Monday, 16 July 2012

Cameo Appearance

As I'd mentioned in previous posts, I seem to have been exceptionally busy in April with several milestone birthdays that I made cards for.  Actually, they were much more than cards; they were gifts/keepsakes.  Each one took hours, even days to make - so a lot of blood sweat and tears, not to mention LOVE was poured into every inch of them.

In this post, I'll just concentrate on the cards that I made using the same kit, and were made very similar to each other.

On 14th April, my sister and brother celebrated their 40th Birthday.  Twins who are miles apart in personality.  Because I hadn't completed my sisters 'special' card, I sent her one I quickly put together in Craft Artist so that she had something to open on the day.  She was going away for the week on her birthday so that gave me time to catch up and finish her proper keepsake card.

Here is the card/keepsake I made my sister, using my Cameo to cut out the pages, sentiments and roses.  I made the box from scratch by hand.  The design papers are from a collection made by a talented designer called Summer Driggs, who has the most beautiful Design papers which are actually digi kits.

I made the card to look like a book (2 layers) on an A4 landscape card - an additional greeting/poem inside along with space to write. The book layers/pages were cut using my precious Cameo machine.


The number was cut using the Cameo, but you may recognise that the shape is a Spellbinders Beaded Oval.  The oval that sits on top of that was cut using the Cameo too, as none of the other Spellbinders Ovals (that I have anyway), sits perfectly inside the beaded oval.  To cut the perfect size on the Cameo, just measure the width and height of the oval and it cuts it out to perfection.  This is how I managed to do the print and cut sentiment for the other page.  First of all I typed out my sentiment/poem in craft artist using the font and size needed to fit inside the oval I had drawn.  I then saved this as a .jpeg and imported into Silhouette Studio.  I drew my oval to the required size and placed it over the poem ensuring that the poem was centred.  When cut, it fitted perfectly inside the beaded oval I'd used.

All the flowers and leaves seen here (apart from the white lilies) have been cut by me using the Cameo.  I've had them cut in different sizes by resizing the file.  When cut out, I've used my quilling tool to wind them round then glue the bottom.  Afterwards, I've coloured using my distress inks. 

There are several different patterns of quilled flowers for $4 which was a bargain - especially when you only get one for $.99 from the Silhouette Store.  It's well worth checking out sites that do bundles - because I've saved the equivalent of $8 by purchasing from Lettering Delights (LD) and not Silhouette.  I'm happy when I can say that I got a bargain - especially when I can pass this on to you too.  Go HERE to the Lettering Delights page to purchase the quilled flowers selection.

Just above the right hand side beaded oval and sentiment, I placed 3 roses with leaves.  All cut on the Cameo and inked up with Distress Inks.  To get the veins in the leaves, I simply folded where I wanted them to appear - once inked over, the fold marks seem to hold the ink more making them look darker - and more natural.  The odd number of three seems to offset the roses in the bottom left corner perfectly.  Odd numbers seem to work perfectly at doing this - it is more pleasing to the eye than an even number.  Try it yourself some time and you will see how much more natural to us an odd number looks.  Same in gardening or home decor.  You would think an even number would be more pleasing but the eye and brain just don't seem to appreciate order.

Here is a view of the box lid.  I adhered satin ribbon around the edge of the box lid then made the flat style bow using loops of ribbon in 3 different sizes.  Glue each of these in order of size (biggest at the bottom), then join them together by looping a length of ribbon around the three layers (as in the picture).  Add a gem for detail in the centre of the ribbon - or make a statement and add something larger.

All the butterfly detail and the name and shadow layer were cut using the Cameo.

I will post the other cards I did around this time, using the same design papers, in separate blog posts.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gives you an insight as to what I've been up to recently.  I'd love to hear what you think so please drop me a comment.

big crafty hugs

Paula x x x 


  1. What a little work of art Paula. I'm sure your sister loved it.
    A x

  2. Very, very beautiful Paula, I can see how much time and love you've put into it. Happy to see that you're still doing some crafting here and there too! No wonder your desk was such a mess in your woyww post!! I've always liked Summer Driggs freebies, I really like Raspberry Road too, they list their freebies on their blog, well worth keeping an eye on.



Thank you for your super scrummy spangly comment and for spending your valuable time letting me know what you think...

Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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