Friday, 12 October 2012


The desk picture was kindly snapped by my younger son while I was recovering in bed yesterday.

I had been out to a friends house the day before which involved driving and sitting in her craft room for ages – the only way we could both get in was for her to change her office chair for a couple of small dining chairs which had hard seats – well, after sitting on them for a while, I had a terrible numb bum.  I was absolutely snickered when I got home (must have driven home on auto pilot).  I think I came to bed almost as soon as I came in.  Also, recently my forearms, wrists, hands fingers and thumb have been really painful and swollen at times.

Yesterday I could barely pick anything up with my left hand – although it’s usually my right hand that troubles me more.  The pain was like as if I had carpel tunnel syndrome.  It makes crafting and typing a bit more difficult – not as if I’ve done too much crafting recently.  The will is (half) there, the pain is definitely there, but the energy level isn’t.  I’ve sat at my desk a few times and shuffled papers and toppers I’ve made about.  I’ve started on a little project, but I can’t make my mind up about a couple of things, so it remains on my desk.

I’m not even sure, until I actually insert the picture, what my desk shows and doesn’t show… so here goes.  A revelation for you and me both!


A couple of simple(ish) cards on the desk that I’ve done recently – waiting to be put somewhere safe from being squished and ripped… Actually, I thought I had put them all in a clear bag – seems not.  Couple of cleaned out cans on the front of the desk waiting to be turned into something, then there’s a picture frame under one of the cards (centre desk) with some bits and bobs in which will become part of the project that matches the tins!!!  Not much else to report apart from that.

The only thing I’ve had any energy to do recently is to catalogue my CD’s and DVD ROMS (Crafting ones of course) and to add to my book where I keep details of which ink pads I’ve got and the like.  I need to do my embossing folders and my dies too.  I don’t do train spotting by the way, I just like to make a note of what I’ve got because a few times I’ve bought several items in my craft room more than once – some even 3 times because I completely forgotten that I already have it – e.g.  I had a row of Woodware punches just above the desk (on the ‘shelf’ where the little bird house and a pile of rolls of tapes are).  I had the yellow sized circle punch there – and ended up buying it 3 times.  3 times!!!!  It’s either the tablets or the stupid symptoms of having Fibromyalgia “fibro fog”.  I did the same with a TH Distress Ink too.  That was only twice though.  I’ve done it with Spellbinders dies – only I found out about that one before it was despatched.  I’m sure there’s more, but can’t remember.  

Anyway, just after my son took a picture of my desk, I took this picture when he brought the camera back up to me -here’s where I was – in my makeshift ‘office’!


Hmmm – thank goodness the cat changed her position just in time – she’s not very lady like sometimes!!!  Buddy ‘as seen on TV’ the Shih Tzu is normally staring at the cat (Tiggy) in a menacing way, wagging his tail and whimpering.  When I’m out of the room he decides to bark at her relentlessly.  She’s pretty used to it now and stands her ground, although she proper chases him with intent sometimes and he cowers into a corner.  Despite the fact that she’s getting her own back, he looks so worried that I have to rescue him from her.

Here’s another pic

What you looking at mum?

Back to the reference of Buddy ‘as seen on TV’ the Shih Tzu – did anyone see him on C&C on Sunday.  It was the Trimmings show with Martyn and Gina – the lady who does the buttons, frogging, tassels and trimmings, also the paper beading for tassel making.  They had said that cats were the original tassel assassins, so I sent an email in to the show telling them that I had my own tassel assassin, but he didn’t purr or meow.  His name is Buddy and he’s a 19 month old Shih Tzu. Despite being told not to touch it again after dragging it onto the windowsill from the tie-back hook.  There is a picture on my blog somewhere of the devastation Buddy caused to that very tie-back tassel.  

Anyway, to add to having my email read out and Buddy being on C&C for the 2nd time - they actually picked mine out of the spotty potty so I won this cute little tassel which is now on my car keys.  The first time he was on was when Leonie was doing a later show a few weeks ago and asked for viewers to send in pics of their pets, I sent her a montage of all of my fur babies that time. 

Anyway, it’s Thursday night /early hours of Friday morning as I am finishing this post  **now Friday lunch time as I finally upload this post to my blog**.  I’ve just come to bed and Bud Bud (as I call him – or even booboo) has come up with me too – and is playing happily with a dog chew – you know the type, with a knot in each end to make them look like a bone!  At least they don’t smell.  BTW, that's what the little fleece-type blanket is for at the foot of the bed.  It's the 'dog' blanket.  It's not the dog's blanket (per se) - it's the blanket for the dogs (but has to co-ordinate nontheless)!  Although Dylan will only stay until you scratch your leg or move 1 or 2 mm to get more comfy - he'll groan and jump down if you move, they both lay there and enjoy the chew there.  There must be dozens dotted here and there - but they have phases of sharing the same one.  I know, disgusting!!

On that note, I’m going to sign off, but not before I tell you about WOYWW – as in the title of this blog post.  Well WOYWW is the reason I've been explaining what is going on, on the old craft desk… You see WOYWW stands for "What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday”… only Julia – the mastermind behind WOYWW doesn’t mind if it’s not a desk, or even if it’s Wednesday – which is a big bonus for me really – because its more of a matter of WOYBF or What’s On Your Bed Friday!   Ok, maybe Thursday then – although the pics WERE taken on Wednesday!  Confused?  Yep – me too….

If you want to join in – then go HERE to Julia’s blog post – and she will maybe make more sense than me!!!

To all those WOYWWer’s going on this weekend’s crop – I wish you all a fabulous time, and really wish that I was going to be there with you… you are such an awesome lot – give lots of love to our Julia for me please – and to Lunch Lady Jan!!!.

Right, I’ll let you go and leave me a nice comment now… ((grins))…

happy crafting and big hugs to all

Paula x x x x


  1. Hope you feel more comfortable soon - such a shame you can't make it on Saturday, but that's understandable. Will try and remember to take pics for next week's WOYWW.

  2. Happy Belated WOYWW. Sorry to hear you have been suffering more than usual. I am the opposite - I can't stay in bed for long, as I get pain from lying down. Makes for a restless night most of the time - and early mornings, but I do usually go in my craft room and attempt to get something done. Lovely to have your son and furry children to keep you company. Congrats on being mentioned on C&C, and winning the tassel. I can't get to the Crop tomorrow either - Fibro and Hyper-Mobility win yet again! Ali x #67

  3. Aw mate, you are snickered a lot these days huh..lucky you have abeeeyoootiful bed to get into, just love that coverlet. and the famous pooch of course! What I don't get is that you lack energy for crafting but still sh out tins for altering......your desk could be overcome so easily! please your baby boy for photographing the desk for us..x will be thinking of you tomorrow as I meet strangers off the Internet!!! Xx

  4. Bud Bud seems to be saying a heck of a lot more than that if you ask me!! Mr Attitude or what!! Hope you've got some energy back again, but really glad you're still getting out a bit and having some crafty fun. Vera... well, Brenda Blethyn is Vera and David Leon is her DS. A review likened the series a bit to a female Morse, as she's dowdy, frumpy, middle aged, a bit over weight, grumpy and a bit of a loner who likes a beer. Like Morse though there are snatches of brilliance and comedy too. Her DS is about 30 married with kids and is trying to juggle life and work with a workaholic boss who won't even say hello to his kids. It's really very good and well worth looking out.


  5. Hi Paula
    Thanks for stopping by earlier ! I have to write all my stash down too - I think because you are attracted to what you like it is SO easy to buy the same thing again ! Hence 2 of the same poppy stamps for me ! How you feel better soon ! Ali #47

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Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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