Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Now then now then, guys and gals… 'Top o’ the mornin’ to ya’!

Yuck – what an awful wet and dreary morning in my part of the world…  I don’t think I’d have gotten a better picture this morning as I did in the dark using the flash last night – so I’m not going to bother re-taking them because nothing has changed on the desk.  

Even the cat hasn’t been on and scattered everything on the floor, so it must have been a cold night… (I put one of those wheat packs in her box, wrapped up in an unwanted pillow case, and wow – does she love that or what?!).  Oh, the very box that the Grand Calibur came in, that I sent back to C&C… no, not the product box! the outer box – the big brown cardboard box that she decided to move into.  Isn’t it marvellous, all the proper cat beds and stuff they’ve had over the years, and she decides that she prefers the cardboard box… We did try to swap her into an Avon box, but it had no flaps on so she wasn’t having any of it – so I swapped her back and she was happy again.

Right, back to the desk.  Yesterday evening, I decided to make a box to fit a couple of my CD ROMs in – a box similar to the kind you get a box set of something in.  I made it out of sturdy cardboard from a dog food box: I’d tried the dogs on something new so got a smaller box of it – the food comes in a bag so I whipped that out so that I could have the box – they are really great and far thicker than cereal boxes, so great to work with.

Here are the pictures before I started:

DSCN1570          DSCN1571

Starting to prepare the area and getting my stuff out… (roughly translates to: moving all the mess backwards and sideward and trying to find what I need amongst all the mess)


Anyway, my hard work and patience (yes, I do have some) paid off because it all worked out great first time, so I was quite pleased with myself because I had to make all the flaps myself for the top and bottom of the box and of course it was made out of two separate sides of the box, so a bit of engineering and measuring was required – but that’s the fun of it for me – the challenge of making it work by using your skills of measuring and knowledge learned perhaps through putting a die cut box together, or deconstructing something to see how it works/  I do this with small boxes like the teabag boxes and tablet boxes etc. just to see how they’ve used the flaps etc. (sad I know!). 

DSCN1574          DSCN1575

Anyway this is what the desk looked like afterwards…

DSCN1572           DSCN1573

Just one more thing I don’t think I’ve show you before… In absence of being able to afford one of those lovely carousel thingies that you put you distress ink blender handles on, I’ve made something so that I can always find the right blender pad straight away.  I did this a few weeks ago and was going to make it a separate post – but didn’t know whether it quite warranted one!  Here it is:


Unfortunately, the flash bounced off the polypocket that it’s in, so I couldn’t get any picture better than this one!

I made a table of all the distress inks (well, the original ones), making each box big enough for the pad (the one on the Ranger site didn’t quite work so I had to do my own – but kept everything in the same order).

Once printed out and tried out to make sure the pads fit each box – (it was very tight - I had to get rid of all 4 margins), I laminated the sheet.

Once laminated, I attached a small piece of the hook side from some hook and eye tape (aka Velcro).  I didn’t need to attach the other side because the pads are already for attaching to the ‘hooks’ on the blender handle…

I attached all the pads (that I currently have the ink pads for), then placed it in a polypocket.  Why? you may ask. Well, I learnt from experience (as soon as I had stood it up on the back somewhere), that it might fall on to a project I’m working on and get ink all over it… yes, it did happen!  Lesson learnt and all that!

Well, that’s this weeks peek at my desk.  If you want to peek at more desk, please go HERE to our host of this ‘link party’ or ‘blog hop’, whatever you will, and see what its all about.  Last week 149 people linked up – I was number 148 for quite a while.  It’s quite a novelty being last on the list…

Please leave me a comment to say that you’ve been and read to the end (if you had the stamina that is)!!!  I can the return the favour and visit you back – although it might take a while.  I do try though – but often ‘stuff’ gets in the way – I know we all have our ‘stuff’, that’s why I appreciate your comment all the more – because it took your precious time to leave it – which makes it precious to me!

Happy crafting,
big hugs
Paula x x x x


  1. That's just how I craft - when I'm being creative I just can't think about tidy! x #95

  2. Hi Paula, I hope you're ok :)

    We crafters wouldn't know what to do if someone presented us with a big empty space to work on.....I think all the clutter around us must be our secrity blanket lol xx

  3. Well done you creating just the box you wanted Paula.....seems you and that cat have a lot in common when it comes to boxes eh? :-)
    A x #62

  4. Fab box make there, always good to be able to make what you want. Take care Zo xx 78

  5. well as you know, I don't do tidy so feel at home here! have a good day.Helen, 4

  6. Love what you made and the idea for the distress blender is brilliant - glad I'm not the only one who crafts in chaos :)

  7. Great desk - love your ink foam storage. Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl no. 57

  8. Stamina maintained!! Like the little notes you've got for yourself on the k and such, how friendly you are to yourself! Also, the green it a bin? or is it a pen storage bucket like the blue one? I dunno, you and your storage!

  9. Hi Paula - great action on your desk this week ! You are doing a great job on reconstructing your box project !
    Love your ink pad system - mine are in a heap in a box on my desk & I never get the right colour next time ! Great idea of yours !
    Ali #48

  10. how spooky that we have the same green bin and our dogs eat the same food and i too hoard the boxes as the card is nice and strong and yes i read your post to the end
    have a fab woyww
    kay #53

  11. Your box project reminded me of being in school - we used to turn old cartons inside out to make box models - it provided fab plain boxes to use for castles/ vehicles/houses etc and could be painted or decorated. What fun!! x Jo

  12. I don't think that's sad at all! How else do you find out how to make a box without instructions?! Brilliant. I'm much sadder than that, because I actually keep any interesting mailshots I get ( for example, are great; not that I've ever bought a sofa from them - or ever will for that matter!!) just because I like the packaging and might (read: won't ever) use it somehow, sometime.... I'm a newby WOYWWer, lovely to be snooping round all of these buzzing workspaces! :-) Chloe (I've forgotten my number already!) xx

  13. I didn't woyww this week although i have been posting but I thought I would drop by a few frieds any way. What a busy desk ...not messy at all ....great box. i am with you on the comments ...I rarely get more than half of those I visit leaving a comment ...same but those who visit me always get a reply. Maybe its because i'm not crafty at the moment ...just knitting and cooking ...and of course cats and G kids lol xx

  14. What a coincidence! When I went to the bookstore yesterday, I was interested in this collapsible pail for water and there you have it on your post! My first time to see such a thing!
    I too tend to push things to the side and pile them up to make a space to craft on! Creative minds think alike!
    And yes I read to the end, paula! Good job on your box! I too use cereal boxes for all sorts of things! Patsy from

  15. Yeah I laughed like a drain at "sick in a bag" too!! That's a study little box, what's next? DO you cover it with paper and embellishments? Sounds like you pets are very pampered!!

    Brenda 3

  16. Your box turned out great! What I love and will probably do now use the blending sponges as ink swatches for my d.i.! Fab idea! Thanks! Happy WOYWW. Nan 117

  17. I like your idea of storing the pads for the distress inks. right now mine are just scattered in with the inks and sometimes it's hard to make sure the right color is with the right pad. Brigita #129

  18. busy, busy looking desk. Love all the organization and storage going on! Got to have it at my finger tips to use it like it should be or it gets lost in the room! I write lists too otherwise I get lost! Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Glad you stopped by my blog! Vickie #71

  19. Busy desk, and a great looking box! Your DI colour palette is so useful - must spend some time doing some labelling. Oh, and what is it with cats and boxes?!? Belated happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  20. You've been one busy gal! And you see to be like Julia and I type and chat really fast hoping that will get everything in we need to say and sound sweet and short LOL! I too like when I set a list of goals and the plan goes accordingly. Tamika#124


Thank you for your super scrummy spangly comment and for spending your valuable time letting me know what you think...

Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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