Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Well, what can I say.  I haven’t joined in the last couple of weeks because of several factors – the major one being that I am a bad blogger and didn’t get round to leaving as many comments as I really should do – so because of the pressure I put myself under – as well as other factors, I thought it best not to join in if I can’t get round to comment on other blogs because I don’t feel that would be fair of me!  So I apologise to anyone who left a message and didn’t get a reciprocal one from me!

What else has been happening?  I’ve been sat staring at my desk for a while – and that’s as far as I got.  Because I couldn’t get myself going, I’d move the things round on the desk or sort some papers out – I think it’s called procrastinating!!!

I’ve been suffering from a distinct lack of space on the desk – a bit more than the usual lack of space – so I did take pictures with good intentions of joining in last week – but it wasn’t to be.  Here is a selection of pics of the desk over the last week.  There was such a lack of desk space that if affected my ability to use my cameo as the paper just wouldn’t have gone through the back – I found out what the problem was though: 

DO NOT DISTURB... please?
sorry for the terrible colour of this photo -
I think it was when the lamp was on

Yes – that was the problem.  She found the warm spot.  There is a radiator at the back of the desk, the shelves are fastened to the wall a couple of inches above the radiator, so the air flow comes through the bottom of the shelves and above the desk… she knows you know!  Anyway, she kind of shoved my Cameo forward in order to make herself some space.  She was there for almost a week straight run.  She’s abandoned her box which should have been sent back with the Grand Calibur in, but she’d adopted it, so I didn’t have the heart to turf her out.  However, since then, she’s been on the verge of being evicted because she’s made a bit of a mess.  That was going to be another post that I didn’t get round to writing – but here are some pics of her box – which I now have evicted her from – it’s been subject to a demolition order too!!!


She just scratched away at the sides of it and as you can see from the pictures – she’d gone right through on one corner.  

How could you ever be mad with this though:


When she finally got off – probably for food, my desk was completely covered in hairs!  Most of all it was all stuck to my ATG gun tape and also the sellotape and dispenser. Worst of all though, it was in my Cameo so I spent a large amount of time cleaning that out hoping that it’s not going to affect the workings… due to lack of cover, I thought I'd put a pillowcase over it to save it from further abuse!!!!  I also pushed it right to the back of the desk so that she had no room to go back behind it again.

How wrong was I?


She started at the front because there was no gap at the back, but the she laid on top of it until it started to slide forward just enough to make a really snug gap- she doesn’t look uncomfortable does she?

Right – on to this weeks desk.  Not much happening, most of the stuff is out because of my Christmas card making - and is a bit tidier than it was because I lost something and had a mad PANIC and went through 5 boxes of stuff to not find was I was looking for.  I finally found what I wanted between a couple of magazines in my lovely Anna Griffin tote bag! PHEW!!! 

Anyway – moving on, here is my desk, which I believe most people will have come to see (I hear you shouting “Finally”)!!!

DSCN1795DSCN1796DSCN1797DSCN1798 DSCN1800

So there you have it – nothing special, just very very messy and busy looking. If you want a closer look at any of the pictures - just click on them because I've left them at full size - just right click on pic, select 'view image' - when you are in view mode, if you see a magnifying glass at your cursor, click it and the image will (or should) fill the page for you!

If you want to know what this desk parading is all about… visit Julia at the Stamping Ground HERE and she’ll tell you all about it.  However, in brief, basically you take a pic of what you are doing – where ever you work, write a blog post telling us all about it – it DOES NOT need to be as long as mine (I'll get my legs slapped for writing War and Peace), then visit Julia and link it up to what is usually rather a long list of lovely bloggers wanting to show you what they've got - some even show you their drawers!!!.  Leave a message – then go and visit desks of like minded people… like minded because they are creative in whatever way the see fit!!! (unlike me – at the moment I’m a wannabe)!!!

Don't forget to leave a comment - those visitors that subscribe - you can leave a message too, even if you don't have a blogger or google account.  Just select 'anonymous' then leave a message and tell me who you are.  That's all you have to do.  It would be good to hear what you have to say or get your feedback :O)

Happy Crafting with hugs,
Paula x x x


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