Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Hi crafty friends and bloggy followers and fellow WOYWWers...

Today is the day.  Today is the day of the week that we reveal the truth.  The truth behind our crafting habits and our levels of conscientiousness.  Who is conscientious enough to waste crafting time and tidy up after themselves?...  My philisophy is this - by not tidying up, you get a good extra 15 minutes or so more crafting in. What would you do... Me?  I like to get the extra crafting in - why spoil the flow of creativity by stopping and spending the last 10 or 15 minutes at the desk tidying away to have to get it all out again the next time if you hadn't finished.  At least if you were mid-project, you'll know what you're coming back to - no blank canvas to scare away your mojo.

Well that's exactly my
excuse reason for having a creative desk every week!!!

Here is that said lovely desk in all its glory... look - it seeps creativity through every pore.  Every inch of it used as an artists palette - each and every bit of
mess creativity, every piece of mess stash is like the paints on the said artists palette.  That makes me the artist, the creator of art.  I need to keep the paint on my palette!

OK - so I'm messy and it takes ALL of the crap on my desk to produce ONE card per 8hour shift. Yes indeedy.  

My darling, long-suffering hard working husband went out for his afters shift last Friday while I was at the desk wondering what to do for my Guest DT card (see previous post).  I cut enough squares out to re tile our kitchen.  I printed enough images out to wallpaper the stairs.  I got flowers, gems, pearls out, I die cut swirls, fancy tags, more squares... I did numerous layouts of cards and photographed them so I could remember and compare them... then finally, when he came back home I was still sat at the desk.  Finished, drained, cold.  Too dark to get a decent picture of my finished card to send it off.

Well, Saturday was a lost cause until after lunch.  Sitting at the desk that long had done me no favours at all.  AT ALL let me tell you!!!  Still, I enjoyed it.  I have plenty of material left to make, ahem, a dozen or so cards - that will all pretty much be a variation on a theme!

Here is what you came to see my WOYWWers and bloggy friends.  I give you.... tada!


click to enlarge because I've not reduced the size of this pic
The above is the left hand side of the desk - and it is looking like that because I had been working on it - in fact, it got far messier before I finished - but I'd taken these pics after I did start on my tidying because I needed to see what I was doing then remember to take them.  It's slightly overhead - I just stretched up and over and hoped for the best seeing as I couldn't see the back of the camera (I'm only 5'4" - if that).

Next picture is to the right, but the angle has come forward and down a bit - basically I couldn't manage a second stretch over.  Just before this one, I got my pink slippers in the shot so had to take again!!!

again, click on image to enlarge
My desk still has all the remnants of my GDT card making marathon of Friday - and some on Saturday and Monday, which was pretty much the same - only a slimmed down version of Friday (won't go there again for a while - 8 plus hours I mean... although it was really nearer to 10 if I'm honest).  I spent yesterday making cards with the extra stuff I'd die cut, and die cut some more for future sessions with my favourite Black and Gold Forever Friends card making.

Last week I pointed out some pretty coloured card that I'd sorted out of a box of stuff I'd recently purchased from the local craft warehouse.  I just have to sort things out into colour order if its sits still long enough.

Some commenter's were (I think), under the impression that it was all the card I owned.  Erm, no.  That would be here:

The 4 bottom drawers on each side are deeper than the top 4.  This set sits behind my chair but side on - you might just see the wheels to my chair in the bottom right of this pic.  The chair is in front of my desk.  It is a tight squeeze for anyone wanting to get past my chair from the kitchen.  Basically, at the back of the wall where these drawers stand, is where my kitchen units start and where the kettle is... not far to go for a cup of coffee eh? 

The drawers house all of my plain cardstock, one or two kits, all my fancy paper, the top left drawer has all the cables and leads to cameras, gadgets etc - all bagged and labelled.  It's also where I keep my spare batteries.  The second left is where all sticky labels of various sizes are kept - also a CD label making kit.

I won't bore you with telling you what's in each drawer - suffice to say, the paper that is on the top of my printer won't fit in any of them at the moment, hence it still being there.  I need to jiggle some stuff around because I've had to 'cross-contaminate' (as it were) some colours - and that's not sitting with me very well!!!

So tell me, are you conscientious - or do you prefer 15 minutes extra crafting time - you know, the 15 minutes it would have taken to tidy up.  Whichever it is, we really don't mind.  We like variety you see.  Wouldn't do to see nearly 200 desks all in the same state - how bloody boring would that be.  We want to see it whatever state of array it is.  Obviously, it's quite nice to see a project or two as well.  

You can guarantee a couple of stunners from the sisters in the Philippines.  You can't not go and see their desks.  Go to Julia's blog, read all about it - she might be mid-preparations for her next workshop - you might see a deckchair especially for an iPad (yeh - an iPad)  It is a mini desk top deckchair.  What did you think I meant?.  Julia is the mistress of desks you see.  I like to refer to her as the Pied Piper of crafters.  Crafters and their desks.  She rolls up her best cardstock and pipes the tune on a Wednesday morning - "come link up your desks, come link up your desks".  Not sure which tune it is - maybe you could suggest one!!!

You'll even realise if you join in that not everyone even crafts on a desk.  But you have to join in to find out who doesn't.  Oh, on another desk/post you are more or less guaranteed to see a rocking horse.  Then there is someone who will show you a picture or their stunning pussy cats - both if you're lucky, but at least one - and he's worth seeking out - that is if his mistress has taken part.  

Another may show you her sewing 'to do rail' or even her scrummy grandchildren.  You might get to see a pair of sock and a piece of something yummy on another - both on the table - at the same time (naughty girl)... 

Another WOYWWer has just moved into a new place with THE most humungous craft space you've seen in a long time - even ever!  I'm personally keeping up with the progress of that one.  Can't wait to see it finished.

Do you see?  You get to know people and become familiar with their desks/makeshift desks - people from all over the globe.  It makes the world a smaller place, and people all over the world more accessible.  They become your crafting bloggy family.  You might not see them every week because there is so many to visit, or they may have a reason they can't take part, but some people wouldn't miss it for the world.  It maybe their only post of the week some weeks.  It's addictive.  I even posted from my hospital bed - with a little help from a very special lady I met through this very feature (she knows who she is).  She's the one with the sewing 'to do' rail. 

You might make sure you get round certain ones and become 'regulars'.  But the fact is - they are always there.  There to be visited day or night.  To seek advice, to give advice, to behold their talent.  You can't always say that about your extended flesh and blood, now can you?

Sorry for the long post this week - hope you don't mind and made it to the end!

Before I do go, I want everyone to say a little prayer for those on the east coast of the States in the path of the devastating hurricane Sandy.  For all those affected however small.  I'm thinking of you all, and pray that you soon recover from the devastation it has caused, and hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well.

Happy WOYWW people. 


Paula x x x


  1. Hi Paula,
    I have been praying for those affected by the Frankenstorm as they call it! I've been watching CNN with dismay, and it's good to know the worst is over, although there's a lot of cleaning up to do and a whole lot of fixing up!
    I prefer the crafting to the cleaning up! I guess you can tell by the pictures i show each week! Good thing you've got all those drawers! And is that me and my sister you mentioned? I am extremely thrilled- you are so sweet! I'm going to tell Peggy in case she misses your post this week! Patsy from

  2. well i am of the kind that likes to tidy up before starting a new project but everyone is different and i love nosing around all the crafty desks
    have a fab woyww
    kay #75

  3. Wow, Paula. Great post - and impressive stash!

    I'm SO glad you're back on WOYWW. I thought of you today while writing my post!

    Have a great day & hope to see you soon!

    Create With Joy - #5

  4. Oh what a beautiful craft desk.....the things dreams are made of! When I win the lotto millions, guess what I'm gonna do!!! Karen T 96 x

  5. I'm sat reading my WOYWW blogs on my sick bed this week but have my mask on so you don't catch anything. I'm enjoying reading what everyone is up to this week [it's better than reading magazines :-) ]. I'm leaving a copied comment so you know I've called by because my hands are too weak and shaky to keep typing out my comments this week.
    Big hugs,
    A x #93

  6. I think you win for mess this week.... by my standards even I'm tidy! Lots of love, Helen, 4.

  7. Indeed, I do the same- get most of the contents of my workroom onto my desk to make a card-die-cut 300 of everything- it'll save time next time!-(yeah, like that works)-but you are so right about our crafting family on here, it's great to 'see' the same friends week after week, and to make new ones all the time.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #90

  8. Fab desk I'm a bit of both sometimes tidy up before starting another other times just plough on through everything lol

    Loving the drawers they are gorgeous.

    Prayers to all those on the east coast.

    Happy Halloween and WOYWW

    Lou #104

  9. Love your desk, and your hard work for that guest DT card sounds slightly familiar... ;) Can't wait to see the result!

    Have a happy WOYWW!

    Zildara #103

  10. Very messy desk here at mine - no crafting yet as I have been making red onion chutney. How come half a big panful of onions only makes 3 tiny jars of chutney!!!! Have a good week. x Jo

  11. A busy desk is a creative desk Paula, at least you've got your next 12 cards sussed then!! You know I have to be relatively tidy, if my desk is cluttered then my mind is too and I can't get anything out of the jumble in my head! There's pro's and con's to having Andrew back, the worst is that we've both become accustomed to different sleeping habits after 30 nights on our own! It's been a bit trying to say the least and he's now got the sniffles. I tell you, a good, full nights sleep will do us both the world of good!


    PS. Socks on the table this week but no cake!!

  12. Hi Paula, a very entertaining read and I just love the shots of your desk - move over, I want to be in your playground as there is so much scrummy stuff there. I'm a tidy as I go along type of crafter but have trained myself not to tidy too early because I may well need the item I've just put away again, if you see what I mean :) Have a great time snooping around your WOYWWing friends and have a happy WOYWW, Elizabeth x #76

  13. it take s all sorts to make a world and we crafters are no different. I loved your post your writing style is fab and creative and summed it up so well. Getting to see around your craft room was a bonus ,you have some fab goodies that I =enjoyed lusting over. As with most my thoughts are with those effected by mother natures madness have a good week #77

  14. Lovely to hear from you Paula hope you are keeping well, I always find if I tidy I cant find anything, I moved house recently so trying to get back to some kind of normaility. love your drawers if you excuse the pun.
    Chris x

  15. Lots and lots going on with your desk. My desk never seems to stay clean long. I end up using a very teeny tiny spot to put together a card and the rest is chaos!! LoL. Brigita #117

  16. I am definitely a push and stacker rather then give up those 15 minutes putting all back. Usually end up using what is sitting on the desk in front of me anyway! Love the card file! Thanks for sharing, commenting by my blog, and have a great week! Vickie #38

  17. many blessings to you Paula.
    You have a very busy packed out desk and draws. I had to move stuff onto the floor today to make room to craft in.

  18. Happy WOYWW. Fab post - long, but worth getting to the end! I have drawer-envy. Could really do with better storage, but that will all get sorted out when we move to the farmhouse next year. Ali x #52

  19. I love your logic for being messy, Paula! It really made me laugh! Your creative space is amazing, so busy and productive with lots going on.

    Thanks for your lovely comment - I was very amused at the box being there for 5 years after your hubby brought it down lol lol!! Sounds like me... I wish I'd got on with scanning my photos ages ago because there are far too many really. I was really lazy and didn't write on them what they were, or the date or anything so it's a bit of a muddle, and I'm going to have to pick my hubby's brains sometime.

    I was also hoping to have got that knitting finishd before the winter but there's still lots to do. At least I've got it going again now.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #16

  20. I love your desk. Just love it. Full of crafty, creative goodness, that just calls out to be played with. And here's another reason to be creative in your approach to tidiness: if you're messy, things end up next to each other that you'd never put together otherwise. Me, I'm off to create a Viking project. Damn you and your good ideas!

    Happy WOYWW,
    rachel #47

  21. Your space is still not as messy as mine lol.LOVE the drawer unit ...take care of yourself ...hugs xx#101

  22. I have to leave you till I've got time and a cuppa!!! I'm convinced by your case for WOYWW, might well give it a go!! I love that you've got all this going on and yet it the thought of a bit of cross contaminated papers that makes your teeth itch!!! LOLing!! You've prolly worked out by now that I'll take the extra crafting 15 moms please. Which is why it's now the day before the crop and I have to tidy up before I can start the packing nightmare!!!

  23. Hi Paula

    Lots of lovely interesting and scrummy stash on and around your desk!

    Congratulations on your GDT spot too. Have fun!

    Love Jules xx

  24. So, did you retile the kitchen and decorate the stairs with your stash? That's a novel idea for our leftovers actually!

    The bears @#80 this week

  25. Oh I definitely don't tidy up until I no longer have a 12x12 space in which to craft! Happoy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@95)

  26. Hi Paula love your crafty mess. It's very creative and a lot like mine....though I have to admit to having to tidy up at the weekend.....ready to create more mess !!!


    Crafty hugs from your newest follower Annie x

  27. Happy woyww, thats one hell of a paper draw. Im with you on the 15 mins xtra crafting. wins hands down x

  28. Love those drawer units...and how appropriate that some drawers are deeper than others...
    My desk gets really messy when i bad that i lose things on my desk...but I like to have a good sort out after each "project". So if I am doing gardening cards for 3 weeks and then finally finish, that's when I like to tidy...
    Cuz I want to put all the bits and bobs of gardening stuff whee it belongs before I haul out the new theme!

  29. Paula,

    First thanks for visiting me, pity you couldn't stay longer and enjoy a cuppa and a play with a view... LOL Wow what a long post it took me 3 times to get through it all, was at work, called away, at home needed sleep, trying to get out door to go to work. Now home and re- read it in one hit. Busy girl I am. I used to have a really messy desk and only clean up when I couldnt find the product that I was just using under there somewhere. I also made a new years resolution to keep my desk in order after every task or prodjuct was finished. My desk just got so out of hand, like crazy you know what I mean. I purchased loads of containers and labeled them all and now I have never looked back. I do still get in all sorts of diabolical trouble with messyness with the project that I am working on, by the way of different options that I am trying out and don't really know where I am going but that is all part of the fun and the journey to creativity. LOL

    I have so loved reading your loooooong post and hope you get cleaned up not much though because your desk was interesting and I was even more intrigued with the spellbinders storage into? cd/dvd holders? please explain more when you can. Oh and you are right on all accounts WOYWW is addictive and such fun.

    Eliza 113


Thank you for your super scrummy spangly comment and for spending your valuable time letting me know what you think...

Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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