Wednesday, 29 August 2012

WOYWW 169 - an evening post


It's been a while since I last joined in - various reason really but usually health or distractions (see this post for more about those distractions!!!).

Some weeks I get as far as taking pictures of my desk, editing them to make them a size suitable for uploading, and that's it... I don't tend to get any further than that!

Anyway, here are my pictures with blurb for this week.

This is the left hand side of my desk - nothing really interesting apart from the triangular shaped things... these are all parts of a banner I'm currently making for my Niece, Tilly, who was 5 on Sunday.  I had started to make it later than I should have to be fair, but as I had already designed my files in Silhouette Studio (Designer Edition) I thought I'd be OK... that was, until my Silhouette Cameo decided to go a bit doolally when I needed it most, and started to cut about 3" in from where it was supposed to start.  It then got too far over the right and all of a sudden it made an awful awful noise and veered off the mat.  The blade is so sharp that even on number 4 it cut into my mat when it ran off the paper... oh dear!  I tried it several times and just about got the banners cut out and the letters and shadow.  Some of the cuts were overlapping and time was eating away because I needed to finish as I was due to go round an see her (they don't live far away).  I didn't make the card how I originally wanted to, but I did make a card I was kind of happy with in the end...  I'll post that later in this post or maybe in another.  

The jars of ribbon (I keep all my ribbons in mason jars - a different colour in each) were out because I wanted to string the banner up earlier, but I thought it best to put an eyelet into the holes I'd made in the cut file... no eyelets :o(  so off to the Internet to shop for some.  While I was looking, I came across this most amazing website for wedding stationery, so spent ages looking around it, that led me to a blog in Australia, then to Pinterest - you know the score.  Anyway, I wanted white eyelets but hadn't got enough of a matching colour to put two in each banner... so now, I think I've purchased every colour but white this afternoon while shopping but never ordered the ones that initially led me astray! Oh well, at least I did order some nice colours and silver should look nice.

aerial view of desk (well, my arm stretched actually)!!!
This shot of the desk is a bit more of an aerial shot (and no, I wasn't suspended from the conservatory pitched roof above my desk).  You can see my new Fiskars Trimmer (bought from The Range - loads cheaper than Create and Craft BTW) which is balanced on top of some papers I'd printed off for my project.  Some of them are Pink Petticoat and some are from off Serif (American Crafts kits - which are my favourite)...  

After my disaster on the Cameo on Sunday (when I literally tried everything to remedy the issues), yesterday it was working perfectly so I was able to finish off some of the bits I still needed to complete my project.

The butterflies on the desk have just been punched out of the waste bits after I'd cut some other bits and bobs out - waste not want not - I usually try and do this - and have a box full of butterflies no in all sorts of different colours. 

This is a view of the right of my desk where the Cameo resides - so that's always there - so handy and ready to go (but I usually have to tidy everything up that's in front of it first).  The pink folder has all my sheets of gems in - again, these are filed by colour.  It's an A5 folder and each of the sheets you buy of adhesive gems are filed in A5 poly pockets.  So are all the adhesive pearls in here - and posh brads!  All my other kind of gems are kept in other boxes with compartments.

The tin foil pie dishes there are for melting UTEE - you can just see something green in a packet resting on top.  That's a silicon mold for making my own embellishments.  It's from Chloe's Crafts, my sister bought it for me when we went to Doncaster in July for Summer Crafting (thoroughly enjoyed it, but I was so so exhausted afterwards - it took me a few days to get over it).  However, my sister has said that the pie tins are possibly a little too thick for getting the heat through enough for melting the thick embossing powder - but I'll still have to try it for myself before I take her word for it.  If not, I've seen Stephanie Weightman make a makeshift meltpot, so I could always resort to doing one of those...

The purple coloured box is a paper mache treasure chest from Hobby Crafts - I bought it to make it into a nice keepsake box for my sister, but have only got as far as painting the base colour so far.  However, the other night, I went on google to look for some inspiration, but couldn't find anything.  However, I remembered that a blog friend does a lot of 'off the page' projects using Tando Creative products- so I popped over to her blog the other night and became inspired by something fabulous she had done, so I know now what I want to do - although it isn't a copy of what she's done - i've just completely been inspired by it.  You might know Karen from Karen's Carry On's... did you know that we share a birthday - I found out this year when it came up on Facebook... on my Birthday - 11th March (which is also my son's)!!!  Anyway, this is the project I'm referring to - can you see the colour and why that sparked some inspiration - its similar to the colours I've painted my box - although i've put some silver and metallic purple acrylic paint on mine...

Well, this is the final shot for today - it's of all my Martha Stewart punches that I've decided to sell because I don't use them - and some haven't been used at all - others less than a handful of times so they're as good as new - but without packaging - I don't know about you, but who keeps their packaging from smaller craft items?  I've saved all my electronic machine boxes - and some bigger items, but not things like my punches!

Well, that was WOYWW 169.  If you want to know what it's all about, if I described it as the biggest blog hop on the planet that happens weekly, if I said that people from all over the world - and quite possibly every continent, join in; if I said that it was a nosey parkers curious crafters' dream come true - well, if you go over to Julia of the Stamping Ground HERE, she is the Sheriff of the outfit and will tell you more about it - don't forget to have a look at her desk while you're there, and leave a comment afterwards - you'll be amongst good company!

Thanks for looking, reading and staying with me - I've kept it short for you (seriously - this is short)!!!!

Massive crafty hugs, and TTFN (ta ta for now).

Paula x x x


  1. Hi Paula - great to see your desk & aren't you super organised with your colour co-ordinated storage !! Shame you don't use your punches so much - I try to remember to use mine as I like the results but don't always think about them as they are stashed in a drawer ! Have a fun crafty week ! Ali #56

  2. Hi Paula,
    It's good to see you joining in today. I presume your distractions have behaved themselves today :-)
    A x

  3. Hi Paula - good to hear from you. I love your short post - haha!! Fab work room - I wish mine looked half as well organised. Hope all is well with you. x Jo

  4. Had to leave your entry till I had time to read it! Great to see you on the list again, I know what a huge act of will it must be. The old Cameo thing..would drive me mad..and the old switch it off and walk away thing - never so true! Your punch collection is looking distinctly LARGE and single company - what a loyal gal you are!

  5. Hi there, sounds like you really had a time trying to cut that banner. Hope it turned out fine in the end. Your eyelet story sounds like you were in my house looking over my shoulder. So many distractions, so little time. If I stayed on your side of the planet, I would gladly buy those MS punches.
    Happy very belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #49

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Thank you for your super scrummy spangly comment and for spending your valuable time letting me know what you think...

Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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