Saturday, 29 October 2011

Music Saves My Soul Saturday - What are you listening to today?

oooh - just a quickie from me seeing as I'm writing this at silly o'clock...

I've not joined in for a few weeks (bad blogger aren't I?), so I hope Marcea is cool with my sporadic joining in.

What am I talking about?

Music Saves My Soul Saturday of course!!!

Hmmm - so difficult to make a choice actually, but last night, my brother and I were on SKYPE playing a quiz to find the missing words to the lyrics of 80's music - and every time I got one right, I'd start to sing it... he said if I carried on, he was going to cut me off!  So, I think my choice this Saturday, should be something I sang (badly), last night.

So, here is another one that reminds me of the school disco!
Sit back and enjoy a bit of the MJ!

If you want to join in - or see what videos/music other participants are sharing this week go to see Marcea, founding member of MSMSS, at her blog 'Marceas Crafting Corner'

Thanks for listening...

Paula x x x

Please join me for Funky Hand's First Ever BLOG HOP

Hi there


A big massive warm welcome to Funky Hand's 1st ever Blog Hop...  If you are here to join in with the blog hop, you have probably just arrived here from Amanda's blog .

If you haven't but would like to join in the fun and win a really cool prize, you really need to start by going over to Anice's blog for a welcome and short introduction to the hop.  Anice is the incredibly talented designer and owner of Funky Hand.

It is quite fitting that this should be Funky Hand's first ever blog hop as it's also a first for me, so I've been really excited all week making the arrangements and getting this post ready to actually be part of the blog hop and not be the one hopping - if you know what I mean.

Anyway, the purpose of this exciting blog hop is to introduce you to the very latest Funky Hand CD:

This CD Rom is the latest addition to the Papercraft Factory collection and is even bigger and better than the last - they just get better and better each time - although the design team didn't think that it was possible after the launch of the 'Happy Happy Birthday' collection!!!

As usual the CD Rom has 12 colour collections which each have 20 patterned and textured papers in.

Each collection is centred around 5 colours to ensure that every paper in that collection co-ordinates with the others perfectly.

As well as the 240 (12 collections x 20 designs) design papers there are:
  •  Nine templates
  • a write feature to type your own message or greeting - you can choose from 9 different fonts and the 5 colours from each colour collection - plus black or white
  • 5 re sizable upper and lower case alphas to match each colour collection. 
  • Wordbooks - you choose the colour collection, design and letter - and colour of letter (from the 5 in the colour scheme)
  • Numerous sentiments to put on your card front

In addition, "12 Crafters Crafting" also has a humongous amount of Christmas digistamps (over 100)- which come either ready coloured or black line and ready for you to print out and colour in.  All digi's can of course be re-sized too and can be printed out on plain or patterned paper which is great for paper piecing and saves having to put your paper back through the printer.  Digi's include Santa, snowman, Christmas Tree, Angels.... and SO much more.  Look at it this way - if you had to purchase each digi separately elsewhere - you could easily pay for the CD over and over again - but this way, you have them all in the same place and they all match each other perfectly - it just gets better doesn't it?  The images have a timeless charm so they can be used to make your Christmas cards and papercrafts for years to come.

Blog Hop details...

The blog hop will start 9.00am on Saturday 29th October and end at midnight on Sunday 30th October.

The winner will be announced by Anice on Monday 31st October and will receive a copy of the fabulous "12 Crafters Crafting" CD ROM.

How to complete the hop:

  • Firstly visit Anice's blog (HERE) for a welcome and introduction to the blog hop
  • Visit each design team members blog to have a look at their sample
  • Collect the letter for the word/s from each blog
  • Leave a comment for each design team member at the end of their post
  • Go back to Anice's blog and post that you have visited each member (this will be checked later if you win) and tell her the word/s you have come up with after rearranging the letters you've collected on the hop (don't worry because comments made with the answer included will not be published)
  • Note any blogs where you had difficulty in leaving a message and include this in your message
What you need to do next:

after you've done as stated above (left a message here and collected the letter), then go on to visit the very talented:

Collect your letter from Jenny, leave a message - and so on until you've collected a letter from each of my fellow designers.
Once you have rearranged those letters and you have the word/s, you will need to leave a comment on Anice's blog telling her what you think it is (remember she won't reveal your answer, but keep it safe through moderating her comments).  Once the blog hop is closed, Anice will check all entries and put those names who have given the correct answer and have left a message on each DT members post in a hat and will announce the winner on Monday - she'll make a video of herself pulling out the name of the winning entry.
Remember - the winner will get a (yet-to-be-released) copy of the fabulous "12 CRAFTERS CRAFTING" CD ROM... How fantastic is that then???

So, as each member will be sharing a card or project from the new '12 Crafters Crafting' CD ROM, here is mine:

set of pillow boxes using the resizeable template
My project is from a collection on the CD called 'O'Christmas Tree' which is themed around shades of plum and shades of green - a very stylish and contemporary colour collection.  The pillow boxes have been made using one of the 9 templates on the CD - i've used the stars design paper.  The greeting on the boxes has been made using a combination of the writer where you type your own text from a choice of 9 fonts (the words 'Have a'); the word 'Funky' has been made using the alpha in one of the colours from this collection (from a choice of 5) and the word 'CRIMBO' is one of the digi stamp greetings on the CD...  The holly is one of the coloured digis that can be re sized to suit.

The template is re-sizeable - as are all the templates on the CD (and on the other CD's), and  here I've re-sized it to create a set of 3 pillow boxes which descend in size.  You could continue to reduce the size to make even smaller boxes, but I made this set of three to show you some of the many features you will find on this fabulous CD.

Anyway, now you need to collect that letter - right?  so without further ado, here is my letter for you for the hop...'R' 

Don't forget to leave a comment (no matter how small) in order to qualify for the winner's prize as Anice will check that those with the correct answer have left a comment on each blog hop post before she puts you into the hat for the draw which will take place on Monday.  Answers will be accepted until midnight on Sunday 30th October.

If you are not successful, or don't want to join in but would still like to purchase the CD, it is available for pre-order HERE for £16.99 starting TODAY- and further still, it will be free p&p. 

Remember that the official release date is Saturday 5th November 2011so you won't have to wait long for it to be shipped.

Anice is due to appear on Create and Craft for the first TV viewing of 'Twelve Crafters Crafting' on Wed 9th Nov 8am & 1pm however, keep a look out for updates and any possible changes to this on Anice's blog HERE.

Don't forget that once you have left your comment, your next DT member on the hop is:

If you encounter any broken links on the way, please make your way back to Anice's blog to view the whole list and take it from there.  Similarly, if you have any problems leaving a comment on any of our blogs, just let Anice know which blog you've had problems with - but remember your letter from that blog though!

Good luck with the hop and hope you have fun and find plenty of inspiration on the way!

Thanks for reading - crafty hugs to you

Paula x x x

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Hi blog buddies


I'm just a tad excited to be able to give you a little heads up about the forthcoming Funky Hand Design Team's very first BLOG HOP this weekend.  It's to celebrate the launch of the new Christmas themed craft CD ROM  'Twelve Crafters Crafting', which is officially released on the 5th of Nov, BUT  is going to be available to pre order on the website from this weekend!!  If you join in the fun with our blog hop you could be in with a chance of winning a fabby prize! Find out what it is on Saturday!!

So, just to let you know that it will be starting on Anice's blog, Funky Hand Thoughts on Saturday 29th October at 9am and you will be able to join in and add your answer right up until 12 midnight Sunday 30th.  The winner of the Blog Hop prize will be announced on Monday 31st.

It's going to be great fun hopping around the rest of the Design Teams Blogs seeing example of the cards and craft creations that we have been making with the new Christmas CD (its seriously enjoyable - I loved every minute and lost myself in my crafting loosing all sense of time - with only my family shouting me to pack in for the night!).

Anyway, get ready to see the usual high level of fabulous, funky and colourful creations and have fun with the rest of the Funky Hand DT (the Funkettes!). 

I'm starting to get really excited {{more squeals}} and this is my very first blog hop EVER - and as previously mentioned, it a first for Anice and Funky HandAnice has provided loads of details on her blog - and at 9am on Saturday when the hop kicks off - go to Anice's blog where she will be doing a short intro to get your juices a-flowing and to tell you all about the fun fun fun (You know there's fun in FUNky Hand CD's (was that poor or what?).  Don't worry, it won't be hard to do - but it will be lots of fun.

Hope to see you back here looking for your clue and to sneak a peek at what the new CD has to offer.
Sending you crafty hugs

Paula x x x

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Craft Room Security - Don't become another victim like I did

Have you ever had to consider the security of your craft room and your crafting items.  DO you have to lock them away through necessity rather than by choice?

Well, until recently, it's not something I'd ever thought of.  I didn't think that there were any true threats to my crafting tools, cardstock, consumables etc etc, due to living in a family where I am the only one interested in craft and being the only female (it's amazing what I can hide in my drawers in my craftroom)...

Like  most crafters, you have to have all the latest gadgets, tools, papers blah blah - and if you calculated the cost of all of this, it would probably amount to a fair pretty penny.  Have you considered insuring this as a separate entity - you would consider it if it were your jewellery - right?

Anyway, in this weird old world of ours, I actually have to insure the perpetrator, and I'm also going to name and shame too, but first a couple of pics that give you an idea of the devastation that can be caused when visited by the said perpetrator.  These were carefully placed in a plastic container and put away in a box, but obviously, my security wasn't tight enough.

Even my OH has been victim to the behaviour and had his prize pepper plants stolen and destroyed - clearly theft isn't enough here and has resorted to adding insult to injury.  He now has to think more strategically and plan things meticulously to avoid any repeat of this devastation.

A trail of devastation
One down, 2 to go (and they did)
So, here is the thief and head of destruction:
I'm sure he had white legs!
"They'll never know it was me"!
"oops... caught red-handed (or pawed)" - no mucky paws!
And why on earth did he go to all those lengths?

For this....
one of his favourite places is the mat at the back door... you can see his trail of soil in the sills of the door!!!
Yep, he destroyed 3 plants in the end for the sake of the pots they were in!  Once he had finished 3 healthy pepper plants off (that might have had fruit on right now), he found that he could make his way into the 'greenhouse' (we have one of those frame things that have a cover over and zip doors as we don't have room for a proper one)...  He often pinches plant pots that are bigger than his head.  And eats plugs of compost that are for setting seeds in.

Anyway, when he can't get outdoors - he resorts to 'bullying' the cats (not really, he knows his place as they have put him there a few times)!!!  However, he showed a bit too much interest in Katie Kitten's new 'Giddy Kipper' toy which was full of catnip - hence Katie being in raptures and quite oblivious to Buddy near enough having his nose on it!!!

"Can I have a chew please Katie?"
 So there you have it - the very reason I have had to increase my craft room security as there have been too many occasions when he's been found with a ROLL of ribbon under the kitchen table, a stamped image I've coloured to make a card with, a gift box I've made - and much much more.

Here is a picture of the security measures I have now taken to avoid repeat offences.

Quick, shut the gate, he's coming!

The gate is occasionally opened up for good behaviour!

Hope you enjoyed this latest post about my new woolly baby - I'm sure he'll feature many many more times on my little corner of the world wide web!!!
Crafty hugs

Paula x x x

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Funky Hand 25% off Sale - reminder!

Don't forget the FUNKY HAND SALE this weekend.  ALL Funky Hand products are on sale at  25% OFF - YES, you only pay 3/4 of the usual price!!! e.g. CD's usually at £16.99 will be £12.74 during the sale.  Buy any four things at the same price - the fourth one is basically FREE. 


 FREE P&P too on all orders over £10

Don't forget the sale includes downloads - Halloween, Wordbooks, Wedding themes, Love themes, winter themes, seasons, Christmas theme....

Just take a look before my fingers drop off by typing everything you get in the sale!!!

Thanks for looking

Crafting hugs

Paula x x x

Friday, 21 October 2011


Just a heads up to any of my followers/regular readers that, starting Saturday 22nd October 2011, FUNKY HAND are having a sale where there will be 25% off - that's right ONE QUARTER OFF all Funky Hand Products.

You will not believe this, but that even includes the brand new and recently released on Create and Craft:  'HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY' CD Rom:

Just think, If you bought all four of the Papercraft Factory CD ROMS, you are basically getting one of them for FREE.  Even if you have one or two of them already you still get 25% off whichever you don't already have!.. There are loads of Funky Hand products on the website to choose from - and even though some of the original Funky Hand backing paper CD's are at a fabulous price already right now, you still get 25% off of those prices too. NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY!

Basically, with the original CD's (and some of my favourite collections are on those), it's a case of miss it, miss out because once they have sold out, Anice will not be having any more produced, instead concentrating on the Papercraft Factory CD Roms.

The Papercraft Factory CD Roms also include:

Craft The Year Away

Colour Me Happy

Dreams Come True

(sorry about the above two icons being so small)...

When you count the papers, the digi stamps and the every popular Word Books over these four CD's, you'll be amazed.  Buy direct from Funky Hand and pay absolutely NO P&P.  Yes, and spend over £10 is P&P FREE.

There is more...
The sale also includes this very topical collection:

now this dowload includes 20 backing papers, 4 sets of alphas and toppers - and guess what...
during the sale, you can get this for a mere £2.62 (or thereabouts) - and you can download it straight away and be crafting for HALLOWEEN immediately!  WOW!

You seriously need to take a look round the shop and see all the products that you can buy at a fraction of the price starting tomorrow.  The sale includes all Funky Hand Products - please note, it does not include the Promarkers that are on the site, as this is not allowed.

Thanks for reading - I just wanted to make sure you got a bargain so that you can enjoy the FH CD's as much as I have over the years - remember, before I was a member of the DT, I was a genuine fan who got the 'position of her dreams' and that was a spot on the design team. In January, I will have been there a year!!!

Right, off to continue my samples for something very special that is coming up in the next few weeks - so please watch this space - or sign up for the newsletter from Funky Hand.

Here are some links for you:
Funky Hand Shop: click here

Funky Hand blog: click here

Funky Hand Challenge blog:  click here

Funky Hand Facebook page:  click here then 'like' (if it doesn't work, simply type Funky Hand in your search bar on Facebook)
Sending you crafty hugs

Paula x x  x

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Happy Happy Birthday - TV Samples

Hello Bloggers

The other day, I began doing a post, got sidetracked (not hard at all), came back, all the words had disappeared (now remember something happening to browser) so wondered where all my witty remarks had gone...

Fibromyalgia is an awful thing for the memory and thoughts process.  I find myself lacking in focus - even when it's ME that's speaking never mind when someone is trying to explain something to me!  It's quite a sickener at times, funny at others - don't worry, I can certainly take the micky out of myself! -  but this is just one of those things that i'm having to come to terms with.  Pain in one thing, but when it affects the faculties - that's entirely another! There I go again - digressing - which I suppose I was already good at anyway lol!!!

I think I was saying something like "in time old tradition, and after the proverbial missing horse and its stable door now being secured, I thought it was best that I tell my fellow bloggers/readers/followers (those who have wondered in thinking it was something else) all aboutthe release of Funky Hand's latest Papercraft Factory CD, "Happy Happy Birthday".  This is now the fourth CD in the PF series, further updating the previous ones with even more digis, sentiments and templates.

Whenever a CD is due for release, we generally get a copy a while before so that we can make the samples which Anice will take with her to dress the set with at Create and Craft TV.

It is usual for us to make about 5 samples each - and this time, so we covered the CD well, with no template or colour collection being left accidentally uncovered, we had a plan.  We each chose 2 templates and five colour collections to choose each.  Well, the reason for this post is because I never shared my samples with you.

As sad as I am, I obvioused SKY+ both the hours that Anice was on (way back on 15th September) - this would be for later boring family and friends with when I pointed out my samples and those fantastic ones of my fellow DT members.

Anyway, just a bit of a background to each Papercraft Factory CD ROM that Anice produces:

  • 20 patterned background papers
  • 12 different colour collections
  • Each collection based on a colour palette of 5 co-ordinating or contrasting colours
  • 100+ re-sizeable digi stamps and sentiments (both coloured and ready to colour/paperpiece)
  • 9 resizeable templates
  • 9 fonts in the 'writeable text' feature (and scaleable) in the same 5 colours for each collection plus black and white
  • 5 co-ordinating alphas + numbers for each colour collection (all resizeable)
Happy Happy Birthday and Craft The Year Away both update the previous two PF CD's (Dreams Come True and Colour Me Happy) by updating the workspace area and allowing them the template feature.

I have to say that it is a pleasure to use and you'd be hardpressed to make the same card as the next person because there are so many variations - then, when we take the resize function is taken into consideration....

Whether you prefer your cards CAS, whether you like big cards, small cards, busy cards, one layer cards or many layers on your card, 3D projects, home decor project - you name it these CD's have it covered.

The 12 collections are named as follows (in Anice's usual quirky style):
  1. Birthday Boy
  2. Birthday Girl
  3. Sunshine Birthday
  4. Blow Out The Candles
  5. Birthday Dude
  6. Birthday Gal
  7. Surprise
  8. Pressie Time
  9. Just 4 Men
  10. Cake Anyone
  11. How Old
  12. Winter Birthday
There seriously is something for everyone in this CD again - and added to the other collections - boy have you got a library to choose from!!!!

Right then, here are some my samples (as seen on TV) lol.... some were shown in more detail on TV, but at the end of the day, for me, the kudos is being on the Design Team in the first place whether or not they get picked out to be looked at specifically!

This is the project I chose to do with the 'Birthday Girl' collection.  I chose to do a split easel card (a first for me):

I used the champagne bottle and the glasses digi stamps that were already coloured, and used the text writer to create the two sentiments using the co-ordinating colours in this colour collection then die cut these out with Nelly Sneddon dies (rectangles 014).  I added glossy accents for the champagne spray and on the glasses - then sprinkled some glitter into it while it was fresh.  I added card candy above and below the images.

My next project is a stationery set I did using papers from the 'Surprise' collection, and using the envelope and notelets templates.

I made an outer cover by printing 2 co-ordinating designs one on one side and the other on the reverse by feeding it back into my printer.  These were ' direction non-specific' which means they are neither meant to be portrait or lanscape - but can be used either way (I've made that term up by the way). this was then folded into A5 portrait, pockets made with contrasting paper then labelled.  Using the templates, made envelopes and notelets, trimmed these and made them up to put in the pockets.  Decorated the front of the cover with rolled roses of the same design, using labels 15, I die cut, mat and layered the two DP's up then used the text writer in co-ordinating colour to read 'my little stationery set'.  Finished off with corners on the outside and inside.

Here is the result:

View of the front cover
View of the inside and contents
I made rolled roses to go on the front with a lovely aqua ribbon secured under the topper which closes the folder.  Inside you can see the wiggley notelets and matching envelopes made from the same two designs.  I bit of doodling with a fine line pen to finish off.

I'll just share one more of my samples in this post and leave the others for another post.

The next sample is from the 'Just 4 Men' collection.  This is such a lovely colour scheme for the male of the species - but works equally well if you use it with say a pink to bring it right up to date to use for a girlfriend.

This is such a popular digi image with the Design Team - we've loved using this image - perfect for 99% of blokes!  The greeting/sentiment was made using the alpha feature in co-ordinating colours.  I just LOVE the fleur des lys design which appears in each collection of course, in different colourways.

In a later post, I'll share the following collections with you which are the ones that I did samples using:
Cake Anyone and Winter Birthday.

I'd started this post on Thursday but Friday and Saturday where somewhat manic as I was doing a card all day Friday for my in-laws because it was their 50th Wedding Anniversary and I was late doing it (nothing new there), plus it was my FIL's birthday too, so I had to make 2 cards for him (one from us, one from the kids - DS1 put his card together, I just printed it out, cut it out, folded it... come to think of it - apart from sticking it together - I did the majority of it anyway... DS1 took full credit of course when he was told it looked like I'd made it... oh, and I told him where to stick things too, so all he did was the physical act of sticking it down lol!!!

Anyway, as I said, I started this post on Thursday (I has started the cards then btw), Friday busy all day; Saturday I didn't go to bed until about 4am as I got carried away working on the in-laws card, which involved playing with my Cricut Expression machine for the first time since I'd had it back in March!!!  So, because I went to bed late, my sister arrived before I was up.  We went to the My Craft Studio warehouse open day which is down the road from me - we met Nancy Watt, Stephanie and Diane Peternall there - it was funny because my sister was a bit 'star struck'!  She had a chat with them and they were prepping for a show this Wednesday where they launch a brand-new CD (which I've already bought, being a platinum member of the MCS Club).  Plus there was this most phenomenal product on sale which hasn't been on C&C yet - so just because I'm not sure whether it's a secret or not, I shall not mention the product but after they've launched it, i'm going to rave about it!!!!  Needless to say, I bought it...  So, that will be on at 9am on Wednesday so i'm going to watch that.

So, we went to MCS, then took a ride up to our local fabric shop where we buy our ribbon. Came back and did more work on the card and didn't finish it until about 7.30 turned - we were due to In-Law's Golden Wedding party about then, but got there for about 8.30pm.  Seeing as I no longer drink - and couldn't anyway because of my medication (this is why I don't, but I've lost the taste for it since I've been ill anyway) I was designated driver.

Then - on Sunday, I had the DAY FROM HELL.  It involved a certain new fella in my life (Buddy), and Poo.  I shall leave it to your imagination - but the poor lamb (ha!) has probably eaten some teddy fur which has caused some diverse effects.  But the day started off with me having a coffee in bed, brought to me by my thoughtful husband - but because just going out had tired me out, I fell to sleep sat up in bed with the coffee in my hand, which I tend to rest on my chest, and hold with my chin.  That woke me up and thankfully it wasn't piping hot, but I have scolded me in the past because I fall back to sleep easily (something to do with FM and having so much medication that makes me drowsy).  OH says it's almost like I've got narcolepsy (but not quite so severe).

Because of such a busy weekend, which included day from hell, I neglected to announce the start of a brand new challenge on Get Funky.  The theme this month is Autumn and the hostess is Amanda.  Click HERE if you want to check out her gorgeous card.

Well, that's it for this post - sorry it's a long one - but you know me by now (if you are a regular follower)!!!

More samples to follow and lots more chat and general banter to come.

Crafty hugs to you all, and thank you for reading.

Paula x x x

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Get Funky DT Card/s for September's Challenge

Hi there one and all

Thanks for coming by to find out what I've been up to! 

Well, this post is all about the Get Funky challenge that was set in September - on the Funky Fifteenth!

I'm all excited about this challenge as it's a nice and easy one - after all, Birthdays are the most popular cards we make as crafters (I recon - this is based on no sound evidence except in my head) - so I was actually on a roll with this one.

The very lovely and talented Jenny started this months challenge off HERE to coincide with the launch of the very latest of the Funky Hand Papercraft Factory CD's aptly named 'HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY' - in the meantime, the design team have been entertaining our eyes and stirring up our crafting juices with their fabulous projects - wow, there are some corkers this month.  Well for me, I've just played it safe and done a couple of cards for you.  I was on too much of a roll to stop at just the one though - and truth be known, I didn't stop at two either!!! ;o)

Here is the first one I've brought here for you:

This might look like I followed a sketch - but truth is, I was at this layout for ages - and wish I had have followed one, but I was really happy with how it turned out.  This is nice, pink and girly and suitable for a girly girl young or old.

The next one is quite a bold one in contrast to the first one.  This is the front of the card which is a square gatefold:
inside the card:

I'll show you the rest of the cards I did in another post. In the meantime, I want to share a secret with you.    I have used scraps on all of the cards I made and haven't purposely printed anything off for these two cards (although I had pre-planned the sentiment).  You see, when I first got the CD, I had been having printer problems, so my sister kindly lent me her spare one until I got sorted again.  So just in case, I thought I would print off a few of the design papers.  I'd also printed loads of the digi stamps off  in various sizes, and did most of this way back when we first received the CDs in order to produce our samples.  I currently have quite a boxful of sentiments now, but those little corner digi's are another thing.  I became a bit addicted to them so printed them out in other colours by shrinking the design papers on the workspace... I think that they make such a difference to a card... give it a try - try your design with, then without a corner - you don't even need to do all four - and you'll soon see what your card was missing. I now have a small bag of corners done ready in different colourways, but there are that many, I haven't even scratched the surface yet.  Here is a screenshot of the workspace in the programme where I have put some corners on and demonstrated that they are re-sizable and that you can shrink the design papers behind them so that you have corners that co-ordinate with your card or project.  Imagine what you can do with these if you play about and arrange loads of them 'Barbara Gray' style - you could Mosaic them on a square space... anyway - here is what they look like:

All you do to get the digi you want on the workspace is to click and drag with your mouse.  It really is that easy.

If you want to create a mirror image of the corners so they look OK in all four (not being symmetrical, they may look a bit odd as they are), you may have to do this using your printer set up.  However, Canon printers don't have this facility (well mine doesn't anyway), so instead, you have to tell the printer you are printing on Tee-shirt transfer paper - which needs to be printed in mirror image - and that's the way to do it.  If you want any of the images printed out in a mirror image for what ever reason - just select tee-shirt transfer paper in the drop down menu (rather than plain paper or photo paper - whatever you print on regularly).

Thankfully, I now have a new printer (after first receiving one with the belt unattached), so then had to wait for another one (I've really not had much luck in the last few months with printers - but I've now run out of inks that came with the 2nd new printer. 

Since I started writing this post, I've managed to connect my CIS (Continuous Ink System) up.  Mind you, I didn't think it was going to play ball because the colours just wouldn't come through... after what seemed a million nozzle checks and head cleans, I've got it going - hopefully that's me sorted for a while - I did start to feel a bit cursed on the printer front and wondered how on earth I would print the funky and gorgeous backing papers that Anice designs for us at Funky Hand.  In the meantime, having no printer certainly encouraged me to make use of what I'd already printed - and then again, I've got loads of paper pads and there's always the stamps I have - (over 50% of them have never even been within a sniff of an ink pad).  Of course, this is complete and utter worse case scenario!!!

I don't know about you, but I think that you can achieve a sort of CAS style with the most busy of colourful of design papers.  The key is how you use it and not using too much that it takes it being too busy to be CAS.  I'm probably talking a load of rubbish really, but isn't it all about fun and experimenting?  My CAS may not be some one else's CAS - someone else's busy may be my norm... it's about what works for you at the end of the day.  Ellis just said something on C&C "one mans meat is another mans poison".  How true is that!

Just as a reminder, both my cards have been made with the Birthday Girl and Birthday Gal collections respectively, but these collections can quite easily be used together.

If you fancy taking part but have never taken the plunge before and haven't got anything by 'Funky Hand' to be able to join in, go HERE where you will find a very generous freebie from Anice, the designed of all the Funky Hand CD's and papers.  There are only 2 more days in which to be able to obtain the freebie - and also to join in.  You must have entered your card before midnight on the 14th October because on the 15th, another challenge is will start.  Anice creates a freebie each month to download so that you have something FH to enable you to join in.  Sometimes the freebie may be quite general but there are times when it fits in with the challenge theme which is an added bonus.

Just one more thing to note - at least ONE element/item in your project must be from Funky Hand.  If there isn't, then unfortunately (and this is quite sad) - you won't be considered a contender for the prize - winners are announced on the morning of the 15th - just before the launch of the brand new challenge for the month.

Well that's all for this post - I will (and I always say this with good intention) try and post a bit more than I have been.

Happy crafting

Paula x x x

Back from AWOL

Although I know that this blogging thing is entirely a personal thing and we aren't meant to be under pressure to post, I actually feel really bad for not posting for what feels like an age.  So much has happened since I last posted and to a certain degree, this is what has kept me from posting.

Part of the reason has been down to my health and symptoms of the conditions I have - Fibromyalgia and Benign Hypermobility Syndrome and of course pain still remains from my operation which was just over 18 months ago now (OMG - where does time go).  I know a lot of people who read my blog posts also suffer from Fibromyalgia so identify with me when I say that my sleeping pattern plays a large part in how I feel.  Sleeping for me is a luxury.  Getting to sleep is usually a problem in itself so I try to go and go until my only part-charged batteries have totally run out - this could be at silly o'clock or early.  If I do go early - I find it really hard to get up and really have to force myself to get up because with the exhaustion, I could easily stay in bed all day and not get up at all - so fighting the urge to go back to sleep, I'll get up and find that I fall to sleep on and off all day.  Other times I'll go to bed at silly o'clock and manage on 3-4 hours - and find myself falling to sleep all day...   Recently, I had to go to the docs with pains around my achillies tendon and feet - which where sensitive each and every step I took.  The doc put me on water tablets being as I have been suffering really badly with swollen legs, ankles and feet.  His advice to me was to spend more time with my feel elevated, which I told him was easier said than done...  So more tablets to take!!!

I've also been referred to a Healthcare Psychologist who has now accepted me on a programme which is designed to help people cope with long term health conditions.  The waiting list is a pretty hefty one, so in the meantime, i've been advised to go on another programme to meet people with similar (or the same) conditions so that they can pass on their advice on how they deal with the day to day.  I should also be hearing from the Healthcare service about some relaxation and meditation/aromatherapy sessions to help me relax.

Despite all the above, I have been trying to get on with everyday and do normal things and so for me, that is making cards for stock, cards for Birthdays - and some special birthdays; finishing wedding stationery off and about to embark on some more.  Some days I just can't do anything either because of the pain, or because I have zero energy left, then again some days it's down to sheer distraction.  No one single thing is resposible for my lack of posting, but rather a whole load of things.  Having said all that - one of the BIGGEST distractions has come to me in guise of a hairy four-legged specimen as pictured below.

We weren't exactly looking for another dog (we already have Dylan, a 5 year old Bedlington), but my sister had told me about a dog she knew was being abused and she'd threatened the owners that if they did anything again, she'd report them (and she would).  Anyway, the (female) owner decided that she would part with the youngest of the dogs as that was the one that tended to get the abuse out of the three they had.  The youngest was kept in a cage with one of the other dogs nearly all day while they were out at work, then punished (punched or kicked) for yapping - and wasn't house trained at nearly 6 months old.

My sister brought him round because I said I'd have him to save him from the rotten life he seemed to be subject too.  It was love at first sight.  We decided to change his name and after 3 attempts at a name for him, we came up with Buddy.  Due to my Fibro or tablets or something, I just couldn't remember the first couple of names we tried even though I did like them, they just didn't come easily to me when I tried to shout him.  So Buddy has stayed - although saying that - he doesn't always get called that - but for other reasons - not for loss of memory.

This is only one of many such occasions when I've been doing something in the craft room (conservatory) and I've realised it's gone quiet.

nom nom nom!
OH had been growing peppers (not very successfully) outside near the greenhouse; they had been late starters, but were about to flower.  In the photo, I'm not entirely sure which one he had but he ended up having all four... after the first one, OH didn't move the tray so Buddy had another.  The third was then put on the dustbin my yours truly out of the way... only to have DS2 put in on the floor when he took the bin out one day... so that was number 3 destroyed.  The fourth one had been planted near the tomatoes at the back of the garden - but he sniffed it out and dug it up (oh dear).

Here he is enjoying his spoils with a trail of devastation behind him!!!

Although he's always up to something - like stealing plant pots out of the greenhouse because they are his new favourite toy, it's really hard to be mad with him at all because he is so cute - and also because of his past.  As a puppy he's never been allowed to explore the great outdoors as much as he has since he's been with us.  He's now at his true home.

I have loads more pics like this, what he's been up, what he's been doing with (and to) Dylan and the cats alike.

Here's just one more of Dylan and Buddy together after they've just has a rough and tumble about on the sofa:

I've got loads on in the coming weeks - I have got to make some wedding stationery samples,  I want to make more stock to sell, I want to make a start on my Christmas cards - oh, and I want to blog some of the many cards that i've been making recently.

It is my turn to blog my DT card for Funky Hand on the 'Get Funky' Challenge blog tomorrow, so  watch out for that coming up.  The theme is 'Happy Birthday' and was set this month by the lovely Jenny (see her post HERE.

So, bye for now, happy crafting and speak soon,


Paula x  x  x


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