Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Hi WOYWWer's - and to all those that aren't aware what WOYWW is.  Basically it stands for What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - although the host Julia doesn't mind whether its a desk or not, or whether you post earlier or later than a Wednesday - you see she's cool like that!!!

The question will usually be the title of your blog post if you join in and then you'll go on to write about your desk - and hopefully show picture (cos that's the point - for others to see what's on your desk/area you work on) or two.  Here's the thing too - you don't have to be a card maker, stamper, CD crafter, mixed media artist, seamstress, painter etc etc - then again, you could be all of the above.  The thing that we all tend to have in common is that we do something as part of a hobby or past-time.  Some might even make a living out of it - some might like to do it more than they currently do (wouldn't we all Mrs!?)lol... but we all identify with each other in that we collectively call ourselves by the umbrella name of 'crafters'.

Me? Firstly, I make a mess more often than I actually create anything (some may even call it procrastination), secondly comes my inate ability to 'sort', 'arrange' and 'organise' - until it looks like this again (my 3rd photo) a couple of weeks down the line, then I realise that I get to do it all again.  Oh, I almost forgot the 'thirdly' - and that's that I like cardmaking and papercrafting.  A bit of a broad spectrum really because it could involve digital OR regular stamping, then a number of ways of colouring in, I like using my cutting machines - but am equally happy with a pair of scissors for the smaller quicker items - unless I'm doing it en mass... then I like paper construction (making boxes and 3d elements).  I like to collect and buy digital papers so that I can print my favourites to my hearts content and don't get stuck with expensive paper packs where I don't like some of them, but wished there were more of the nicer ones than there usually is... In fact that I have that many now that I'm going to have to move them back over to the external hard-drive despite having a new laptop with a bigger HD and RAM to hold them all...   I like to digitally design using Craft Artist, My Craft Studio and Docrafts Digital Designer as well as playing with paper and my cutting dies and paper punches to design by hand - playing with glue and distress inks.  This year, I want to do some altered art using different mediums - paint, paper and other kinds of materials that I don't tend to use in my card making.  I have a few projects lined up and recently bought some paper mache blanks to decorate and turn into something delicious.

Here is a shot of the left hand side of the desk where I tend to have the laptop - the picture is a shot taken minutes before I started writing this post, having just brought it back in from the lounge.

The little guillotine cutter at the back is really useful for the small things like matting and layering.  I can't remember where I got it from now, but it's a Kars one and is never far away from me when I'm crafting.  On top of that is a new pen pot.  Went to Tesco last week and there were some stationery sets which included 2 ring binders, memo block, A4 refil pad, pen pot, and should also have inluded 2 x A5 Casebound (hardbacked) notebook - but it only had one in, so it was reduced - get this... from £1.25 to £1.00.  I'd have happily paid £1.25 without the 2nd notebook in the firstplace - if you bought these individually in the store - there is no way you would have got the penpot and the memo block for £1.25 never mind anything else.  Also in this picture is my tablet case with alarm, my next pain clinic appointment card, my Blackberry USB cable, glue, 2xpritsticks (I used this over some very powerful and unforgiving ATG gun tape so that I could make it a little repositional and so that it didn't 'grab' the paper, as the tape tends to...,  a packet of rich tea biscuits (or rather less than half a packet) - they were my sisters and she left them for me after opening them when I made her a coffee when she came a few days ago. Also in the pic is my housephone, USB for the cutting machine, a little watering can which did have my pens etc in - but it was straining as its only made of card-stock from an MCS die-cut sheet, Anna Griffin stamper thingybob and my credit card - which should be in my purse and isn't out for any other reason - because I'm not going to be buying any craft stuff (honest)!!!

This next shot is of the right hand side of the desk where I keep my Silhouette Cameo cutter towards the back - if I use it I just pull it forwards so that the paper can feed in and out.  At the back are all of my cutting dies kept in slim DVD cases on a strip of magnetic mat (usually no more than one inch in width but long enough that it runs through the largest dies - all the others fit on it in a nesting position.  I then made a sleeve for each one making sure I put the name of the set in position where it would sit in the spine.  I made a master file, downloaded a picture of each of the ones I had - which is printed on the front with details of the name of the set on the front and back too (just in case they are on the floor???)!! (they shouldn't be, but who knows?)!  I also have some Marianne dies, Nelly Sneddon dies and Cuttlebug too - plus a Cuttlebug Alphabet die set too from before I had my electronic cutting machines.  I also keep some of my papercrafting CD's/DVD's in the spare slots Recently, I bought the most gorgeous little butterfly set of dies (3 in the set) from Cheery Lyn.  The set is called 'Exotic Butterfly small #2).  I still need to put this set in a DVD case.

The glue pens you can see are useless.  Oh, they still have glue in them - it's just the rubbish fibre nib that isn't carrying the glue down.  I shan't be buying anymore of those.  I do need to buy some quicky glue pens though as I've completely run out of them.  I bought 12 on ebay some 4 years ago for an astonishing price, but the vendor is no longer on and hasn't been for sometime because I've tried to buy some since.  The letter is confirming a Create and Craft Flexi-pay for the Papermania Capsule Collection DVD for the Digital Docrafts Designer software.  I treated myself to the DVD for my birthday.  Well, no one else did!!!

For those of you who have spotted the skittles (well, they're not hard to see as it's a big bag)... they have been in my bag above a week now and are on the desk because I was emptying my bag to look for my phone.  When I say they were in my bag, I'm referring to my craft bag, my lovely pink Anna Griffin tote bag that I carry - or rather someone else carries, up and down the stairs for me.  Sometimes when I feel bad and need bedrest - or I just go to bed before I'm really tired or ready for sleeping, I take my magazines and laptop and maybe something that i'm working on, all in the bag which I bought off QVC a good while ago.

The glue gun is still out from yesterday when I was making cards.  I only needed to use it for 2 cards - one embellishment per card and while maybe Pinflair glue gel would have done the job - I wanted it dried and stuck faster than Pinflair would have done.  The jar of flowers are out because of another card yesterday - the same as with the other bits and bobs of crafting items.

Talking of making cards yesterday - it really links to me not getting round - or back to many people last week following WOYWW...  You see, March is a really busy month for chez Gale.  As mentioned last week, mine and my sons birthday was on the 11th, my cousins on the 13th but having had the migraine the day before my birthday, I had some thing to catch up on - being out for the day knocked my plans and 'to-do's' back somewhat.  On Wednesday I did WOYWW and caught up on some e-mailing in the afternoon, on the Thursday my son and I went out for the afternoon (when I bought my Cheery Lyn dies from a new craftshop (well, new to me anyway) then Friday I had my appointment at Pain Psychology the called at a local stationers for some coloured card (and bought other stuff while there) then the rest of the weekend, I was card making as it was my younger sons birthday on Sunday (yep - 3 of us within the space of 7 days) the same day it was Mothers Day, then it was my MIL's 70th Birthday yesterday.  In the meantime, my oldest son's friend came round and asked me to do him a couple of cards; one for his Mum and one for a friend who was 70 on Monday.  Yesterday, I got up at 7am as I had loads of cards to get done before my son went to visit my MIL and I didn't want to go empty handed.

Because of the various issues I'd had - which are all massive to me at the moment (but probably only be simple tasks to others (hence the Health Psychology sessions), I only got to make my Mum's Mothers Day card yesterday.  I would rather get a card late to someone and know that I put the effort and love into making it the card I hoped for, rather than get one out of my box or do a quick one for someone.  That goes for every card I send out.  Very very rarely do I send one of the cards I have in my box or drawer.  They're just cards to me with no meaning behind them - and no purpose to be fair.  I've made them for no-one in mind, so I give them to no-one.  These are usually what I show people who want me to either make on on spec or want to look at them with a view to buying.  Anyway, therein lies the problem.  When I make a specific card (and this goes for my crafting friends, friends, family etc), I make a card that I think will suit that person - and always make a fresh one in mind.  This is usually why I am so bad at getting them to the intended recipient on time.  I usually think 'oh, I've got plenty of time yet' - or it could be that I've not been well so just not had the time... then I haven't left myself enough time so because I'm so adamant that I make each card new for each person, I've not left myself enough time.  A mix of complacency 'oh, I don't need to start it yet' and a mix of absolute frustration that I set myself back when I'm not well - and that is the greater of my bug-bears.  So in a nutshell, to anyone reading this who is likely - or has ever received a card from me - please know that the card you received was made especially for you.  That makes me very happy that I can and do. 

Oh, I already know what the answers are to my own problems... I should make the special cards way ahead of time - whether or not I think it's too early, because time has this really bad habit of catching up with you quicker than you appreciate - and more quickly the older you get.  It's a mindset of mine that I have to change and which, I think, comes of working with a CEO and Senior Management who, even if they had done all their reports and papers in time for the board meeting, (I arranged all and everything to do with the Board of Directors in my last job, including their training and development etc) they would still be changing the reports 5 minutes before the meeting started and even when the Board Directors were seated and ready to start.  This was despite the papers having been circulated to the board a week in advance so that the reports could be digested enough for the decision making process, and had been put on the internet for the public to see (if they were open reports to the public), and maybe for the odd board member, printed and photocopied in full.  So, even if we were ready in time with plenty of time left - there would still be changes.  There would still be something that meant that being ready and prepared, being efficient and organised actually meant nothing at all - and in a job where being organised, efficient, prepared and ready actually meant everything and probably be the basis on which the role fundamentally required you to work and act.  So there you have it, even if I'm going to an appointment, I'll look at the clock and think - "I've got half an hour before I get ready yet", then get involved in something and start getting ready 3 minutes before I needed to be out of the door (and sometimes 3 minutes before the actual appointment time).  The crux of all of the above is that in my effort to please, appease and impress... I pull every stop out possible to ensure I get things done, I arrive at places, meet deadlines send cards out making sure that no-one else is compromised and there is as little collateral damage as possible. I don't always achieve what I set out to do though.

Anyway - in the third picture, you can see what happens when I let my eye off the ball and engross myself in the card making and getting those cards out to people (late or not)... it looks like a bomb has hit my conservatory.  Even the dog refuses to come in sometimes (not) - he knows that there is more likely to be something he can pick up and run away with.  He's in seventh heaven because I've got lots of off-cuts of paper in my 'bit bin', even the cat came and sat on the desk yesterday because I was cutting slithers of paper off one of my projects - she saw them as things to grab and play with - so the dopey dog joined in... but even better for him was the fact that there were used baby wipes/hand wipes in the bin that he could steal and then shred under the kitchen table. Note to self... pick up shredded wipes off floor under the table while the dog isn't looking...

If you want to join in with this madness that we put ourselves through each week, (where some are so dedicated that they NEVER miss a single week)- pop over to Julia's blog and read the rules, leave a comment (please) and then go and visit other places of crafting loveliness to inspect and adore.  All we ask is that if you visit, you'll leave us a comment.

Since I started writing this post, I've been and put another layer of clothes on (well, another cardigan), put the heating back on as, while it is beautiful outside, the sun is on the front of the house and I'm at the back so its cooled down no-end.  I'm also typing with one glove on because my hands are like blocks of ice.  I've only got one on because I couldn't find the other.  If I had, I was going to cut the fingertips out so I could type better - I've justified to myself that it's ok to cut the tips off the fingers because they only cost me £1 from Decathlon - and its something they always have in bins around the store which is a good job really because while we all have a pair - and I have several pairs somewhere, somehow I can only find this one!!!

Thanks for reading another one of my short blog posts... I'll have to start and think about something to write about in future to make them a bit longer!!

Bye for now and happy crafting ;0)

Paula x x x 


  1. Sounds like you are very busy - Have a good week. x Jo

  2. Phew! I'll look forward to your long posts then! I know what you mean about making a card specifically for the person, I tend to do that even if I've ones in the home made box that would be suitable. Getting cooler again at the weekend but it's been in the 80's her for a couple of days!

    Brenda 2

  3. Great pics of your crafty area. I do the same make cards that don't mean anything but then want to make cards relating to a specific person that does mean something. Lots of time and planning needed! Thanks for sharing this WOYWW, it's Thursday afternoon now, but I'm still snooping through the list! Take care Zo xx 22

  4. Goodness me, you are a very busy bee but thanks for letting us have a look around (I want a Silhouette so I have serious envy here). Regards, Anne #66

  5. and i thought my posts were,thanks for sharing )

  6. Paula, you should have told us to make a coffee before sitting down to read your post. Only joking of course. I loved your post and hearing all about your bargains too. I wish I was able to write a good story. Mind you I can chatter for Scotland at times. Hugs Rita xxx

  7. I actually had to take a break and get a drink of water halfway through reading your post!! You write brilliantly and always makes me chuckle. Thanks for explaining your desk so well. I would like to do mine, but my phone always takes a rubbish photo and it is hard to see the details. Ali x # 173

  8. Wow....Loved reading your blog. I too used to always be behind on those special cards. Now I do special birthday cards a month in advance, which leaves time for those unexpected cards that seem to always pop up when I have little time. I've got to say, Julia's WOYWW seems to keep me focused.....Enjoy your week....see you next Wednesday...or Thursday...or hey, maybe Friday! :-)

  9. Hi Paula- my desk is way untidier than yours!
    Hope you are well


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