Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Forever Friends Black and Gold handmade cards

I LOVE Forever Friends. 

I've loved them for years (I was even alive when Forever Friends hit the high streets - was it 1987 or thereabouts?)!  So, when the cute little character came to crafting, I was over the moon.

I first delved into crafting with him after purchasing the original Docrafts triple CD ROMS collection.  Only trouble is, the programme wouldn't fully load on my laptop.  So instead, I had to copy all the images off the CD and put them in files on my laptop so that I could still use the imagery.  That way, I could use them with other programmes such as My Craft Studio or Serif's Craft Artist to enable me to craft with it still.  Then came the Black and Gold collection.  Again, the programme wouldn't load up on my laptop so I also copied all the jpeg files to my folders on my PC so I could still use the images etc.

Now, I just thought I'd show some of the cards i've done using the Forever Friends Black and Gold collection... there are some I've done for birthdays in the last few weeks and some that are a bit older (yes, I was late with them all).

The above cards have been made in the last couple of weeks.

this one is a bit older.  Apologies for the quality of the pictures.  I must have taken them at night in unnatural daylight.

Recently, I got the black and gold CD ROM for free with another purchase of the NEW Docrafts Digital Designer.  I like this software and the features are ever improving and come free - for ever.

Just a couple more...

I have loads of toppers I made, which are in my scrap box (remember i'm going to show this in another post).  I have a plastic wallet specifically for Forever Friends Black and Gold - sorted into papers, toppers, greetings, ribbon and die cut shapes for matting and layering.  I might even give you a little peek when I blog about my bits lol!!!

Ooh - just something funny to tell you before I sign off... My mum is here as I write this post.  Earlier on out of the blue, she said "Paula, have you got any nuts" to which I replied "no, I'm a laydeeee" (imagine the voice of David Walliams when he dresses up as that woman who's a lady)... She fell about laughing then explained what she actually meant (like I didn't know)!  To explain, she had bought a massive bag of almonds and wondered if I currently had some because I usually have some in a tub to put on my 'flakes with red berries'. Yum.  And banana chips.

Right - I'm now very tired after making two posts in one day.  Tomorrow I will be visiting a few desks on WOYWW, amongst doing my filing and telephone calls (we've been changing bank accounts and of course this has caused a fair amount of paperwork and telephone calls). It feels like I am working full time but from home - it's been very tiring.

Back soon with news of my 'bits'!
Crafting hugs

Paula x x x


  1. Your cards are lovely Paula. I think Chloe will love her card. Must email you. Take care. Kathleen x

  2. Cute cards Paula the little 5yr old will love hers. Loved the story of Mum and nuts.xx

  3. Fab selection of cards, Paula!! Hugs, Juliexx

  4. Lovely cards...I like the bit about how you have toppers, diecuts etc filed away. Can't wait to see that post.

    Thanks for visiting my blog today. Yes, my burlap flowers are the Tim Holt flower die cut...but I added an accucut petal shape (the back petal). I cut it out on the die cut machines at my local scrapbook store as the original flower looked too small on the bag. It was similar enough that it blends in. You do have to lint roller the dies when you are done as the burlap is so messy to cut!

  5. Hi Paula, beautiful cards :-) hahaha your little joke made me chuckle
    Anne xx

  6. ...your cards are so loVely Paula...the forever friends bears are so adorable and appeal to all ages...I'm now 157 on your list of followers...Mel :)


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