Thursday, 24 November 2011

When was the last time you got 43% discount?

Yep, you really did read that right... Anice is having a one day 43% sale to celebrate her Birthday.

So, for 24 hours only  - starts 00.01 on 24th November and ends on 00.00 25th November,  go HERE to say Happy Birthday to her - bet you can't guess how old she is though!!! lol.

Everything is included in the sale - so go and get some BARGAINS for Christmas presents... Anice also ships free with any £10.00 and over purchase - to anywhere in the world.  Downloads also count towards this so, if you buy say a CD which needs shipping but is under the £10 and you bought a download which took you over the £10 minimum - you will still receive free postage and packaging... Imagine that!

Some examples of prices in the sale:

12 Crafters Crafting (brand new CD recently launched)  £16.99 
during birthday celebrations £9.68

All I want for Christmas (download)  £3.49 today only: £1.99
'Tis The Season (Wordbook download) £4.89 for 24 hours £2.79

Happy Happy Birthday (as seen on C&C) usually £16.99 - today only £9.68

So - what are you still reading this for??? Go HERE to get you some bargains - and if its not for you - how about for a daughter or granddaughter or friend who is into crafting - at those prices, they're Secret Santa presents (the CD's).

All include papers and images with an easy-to-use software interface - so perfect for children to teenagers to crafters to the elderly... 

Above is a screen shot to show you how easy it is to use - you work in the one screen all the time - printing is one click once you've found the paper you want to print.

Papers can be used for wall art - either on a canvas or in a frame to brighten up a plain wall, for lining drawers - line your drawers with some funky designs adding a touch of scent to the paper before you lay the sheets in the bottom.  How about backing all those dreadful school/college books - with all the choices of colour - you could colour code your lessons.  Or what about regular scrapbooking, paper construction and of course card making.

If you struggle to match papers up with each other - each CD has 12 collections.  In each collection, there are 20 papers which are based around 5 matching/co-ordinating colours so any combination of papers from the same collection will match - there are even plain colours to co-ordinate with the patterned ones.  They make great stocking fillers anyway...  Downloads are also colour co-ordinated around 5 colours too.

Let me know what bargains you've got recently or if you know of any sales - bet you won't find many as good as this though...

In the States - the last Friday in November - which also coincides with Thanks Giving  is known as Black Friday (Happy Thanks Giving to all my American Crafting Friends)- you won't believe the bargains our American friends are able to take advantage of.  Now, I wonder if there are any bargains good enough that its worth getting goods shipped over to us... Remember though - don't go buying electrical goods from the States.  They are completely different from ours - and it's not just the plug, the power the appliances are run on is a different speed of motor so our 240v system is too powerful (I used to work in the textile machine industry - we manufactured cutting machines for the domestic market and to ship to the States (Buffalo, New York)... different voltage motors were used).

If you are a Silhouette owner  (SD or Cameo)- and don't know this - they are also having a 50% sale on their downloads (the ones you get from their on-line store through your software).  All shapes are just $0.50c all weekend - starting midnight Mountain Time... 25-28th November.  These are the times to take advantage and increase your library. There is no discount on the Cameo machine though.

REMEMBER: for that 43% discount from Funky Hand,  GO HERE

Take care and happy crafting.

Paula x x x

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The new Get Funky Challenge for Nov/Dec

Well, it's the 15th of the month (Funky 15th) which can only mean one thing... there is a new challenge over on 'Get Funky' - the Funky Hand Challenge Blog.

This month, it is the turn of Jackie to pick the theme of the challenge, and she's decided that she wants to see 2 cards from us this month using the new 12 Crafters Crafting CD, which is the recently released (and seen on TV) Christmas CD... And while she wants to see a Christmas card from us (of course), she's also stated that one of our cards has got to be a non-Christmas card.  Now that really is a challenge... or is it?

With so many lovely bright and vibrant colour collections on the CD - I'm sure that we'll find much inspiration in the colours alone to make a non-Christmas card... there are stripes, stars, dots and circles that can be used all year round... oh, another twist... the Christmas card has to be made using the traditional colours of red and green.

Just a little hint from me - you can use more than one colour collection to make your card.  There isn't a Funky Law that says all of your card has to be made from the same colour collection... of course Anice does a fabulous job of choosing 5 colours for each colour collection and they never fail to be stunning, but once in a while, it doesn't hurt to step out of that comfort zone.

So far be it from me to tell you what to do, but that's what i'll be looking at doing come my turn.  In the meantime, I'll be upping my Christmas card tally while practicing.... best start making card number 2 in my tally then eh!!??? lol (and no, I really haven't started my Christmas card crafting yet!).  Shame on me!

Right if you want to join in but don't have anything by Funky Hand to join in with... if you go HERE, you will find a fabulous freebie to make a card with and join in with the challenge this month - and remember that, in order to qualify for the challenge - your card has to have at least ONE Funky Hand element on it...

Can't wait to see this months entries -  but don't forget to keep checking out what the Funkettes will be sharing with you all month for your crafting inspiration.

Happy Crafting,

Paula x x x

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Autumn at Funky Hand

Well, in the last few posts for Funky Hand, I think I've gone through just about all four seasons!  Today is my turn to post my challenge card on the Get Funky challenge blog. 

It's been all go recently what with the recent release of 'Happy Happy Birthday' and the launch of that on Create and Craft (back in September, when Leoni showed my little stationery set folder)... I taped the shows and showed them to my Mum - I think she went all proud.  It was fun because I was taking the mick out of those shows that show somebody gathering all their family round the TV after having a party with the full works, and when it comes too, they've either been 'cut out', severely edited - or it was only ever a bit part that the 'actor' had played up!  Well, apart from my Mum, my lovely neighbour who is also a friends Mum.  Anyway, she watched as I showed them one of my projects and she loved it so much, she ordered one for a friend.  I've made two now so she can choose from either one.  Anyway, apart from 'Happy Happy Birthday', Anice - Lovely lady who is the designer and owner of Funky Hand quickly released the next CD - '12 Crafters Crafting'.  There's a clue in the title as to what is the content of this CD - can you guess what it is yet?

Right... back to this months challenge card (i'd forgotten what I was doing for a moment!).  The lovely Amanda set the theme on the 15 October challenging us to make card that was reminiscent of October, be it the colours you use or an October theme (Halloween by any chance?)...

Well, I had a couple of options to show - but my camera is broken so i've not been able to take any pictures of one of my projects.

As it stands, I've had to take a picture of it on my phone so will apologise in advance if the quality is somewhat lacking.

I decided to show my card that has autumnal colours in it and has got to be my favourite colour collection from the 'Craft The Year Away' CD.   I've also used a digi from that CD too which is the pram, and the reason I've used the pram is because my best friend has told me that her daughter has announced that she's pregnant - with baby number 2, so I did a little card to congratulate the three of them (Daughter, Son-in-law and grandson of my friend).

On the worksheet area of the CD, I loaded up three papers (brown, the cream and the unusual striped one). 

I then reduced them to a quarter of the page size (A6) then dragged the image on the pram four times.  To make sure you re size everything to exactly the same size, click on each image while holding down the 'shift' key, and then drag one of the corners to re size as desired.  This re sizes all four at the same time.  Each image of the pram were then dragged on to each of the quarters of the page - as follows:

You can see that once I have selected all four images that only ONE box appears around them all - also, the bottom right square on the box has turned green.  This is because I clicked on it so I could re size the box, which basically means that all four of the images get re-sized at the same time.  You can see all the other great digi stamps to the left of the workspace - well actually, that's not half of them judging by how far the scroll bar has still got to go down the digi-stamp page!

So, after printing the above out - which is only one click in the programme (then it brings your own printer option box up), I cut each of the prams out, but the plain white one was kept intact with its white background as that was to be its mat too (you'll see what I mean when you see the card).

After snipping up all the elements from each of the coloured images - wheels, body, canopy/hood, frill... I started playing around by placing them on the white version - I was seeing which combination would work the best.  For those who aren't aware, this is what paper piecing is.

I didn't want the card to look either too masculine nor too feminine either  because when all said and done, no-one knows what the sex of the baby is, and its not due until late May 2012 anyway.

The greeting on the card is the congratulations banner, which I placed over the striped paper to get exactly the look I wanted.  I then matted the finished image onto the multi-coloured polka dotty paper from the same collection to bring the look together.

Even though the collection is called 'January Blues', I personally think that it is full of the warm colours of Autumn and the collection remains my favourite on 'Craft The Year Away'.

You still have 4 whole days in which to join in - and if you can't because you don't have any Funky Hand papers to craft with - particularly any autumnal colours, Anice has kindly designed a freebie especially for the challenge.  In order to qualify for the challenge - you only need use this backing paper in some way on your project with anything else you have from your stash.

Here is a thumbnail of the freebie - which you can download by going HERE:

Here are the bits left over after I did the hack job on all three samples (enough to make 2 more prams, but nothing to mount them on):

Looks like child's play!

Here is my finished card complete with greeting:

So there you have it, a very different kind of card for the autumn theme - got the colours about right, but I have to add that the news of the impending birth was announced in autumn.  Actually, I think its a good name for a girl and I'm pretty sure that I've heard someone call their kid that already...

Thanks for coming to take a look at what i've been up to (nothing much since the NEC last Friday - cannot believe it's a week since we were there.)  I've some photos to share from that little jaunt anyway.

Be sure to check out Amanda's post HERE and read all the rules before you join in the challenge... (well, there's only one, which is to use something by Funky Hand on your project - and there's no excuse because I already told you (above) that there is a freebie for those who don't have anything by Funky Hand already.)))

Happy Crafting

Paula x x x

Sunday, 6 November 2011

It's finally launched

Wow, how exciting as Funky Hand's Christmas CD Twelve Crafters Crafting  is officially launched on thier website  From what I understand - there were loads of eager crafters placing orders before the official launch yesterday - I really hope those crafters enjoy the CD as much as we design team girlies do and even perhaps join in with a challenge or two using them and the inspiration from the design team.  Anice started despatching the CD's on Friday so hopefull, funky fans should have received them yesterday.

Well, we've all been working with the CD for a couple of weeks or so now getting our samples ready for Anice to take down to Peterborough with her so that she can demonstrate live on Create and Craft TV next Wednesday 9th November at 8am and 1pm (set your alarm for that early one!!!).

Please please join Anice so that you can have a closer look at Twelve Crafters Crafting - and see what demonstrations and banter she will bring to the shows... (she can be a naughty minx at times you know)!!!

Keep coming back to see cards from this amazing CD... I really have to say that this is totally my favourite CD so far.

Until next time... keep crafting.

Hugs and stuff

Paula x x x


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