Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Jeeeeez, I never got round a lot of people last week and I so wanted to come by as many people as possible.

I’ve struggled this last week with energy levels and mojo.  I’ve just about had the strength to update the look of my blog – and because I’m fickle – I must have played about and changed it 5 times before I landed with this look… Jury’s still out!

Saturday saw me crafting with the lovely Stephanie Weightman – I’ve mentioned this in my last post – but I wanted to say how much fun it was.  It was a very casual laid back affair, which took place at the Crafting Co. and My Craft Studio warehouse  which is just down the road from me.  I was acting and crafting like an amateur – tiredness and clumsiness got the better of me… I came home and dabbled around a bit – finished off one of the cards that took me three attempts to still bring a wonky card home, so I put that right… after that I just had to have sleep – and went to bed for a few hours making it the longest sleep I've had in 5+ weeks.

Sunday – not much different.  Managed to faff around a bit – tidied the desk – which really means I put it all on the floor and left it there so it looks like this when I took the pictures earlier: (by the way – this is going to be rather pic heavy – which is good, right??

Oh Dear!
Next is an image of my printer – which obviously makes a great place to stack things… I now have to check the back of the printer because once, it wouldn’t work and it ended up that there was a Quality Street choc that had dropped there…. I’ve been careful ever since.

You are able to see a couple of the cards I worked on at the workshop on Saturday. 

DSCN1489 (1024x768)

Now a picture of my desk with the lovely morning sunshine on it:

DSCN1490 (1024x768)DSCN1491 (1024x768)

This is a good picture to show continuity!!!

Oh – by the way, I was working in Windows Live Gallery cropping my pics the other day, and clicked on one of the other tabs, which I’d never done before - never needed to.  However, I came across Windows Live Writer which allows me to do blog posts straight from my photo gallery.  I’m probably the last person in blogland that has figured this out – but it means that I can write and save to my computer before I publish in blogland to my blog.  Great for when Mr Blogger is acting up and being temperamental.  At least I won't shouldn't lose my work doing it this way!

So I took my pictures about 8am this morning, then phoned a friend who I was supposed to be going to see today to spend some time crafting and bringing her into the technology age with blogging etc and show her some of the sites I enjoy visiting.  However, I had my appointment with my pain clinic consultant on Monday. Then yesterday I took my Mum to her doctors for a blood pressure check up, it's all left me quite exhausted.

On Monday, we discussed my pain and medication and the fact that the nerve block didn’t work (it initially caused more pain, then nothing – back to ‘normal’).
He said he wouldn’t go there because it caused me a lot of pain when he administered the 3 needles in my ribs and under shoulder blade – to block the intercostal nerve ‘messages’ off.  Anyway, he’s not increased my patch strength, he’s actually bumped up my Pregabalin (Lyrica) to maximum daily dose from 400mg to 600mg – which means 2 more tablets, so now on 23 painkillers a day – 25 including my other 2 tablets I take.  I still also have my local anaesthetic (Lidocane) patches, and I've got to use the Capsaicin cream on my back - the nurse gave me plenty of gloves although I have to get someone to do it for me (the active ingredient in the cream is chillies - well, the chemical from chillies that has nerve numbing properties that should also stop the pain 'messages' from being passed to my brain)...

Right, back to the desk: As I’ve been writing this, at first, I got a repeat of last week's performance – where I had a visitor on the desk wriggling and writhing about.  I think its because the radiator was on.  I didn’t manage to take a pic because I was on the phone to my friend (for almost 2 hours!!!)…  she was trying to grab anything and everything again so I had to move loads of the stuff that you see on the right of the desk (above), and add it to the shameful pile on the floor!  She was feeling frisky (not in that way)...

Sooooooooo!  The next minute, I caught her doing this…

let's tip this over - looks interesting...
She literally grabbed the bits bin, had a look in then pulled it over - and it was FULL!

oops - SHE's caught me... I'll just do my cute pose until she
looks away again..
ooooh - let me reach in here cos
I just want to see what else is in the bottom...
hmmm - this bit looks interesting
yeh, I defo like this, it's curly and springy -
I think it's one of those things that you
have that sticky tape stuff on that SHE uses with those card things...
tee hee hee, it's just curling round my paw...
yey - this is amazing it definitely
deserves one of my back rolls - it dangles in my face this way
and makes me look cute just in case SHE looks again!
where'd it go?
f o r g e t   i t - can't be bothered to look under there,
it's probably not clean anyway so I'll never find it!!
Fed up now - I'm off for a nap -
SHE'll clean it up for me!
All this while I was on the phone – as if it wasn’t already untidy enough??
Anyway – typical, she walks off and curls up somewhere and gets cosy and leaves me with this:

OK OK - so she's not had the cuttlebug or the scales, but
my little Katie Kitten was responsible for the rest!!!
Since taking these pictures and in between writing this post, I’ve hoovered up in here (conservatory/craft room), the kitchen and the lounge.  My wrists are quite painful now through holding the hoover and the pipe – my hands cramped up too – I’ve been getting a lot of pain around my carpel tunnel area recently which is probably down to the Joint Hypermobility Syndrome.

My youngest son is suffering a bit on a sinus infection at the moment and is not himself at all… I just pray I don’t get it…

Right – enough of my waffle and randomness – go over to someone ahem, more sensible where you can learn all about the link party/desk hop that happens each week on a Wednesday – hence the WOYWW – What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday – #174 denotes how many weeks (or Wednesdays) this hop has been going… Along the way, the numbers of participants have increased, friends have been made, people have decided to meet up (but no weddings yet lol)… 

So Julia is really the Pied Piper of the crafting world, picking up crafters as she whistles her happy tune…. If you want to be part of it – visit Julia and remember to leave a message – where ever you may go, enjoy!!!

Happy crafting
big hugs
Paula x x x

finally after being disrupted to feed the dogs, hoover up, stack the dishwasher, feed the cats and make some coleslaw, I'm ready to post this post to my blog.  I've been writing the above in fits and starts!!!


  1. Hi Paula,
    I love the look of the desk with the sunshine on it...not so much sun here today....have even had a hail storm at one point!
    A x

  2. Hi Paula,
    I too have a " he who must be catered for" cat who insists that paper bits require " killing" before they are recycled . Happy woyww day
    Toni # 54

  3. Happy WOYWW. Lucky you, crafting with Stephanie. She always looks a lot of fun on the tv. I did not realise you had such health issues - your medication list makes me realise how lucky I am (I only take a few painkillers per day - it varies as my pain does). I also have Hyper-Mobility Syndrome. Crafting is such a good way to distract - like typing comments on WOYWW posts! Such a cute cat - and naughty. Ali x #72

  4. Nice to see patches of sunshine. Take care. jenx 129

  5. Hi Paula - love the cat antics!! Have you been shopping yet BTW? Hugs, Di xx

  6. What adorable cat pictures! A rather less adorable mess, though, of course.

    Chronic pain is a heavy burden to bear (and of course a very full pill schedule); I hope that someday there will be a better way to manage it than increasing the dose of painkillers. In the meantime, I sure hope the increase helps!

  7. I continue to be staggered at your positivity. But you know that. You know what, my daughter used to behave like that when I was on the phone...during her age 4 and five years I'd say....she'd go into the kitchen and get a HUGE knife and want to peel an apple or something..only when I was on the phone..definitely about negative attention!! I bet you weren't appearing clumsy at Stephanie's crafting session, glad you enjoyed it...and glad that whatever timeof day, or however badly scheduled, you can get some decent

  8. Your post made me laugh so much, especially at Katie! I know what you mean about Blogger- it drives me mad sometimes. I had weeks where I simply could not post a picture. Someone here pointed me at Livewriter, and I have stuck with that since. I think its actually a lot more user friendly than Blogger, especially for laying out the pics on your blog. Have a great week, Shaz #58

  9. Loved the cat pics and captions!! All good wishes. x Jo

  10. Naughty kitty, you need to teach her to clear up after herself! Or perhaps you should keep the place tidy then she wouldn't have anything to play with, lol!! Yeah right, pot, kettle and black and all that!! It was the first anniversary of my FIL's passing at the end of September, that's why Andrew has gone home, to be with his family for a bit. I could have gone too, but I don't get paid for time off and I'm the only bread winner, besides, I like a bit of peace and quiet now and again! I bet you'd be the class clown even if you were on top form, you're always very positive, despite the fact that you must rattle as you walk due to all those pills! Here's me feeling sorry for myself and whining about people I'll still get to see and hang out with once in a while! I'm still not paper crafting, got on with some knitting last night, think I'll call up about that class today!!

    Brenda 84

  11. great post this week! Love the desk and all the sunshine and the pictures of the kitty are just awesome! I know that only a cat person can appreciate us cat fans. My desk is usually covered with bits and pieces that they consider fair game and take off with it at will. Has taught me to take care with what I leave out. Have a great week. Vickie #22

  12. Great post ...Loved the moggy shots ...gorgeous feline.I am so sorry to read that the pain block did nothing and now you are on even more tablets they ever see an end to this pain...I do hope that one day the pain will stop or begin to reduce. xx#38xx

  13. I really hope the new regime has helped with the pain management - I'm in awe of the way you stay positive, but that really IS the only thing to do isn't it?? Hope the sleep is helping too....
    I laughed at your naughty cat, how funny was she - the little devils (I have two cats) can get away with murder, can't they?
    And I'm really bad at updating my shop..I can jusy about keep up with stuff for craft fairs and individual orders, so if ever you do want something for a prezzy, email me and we'll see what we can do :)
    Take cards,
    LLJ xxxx

  14. Hi Paula, thanks for stopping by, sorry to hear of all your pain, I guess they can't work out what is causing it. As for your desk, I couldn't seem to find it LOL but I did spy a Cuttlebug on the floor - always a welcome sight for me. BJ #6


Thank you for your super scrummy spangly comment and for spending your valuable time letting me know what you think...

Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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