Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Hello bloggy friends and followers and WOYWWers…

I have several pics for you this week which were taken in the dark on Tuesday night, so apologise if this compromises the quality of them…

I didn’t join in last week because I so messed up the week before – half asleep (see what time I posted?), I linked the wrong URL to Julia’s Mr Linky thing – so everyone who doesn’t already have me in their reader (because they visited the right post), were going and commenting on the week before.  I was a pretty satisfactory mid table at that point… it was SATURDAY when I realised what I’d done – yes – Saturday!!! Well, I just felt so deflated, and last Wednesday I had to take mum to the doctors – until her appointment came and went – because I’d forgotten… that was following the forgotten hair appointment on the Saturday – the same one I realised I’d linked the wrong week… are  you getting the picture?  So, I think I just lost the plot last week…

This week, I’m going through that sleep phase again – my DH will be talking to me, then he’ll turn around and I’ve fallen to sleep.  The boys and he usually keep a special eye on me to make sure I don’t sit too long with a hot coffee in my hands again – I’ve scolded myself twice now.

Was going to see a friend in hospital yesterday, but had a grumbling tum and a couple of runs to the loo – and thought it best to stay away just in case it was developing into something else… It’s the first time I can even remember going to the loo like that.  With the tablets I’m on, visits are few and far between – if you get what I mean (sorry to those with a sensitive disposition – is that the right term?)!!!

Today, as I’m feeling better, I will be going to the hospital to see my friend, but also need to take Buddy – the naughty Shih Tzu to the vets to see the nurse.  On our dog groomers recommendation, I put some drops in his ears to clean them out – however, something isn’t quite right as they sound, when rubbed, like they have too much fluid in now – and he won’t let me touch his ears – so before any infections take hold – I’ll get it sorted for him… He can still hear me take the lid off the jar of treats though, even if he’s not looking and I try and sneak Dylan a crafty snack!!!

Without further ado – here are the pics.  Feel free to ask any questions and they shall be explained – usually in a reply email, so make sure your blogger comments can be returned to your email address (you set this up in blogger somewhere)…  Mine is set up so that if I leave a comment on a blog and that comment goes into the blog owners email in box – if they click return on the email – it will say it’s from  something something blogger.bounces – then when you click on ‘return’, my own email address appears in the ‘to’ box and it comes directly back to my email in box… it’s not as complicated as I’ve just made that sound lol…


Almost 360 degrees of the room – which is getting rather full again – best get some stuff decanted back to the garage… I have an area for all my craft stuff in the garage (just as well really).  I keep all my empty paper storage A4 and A5 boxes, lever arch files and ring binders, concertina folders, project blanks (sets of drawers, boxes, lots of photo frames,  more card blanks and usually the Christmas crafting box in there - some of it in a half wardrobe, some in metal filing cabinet, some on a tall pine shelf unit (IKEA), plus two more drawer unit - one plastic, one taller one from IKEA (Good old IKEA) - oh, and a couple of wall units from our older kitchen. So about as much out there as I have in here really! I need to take some stuff back out that I'm not using. Hmmm…

If you want anything in the pics explaining – ask away, otherwise – click on each and they will become massive because I haven’t reduced them, cropped them or done anything to them… they are what they are!

If you would like to join in and show us what’s on your desk – feel free to – but leave a comment on each blog before you pass on to the next.  Before you do this, you need to visit Julia at the Stamping Ground to link your blog post up to Mr Linky.  He’ll give you a number.  If you quote this number in your comment – people will return the favour and visit you too.

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment – happy crafting!
Paula x x x


  1. Happy WOYWW. This early hour and my always-confused brain means that I didn't understand much of what you have to say this week! Much impressed by the quantity of crafty items you have (will show it to my hubby, as he always expresses amazement at my craft room, even though I had a clear out and sold loads of stuff on Ebay!) and that you have a sofa in your craft room. I have got an old easy chair (left over from our old suite - the sofa and other chair went to people on FreeCyle), which I never sit in and use as another 'shelf'. Ali x #19

  2. Oh my giddy aunties! You win the messy crafty space this week...seeing my desk is not in my pictures! What stuff you have!! Fantastic!! long apologies for not getting back to you sooner, been so up in the air and away with the fairies lately, will email you, promise!!! Have a good week....I doze off too...can't here tho (dog sitting)...they have weird chairs, only for sitting (not comfy) and not for napping in!
    Happy WOYWW

  3. Wow Paula - that's a real Pickle Pad there :)

    Now, I need you to decide what you want for our 'deal' from ages ago - else the punches will be sent back to you!! :))

    Happy WOYWW, Hugs, Di xx

  4. Thats a serious amount of stash you have there today Paula! Hope your little dog gets on ok at the vets.
    A x #48

  5. Morning, thanks for letting me peek into your creative world this morning. A full and busy one too! Sounds like last week was a week to forget; guess we all have them! This week will be better I'm sure.

  6. Wow you have some super stuff there including the dog!! Glad you're feeling better but don't over do it hey?! I know that feeling. Feel better do too much = bad again. Take care Zo xx 59

  7. I'm in the 'failing to believe' department actually have empty storage boxes and files? Really? Now it's getting seasonal, even on your blog - a santa stocking has appeared! I'm imposing a fairl;y rigid routine onmyself now, to get things done. Take heart girly, you have a legitimate excuse for missing appointments and sleeping in at the touch of butt to chair...I don't and I can still do both with ease!

  8. Is it this week or next week I am commenting on? Love the photos. Take care, don't do too much! Helen, 9

  9. WOW! sounds like you are having a hectic time - I sympathise - I have weeks like that too ;o) I love your workspace, makes mine seem tiny! Happy WOYWW xxx Laura #51

  10. Golly, what a lot of stuff going on - in life and on the craft desk! Love the look of that music manuscript collage - I'm a sucker for anything with music on. Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  11. You have just enough space to complete a project. Wow!Hope all is well with you and friend.

  12. He he - just chuckling at the falling asleep with coffee in your hand - I know how you feel and I have no legitimate reason - but I have done it several times!!! Take care and enjoy any crafting you have time and energy for. x Jo

  13. Wow look,at all the goodies you have to use!! Maybe try iced coffee. Tehe hope you are on the mend. Hugs Nan 93

  14. Oh my my, what a lot of stuff! I would love to come and visit and dig away! Is this area the garage? Or your craft room? patsy

  15. Yep for sure you win the messy space prize this week LOL I do have to say I admire you for showing your space, mess and all, most wouldn't dream of bearing all. LOL Sounds like you need to take things easy and rest, you seem to be needing more rest than normal and it's your body telling you something isn't right, so please rest. I have not posted this week, busy with work and wasn't home to do it. boo hoo also a dear friend passed away and it has thrown me into turmoil. So happy WOYWW I do hope your week gets better and you get back to normal and not mixed up mode. LOL

    Hugs Eliza

  16. Now wasn't that room all nice and tidied up just a few weeks ago? lol :) Like it takes a few weeks to make that kind of mess! We're talented ladies and we can get that kind of mess made in 10 minutes flat, am I right? ;) But I do envy your garage situation...all that space for extra storage! I would never be able to keep a car in there. lol What?! You don't have a car *in* your garage either? Shocker! :) Thanks for the whole room shots...its so fascinating to see where other people create, isn't it? Mostly its the messes...its like watching a train wreck, you just can't look away! :) Deeyll #76


Thank you for your super scrummy spangly comment and for spending your valuable time letting me know what you think...

Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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