you create, how you do it - you can write what ever you want, but if it's in relation to your crafts - you can be sure that you will enter a world of support, friendship and all round fabulous people, who also happen to do what you do - and that's craft, craft, craft!

I promise to put something together for my blogoversary - if you're interested - please leave a comment below.  I'd better leave this up for a while - so lets say a couple of weeks (unless I forget)... if I do - please give me a prod.

Oh, and I never did put those high heel shoes on - I'd left my slippers on all night - well, no one was going to know - people don't look at your feet necessarily (well, not until you get on Kar-a-oke and tell everyone and weave it into the lyrics of the song you're singing that is)!!! Those were the days... funny how life can turn itself upside down a few days later!

Happy Crafting to one and all

big hugs
Paula x x x


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