Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Well, what can I say.  I haven’t joined in the last couple of weeks because of several factors – the major one being that I am a bad blogger and didn’t get round to leaving as many comments as I really should do – so because of the pressure I put myself under – as well as other factors, I thought it best not to join in if I can’t get round to comment on other blogs because I don’t feel that would be fair of me!  So I apologise to anyone who left a message and didn’t get a reciprocal one from me!

What else has been happening?  I’ve been sat staring at my desk for a while – and that’s as far as I got.  Because I couldn’t get myself going, I’d move the things round on the desk or sort some papers out – I think it’s called procrastinating!!!

I’ve been suffering from a distinct lack of space on the desk – a bit more than the usual lack of space – so I did take pictures with good intentions of joining in last week – but it wasn’t to be.  Here is a selection of pics of the desk over the last week.  There was such a lack of desk space that if affected my ability to use my cameo as the paper just wouldn’t have gone through the back – I found out what the problem was though: 

DO NOT DISTURB... please?
sorry for the terrible colour of this photo -
I think it was when the lamp was on

Yes – that was the problem.  She found the warm spot.  There is a radiator at the back of the desk, the shelves are fastened to the wall a couple of inches above the radiator, so the air flow comes through the bottom of the shelves and above the desk… she knows you know!  Anyway, she kind of shoved my Cameo forward in order to make herself some space.  She was there for almost a week straight run.  She’s abandoned her box which should have been sent back with the Grand Calibur in, but she’d adopted it, so I didn’t have the heart to turf her out.  However, since then, she’s been on the verge of being evicted because she’s made a bit of a mess.  That was going to be another post that I didn’t get round to writing – but here are some pics of her box – which I now have evicted her from – it’s been subject to a demolition order too!!!


She just scratched away at the sides of it and as you can see from the pictures – she’d gone right through on one corner.  

How could you ever be mad with this though:


When she finally got off – probably for food, my desk was completely covered in hairs!  Most of all it was all stuck to my ATG gun tape and also the sellotape and dispenser. Worst of all though, it was in my Cameo so I spent a large amount of time cleaning that out hoping that it’s not going to affect the workings… due to lack of cover, I thought I'd put a pillowcase over it to save it from further abuse!!!!  I also pushed it right to the back of the desk so that she had no room to go back behind it again.

How wrong was I?


She started at the front because there was no gap at the back, but the she laid on top of it until it started to slide forward just enough to make a really snug gap- she doesn’t look uncomfortable does she?

Right – on to this weeks desk.  Not much happening, most of the stuff is out because of my Christmas card making - and is a bit tidier than it was because I lost something and had a mad PANIC and went through 5 boxes of stuff to not find was I was looking for.  I finally found what I wanted between a couple of magazines in my lovely Anna Griffin tote bag! PHEW!!! 

Anyway – moving on, here is my desk, which I believe most people will have come to see (I hear you shouting “Finally”)!!!

DSCN1795DSCN1796DSCN1797DSCN1798 DSCN1800

So there you have it – nothing special, just very very messy and busy looking. If you want a closer look at any of the pictures - just click on them because I've left them at full size - just right click on pic, select 'view image' - when you are in view mode, if you see a magnifying glass at your cursor, click it and the image will (or should) fill the page for you!

If you want to know what this desk parading is all about… visit Julia at the Stamping Ground HERE and she’ll tell you all about it.  However, in brief, basically you take a pic of what you are doing – where ever you work, write a blog post telling us all about it – it DOES NOT need to be as long as mine (I'll get my legs slapped for writing War and Peace), then visit Julia and link it up to what is usually rather a long list of lovely bloggers wanting to show you what they've got - some even show you their drawers!!!.  Leave a message – then go and visit desks of like minded people… like minded because they are creative in whatever way the see fit!!! (unlike me – at the moment I’m a wannabe)!!!

Don't forget to leave a comment - those visitors that subscribe - you can leave a message too, even if you don't have a blogger or google account.  Just select 'anonymous' then leave a message and tell me who you are.  That's all you have to do.  It would be good to hear what you have to say or get your feedback :O)

Happy Crafting with hugs,
Paula x x x

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Hello bloggy friends and followers and WOYWWers…

I have several pics for you this week which were taken in the dark on Tuesday night, so apologise if this compromises the quality of them…

I didn’t join in last week because I so messed up the week before – half asleep (see what time I posted?), I linked the wrong URL to Julia’s Mr Linky thing – so everyone who doesn’t already have me in their reader (because they visited the right post), were going and commenting on the week before.  I was a pretty satisfactory mid table at that point… it was SATURDAY when I realised what I’d done – yes – Saturday!!! Well, I just felt so deflated, and last Wednesday I had to take mum to the doctors – until her appointment came and went – because I’d forgotten… that was following the forgotten hair appointment on the Saturday – the same one I realised I’d linked the wrong week… are  you getting the picture?  So, I think I just lost the plot last week…

This week, I’m going through that sleep phase again – my DH will be talking to me, then he’ll turn around and I’ve fallen to sleep.  The boys and he usually keep a special eye on me to make sure I don’t sit too long with a hot coffee in my hands again – I’ve scolded myself twice now.

Was going to see a friend in hospital yesterday, but had a grumbling tum and a couple of runs to the loo – and thought it best to stay away just in case it was developing into something else… It’s the first time I can even remember going to the loo like that.  With the tablets I’m on, visits are few and far between – if you get what I mean (sorry to those with a sensitive disposition – is that the right term?)!!!

Today, as I’m feeling better, I will be going to the hospital to see my friend, but also need to take Buddy – the naughty Shih Tzu to the vets to see the nurse.  On our dog groomers recommendation, I put some drops in his ears to clean them out – however, something isn’t quite right as they sound, when rubbed, like they have too much fluid in now – and he won’t let me touch his ears – so before any infections take hold – I’ll get it sorted for him… He can still hear me take the lid off the jar of treats though, even if he’s not looking and I try and sneak Dylan a crafty snack!!!

Without further ado – here are the pics.  Feel free to ask any questions and they shall be explained – usually in a reply email, so make sure your blogger comments can be returned to your email address (you set this up in blogger somewhere)…  Mine is set up so that if I leave a comment on a blog and that comment goes into the blog owners email in box – if they click return on the email – it will say it’s from  something something blogger.bounces – then when you click on ‘return’, my own email address appears in the ‘to’ box and it comes directly back to my email in box… it’s not as complicated as I’ve just made that sound lol…


Almost 360 degrees of the room – which is getting rather full again – best get some stuff decanted back to the garage… I have an area for all my craft stuff in the garage (just as well really).  I keep all my empty paper storage A4 and A5 boxes, lever arch files and ring binders, concertina folders, project blanks (sets of drawers, boxes, lots of photo frames,  more card blanks and usually the Christmas crafting box in there - some of it in a half wardrobe, some in metal filing cabinet, some on a tall pine shelf unit (IKEA), plus two more drawer unit - one plastic, one taller one from IKEA (Good old IKEA) - oh, and a couple of wall units from our older kitchen. So about as much out there as I have in here really! I need to take some stuff back out that I'm not using. Hmmm…

If you want anything in the pics explaining – ask away, otherwise – click on each and they will become massive because I haven’t reduced them, cropped them or done anything to them… they are what they are!

If you would like to join in and show us what’s on your desk – feel free to – but leave a comment on each blog before you pass on to the next.  Before you do this, you need to visit Julia at the Stamping Ground to link your blog post up to Mr Linky.  He’ll give you a number.  If you quote this number in your comment – people will return the favour and visit you too.

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment – happy crafting!
Paula x x x

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Hi friends, bloggy followers and fellow WOYWWers...

WOW - the weeks already go fast as it is, but they really seem to be picking up a pace towards the big C.  I've yet again attempted and failed to do any Christmas cards - it's a matter of having just too much choice. No, it's a matter of needing a kick up the you know what to get started.  Put it this way - I brought in some physical stuff from the garage yesterday in a box (or was it the day before?).  Eek - I don't know because the days are all running into each other at the moment.

Less of that.  Here is what you really came for.  I present to you - the desk.

This is the extreme left of the desk.  In fact it isn't technically on the desk, it's on a unit thing next to the desk which is technically in a different room too!!!  This is, if we were to split hairs, in the kitchen.  It is a slight step up from the floor where my desk is, but it works well.  It sits where the doors used to be that separated the conservatory from the kitchen, where the french doors were before we had the conservatory.  When we had a new kitchen in, we decided to take the doors down and make good - making it look like one large area.  So, there you can see the pretty paper still piled on top of the printer button panel.  The large roll of sellotape used to be a, err, large roll of sellotape until the naughty Shih Tsu came, stealth like into the conservatory and stole it while I literally had my back turned for seconds. I'd only just gotten it out of one of the desk drawers too.  Thinking about it - I'm not even sure it was on the floor when he got to it!  Anyway - it's almost unusable now because of the teethmarks in it which will probably mean you can't take a decent strip of it off before it tears.

The left of the actual desk.  Yep, quite boring really - no sign of all the sorting out I was doing yesterday and the day before. The rubbish you see is the resident rubbish - not the created rubbish (if that makes sense)... Since Saturday, more Sunday and Monday, it was quite literally covered in paper craft kits from Crafting Ltd (the company that brought us My Craft Studio)... It's where I got my pretty paper from that has been on my printer for the past 3 weeks.  I've not put it away yet - actually, I've added to it (tut tut)!

It was a sale day again this Saturday just gone.  Whilst I am able to go down each day of the week and am able to 'fill a box' for a fiver - I kind of got the biggest heist I've had in ages there.  I got genuine foiled and die cut card stock toppers... sheets of them.  Die cut cards in fancy shapes; pre-scored stepper cards.  Basically I got the Everyday Essentials kit that Steph first took to QVC when she started there.  6 collections in the kit - and I got them all on Saturday.  I put that much in my basket that I had 3 x the usual amount - so it came to £15... only I get 10% discount, so for £13.50, I got card kits galore, as well as some other die cut toppers from the Victorian Romance kit that had also been to QVC - so, I might have spent £13.50 on the equivalent of a foot high in cardstock - but I'm pretty sure I had £40 worth of stuff.  Also had some other great stuff like plain white stepper cards with envelopes, coloured vellum, patterned vellum, coloured printable acetate.  Basically if it's on the shelves within the confined space- then you are able to put it in your box.  Only I put mine straight in my basket as there was far too much to put in the folder provided.

So, after my sorting and organising again, the desk is a little lacking in any other activity.  I was cutting intricate decoupage yesterday - with a stanley knife blade.  I also like a 10" pair of scissors as opposed to small decoupage scissors sometimes.  It all depends on the size and complexity of the decoupage - it's something that I find very therapeutic.  Until it starts to make my neck ache by bending over - then I have to stop.  I did a garden bench with a rake and some plant pots and even cut out all the lats in the bench.  I've put it together with glue gel - and it looks rather good.  Other than that I've been procrastinating.  Putting off the inevitable.

Here's the right side of the desk - pretty much the same old stuff, apart from I've moved the little tower of drawers to the back right of the desk and katy-cornered the Cameo a bit.  I was going to cut out with it then I got side tracked sorting all my paper out.

The die cuts are also from Crafting - My Paper Stash it's actually called.  They're from the Quintessential Country Garden range of die cut toppers and papercraft kit - I have the CD but it's always nice to have something you don't have to print out...  A set of new Spellbinders dies just peeking out - I've yet to put them in one of the storage cases like all the other dies are in - basically because I don't have any of the slim ones left.  I used DVD cases, but only have the thick ones.  My storage unit prefers the slimmer ones.

Finally - this is how I've had my Promakers sat for a couple of days.  I had them in one of those coloured collapsible bins, but this meant they were upright, and having not coloured for a while - I did notice a difference, in fact it was almost like they were running out cos you tend to stand then with the flat lid at the bottom meaning the most common colouring tip is at the top...   I've got them like this for now - and thinking about the way forward.  I've got all my flexmarkers in a basket - they're flat though - so are my Aqua markers which are in my desk drawer at the moment.

Have you done your Christmas crafting?  All of it, none of it - or made a start.  That's me in the next couple of days... in the 'i've made a start' group.  At the moment, I'm in the 'can't be @r5ed group' - not really - I can be on one hand - then on the other...

Did you enjoy looking at the desk?  Do you want to see more (not like that - wrong blog luv!).  Do you want to visit desks or work spaces on all 4 corners of the planet?  Do you know how it's possible to do it?  Through a wonderful lady called Julia over at the 'Stamping Ground', that's how.  Pop over and read her clever, witty, humorous blog posts - then try it out for yourself.  Not before you've left her a message though. You'll be joining a great big community of crafters with various backgrounds, various talents and various interests - all in various timezones around the world.  They do have the one thing in common though - WOYWW or What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  Unless you are already in the movement and are here to read while on your journey around everyone who's linked up this week, all you have to do is sit back at your PC with a coffee.  You could even leave your PJ's on.  Slippers optional but recommended.  Fab eh?

Happy WOYWW; Happy Crafting, 

Hugs, Paula x x x

Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Hi crafty friends and bloggy followers and fellow WOYWWers...

Today is the day.  Today is the day of the week that we reveal the truth.  The truth behind our crafting habits and our levels of conscientiousness.  Who is conscientious enough to waste crafting time and tidy up after themselves?...  My philisophy is this - by not tidying up, you get a good extra 15 minutes or so more crafting in. What would you do... Me?  I like to get the extra crafting in - why spoil the flow of creativity by stopping and spending the last 10 or 15 minutes at the desk tidying away to have to get it all out again the next time if you hadn't finished.  At least if you were mid-project, you'll know what you're coming back to - no blank canvas to scare away your mojo.

Well that's exactly my
excuse reason for having a creative desk every week!!!

Here is that said lovely desk in all its glory... look - it seeps creativity through every pore.  Every inch of it used as an artists palette - each and every bit of
mess creativity, every piece of mess stash is like the paints on the said artists palette.  That makes me the artist, the creator of art.  I need to keep the paint on my palette!

OK - so I'm messy and it takes ALL of the crap on my desk to produce ONE card per 8hour shift. Yes indeedy.  

My darling, long-suffering hard working husband went out for his afters shift last Friday while I was at the desk wondering what to do for my Guest DT card (see previous post).  I cut enough squares out to re tile our kitchen.  I printed enough images out to wallpaper the stairs.  I got flowers, gems, pearls out, I die cut swirls, fancy tags, more squares... I did numerous layouts of cards and photographed them so I could remember and compare them... then finally, when he came back home I was still sat at the desk.  Finished, drained, cold.  Too dark to get a decent picture of my finished card to send it off.

Well, Saturday was a lost cause until after lunch.  Sitting at the desk that long had done me no favours at all.  AT ALL let me tell you!!!  Still, I enjoyed it.  I have plenty of material left to make, ahem, a dozen or so cards - that will all pretty much be a variation on a theme!

Here is what you came to see my WOYWWers and bloggy friends.  I give you.... tada!


click to enlarge because I've not reduced the size of this pic
The above is the left hand side of the desk - and it is looking like that because I had been working on it - in fact, it got far messier before I finished - but I'd taken these pics after I did start on my tidying because I needed to see what I was doing then remember to take them.  It's slightly overhead - I just stretched up and over and hoped for the best seeing as I couldn't see the back of the camera (I'm only 5'4" - if that).

Next picture is to the right, but the angle has come forward and down a bit - basically I couldn't manage a second stretch over.  Just before this one, I got my pink slippers in the shot so had to take again!!!

again, click on image to enlarge
My desk still has all the remnants of my GDT card making marathon of Friday - and some on Saturday and Monday, which was pretty much the same - only a slimmed down version of Friday (won't go there again for a while - 8 plus hours I mean... although it was really nearer to 10 if I'm honest).  I spent yesterday making cards with the extra stuff I'd die cut, and die cut some more for future sessions with my favourite Black and Gold Forever Friends card making.

Last week I pointed out some pretty coloured card that I'd sorted out of a box of stuff I'd recently purchased from the local craft warehouse.  I just have to sort things out into colour order if its sits still long enough.

Some commenter's were (I think), under the impression that it was all the card I owned.  Erm, no.  That would be here:

The 4 bottom drawers on each side are deeper than the top 4.  This set sits behind my chair but side on - you might just see the wheels to my chair in the bottom right of this pic.  The chair is in front of my desk.  It is a tight squeeze for anyone wanting to get past my chair from the kitchen.  Basically, at the back of the wall where these drawers stand, is where my kitchen units start and where the kettle is... not far to go for a cup of coffee eh? 

The drawers house all of my plain cardstock, one or two kits, all my fancy paper, the top left drawer has all the cables and leads to cameras, gadgets etc - all bagged and labelled.  It's also where I keep my spare batteries.  The second left is where all sticky labels of various sizes are kept - also a CD label making kit.

I won't bore you with telling you what's in each drawer - suffice to say, the paper that is on the top of my printer won't fit in any of them at the moment, hence it still being there.  I need to jiggle some stuff around because I've had to 'cross-contaminate' (as it were) some colours - and that's not sitting with me very well!!!

So tell me, are you conscientious - or do you prefer 15 minutes extra crafting time - you know, the 15 minutes it would have taken to tidy up.  Whichever it is, we really don't mind.  We like variety you see.  Wouldn't do to see nearly 200 desks all in the same state - how bloody boring would that be.  We want to see it whatever state of array it is.  Obviously, it's quite nice to see a project or two as well.  

You can guarantee a couple of stunners from the sisters in the Philippines.  You can't not go and see their desks.  Go to Julia's blog, read all about it - she might be mid-preparations for her next workshop - you might see a deckchair especially for an iPad (yeh - an iPad)  It is a mini desk top deckchair.  What did you think I meant?.  Julia is the mistress of desks you see.  I like to refer to her as the Pied Piper of crafters.  Crafters and their desks.  She rolls up her best cardstock and pipes the tune on a Wednesday morning - "come link up your desks, come link up your desks".  Not sure which tune it is - maybe you could suggest one!!!

You'll even realise if you join in that not everyone even crafts on a desk.  But you have to join in to find out who doesn't.  Oh, on another desk/post you are more or less guaranteed to see a rocking horse.  Then there is someone who will show you a picture or their stunning pussy cats - both if you're lucky, but at least one - and he's worth seeking out - that is if his mistress has taken part.  

Another may show you her sewing 'to do rail' or even her scrummy grandchildren.  You might get to see a pair of sock and a piece of something yummy on another - both on the table - at the same time (naughty girl)... 

Another WOYWWer has just moved into a new place with THE most humungous craft space you've seen in a long time - even ever!  I'm personally keeping up with the progress of that one.  Can't wait to see it finished.

Do you see?  You get to know people and become familiar with their desks/makeshift desks - people from all over the globe.  It makes the world a smaller place, and people all over the world more accessible.  They become your crafting bloggy family.  You might not see them every week because there is so many to visit, or they may have a reason they can't take part, but some people wouldn't miss it for the world.  It maybe their only post of the week some weeks.  It's addictive.  I even posted from my hospital bed - with a little help from a very special lady I met through this very feature (she knows who she is).  She's the one with the sewing 'to do' rail. 

You might make sure you get round certain ones and become 'regulars'.  But the fact is - they are always there.  There to be visited day or night.  To seek advice, to give advice, to behold their talent.  You can't always say that about your extended flesh and blood, now can you?

Sorry for the long post this week - hope you don't mind and made it to the end!

Before I do go, I want everyone to say a little prayer for those on the east coast of the States in the path of the devastating hurricane Sandy.  For all those affected however small.  I'm thinking of you all, and pray that you soon recover from the devastation it has caused, and hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well.

Happy WOYWW people. 


Paula x x x

Monday, 29 October 2012

Guest DT Spot–Forever Friends Challenge Blog

Hello crafty friends and bloggy followers

Following the exciting news that I was the design team members chosen winner for challenge 46, on the Forever Friends Challenge blog-  not only did I win digi stamps from Saturated Canary, but I was also honoured with the chance to become their Guest DT member for this fortnights challenge (challenge number 48) which is a sketch challenge.

Sketches are easy peasy to follow if you struggle with card blindness or loss of mojo – like I often do!  So, here is the sketch, which I have to add, was a dream to use:

FF sketch 2 (2)

So, using the sketch, this is the card I came up with. You can see it on the Forever Friends Challenge website.  If you want to enter your own card using this sketch, you have a whole fortnight to so do – the deadline is Midnight on Sunday 11th November.  In the meantime, I will be sending this to a special couple very soon – but cannot divulge who right now!

Here is my card – regular readers are accustomed to my love of Forever Friends Black and Gold and my cards which are dotted about my blog!

DSCN1646 (581x550)DSCN1651 (464x505)

 A little bit of info about how I made the card:
  • Forever Friends Black and Gold collection from the Docrafts Digital Designer for the patterned papers, the image and the sentiment.
  • Cuttlebug Corner die 
  • Spellbinders Square Nestibilities - classic square small and classic square large for the matting and layering of the 4 smaller squares
  • Spelbinders Label 15 to cut the cream pearl cardstock then embossed with the Victoria Cuttlebug embossing folder. This was used as a mat for gorgeous image of the Forever Friends  couple topper.  I designed the topper with the frame round using the Docrafts Designer Software, then cut out by hand.
  • Spellbinders Fancy Tags which I cut using black cardstock.  The sentiment was then matted on top.
  • Marianne Design Creatables Large Swirl which I cut out of gold mirri card
  • The cute little cream flowers are from my stash and have been there for ages.  I think I bought them off ebay
Hope you love the card as much as I do!

Happy crafting all

Paula x x x

I’d love it if you left a comment.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

You Cast a Spell on Me!

Have you noticed the number of challenges out there that have Halloween as their theme – or a variation on that theme?

Well, recently I’ve been itching to colour some of my Tiddly Ink digi stamps up, so I thought I’d join in with some of those challenges (if I'm not too late) to give me a good reason  to get some printed out.  I have too many of Christy’s digi’s to count, so it seems a real shame that I’ve not coloured any up in a while – which is really bad because I think they are some of the nicest digi’s on the bloggy web.

I’ve never made a Halloween card before – I’ve never had the need; it’s not something I do nor something I send, but I just felt like joining in because there are some stunners out there.  You know what they say?  If you can’t beat them, join them…

Well here she is then

To make my card:
  • I printed out the orange and white striped background paper, which is one that I got from Tiddly Inks a long time ago - I can't remember whether it came bundled with an image and if so which one, but it's definitely one for a spooky occasion.  I then ran it back through my printer to print the spiders web on, which is also a Tiddly Inks digital image.  I then matted it onto black card, before adhering some orange grosgrain ribbon diagonally in opposite corners on that mat before securing it to my card blank.
  • I printed a sheet of black and white damask type pattered paper out which I've had for ages.  If I remember rightly, it was a freebie designed and offered by Jak Heath (over 3, nearly 4 years ago) find it here.  Take a look around Jaks blog for some fabulous design papers and images - all for free personal use only.  I then die cut the paper with Spellbinders label 15.
  • I stuck the pattern paper down before I stuck some gorgeous black feathers down using Pinflair glue gel.  The black feathers represent the black crow or craven associated with horror movies!!!
  • I die cut a smaller labels 15 shape in black card and stuck down over the feathers and the patterned mat.  
  • I then stuck down my image on top of the black mat using Pinflair glue gel again to make it a bit dimensional.  I coloured my image with coloured pencils which has given a softer colour than using my promarker.
  • I wrote the words out in white pen on black card then cut each word out separately then doodled stitches around the edge, then attached them quite skewiff!
  • Finally, I added some small black acrylic gems to each corner of the orange and white stripe paper.
Image: Cast a Spell – Tiddly Inks Digi Stamp.
Paper: Tiddly Inks Digi paper (orange) with Tiddly Inks spider web digi over top
Design Paper: Black and white damask style paper – freebie from Jak Heath
Other: Feathers, ribbon, gems – all from stash
Colouring medium: Derwent Artist Colouring Pencils

So, after popping over to Feline Playful, these are the challenges that I have chosen to pop my card into:

Tiddly Inks - Challenge #96 - Halloween
Simply Create – Link Part #8 - Anything Goes
Daisy Doodles –  Challenge #70 - Halloween
Make It Monday – Challenge MIM #112 - Anything Goes
My Grafico – Challenge #139 – Halloween
Digi Darla’s Challenges -  Challenge DDC #34 – Halloween
Eureka Stamps – Challenges #11 – Things with Wings
*Forever Friends – Fortnightly Challenge #47 – Halloween/Autumn*
Tuesday Throwdown – Challenge #121 – Halloween
Totally Gorjuss – Challenge 155 – Things with Wings

* edited to add:  by the time I got round to linking this up, the challenge had closed 

So, there are quite a few challenges there.  As someone who hasn’t entered loads in the past – most of them are new to me.  Finding Feline Playful has been a complete revelation to me.  Entering challenges is something that I’m learning and finding out about and hopefully - maybe I’ll learn which ones suit my style more (that's if I’ve got a style – not sure I have)!

I have read all of the rules at each of the above challenge blogs, and have done my best to make sure in advance that I comply with each one respectively.  However, I apologise in advance if I have overlooked anything on any of them which finds that I  actually don't comply.

Thanks for looking, please leave a comment

Happy Crafting
Paula x x x

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Hello friends, bloggers, followers and crafty peeps

Well, here we are again, another Wednesday is upon us, and the weeks are now free falling into you know what…

A couple of times this past week, I’ve attempted to start my Christmas cards, but I just can’t seem to get myself going.  What is wrong with me?  I sit at the desk and stare for a while, I even move things about a bit then sort something else out – it’s all procrastination basically.  Why?  Part of me thinks it’s because I need a kick up the bum, another part of me doesn’t want to ‘fail’ and make bad cards – now how crazy does that sound.   I am my own worst enemy.

Here is the desk anyway:

Here is the top of my printer where I've piled up some papers I got from the My Craft Studio warehouse which is basically down the road from me.  I always like to get some plain colours when down there filling my box for £5.  You may not see it but I've had to sort them out into colours again.  I just cannot help myself.

I was asked a couple of times last week what the green collapsible thing next to the paper was – I also have a blue one which is currently housing my Promarkers (until I find a better alternative solution).  They are from IKEA and you got three in a set.  Someone very kindly gave me these a while ago when I went to an evening craft class.  They were from the children’s area, but I’ve never seen them myself so I assume they are an older line.  While they are collapsible – you’ll be lucky if you can get them to stay collapsed, unless you put a copy of ‘War and Peace’ on top of them.  I use the green one as bin for my bits of table top waste.

This is the first time in ages (or ever) that I’ve managed a decent ‘aerial’ shot!  This is the left /centre of the desk.  While doing my ‘procrastinating’ earlier, I coloured up one of my Tiddly Ink digis – it’s long, long overdue since the last time I coloured anything let alone a digi.  I really tried hard to do some light and dark shading of the dress and ended up using my pencils as I wasn’t satisfied with the look my alcohol pens were giving me.  The orange paper is also a paper from Tiddly Inks, which I put back through the printer to print a spiders web on – also a Tiddly Ink. 

There are so many challenges out there with the Halloween theme, so I thought I might see if I can’t join in.  I know the design team at Tiddly Inks is awesome, and I’ll never come up to their standards, but you don’t get anywhere if you don’t at least try!  The die is from Spellbinders labels 15.

The card on the right of the desk is made using an image from My Craft Studio CD and some die-cut leaves from Paper Flower Expert.

Nothing much here apart from some kitchen roll centres.  I’ve been saving – cos, boy – do we get through kitchen roll…

I’m sure I saw something they’d be useful for – but I can’t remember, so I’m saving them anyway in case I do…

That’s your lot.  I’m sure many will appreciate my unusually short post.

If you want to know why I am showing you my desk while explaining what’s on it – pop over to our weekly host, the fabulous Julia, and she’ll explain all about WOYWW.  That stands for What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday by the way.  It does exactly what it says on the tin…

Before you go though, I’ll just let you leave me a little comment.  I’m kind like that ((winks)) ;0)

Happy desk hopping
Paula x x x

Monday, 22 October 2012

I'm a Forever Friends Favourite!

This morning I’ve been checking through my emails and have received a rather exciting one from a lady called Diane, who happens to be one of the Design Team members over at the Forever Friends Challenge Blog

Diane was getting in touch with me to see if I had seen that I had been picked as the Design Team’s Favourite for Week 46 Challenge – ‘Anything Goes’.

All my blogging friends will know how hopeless I am at using my a) right hand side bar to check for new posts and b) completely useless at checking my blogger or Google dashboard to check for new posts too.  I’m good for a couple of days, then everything falls back in to being useless again.

So, because I’d not been in touch already, she’d been to find me to tell me that I was the Design Team’s favourite.  Whoop whoop – happy dance!  Of all the entries that had used a Forever Friends bear in their project/card I was chosen as their winner, which makes it feel just that bit more special than being picked at random… (personal opinion that’s all)…

This is the card I used:

Card for Jess - Close up (640x480)

So, not only do I get the chance to pick 2 digi’s from Saturated Canary and earn the right to display this lovely badge:

- Favourite

I also get the chance to be their guest designer at a future challenge – which is extra special indeed…

That really has started my week off well.  Thank you to all the design team members who chose me as their winner.

Also, just until I downloaded the blog badge – I didn’t realise how it is similar to my card… funnily enough – it is just a complete co-incidence, because I didn’t realise there was a FF Challenge blog until I found the website ‘Feline Playful’.  Then completely randomly, I entered this card because it fit in with more than one challenge… 

How about that!

I will just go and look at what else I might join in with this week now; nothing like a win to boost your confidence is there?!

Happy crafting,
Big Hugs

Paula x x x

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Now then now then, guys and gals… 'Top o’ the mornin’ to ya’!

Yuck – what an awful wet and dreary morning in my part of the world…  I don’t think I’d have gotten a better picture this morning as I did in the dark using the flash last night – so I’m not going to bother re-taking them because nothing has changed on the desk.  

Even the cat hasn’t been on and scattered everything on the floor, so it must have been a cold night… (I put one of those wheat packs in her box, wrapped up in an unwanted pillow case, and wow – does she love that or what?!).  Oh, the very box that the Grand Calibur came in, that I sent back to C&C… no, not the product box! the outer box – the big brown cardboard box that she decided to move into.  Isn’t it marvellous, all the proper cat beds and stuff they’ve had over the years, and she decides that she prefers the cardboard box… We did try to swap her into an Avon box, but it had no flaps on so she wasn’t having any of it – so I swapped her back and she was happy again.

Right, back to the desk.  Yesterday evening, I decided to make a box to fit a couple of my CD ROMs in – a box similar to the kind you get a box set of something in.  I made it out of sturdy cardboard from a dog food box: I’d tried the dogs on something new so got a smaller box of it – the food comes in a bag so I whipped that out so that I could have the box – they are really great and far thicker than cereal boxes, so great to work with.

Here are the pictures before I started:

DSCN1570          DSCN1571

Starting to prepare the area and getting my stuff out… (roughly translates to: moving all the mess backwards and sideward and trying to find what I need amongst all the mess)


Anyway, my hard work and patience (yes, I do have some) paid off because it all worked out great first time, so I was quite pleased with myself because I had to make all the flaps myself for the top and bottom of the box and of course it was made out of two separate sides of the box, so a bit of engineering and measuring was required – but that’s the fun of it for me – the challenge of making it work by using your skills of measuring and knowledge learned perhaps through putting a die cut box together, or deconstructing something to see how it works/  I do this with small boxes like the teabag boxes and tablet boxes etc. just to see how they’ve used the flaps etc. (sad I know!). 

DSCN1574          DSCN1575

Anyway this is what the desk looked like afterwards…

DSCN1572           DSCN1573

Just one more thing I don’t think I’ve show you before… In absence of being able to afford one of those lovely carousel thingies that you put you distress ink blender handles on, I’ve made something so that I can always find the right blender pad straight away.  I did this a few weeks ago and was going to make it a separate post – but didn’t know whether it quite warranted one!  Here it is:


Unfortunately, the flash bounced off the polypocket that it’s in, so I couldn’t get any picture better than this one!

I made a table of all the distress inks (well, the original ones), making each box big enough for the pad (the one on the Ranger site didn’t quite work so I had to do my own – but kept everything in the same order).

Once printed out and tried out to make sure the pads fit each box – (it was very tight - I had to get rid of all 4 margins), I laminated the sheet.

Once laminated, I attached a small piece of the hook side from some hook and eye tape (aka Velcro).  I didn’t need to attach the other side because the pads are already for attaching to the ‘hooks’ on the blender handle…

I attached all the pads (that I currently have the ink pads for), then placed it in a polypocket.  Why? you may ask. Well, I learnt from experience (as soon as I had stood it up on the back somewhere), that it might fall on to a project I’m working on and get ink all over it… yes, it did happen!  Lesson learnt and all that!

Well, that’s this weeks peek at my desk.  If you want to peek at more desk, please go HERE to our host of this ‘link party’ or ‘blog hop’, whatever you will, and see what its all about.  Last week 149 people linked up – I was number 148 for quite a while.  It’s quite a novelty being last on the list…

Please leave me a comment to say that you’ve been and read to the end (if you had the stamina that is)!!!  I can the return the favour and visit you back – although it might take a while.  I do try though – but often ‘stuff’ gets in the way – I know we all have our ‘stuff’, that’s why I appreciate your comment all the more – because it took your precious time to leave it – which makes it precious to me!

Happy crafting,
big hugs
Paula x x x x


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