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Well, as usual it’s late in the day as I start to write this. With best intentions, I took my pictures yesterday although in failing light. I thought I’d be all prepared and even start writing this post early. As if.

My brother turned up last night with a model fashioned out of a shoe box… my niece who’s 5, got some homework to make a Tudor House.  Who did little brother turn to?  Yep, me.  Me with all the paper, sticky stuff, tools – and of course talent (well, perhaps not the latter then)!  Doing all that really ate into my evening.  He turned up at 7pm and went at well turned 1.30am.  By the time I’d tidied up it was 2am.  I went to bed, took the laptop and camera with the intention of at least taking the pictures off and getting them ready for this post – alas, it wasn’t to be.  I felt to sleep with the laptop open and on my knee…

I came downstairs this morning and took pics again while the light was really good.  With distractions from the cat, who wants me to hand feed her the biscuits in her bowl or stroke her while she eats, then the dog trying to shove his nose where it shouldn’t be (this morning in the cat litter igloo) so my day so far has gone it’s usual way.

So, here is the desk looking tidied up quite frankly!  I had used my cutter when my brother came round but I thought I would actually share that visit as another blog post altogether!

First though, I want to show you my little visitor that I found on my desk when I was sat to the laptop.  

DSCN1400 (1024x768)
ooh this feels good, i'll just scratch my chin...
DSCN1403 (1024x768)
i'll just move on to my ear because this is heaven.. this white thing is great for scratching on!
DSCN1406 (1024x768)
oops! caught out!
DSCN1429 (1024x768)
I'll just roll on my back and look cute, then My Mummy won't tell me off!
DSCN1454 (1024x768)
All that scratching has worn me out! ....Laters!!!!

She finally settled down after a good 10 minutes playing, then eating a feather butterfly that the dog had already destroyed, then had a go at my camera wrist strap….

When she woke up and got back in her box, I had a quick tidy before my brother turned up.. Then it had everything all over it because I had to move things to accommodate him.  When he went at approx. 1.30am I had another quick tidy up.

Here is what it looked like before I sat down to the desk today.

DSCN1480 (1024x768)DSCN1479 (1024x768)

Pretty tidy for me.  And very boring, so I do apologise.  If there is anything you want to ask about - please feel free!  The scales were out so that I could weigh some stuff to see how much it is going to cost to post (sorry Di – not done it yet)!!!… other than that, I've just swung my Cameo round to the side so that I could spread out a bit more.  Having pens and tools on the desk takes most of the room up – I might have to do something to remedy that because I don’t have a big desk in the first place and now I have a grand calibur, I want somewhere to put it so it’s also on hand, just as the Cameo is where I've put it on the desk.

Not much else to say about it so I may as well let you go back to Julia’s so that you can visit the next desk.

Thank you for visiting – please leave a comment.  I looked at my stats and noticed how many people come to visit without leaving a message.  It makes me feel sad that people didn’t stop to say hello Sad smile

If you want to go to Julia’s over at the Stamping Ground – the link is HERE.

ENJOY and happy crafting
Paula x x x


  1. Well done you - I think I would have nodded off well before 1.30am! x Jo

  2. ...a very neat compact space Paula everything at your finger tips :) gorgeous fur ball they just loVe to be where your are, thanks for sharing...Mel :)

  3. Fab snaps of the puss Paula....who could tell her off when she looks so cute?
    A x #64

  4. Happy WOYWW. You are a good sister (and aunt). Love the piccies of your gorgeous cat, and neat desk. I hate that so many people do not leave comments (it only takes seconds), especially on challenges where 100s enter, but only a few bother to comment on the DTs inspiration. Ali x #62

  5. I think your workspace looks great - I think it's really important to have everything to hand. I'm lucky that I've got space to have two desks, so I usually manage to have quite a big clear area to work (plus I'm a tidy freak which helps!) Happy WOYWW, Sharon #79

  6. I'm here and saying 'Hello' Paula :) Don't fret over the parcel stuff, I'm still here and ain't planning to go away travelling for a few weeks yet. Life and tiredness gets in the way sometimes honey. Can you please enclose your gorgeous cat though?!! :) Hugs, Di xx

  7. Well, when the niece gets anA, I hope the aunts gets a gift!! well done you Paula, never one to say no, eh??!!! your desk is far from uninteresting. I've streamlined my pens and small one each for glue pens, scalpels and pokey stuff, scissors and ONE for pens pencils and ruler...that's iron the desk, the rest have to live elsewhere. Works for me. Mind, I don't have to accommodate the cat! I'm surprised that you've bought a GC...will you be strong enough to turn it gal? what an energy expended!

  8. Love your new background Paula. You certainly have some entertaining animals at yours I only look at your blog to see what they are upto LOL, no I do look at the gorgeous stuff you make aswell. xx

  9. I am not surprised you nodded off. I would have been away to the woods long before he left.
    Love your cat, what a cutey! Great captions underneath too.
    Busy desk there and what a lot of things you have - lots to do in that room with all your supplies.
    Thanks for visiting me - have a great day.
    Hugs, Neet #5 xx


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