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Scrap Paper Organisation

Hello lovely readers

In (several) previous posts I've mentioned that I re-organised my scraps of paper so they are more accessible making them easier to file, find and use.

I initially held them in two lever arch files, but the contents tended to distort the shape of the poly pockets they were in by weighing them down and pulling on the punched holes, plus the file were kind of out of the way on a shelf - a case of 'out of sight, out of mind'.

Fortunately, I already had plenty of the plastic envelope folders they are now contained in so I didn't have to spend any more money to re-organise, apart from the box (below) I now hold them in.  

Each of the folders hold a different colour and like most other coloured things, I've filed in order of the rainbow song (not the colours of an actual rainbow, which is a different order)!!!  All of the folders are in a fabric covered cube like box from IKEA (called Drona) and is on the floor in front of my cupboard (which the TV is on), where all my project stuff is kept (such as boxes to alter, key rings, fridge magnets, gifts, candles etc).

Drona box/cube from IKEA

After the colours, come the neutrals, then the metallics and then behind those I've filed things such as Funky Hand papers, My Craft Studio papers, printed out digi stamps, - all labelled so that I can easily locate what and when I need.

My scraps are filed in order of the 'rainbow' song!!!

Folders contained in the 'Drona' box
This is how the wallets sit in the box - some are more full than others which makes them twist a bit.  I am going to change all the tabs to printed ones rather than have my handwritten ones, just so they look more uniform (that's the perfectionist coming out in me).

Here is just a glance at the folders I took out and spread on the sofa (oops - didn't realise the remote was in the way)!

folders containing different collections/scraps
Here is an example of how I arrange things within the folders that contain collections i.e. Forever Friends Black and Gold which has papers, images, sentiments, mats I've cut for matting and layering, plus I've put a selection of ribbons that will match the collection so that when I want to make a card from that collection - everything is together.  I have other wallets that are arranged the same, such as Funky Hand which contains the papers then if they've got them, digi images I've printed out.

the sentiments
the toppers

Can you tell I just love this collection?...  I bought the Forever Friends Black and Gold CD ROM from Create and Craft when Docrafts first released it on the older (rubbish) version of their software - it just would not upload on my laptop so I took all the artwork off instead and filed it on my own hard drive and printed papers and such out using Microsoft Publisher or MCS.  Some of the content I couldn't access because of the file type but the main images, papers, embellishments were accessible so that was good enough at the time.  However, when I bought the DVD ROM - Woodland Folk etc which included Tulip and Hot Digity Dog amongst others, they included a free version of Black and Gold which had been updated to load on the new version of the Digital Designer software so I can access everything, plus can now manipulate it and do more stuff with it - 'winner'!

Right, that's my storage solution for my scraps of paper and collections I've already printed out.  Hope it helps someone out there who has been struggling with what to do with theirs.  It certainly takes up less room than having them in those cardboard magazine folders (see image) that go on shelves - imagine how much room I'd need if I had one colour in each of those - especially to say that some of them have very little in.  In the box they are able to squish together to contain the overall space they take up rather than the width of a lever arch file or one of these magazine holder things.  

these are the files I'm referring to - files from IKEA
I've done the comparison of the one box V's a white cardboard magazine file for each of the colour collections and the main 'branded' scraps I have e.g. Funky Hand, My Craft Studio, Forever Friends & Me To You, Forever Friends Black and Gold...

Box = 38cm depth (with all the folders in)

Mag files =  9cm wide x 16 (main) categories (there are actually more I didn't mention, but were thin anyway) = 144cm

Just sayin'!

I appreciate you reading my post and would love it if you left a message to say you've popped by or if you have any feedback.  

Let me know if you have a specific storage solution to sort out your scraps, or if this suggestion gives you inspiration to do something similar.

Crafty hugs

Paula x x x


  1. Those crafty snippets are always such a pain. Mine are currently in three decorative boxes from work, from when peeps take trips to head office in Japan and bring back biscuits and treats in these lovely Japanese boxes. Anyway, I use one for all paper scraps, one for card scraps and another for Christmas scraps. It's not perfect, and the card scraps box is teetering on the brink but it's OK for the moment! I also make at least two cards a week from the scrap boxes and I always look in the card box first for pieces for matting etc. The really tiny bits I punch out small flowers and snowflakes and keep them in a little tin.


  2. Hi Paula, interesting post and I'm impressed with the organisation. I've got all my snippets in one, deep, drawer and it isn't working for me so was thinking how I could improve it and you post has prompted an idea or two. Just need the time to do something about it :) Thanks for the inspiration and hugs, Elizabeth x

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Thank you for your super scrummy spangly comment and for spending your valuable time letting me know what you think...

Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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