Wednesday, 8 February 2012

WOYWW and a little bit of sorting out!!

OK, so I've not posted this year.  There's a lot of things I've not done - apart from doing more 'sorting' that is.  I think that sorting things out seems to have been my forte for the last couple of years since I've been off work - which incidentally coincides with the conception of this blog of mine.

In the Christmas aftermath, the 'craftroom', which is our conservatory, was not a pretty sight.  In fact it had almost just become a place to pile things up and store things - although once I had done all my Christmas crafting, I did put my Christmas drawer away (yes I have a Christmas drawer).  Because of increasing exhaustion, my Christmas crafting was a tad slow-going.  I didn't do nearly enough of what I actually wanted to do.  But that was how it was.  I was still printing out napkin rings and wraps for the table candles at well turned midnight into Christmas Day!

So, onto my New Year resolutions.  There's this one resolution I make each year.  Whatever other ones I might make - this one particular resolution is always on the list.  My OH laughs and doesn't know why I bother to say it.  Now I papercraft and make cards, you would thing that this is something I shouldn't get wrong.  It's a simple one - remember everyone's birthday ON TIME!  Well, I'm embarrassed to say that I've already broken it in January and I only needed to make 3 or 4 cards (you may roll your eyes here!!!).

Back to the crafty mess... It took me no less than the best part of 3 weeks to get on top of the 'sorting' and tidying up,  and afterwards, I could even sit down again on the sofa to watch TV and relax with my sweet cat Katie Kitten on my knee.  There I was wrapped up warmly in my slanket with the heating cranked up of course!  

The best part about the conservatory is that it is built just off the 'dining area' of the kitchen and when we had the kitchen renewed in 2006 (OMG, doesn't seem that long ago!), we removed the doors and plastered it up to make it more cohesive but open space.  Not having doors ensures that, while the temperature is colder in the conservatory - there is a huge difference by not shutting it off. The temp is more even between the kitchen and conservatory than it used to be.. We know that if we wanted to sell thought, we would have to re-instate the doors.  It is great that the kettle is literally round the corner  from my chair.  The downside is that if I don't keep the area tidy - it can be seen from the kitchen by visitors - although most of my visitors by and large know all about my crafty habits.

Here is a peek at how it looked before I started to sort it out and tackle some little projects (that I'll post about separately):

oh dear!
 Then there was this:

There is a desk underneath all that believe it or not!  Although it looks heaps better now (well, certainly better that this), it has started creeping back to being a mess but that seems to be because I've had a really good sort out and have been able to empty some of those clear A4 and A5 storage boxes you put paper and stuff in.  Today only, I brought an empty cardboard box in from the garage today (well, dragged it in) and tidied some of the empty plastic storage boxes away. 

Squinty eyed (because I daren't look properly) I decided to take a photo while writing this post just for your amusement.

not too bad?
getting there!
More work needed to make it a bit better.  There was a interim period when it looked even better than this but alas, it didn't last long!

You may see on the sofa on the right (back) of the picture; I have had to make a nest with a cream fleece blanket for the cat.  Next to that is a wicker bread type basket with a handle on.  I've put a fleece blanket in that too.  She swaps between both so has no particular preference.  She also comes over to talk to me while I'm sat the desk.  Well, when I say comes to talk to me, I really mean she comes over, meows loudly, grabs my leg in an attention seeking way, uses me as her 'stretching post' drawing blood while casing the joint to see if it is OK to go through the open 'Buddy' gate.

During my 'sorting out phase', I wanted to make my paper scraps a bit more accessible.  They were already sorted into poly pockets and put into 2 lever arch files - one for the colours and the other for the metallics, black, white etc - the more neutral colours.  These just ended up sitting on a shelf though, so I decided to put an idea I'd had into action.  I will show what I did in another post because, as usual, this post is a bit long.

That's all folks, I'd love to have you come back to my little area of the world wide web to read future blog posts - if you haven't already, please consider subscribing, then you'll have my post straight in your in-box (if you can bare it).  If you are not already a follower, consider becoming a follower too as I am well overdue a give-away for my blogaversary which happened while I've been busy sorting out.  There will be something special for my followers to celebrate this, so it will be my followers that are up for a little something (not sure what it is yet, but I will make it nice)!

Anyway, I'm pleased to report that the exhaustion hasn't been as bad recently - its still there but just before Christmas it was at an all time high. However, I've managed to be able to fight it off.  The pain in my arms and legs, hands and feet has increased - it almost feels like a pay-off!  I'm at the pain clinic at the end of this month though so I'll mention all of this to my Consultant.  I'll have to write it down on the letter I get from the hospital because my memory is so bad, I constantly forget to mention things.  I'm also going to ask him if there is any alternative to the pain patches I wear because they are really damaging my skin in the places that I wear them.  I make sure that they are on my upper-body because of sitting in the bath.  If they get wet - which they often do, they dry out really tightly and pull my skin then dry wrinkled.  This hurts my skin and there are marks and dry patches where I've worn them.  I'll just have to mention it to him to see if there are any alternatives, and if not, has he any advice for me.  I'm still on all the other medications I was on but in quite a few instances, they've increased in strength since I started them.  We'll see.

Anyway, I'm going to show my desks to the world and link up to Julia's WOYWW where she gets a load of us crafters to share our spaces with you - whatever that space may be!  Go HERE to see what I'm talking about and perhaps join in if you feel like it.

Your comments are really important to me - who doesn't like to read a comment on their blog posts... please consider leaving me a comment to make my day!

Lots of crafty hugs

Paula x x x 



  1. It's good to see you back Paula. Don't worry too much about your isn't the worse I've seen today :-)
    A x

  2. Good to see you here again, and hope the pain clinic helps... Love the sight of your "mess" it makes me feel less bad about mine... take care now and don;t do too much at once.

  3. Welcome back to WOYWW, I think it just looks like a busy, creative space, not a messy space :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen #90

  4. Nice to see you posting again ...and you are doing a great job with the tidying ...when you are done you can pop over and sort me out lol xx

  5. I often wonder how my room ends up that way...There never seems to be a place for EVERY thing no matter how hard I try. Happy WOYWW#133

  6. Hi Paula! Fab to see you blogging again - I'll come and play in your craft room any time :) Hope you keep posting and maybe even come and jin in the Snippets Playground if you've been sorting out your scraps :) Hugs, Di xx

  7. Hello! Looks like you've worked wonders, would love to play in there! Thanks for sharing & enjoy this WOYWW, I'm off to be nosey, & peek at some more desks! Zo x 84

  8. Hi Paula - Good to see you joining in with the mad blog hop again! You have been busy with your big sort out - its such a good feeling to have a little bit of organised space to work in! Luckily I can just shut my door and noone can see what state its in. Have a good week. x Jo

  9. WooHOO, its Paula, well now you NEED to post your blog addy on you know where, and loads more will stop by, as we do make a point of supporting each other, out here as well!!
    Lovely to see you out here, and dont even talk to me about Drs!! got the physio again in a couple of weeks, then the consultant for you know who, youngest, so Its all starting again, the merry-go-round of appts!! gotts go do my eggs, speak to you, you know where, and I EXPECT your Blog to be part of your signature Madam!!!

    Happy WOYWW hun, have a good one, xx

    Lou #7

  10. Hello darling, welcome back! You have been busy tidying up. Hugs Pam x

  11. Hi hunnybun, just popped over to read your latest little post (well, not so little but that's as expected with you!). I love a good sorting-out session - it's great to clear some space but I find it never takes long before new crafty stash appears to fill any gaps!!

    Hugs, Nicki, xx

  12. It's great to see you again Paula, am devastated to read that your pain isn't in any way improved, you really are an amazing example of how to get up and do the best you can. We've almost done the opposit with our conservatory...kept the doors and put a. Wood burner in there, so it gets toasty enough to heat downstairs if we use it.would love to pen the back up like you have, but the void of the heating would be too much. Annnnnnyway...I think it's only natural that your area gets dumped in over the holidays...envy surface in my house suffered, and your 'nearly after' pictures show a great difference. It's all about being in the mood really, isn't it. Either the mood to craft or the mood to tidy...aas long as you get a positive from whichever it is, what the hell!!

  13. Just re- read...sorry about all the iPad and I don't see eye to eye over typing!!!

  14. Hi Paula
    lovely to see you again hun, i had a good sort out of my desk last week, thats all i did! lol, Hope you can get some more pain relief hun, thank for the mooch, happy WOYWW, sue,x (56)

  15. That's a recognizable vieuw, look like my room. Good for you to clean it so you can enjoy it more.

  16. Thanks for sharing your room...I hope you feel better and the pain becomes a bit better.

  17. Good for you on all the hard work that you're doing. I always feel better about working on things when I've got my area in a tidy condition.

  18. Oh your space looks amazing, i want to come and play, I think WOYWW is so great because i would never have found you without it and now have spent far to long reading previous 'posts' lol but i will be back! Do you mind if I ask what you are poorly with? I have ME/CFS and Fibromalagia and you talking about your pain and exhaustion sounds so similar to me, Christmas is always a bad time, because we are all trying to do so much and then it takes the whole of January to get over it! would love to chat if you want, i had to stop using the patches because they made me more sleepy so now on a slow release tablets. You done a fabulous job in your space, and we have various little comfy beds for our cats dotted about the house because one likes to sit in the washing basket, one on the back of the chair etc... Hope you have a 'good' week Lou

  19. Hope your feeling better soon. Your room is looking really good. Just doing a little bit each day is the way to go.

  20. Oh, I want to come play!!!! I'd love to have an entire room of crafting supplies.

    Good luck at your appointment. I'm the same way, I need to write down questions so I'll remember to ask! I hope your pain subsides.

    Happy WOYWW

  21. Sounds tough - hope you can get some good medical advice and find your way....a fabulous crafty space - Looks like paradise to me - tidy or not. Enjoy the even the brief crafty moments as well as the days...Thanks for letting us look in and peek at your desk... Sarah at 7...

  22. I would love to wander through your crafting space. Looks like a treasure trove to me.

  23. Sorry to hear about your pain, I'll have to go back through your posts to find out what the pain was caused by (if there is a post). I am curious to know what that white fence is keeping in our out.
    Bridget #51

  24. Hello Paula, it's nice to see you back but not so nice to hear you are still suffering pain. I hope your consultant can offer an alternative medication that will be kinder to you. I think I'd be happy in your craft space ... and being near the kettle is definitely an advantage. My cat comes and talks to me too, and she has similar attention seeking behaviour, just doesn't draw blood when she is doing it :) Elizabeth x #2


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Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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