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Hi friends, bloggy followers and fellow WOYWWers...

WOW - the weeks already go fast as it is, but they really seem to be picking up a pace towards the big C.  I've yet again attempted and failed to do any Christmas cards - it's a matter of having just too much choice. No, it's a matter of needing a kick up the you know what to get started.  Put it this way - I brought in some physical stuff from the garage yesterday in a box (or was it the day before?).  Eek - I don't know because the days are all running into each other at the moment.

Less of that.  Here is what you really came for.  I present to you - the desk.

This is the extreme left of the desk.  In fact it isn't technically on the desk, it's on a unit thing next to the desk which is technically in a different room too!!!  This is, if we were to split hairs, in the kitchen.  It is a slight step up from the floor where my desk is, but it works well.  It sits where the doors used to be that separated the conservatory from the kitchen, where the french doors were before we had the conservatory.  When we had a new kitchen in, we decided to take the doors down and make good - making it look like one large area.  So, there you can see the pretty paper still piled on top of the printer button panel.  The large roll of sellotape used to be a, err, large roll of sellotape until the naughty Shih Tsu came, stealth like into the conservatory and stole it while I literally had my back turned for seconds. I'd only just gotten it out of one of the desk drawers too.  Thinking about it - I'm not even sure it was on the floor when he got to it!  Anyway - it's almost unusable now because of the teethmarks in it which will probably mean you can't take a decent strip of it off before it tears.

The left of the actual desk.  Yep, quite boring really - no sign of all the sorting out I was doing yesterday and the day before. The rubbish you see is the resident rubbish - not the created rubbish (if that makes sense)... Since Saturday, more Sunday and Monday, it was quite literally covered in paper craft kits from Crafting Ltd (the company that brought us My Craft Studio)... It's where I got my pretty paper from that has been on my printer for the past 3 weeks.  I've not put it away yet - actually, I've added to it (tut tut)!

It was a sale day again this Saturday just gone.  Whilst I am able to go down each day of the week and am able to 'fill a box' for a fiver - I kind of got the biggest heist I've had in ages there.  I got genuine foiled and die cut card stock toppers... sheets of them.  Die cut cards in fancy shapes; pre-scored stepper cards.  Basically I got the Everyday Essentials kit that Steph first took to QVC when she started there.  6 collections in the kit - and I got them all on Saturday.  I put that much in my basket that I had 3 x the usual amount - so it came to £15... only I get 10% discount, so for £13.50, I got card kits galore, as well as some other die cut toppers from the Victorian Romance kit that had also been to QVC - so, I might have spent £13.50 on the equivalent of a foot high in cardstock - but I'm pretty sure I had £40 worth of stuff.  Also had some other great stuff like plain white stepper cards with envelopes, coloured vellum, patterned vellum, coloured printable acetate.  Basically if it's on the shelves within the confined space- then you are able to put it in your box.  Only I put mine straight in my basket as there was far too much to put in the folder provided.

So, after my sorting and organising again, the desk is a little lacking in any other activity.  I was cutting intricate decoupage yesterday - with a stanley knife blade.  I also like a 10" pair of scissors as opposed to small decoupage scissors sometimes.  It all depends on the size and complexity of the decoupage - it's something that I find very therapeutic.  Until it starts to make my neck ache by bending over - then I have to stop.  I did a garden bench with a rake and some plant pots and even cut out all the lats in the bench.  I've put it together with glue gel - and it looks rather good.  Other than that I've been procrastinating.  Putting off the inevitable.

Here's the right side of the desk - pretty much the same old stuff, apart from I've moved the little tower of drawers to the back right of the desk and katy-cornered the Cameo a bit.  I was going to cut out with it then I got side tracked sorting all my paper out.

The die cuts are also from Crafting - My Paper Stash it's actually called.  They're from the Quintessential Country Garden range of die cut toppers and papercraft kit - I have the CD but it's always nice to have something you don't have to print out...  A set of new Spellbinders dies just peeking out - I've yet to put them in one of the storage cases like all the other dies are in - basically because I don't have any of the slim ones left.  I used DVD cases, but only have the thick ones.  My storage unit prefers the slimmer ones.

Finally - this is how I've had my Promakers sat for a couple of days.  I had them in one of those coloured collapsible bins, but this meant they were upright, and having not coloured for a while - I did notice a difference, in fact it was almost like they were running out cos you tend to stand then with the flat lid at the bottom meaning the most common colouring tip is at the top...   I've got them like this for now - and thinking about the way forward.  I've got all my flexmarkers in a basket - they're flat though - so are my Aqua markers which are in my desk drawer at the moment.

Have you done your Christmas crafting?  All of it, none of it - or made a start.  That's me in the next couple of days... in the 'i've made a start' group.  At the moment, I'm in the 'can't be @r5ed group' - not really - I can be on one hand - then on the other...

Did you enjoy looking at the desk?  Do you want to see more (not like that - wrong blog luv!).  Do you want to visit desks or work spaces on all 4 corners of the planet?  Do you know how it's possible to do it?  Through a wonderful lady called Julia over at the 'Stamping Ground', that's how.  Pop over and read her clever, witty, humorous blog posts - then try it out for yourself.  Not before you've left her a message though. You'll be joining a great big community of crafters with various backgrounds, various talents and various interests - all in various timezones around the world.  They do have the one thing in common though - WOYWW or What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  Unless you are already in the movement and are here to read while on your journey around everyone who's linked up this week, all you have to do is sit back at your PC with a coffee.  You could even leave your PJ's on.  Slippers optional but recommended.  Fab eh?

Happy WOYWW; Happy Crafting, 

Hugs, Paula x x x


  1. Christmas ... When is it!!! The only cards I've done are the 2 projects we have done at craft class ..not good epsoecially as Darren asked me I'd he would have to go but some :-) x

  2. Hmm C word, I haven't started the family cards but do have cards that didn't sell at my recent fair so they'll go to friends! As for the rest, well I give nearly 100 cards and just not well enough to make them all so bought ones it is this year. Take care. Zo xx 82

  3. If I don't get a few ideas for my C cards soon it will have passed me by!! x Jo

  4. Hi Paula! I enjoyed reading your latest post. I'm just dropping by to let you know that the lovely cards you made using my sample toppers have been added to my page here: I really hope that this is okay with you. I have linked to your blog, but if for any reason you wish for me to remove them, just let me know. Many thanks, Tracy -xxx- (Cardmaker's Delights)

  5. Good thing that damn dog of yours is so cute!!! I need to count up how many Christmas cards I've made, I just keep putting them in a box, no idea how many are in there! Can't believe how cheap your card stock is, I've never seen pre cut cards before, like step cards, that would be useful over here. Now get off the computer and get on with those C cards again!

    Brenda 3

  6. Slippers...check. Nightie....check. Large coffee.....check. Great way to start a Sunday, be at Paula's to see that actually, she's working like me......piled high, getting stuff out before other stuff is away...making plans and then losing the plot and getting into cant be @r5ed mode. Same same..Im even tidying my s rap boxes in an attempt to avoid doing anything!! I've started Christmas for workshops, but not for my own stuff. And mildly panicking really....!!!

  7. I cant believe I have not been here, I really thought I had but then I have done so much over the last 3 weeks I dont even know what day it is now LOL So yes I am behind, just as well I have a system and check in on it sometimes, there is a reason for everything ha..... ok I am crazy, yes but it works for me.

    Now i do have to say love the desk piles, but one thing has me curious, is that teeth marks in the roll of tape on the desk?????? has puppy or puddy tat been at it or do you just have a nibble whilst crafting ????? sorry couldn't help myself LOL .... Well with all the supplies that you have been snaffling up I just wonder if you live on tape too.. Wow what a bargin, pity I am in another country, i would of gone nuts in a haven like that, then again you did go back each day for more LOL..

    Now onto some serious stuff you really do need to get onto the Christmas Cards would you like me to capitilize it for you CHRISTMAS CARDS NEED TO BE DONE, CREATED NOW.... there you go, do you feel better now..... get cracking it really is not far around the corner and you will be thanking me. Forget the desk or the piles of or boxes of, Christmas cards, high priority.

    thanks for the giggle on the teeth, tape eaten, survival methods in the creative space, it has been a great visit, I will bring a cuppa next time and stay longer.

    Turrah for now.


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