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Hi bloggers.

First of all, I'd like to give a warm welcome to my latest followers - I hope you enjoy the experience! I have to apologise for not always remembering to acknowledge new followers, so a big smack across the hand for me - and hope my recent followers aren't too upset with me!

Righto, on to business.

WOW - I can't believe that we are at week 150; I first joined in WOYWW back in January 2010 when there were just a handful of people.  Not even major surgery kept me from posting back then - the very special Anne (A stitch in Time) helped me out back then and gave regular progress dates of my time in hospital (I was having a tumour removed from my chest cavity - next to my lung, so had major open chest surgery - where they cut me open between two of my ribs and clamped me open while they deflated my lung in order to get the tumour out)... Annie was truly a star - she will always have a piece of my heart for the love and support she showed me back then - and we hadn't 'known' each other long... Anyway, last year was a major hiccup for me so I missed quite a few months of joining in, because I found myself only being able to do one task at a time - and that seemed to be one or two things per week.

More recently, I've tried to join in when I can a get round to commenting as much as I can - but the week before - I just didn't get round to many people - so my massive apologies for that. 

I missed joining in last week because we had a family re-union of sorts which involved meeting up with our niece for the first time since she was a baby and her mum and my brother parted... long story but my niece has 'seen the light' and now realises all the bull she was fed as a child and growing up about how things happened and why.  My niece got back in touch with my brother recently - we did have faith that she would do one day.  She also wanted to meet us all as she couldn't remember us - and lo and behold, she came with her 17 month old son, partner and another on the way.  We had a good time - and it was all arranged to take place at my house seeing as I have the largest house of us all (which has its drawbacks because I always end up with the cleaning up then) - however, due to the circumstances, that didn't matter one tiny bit.  Wow - this makes me a great aunt, my younger brother (who was only 40 on Saturday) a grandad (ouch!) and my mum a great-grandma... it was just so brilliant - so i'm afraid WOYWW lost out!

Here is the first view:

Pretty similar to last time - the view of the left hand side of my desk... the same until I turned out the contents of the cotton bud container at the back:

These are some roses I've made for a project.  They are those coiled roses that you twist round until you end up with a coil.  I inked these with Tim Holtz Worn Lipstick DI, and some were slightly touched with Old Mahogany to make them deeper on the tips.

I got the file for the coiled roses in a download to members of the My Craft Studio Platinum Club.  It was a click and print document - but I wanted to see if I could open it in my Silhouette Studio - and low and behold, I could.  I traced around the edges to make a cut file, then saved.  It also had the smaller leaves in the file too - (the smaller rounder ones in the pic).  The fern-like ones are from another file I bought from the Silhouette store some time ago.  It comes in a set of 4 but I ungrouped them and deleted the other 3 as I didn't need them for this project.  All the colour comes from my DI's.  The darker lines, which are meant to look like veins and were made by folding them and inking the fold... you can make the veins look any way you want by doing this.  These will be going on a special keepsake card for my Sisters 40th Birthday which was at the weekend just gone.  I did her a 'quick' card that I designed in Craft Artist, but I wanted to make her something more befitting the occasion.

This is the view to the right of my desk - it's the side of my Expedit unit... they're all of my boys at different times when they've had passport pics taken - either for passports or for when they sign up for another season at football.  You have to provide a pic of your child, so I've collected all the spare ones laying about and stuck them there.  The bottom right is of my hubby and the kids when they were a bit younger.  We are in the Bernabeu cafe under the stadium (which was a-mazing) when this was taken, in Madrid.  We were there for our Birthday's Mine and DS1 - with DS2's Birthday being a week later.  The funny looking white contraption is my front door bell and is there because I spend all day in the conservatory so would not hear a knock on the door otherwise.  Our regular door bell gave up some time ago.  This is a mobile unit so if we were in the garden, we could take it with us - although we've got a second unit - and have been known to put it under our eldest sons bed on the odd occasion lol.

Here is the very uninspiring right hand side of the desk.  My phone, remote and cameo and the green CD case has my mums CD's in - I wanted to borrow something she has so she just sent the whole case...

Here are my Distress Inks that i've recently re-labelled.  They were hand written before, but I downloaded Tim's list from the Ranger website and printed it on an A4 printer label - all I had to do then was trim it up.  I have a thing about things being labelled properly and uniformly.  I've yet to put them back in their colour groups and its bugging me to death.  Do you think I might have a touch of OCD????

Right - that's your lot, i'm keeping this one short and sweet this week (well, as short as Moi could manage anyway!).

You have just read (hopefully without nodding off) my WOYWW post which I'm linking up to Julia over at the Stamping Ground where she hosts a weekly hop of our work spaces - where ever they are.  We usually show what we are up to (or not) and show everyone how tidy we are (or aren't).

To take part yourself, please go and visit Julia's blog - HERE, leave her a comment and link your own workspace up - it's not compulsory to join in - but you might want to visit some inspirational desks around the globe while you are there though!

Until next time - 

happy crafting, 

Hugs, Paula x x x


  1. ...loVe your flowers & leaves Paula, worn lipstick is such a pretty shade (must get!)...and it's a great idea of labeling your DI's that could be a job at the weekend for me...thanks for sharing....Mel :)

  2. Your weekend sounds great - lovely to have some family rifts healed! Take care.

  3. Nice work, I am really glad to be 1 of several visitants on this awful site : D

  4. Oooh those roses are fab, must go & look for them as I'm in MCS club too. I label must inks as well but haven't got TH list, must download that as well. See visiting you turned out to be a fab idea! Thanks. Take care & enjoy this weeks snoop. Zo xx

  5. Sounds like I'm not the only one with lots to celebrate :-)
    A x #19

  6. those flowers are amazing
    Thank you for the glimpse of your work this week on WOYWW x

  7. Such pretty flowers. I have only got 3 DIs so far, and hoping to collect the others gradually (and the pens). Very jealous over the Cameo. Saw it on C&C and nearly bought one - but my credit card couldn't take the strain! Happy WOYWW. Ali x # 78

  8. A lovely post and great photos. Your roses are stunning and such pretty colours :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen #11

  9. Wow, I love your roses and the worn lipstick di looks amazing on them (but then I adore all things flowery). Really must label my distress inks too, such a sensible thing to do! Happy WoYWW from Anne ~30

  10. Gorgeous roses & very organised ink system!


  11. Your Roses are amazing love them, thanks for sharing.

    Eliza #103

  12. Very organised workspace. I love your gorgeous roses - Hazel, WOYWW #85 x

  13. Love the flowers and your workspace - I too have all my distress inks labelled and organised by colour set - seems obvious to me! Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl No. 5

  14. Fabulous roses, love the colours. I'm very much in favour of labelled and organised inks too...makes me feel quite unwell when they are out of order!
    Sophie x

  15. A touch of OCD????? You?!!!!!!!! My word gal, you've really been through it in the last two years...I so admire that you're up and about and looking forward all the time..takes some ballies you know. I mentioned in my post where I get my ATG refill tapes, always check out the offers page before you commit!!
    Your roses are quite beautiful, my rolled ones rarely look so lifelike; and I love the way you chatter about what you've done with various files and computer if even I have a clue what you're talking about!! Ah, such skill.

  16. Sounds like u had a lovely reunion Hun. No desk frim me I didn't Tie up in my brain it was Wednesday!!!!! Hugs Pam x

  17. I understand completely why you weren't around and you are totally forgiven (not that you needed forgiveness). The reunion sounds like a smashing success. Your rolled roses are quite stunning! I love the idea of the darker touch of ink at the edges. That really brings them out. They will make a special card for sure. You'd better go straighten out those distress inks before they drive you too nuts. Quick, quick, put in color order!

  18. Thanks for sharing your news Paula, great to read about the reconciliation too and i love your desk, don't worry about right and wrong piles of inkpads, you are not the only one! lol, i'm the same too and don't get me started on alphabetising dies and punches!! lol

    Lisa #112

  19. Great post... Love those roses Beautiful, Have a happy week, Hugs May x x x No2

  20. What beautiful roses Paula. Glad you all had a happy time at the reunion too. Hugs Rita xx 55

  21. Another neat and organized space - woohoo! Fantastic roses! Have a wonderful week! Darnell 150

  22. thanks for sharing. love the roses.

  23. Hi Paula - I know that wonderful little Annie - lol- she is a real gem!! x Jo

  24. What a heartwarming story about your niece. So glad she finally made contact with her father.
    Your space is very neat and organised. If you have OCD you would propably freak out or have a heart attack when you see my space. LOL
    Happy WOYWW

  25. Nothing wrong with a bit of OCD ;-) Getting around everyone eventually. Happy WOYWW #45

  26. Your visit, Paula, was SUCH a welcome delight - I've so missed you! Thanks for the tour of your workspace! I esp loved your newly labeled Distress Inks - I actually commissioned someone to type me labels on their Dymo label maker for mine so I know right were you're coming from!

    Have a wonderful week and when you have time, stop back and do some exploring - there are kitty pics galore and parties you'd be the life at!


  27. Thank you for your kind words on my ranting post. I am thinking about deleting it but then again I don't think I will. I spent all day removing links from all my blog posts and side bar.
    I am glad you like the flowers! I had a lot of fun making them. For the most part they are all metal. The metal is actually thinner then the card stock so your Cuddle Bug might be able to handle it after all. I found the copper to be thinner then brass so went through no problem.
    Love the flowers you made. I haven't made any coiled flowers but after seeing these I think I just might have to give it a try. They are beautiful. Vickie #32

  28. Hi Paula! I missed WOYWW this week too as my family and I went to a remote area in the Philippines for a vacation. Your roses are beautiful! love that the tips are darker, nice touch! Patsy from

  29. Love all the photos Paula! I really love the flowers that you made! I thought they were store bought when I first saw them (until I read that you made them!) XO, Tracy

  30. Absolutely LOVE those roses Paula, they're stunning! I thought you'd bought them clever lady! It's definitely cold here, neither snow boot nor flippers though, just that awful grey in-between weather that's neither one thing or another to be honest, just a bit depressing iytwim. Bring on the summer that's what I say! Loved that car I saw but I don't think I'd want to drive around in it though! Hope you're having a good weekend.



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