Wednesday, 28 March 2012


**Waving** to all of you WOYWWer's - and to you non-WOYWWer's.

It's the early hours of Wednesday morning (sleeping pattern a tad awry at the moment) so popped over to Julia's (lead WOYWWer) and couldn't believe that there were 24 people already linked up.  So I thought before I ended up at 160+ again, I'd get a move on with my blog post.  It's just a good job I'd taken my photo's already - even if it was turned midnight and the light was not condusive to the task in hand!

Right, I promise to keep this post short and sweet because I recon that while you are here reading my usual lengthy posts, you could have covered two or three more in the same time (maybe more?)!

First picture of the left hand side of my desk:


In this picture you can see my green collapsible 'bit bin' where I throw all the bits and bobs made while card making, like the backs off of foam pads or double sided tape - you know the things... I am really good though because on the floor I have a small cardboard box where I recycle all the bigger unusable bits plus shiny leaflets like the ones you get in your parcels from Create and Craft - gardening brochures and programme schedules (usually out of date) etc.  Then the sheets of cardboard/thin chipboard that come out of packaging is all saved in a drawer with other similar items.  One day I'm going to cut loads of mini albums.  One day. 

Also in shot is some pink tissue paper which my mum gave me - some beads/jewellery supplies came packed in it.  The walnut stain is from my sister towards my birthday a fortnight or so ago and i'd literally just opened it.  The basket at the back has little card sentiments in it, all sorted by type/greeting and kept in little bags.  I bought an A5 box off QVC - they're Kanban ones - there are hundreds of them.  I made a card earlier this evening so that's why they're out.  The image for the card was already coloured in and die-cut with an oval Spellbinders die - I did that a few days ago along with die cutting the mats for layering (stamped images die cut with oval nesties look great layered on top of labels 10 nesties).  The image is of roses which is from a floral collection by Anna Griffin.  I'll show them properly in another post.

You can see my small guillotine which is really handy for the small jobs and for matting and layering.  The pack of pencils were free from a craft magazine recently, then there is my trusty carousel which is great but takes up a lot of room so sometimes I have to pop it down on the floor to give me a bigger working area on the desk.

Here is the far right of the desk (I could have stitched the pics together for a big panoramic view eh?!!!)... just hanging on the edge of the desk in my trusty ATG tape gun.  I've run out of tape and struggling to find somewhere with a good price.  The cheapest I've found is Viking-tapes.  If anyone knows of anywhere cheaper - I'd really appreciate the details please.  I'm after 12mm.

My last picture this week is of a project I've started on but need to finish.  I've been sorting out all of my stamps, which are mainly acrylic/clear with some rubber.  I put the stamps in an A5 poly-pocket with a sheet of A5 card stock in to support the pocket and prevent it from sagging in.  I then file those in A5 ring binders, but I've acquired that many more stamps recently from one or two purchases and loads of free ones from craft magazines, that I need an overhaul of my folders.  I bought the green and pink folders from Tesco, but they've stopped doing them - and they were what originally defined the colour scheme in the craft room. It's lacking a bit of colour at the moment, but i'm always pre-occupied with trying to make all the stuff I have in there tidy.  I think some of it is going to have to be resigned to the garage.

Apologies for the state of the picture here, my camera seems to be on a setting that I must have accidentally chosen.  I'll sort that out and rectify it.

Anyway, that concludes the tour this Wednesday - I hope it was short and sweet (well, short-er anyway).

To join in with the desk hop, go over to Julia HERE and
  • Read her post and the directions for taking part
  • Leave a comment
  • Blog about your own desk
  • Link your post to mr linky on Julia's post
  • Visit and be visited
While its difficult to get round each and every desk (its a week long job actually), just visit as many people as humanly possible, or that your schedule/life allows.

I'm out this afternoon but will try harder this week to make more visits.  Promise.

Anyway, that's me, so enjoy your day, your hopping and happy crafting.

Big hugs

Paula x x x 


  1. I gave up having my carousel thingy on my desk... they really do have a big footprint, so it sits to the side of my desk now. Annette #22

  2. Thanks for stopping by. It was sweet of you. I looked at those carousels, but when I saw the price, I knew they were out of my price range. Now I'm glad I didn't get one.

    I think you have more stamps in that basket than I own or could ever imagine owning! Happy WOYWW from #3.

  3. always good to see you! (short and sweet... well I suppose for you.... Ha ha, love your post really!) Have a great day, Helen #9

  4. Hi Paula

    Thanks for all the lovely comments you left me this week .. .. you are very kind.

    Looks like you have a few pairs of scissors there!!!

    Hope you are having a good week.

    Love Jules xx

  5. ...a very busy work space you have there...I think the garage has become the new loft...thanks for sharing today...Mel :)

  6. Morning my lovely, I thought blogger had gone wrong when I had 4 comments this morning. I don't usually get that in a month! Love the look of your desk today, I have that carousel too and its lovely but huge! My 12 by 12 kraft paper is Bazzill Basics Paper, I can't remember where I got it from but it was from over here so give it a google.I hope you are well and enjoying the sunshine! Tracey x

  7. Great desk shots, love your lime green bin etc, one of my fav colours. Take care & enjoy this weeks snoop of WOYWW desks. Zo xx 77

  8. I'm just enjoying a coffee break while my little munchkins take their nap so thought I'd catch up with a few of my blogging friends and check out what you've been up to this week. So lovely to see the sunshine this week.
    A x

  9. I have a carousel, it's stood empty for 18 months!! Oh the shame! A short post for you this week!, but still lots of detail. Yes, the weather here could definitely be described as diverse!! I'm sitting at work today with a sweat shirt cardigan on over my normal work clothes (kept on the back of my chair for emergency use), and yesterday I had my fleece jacket wrapped around my legs too! Good thing I didn't have to get up in a hurry! I ended up with those Memory Box rolled flower dies because the Marianne ones that I really wanted are always sold out. I've tried to get them on two previous trips to the UK, and I also couldn't get them on any UK website either.

    Brenda 30

  10. great looking desk and workspace today! Lots of fun things to see and play with. I don't have one of those carousel's and would like one but my desk is is rather small and crowded right now so will wait a while longer! Hope you have a great week! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #138

  11. O I love my carousel, its to the side of my desk as takes over otherwise!! your desk is lovely full of great crafty makes, Have a great week, Hugs May x x No14, Just joined you as a follower!! x x

  12. fab looking desk,good luck with the stamp organisation,have a great week :)

  13. Looks like lots of fun, Paula!


  14. Hi Paula - Thanks for the snoop round your desk. It's so good to see you linking up with us old WOYWWers again! x Jo

  15. I pretty good picture for midnight! Mine was taken about that time...I put the daylight bulb in the lamp. Your thingy for stuffing things in is well stuffed! I'm still using the thing I made for the first year in WOYWW, paper coffee cups stuck on a turntable... Well, it's nearly midnight now, so, thank you for my snoop at your crafty space. HaPpY WoYwW!?Have a great crafty week!

  16. I love being on the computer in the early hours quiet and peaceful. You seem to keep a busy and organized crafting area ...isn't it hard getting round everyone ...basically I visit as many as i can in 3 days. xx hugs ...17

  17. Everyone sees to have different opinions about those carousel things. Mine was won at CHA so I will not be without it and I do use it a lot. It has moved now to a place down the side of me but I jukst swivel around and baboom it is there.
    Thanks for sharing so much of your space, I love the fact that you recycle too, some of my friends laugh at me doing it.
    Hugs, Neet #5 xx

  18. Loving the bin and carousel...decent storage is a God send! Well done on the sorting... I have piles of dirty stamps all gone AWOL from their folders!!!! Have a great week and thanks for the WOYWW peek! Sarah (at 1)

  19. That's another one of those twirling caddy's with heaps of sissors in it, I have a problem with sissors, need them for all sorts of cutting. LOL Love your desk.


  20. Your stamp organization puts mine to shame Paula……I really must try harder.

    Happy Crafting!

  21. Thanks for the lovely tour around your work space Paula - your green bit bin looks just the job! I have a similar problem to you - keep most things, neatly filed - for 'one day' ... whenever that'll be!

    Thanks for already visiting my desk this week
    WoYwW # 3

  22. Blimey! Your desk looks organised.

    Thanks for sharing.


  23. Like the scrap sack idea but it wouldn't work here, I need as much space as poss when crafting as I already end up with about a 6" square lol, I had to move my carousel to give me more room lol
    Sorry i'm late, you know how it is!!
    Minxy #10

  24. I love the idea of collapsable bins for rubbish, might magpie that one x
    Sophie no.183

  25. your desk is nice and busy and wow, nice organization for your stamps. happy WOYWW!

  26. What a busy creative space, but so organised. I now realise how much is needed to be a real crafter. I only have a few bits of equipment so far...such a long way to go.
    The folders look great. What a pity they've stopped making them. I hadn't thought about having a colour scheme either. Oh so much to learn. I enjoyed my peek ;)
    Have a wonderful weekend and thanks again for visiting me and leaving such lovely comments.
    :D Neesie #30

  27. Hi Paula!
    first thanks so much for your lovely comment. My grandees really are so special as they live so far away and visits are not too frequent. Also the one in the park photos has been through so much (healthwise) this last year.
    Your WOYWW post shows how you are on a quest for the perfect organisation plan and I hope your ideas prove beneficial to this. Great to snoop on how you are getting there.
    I get my ATG tapes at so check them out. you do need to order a fair amount to get free postage which brings down the overall cost.
    Love joZarty x
    Catching up whilst my next batch of grandees are napping!

  28. I am trying to find storage for tools etc somewhere not on my desk. I need the space there for working. My biggest problem is to find good storage close to hand for all my lovely Clarity stamps. thank you for your visit, and I am hoping that my bee problem is diminishing. Only one today and it was alive and went out through the window I opened for it. Have a good week. xx Maggie #7


Thank you for your super scrummy spangly comment and for spending your valuable time letting me know what you think...

Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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