Sunday, 23 September 2012

(Com)mission Accomplished

Hi folks

Just a quickie today.

Recently, I had a commission for some Baptism cards from a friend who couldn't find any but knew a person who could do some (ahem...).

My friend is actually the one that I did wedding stationery for last year - I'm not sure I showed you what I did, so I'll bring those pics out then too.

The wedding stationery was very simple but exactly what she had commissioned, as all my commissions are completely bespoke i.e. exactly what the 'client' requests (unless I definitely know it can't work physically - colourschemes are personal so it's never for me to say that yellow won't go with skybluepink!).  She chose the colour scheme and I came up with a sample - hit the nail on the head first time because it was just the look she was after - nothing too taxing for the average crafter either.  The cardstock was cream linen and the colour of the ribbon was a Berresfords double satin in 'Libery'.  I like to think that I have an eye for detail because everything has to be lined up perfectly. I tend to do this 'by eye' but of something complex I will make a little template to line things up - or I might have a 'landmark' like the edge of a pattern or the beginning of a letter - whatever it takes.  When it comes to wedding stationery and commissions, I'm not a 'that will do' person but I'm sure that everyone is the same when it comes to something as important as this...I QC everything then keep anything I reject back as samples or keepsakes for the 'client'.

Here are some pics of the wedding stationery first of all:

Paula Gale Designs (C)

My friend wanted the tail on the bow quite long on the wedding invitations, but when it came to the evening invite, which was only A6, the long tail wasn't going to work, so that was shortened and made to look in porportion with the overall size of the card.  The order of ceremony had a know rather than a bow because when tying the ribbon around the card, the bow would have looked 'inwards' rather than downwards.  Don't be afraid to mix and match the style of bows for your Wedding Stationery.  When all said and done - the same people don't revceive both kinds of invites anyway.

This is a picture showing the side and front of the post box.  My friend asked for butterflies on the box, so here I used the Marianne Creatables butterflies - 2 of the 3 designs I had at the time.  I now have the third design butterfly, but this shows them fluttering up the box towards the lid.
 Paula Gale Designs
Here is a picture of the front of the box.  Note the layout of the details on the front.  I echoed this in the table name cards.  The couple named each table after someone they admired - moreso in the music industry as they are massive music lovers and frequent festival goers.

Paula Gale Designs

Note the names in the background of musicians - some of the greats!  The one on the top was the most important to the bride.  It's her dad.  He suffers from Parkinsons but was previously a History of Art teacher. He won first prize in a national Parkinsons Association competition for a short film he produced.  He also wrote a song about a dancer which was performed at the wedding by a professional singer.  The wedding was outside and the bride walked down the isle to 'Clair de lune' by Debussy.  Beautiful.

Anyway, as I originally set out, here are the invitations for the Baptism - the Catholic version of the Christening.  This is due to take place in October at a small family Church where a few years ago, I was bridesmaid for another friend who attends the same Church.  I've kinda lost touch with her which is such a shame because we worked very closely together on a housing scheme which was very stressful, highly immotive for the tenants involved and often extremely sensitive information was discussed and managed.  In order to keep ourselves going, we had a good laugh in the office, where 5 of us worked in a 3 bedroomed house!  The very best years of my whole working life!

Anyway - back to the invites.  Funnily enough and if you believe in funny co-incidences, I had only just purchased a set of Spellbinders Crosses 2 for such events as Easter, Sympathy, Christening, Baptism, Holy Communion and even Church Weddings and Christmas.  So, she gave me free reign to come up with a design - which I did and she went with it straight away. 

I only used 3 of the crosses from the set of 5.  Oh my word... I was knackered after cutting all of those on my manual die cutter (Cuttlebug).  They are alright to use on a one off card or just a handful - but I did 20, so that was 20 of each cross.  I could barely move yesterday but the outcome was worth the effort just to see the look on my friends face when she saw them.  I had sent her a pic via email, but she said they were much better in real life.  The very smallest cross which is the pink one on top, was glittered with clear glitter.

I delivered them yesterday after meeting her in The Range.  My mum wanted a teapot but when I got there, they didn't do the 2ltr size she wanted.  Afterwards I went to my friends for coffee.  When I was leaving, her gorgous 2 year old daughter gave me a bunch of flowers which were beautiful.  I supplied top quality envelopes with the invitations - it's important to make the right impression don't you think.  You wouldn't take all this trouble with the invites then put them in a cheap, thin envelope.  The ones I supplied were virging on card stock!!!  Her husband was very impressed!

So, this is just the latest in the little commissions for event stationery i've done.  I enjoy the process, the designing and then the look on the face on the face of the 'client'.  That's priceless to me - to impress someone with the hard work i've done makes it worth the aches and pains it causes.

Hope you like them - if so, please leave me a comment.  I hope that anything I produce inspires you - I don't claim to have come up with this idea - although it's so simple but effective, that someone, somewhere must have done something similar.  These designs are what I came up with myself though. 

Thank you for reading this post - as usual, it's turned out to be bigger than first anticipated - but I tend to do that when commenting too - no wonder they put me in the top class at school for English!  I was really good at creative writing (hated English Lit at the time so dropped it).  I don't think I was old enough to appreciate it.  oooops - there I go again.

Happy Crafting....

Paula x x x


  1. Love that post box ....and the baptismal cards are gorgeous wonder the clients were impressed. xx

  2. Gosh you have been so busy Paula and it has been well worth it. Fabulous wedding cards and box. Love the Baptism cards also. I have no doubt that they will love them.
    Hugs Sharon. x

  3. Wow Paula, you have been a busy lady. The wedding stationary is beautiful and the babtism invites are a work of art. Well done you


  4. Beautiful Paula, and I know how concentrated and hard that work is...particularly for you. Still chuckling at your attempt at a quick post....I really don't think you have it in you, you're far too gregarious. Now then...I can't recommend and English lit course any stage of your life...learning to read just the classics Ian different way is a great experience. And of course, these days, the modern literature it exposes you to is amazing. My Miss D did A level lit and I loved shadowing her!!

  5. Popped back to say on yes, I know exactly what the other 'P' stands for....I just thought that some of my readers needed protecting!!!

  6. Hi Paula

    Lovely to hear from you on my blog.

    I am pleased you are getting commissions to do .. .. you have certainly been very busy.

    Your wedding work looks stunning and the Christening cards too.

    I read your Mum has treated you to a GC too! How kind of her. I bet you will have loads of crafty fun with it.

    Love Jules xx


Thank you for your super scrummy spangly comment and for spending your valuable time letting me know what you think...

Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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