Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Not quite WOYWW... just 2 weeks late!

Well, in the last couple of weeks, I've attempted to write two blog posts - unsuccessfully.  Both have been WOYWW posts.  The first week, I'd taken all of the pictures of my desk etc, but I think it's because I had so much going on that I knew I wouldn't have the time to visit anyone, then last week I did my photos again and even started to write my post but I got faffing with setting up my networks so I got them all through MSN, which is great.  I didn't know that you could do it and had never seen the screen before which enabled me to do it, so I thought I would have a go and I seemed to have cracked it.

Do you ever start something one and get totally distracted by doing something else out of curiosity?  Well I do it all the time - I think its why everything I do seems to take me so long.

Anyway, here are the photos that I would have blogged.  I've only put this last weeks in as I don't think its worth showing the week before seeing as its changed since then because boy, have I been busy!!!

This is a selection of my desk in different states over the time I meant to blog last week - you'll see a mixture of before and after pics, but first of all, for anyone who remembers my WOYWW 2 weeks ago, I had showed a picture of my mixed up distress inks on the little shelf above my desk... well I think it was within minutes of blogging my need to sort them out, that I - well erm, sorted them out.  However, I've sorted them out again since this pic was taken and hopefully will actually get to blog a WOYWW post this week.

This is the first pic I took in this little series... It was taken at night time because the light was on -
I only put this on once I lose natural light as being in the conservatory, it is generally OK in the daytime. 
I don't even need the light on in bad weather.  I could do with ear plugs though sometimes
because the rain and hail is so loud we sometimes have to shout to each other to be heard! 
Anyway, here you can see I've had my glue gun and heat mat out as I had been working on
some projects which I will show in due course.
This is definitely a much tidier desk than it had been - you can spy one of the projects I've been
working on - on top of the printer.  Oh and for those eagle eyed of you - those 2 'GU' tubs are nothing to do with me
my OH put them there thinking they might come in handy - like I haven't got enough rammel already! 
Best bit about it was, he didn't even clean them out.  I hate that... I'm forever telling my lot to wash tins out
before they put them in the recycling bin.
This was taken in the morning in preparation for me blogging - I know that because my phone and tablets
(in the white alarm box) are out on the desk.
I've been playing a lot on my Cameo recently and attempting to design my own stuff just using the tools in the tool bar - rectangle, round rectangle, ellipse, polygon and curve shape.  I 'drew' a pram earlier just using my mouse pad on the laptop while I was sat on the sofa...  I've drawn shapes similar to spellbinders labels - just using the ellipse and rectangle shapes... they're pretty simple really.  I like to hunt for freebies and also see what I can do on my print and cut feature.  My next cut project is going to be a baby card and 'BABY' bunting - in blue because my friend's daughter is due a boy - I think she must be overdue by now and very fed up because she has a condition which means she cannot walk and has ended up in a wheelchair during the later part of pregnancy.  Its a condition that affects her pelvis - the name evades me at the moment but I think its known by 3 initials.  I'm sure someone out there will know what I'm talking about.

Well, that's all from me - don't want to bore you too much in one go!!! lol.

'Til next time, take care and happy crafting.


Paula x x x


  1. ...sounds like you have been busy Paula and by the look of your desk shots there's alot going on there too!...super space with lots of yummy products to play with...Mel :)

  2. This is brilliant, Paula. Perhaps we should start a WOYWT !! I would love to have all the distress inks - keep meaning to start buying one a month, and then don't. Will go and search for the cheapest place for them on-line and order one now! Thanks for sharing your workspace, and hopefully will see you again tomorrow. Ali x


Thank you for your super scrummy spangly comment and for spending your valuable time letting me know what you think...

Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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