Friday, 30 March 2012

What a load of balls... (and a bit of a fun way to win something) Read on...

... that I have in this bag:

This is something that my DH brought home to me a few days ago... They're painted polystyrene balls.  Quite why they are painted is any ones guess.  The truth is, DH retrieved them from a bonfire pile.  Yes, in March there is a bonfire pile building already for 5th November.  He works on like a trading park with lots of units on there.  The whole 'estate' is owned by a guy who, for the locals, builds a bonfire on part of his land and anyone can put things on the pile (within reason).  So, DH and a colleague had a trundle down one lunch time and came back with this little bag of balls.

In actual fact, the balls aren't that little - I measured the circumference at just over 12" (approx 31cm).    I've got an idea about what I want to do with them (11 in total) but I want to know if you readers have any idea of what you would do with one of these balls.

Its not the only thing he got while he was there.  Here are a couple of  other things he brought me (how kind of him to get me something off a bonfire lol)!!!

this music book will be great for some distress techniques and to be used as background papers.  There are no words so there are no restrictions as far as using them for Christmas or weddings for example.

Here is something else that I've got ideas for:

I want to make one of those hollowed out book things then decorate it.  My son and I recently went out and while out, called in a few charity shops to see if there was anything I could buy to redecorate and to buy a book especially to 'chop up'.  Well, I couldn't bring myself to do it.  The books were all in really good condition and it would have felt sacrilege.  So, because I'd told my DH this, he 'rescued' this book for me which had probably been out in all weathers and conditions, was damp and a bit musty.  I put it on the radiator to dry out.  Trouble is, it is a bit warped now so will have to work around that.

I actually want to do something like hollow out the middle pages and do some fabulous techniques on it.  I think a visit to Elizabeth so see how I go about achieving an altered book.  Elizabeth has a fabulous blog which is all about doing things such as hollowing books out and getting the gesso out (which I have already in my stash) - here is her little space in blogland called Altered Book Lover .

HERE I've found an easy to follow and very pictorial step by step guide on how to hollow out a book.  I shall be consulting this again when I come round to actually working on mine.  

I recently saw a good example of one while doing the WOYWW blog hop. Sherry, from Sherry's Simple Blog has actually been following Elizabeth from Altered Book Lover.  Elizabeth has not only inspired Sherry, but has inspired me - but then Sherry's attempt has inspired me too.  I know I won't be doing this in the immediate future - too much to do, but I know where I will be visiting come the time to start mine.  

So, what do you think about my newly acquired items.  What would you do with the balls - or even just one of them?  If you leave a comment and guess correctly what I intend to use just one of them for (if successful, more will follow), I might just do a random drawer to win some goodies...  Please leave a comment on this post - you have until Midnight on Sunday 1st April - and no, it's not an April Fool's joke!!!

To be in with an additional chance of winning something, tell me what is the most unusual item(s) you have found that you have managed to incorporate into your crafting or have made a project with.

Hope you enjoyed my post..

Big crafty hugs to all

Paula x x x


  1. Well...for me, I'd have to decorate one into a blue & white football but add legs and arms to create a Bristol Rovers mascot! But guess you wouldn't do that! A giant Christmas bauble? Funny you say about creating a hollow in a book, I'm doing one right now! I've taken my pages out and am gluing 3 together, then cutting a cross in the middle before tearing the sections out to create a fab ripped edge that I can ink. It's coming along nicely. Will put pics on my blog when I've create my niche. Take care Zo x

  2. I have no idea what I'd do with your blue balls!! But I am doing Elizabeth's Altered Book class (my first ever. I too found it hard the first time I tore a page out of a book to use for something else!! But you CAN do it....)

  3. Hi Paula, thanks for linking to my post, I'm so flattered that I could inspire you - have you seen any of the others doing Elizabeth's course, some are truly amazing.

    I checked out your other link for the hollowing out part, very interesting, thanks.

    What a very considerate hubby you have there - raiding the bonfire pile for you. Love the sheet music and book he found for you - and those blue balls! At first I thought you'd been to Lush - wouldn't that have been a great find - lol.

    What to do with them? Glue one into a flower pot, then decorate it in some way - you could use it like oasis in flower arranging. I can't think of anything more inventive at the moment I'm afraid. Be interesting to see what you do with them - I'll stay tuned!

  4. Ah, doesn't your hubby give you lovely presents! I found a nice tutorial that might work for one of your poly balls - here, and if you punched the flowers from pages from the 2 books, that's all 3 found items used together!

    Big hugs, Nicki, xx

  5. some geat treasure you have there, especially the book. Not sure what you are going to do with the balls though.I am doing Elizabeths AB class it is amazing, still time to follow along.
    thanks for your comments on WOYWW the gecko is stamped on the inside and a little punched one on the outside. D2 has a Masters degree in animal and zoo conservation and has a gecko called tango.I will show the finished invites on next weeks post if you are interested. I think you said it was your first WOYWW, if so a little tip is . . . . keep it short, there are too many of us for long one. Also, beware it becomes a bit addictive, but great fun. Now I'm going on a bit , sorry
    janet #16 WOYWW

  6. What a thoughtful hubby you have! I don't think burning those things would have good for the air anyway. I made a ribbon topiary with my balls that size. You can see it here:

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