Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Hello all you bloggers out there...

Well, it's feeling decidedly autumnal this morning  so I'm not sure whether I'm too hot or too cold at the moment, but that may because I'm also extremely tired.

Oh, the tiredness is really getting to me now.  3 weeks without a proper sleep.  What I used to consider a good sleep was 10 hours - I've always needed sleep... but now, I'm not even getting 4 hours in.  One of the reasons is that I daren't allow myself to, because if I do, I wake up and can't move because I simply seize up.  Which means I cannot sit up in bed - I have to get someone to help me sit up in bed so that I can swing my legs round to the floor and ease myself up to stand up and go to the bathroom.  It then affects my whole day.

But, you've not really come to read about that have you  - oh no, you've come to read about what's on my workdesk - so without futher ado, here is all about.... my workdesk.

Yesterday I was working on a couple of cards, but went the whole hog and did 3!  One is winging its way to its recipient as I write, and the other will be saved for my lovely neighbour a few doors away - who is also my former camping partner's mum.  Camping; just the two mums each with her own two kids. 

Right - here are views, as usual from the left to the right of the desk:

ooh - there's my caddy full of tools; pens, knives, pokey tools, bone folders, brushes, scissors - oh yes baby - it's where it's at!  Everything a girl needs to use to craft with...  You can just see my inky handle things...  a godsend when I can't grip the bits of foam...
Here you can see a better pic of the left of the desk - where the printer is... the 'beam' behind the printer is actually where the door to the conservatory used to hang.  We actually have it all open plan which means that I'm actually in effect encroaching on the kitchen here.  Just to the left of the printer is a 'poang' IKEA chair where Dylan takes up his residence!  To the other side of the gap where the other door used to hang, is the beginning of the kitchen units - and the best bit.... the kettle! 

I took this picture after I had taken the others - then deleted the ones I had taken when panning around.  Reason being because I wanted to show the colour sampler I had printed off for the new colours from Pink Petticoat.  I've been sorting my folders out where I keep all the digital downloads from PP because Liz has retired some colours, introduced some fresh new ones then given the remaining ones fabulous names - that soooo suit the colour. 
It was just meant to be.

Anyway, I printed the sampler off (as seen above) and cut up all the squares with my brilliant Fiskars Tru-cut trimmer (miles cheaper at The Range than Create and Craft btw) and make myself a little swatch of all the new and renamed colours (now referred to the 'current' colours in the Pink Petticoat range.  I punched a whole in the corner of each square with my Crop-o-dile, then threaded them on a bookring - all good-to-go!

 Oops!  A bit messy!  The DVD cases at the back are my Spellbinder dies.  Under the pile of 'work' is my Cameo.  Actually, under the top layer of the 'work' are 3 packs of cream card blanks I got from Crafting Limited on one of the open days a couple of weeks back.  They were 3 packs for £10 - which is a bargain actually - you know the kind that UK Crafting manufacter/distribute...  usually £5-7 per pack at some places.
 When I was taking the pics sitting at the desk, I had my laptop resting on a stool from the kitchen - actually it makes a good makeshift table/additional worksurface.  My sister had visited so had been sitting on it.  To put it in perspective, I've actually got my back to the opening to the kitchen and while looking in this direction, my desk is to my left.  The craft room has become a bit untidy because I have so much going on...

So,  that's my desk and area this week.  Since I took the pics last night, the desk is now tidy(er) ready for the next thing.

Coming up on my blog I have a couple of tutorials that I've been writing plus a heck of a lot of cards i've not previously shown.

Right - linking up to Julia over at The Stamping Ground while it actually still is Wednesday seeing as this little show and tell is called 'What's on your workdesk Wednesday" hence the accronym WOYWW - and it's been going 171 weeks just in case you wondered what the number was for.  I can't claim to have joined in 171 times - but I did join in when I was in the hospital - twice (thanks to my dear friend Annie from Stitch In Time - who incidentally has done nearly mosy of the 171)!!!

Happy hopping, snooping and crafting one and all


Paula x  x  x


  1. Wow, that is some crafty mess you've got going on there!
    Aeryn @ #53

  2. I remember when you moved into the conservatory and it was just a table and a couple of boxes......or is that me?! My word gal, how you operate and get anything done on four hours sleep is a total mystery to me, you're such a trouper! Yep, crop is waaay too far, but maybe the NEC on the Friday is an option? No commitments, you have to be up to it!

  3. Fiskars cutters are the best cutters ever. Lovely craftyness you have happening and so sorry to hear you have pain and sleep issues, crafting does help. Sorry I am running late with WOYWW this week.

    Happy crafting
    Eliza #88

  4. I hope the pain let's up a bit soon and you manage to get some more sleep. Fingers crossed!!

  5. Lookin good :) Love having a peek into the spaces of fellow crafter's! If you happen to peek in on my blog, be sure to wear a hard hat! LOL!


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