Wednesday, 29 June 2011

My DT Funky Sketch Challenge Project for June

Thanks for stopping by to see my DT card for the June sketch challenge.

This month the challenge was set by the boss herself... Anice gave us this lovely simple sketch to use for the challenge

How fab is that... another one for the collection!  Anyway - I suppose you've come here to have a look at mine - so here it is:

The papers are from the 'Delightful Fun' collection which you will find on my favourite CD 'Dreams Come True'.  You can find that CD by clicking here.  

As you can see, the card itself is rather self-explanitory really - and that is testimont to the no fuss sketch Anice provided.

If you would like to join in - why don't you wing your way to Anice's initial post where she kicks it all off and tells you all you need to know to be able to join in.  Remember to use a Funky Hand element on your card (either paper, digi download or digi image - and say which collection its from).  If you don't own anything already by Funky Hand (where have you been????), Anice has kindly created a brand new digi paper for you to download and use in your project - remember, please don't share this, but rather direct someone to the website where they can get it for themselves and maybe have a chance to browse round if they've never been before.  HERE is the link to the download - you will find the paper on page three of the digi downloads- which looks like this:

So it would be great to see your creations, and because its such an easy peezy challenge this month - I'm sure you'll be using this sketch time and time again - I know I will!

Thanks for coming and having a look at my project, please leave a little 'hi' to say you dropped by, and have a happy happy day.

hugs and stuff

Paula x x x

Monday, 27 June 2011

Its Time for Tea...

Well, it isn't now cos its a bit late for that - but it is time for me to share a brand new download collection out together by the very talented Anice over at Funky Hand.  And guess what it's called?... well, it's not a fair question to ask really cos you probably have no idea - it's called 'Tea's Up' and can be found right HERE.

The collection consists of  20 design papers, 3 pages of alphas (same font but 3 different colours), and an A4 sheet of toppers in 'tea theme' wording!  Each sheet of the download (24 in all) is in 300dpi quality (you'd expect nothing less of Funky Hand)!, and comes in a colour palette of browns and pale orange - with a twist of blue, and a bit of a grungy feel (get those inks out) - so perfect for card making, scrapbooking etc.  Talking of which, by clicking on the link above to go see the collection - further down the page, you will also see a gallery of ever increasing proportions - so go and check out what my fellow DT members have been up to....

In the meantime - here's one I made (I'm in the middle of many more - but went away with my husband and youngest son at the weekend on an impromptu trip, so didn't get the chance to get many in)...
Above card created using a square scalloped card blank in white, inked edges with Momento Rich Cocoa.  Layered a square of  teapot DP with brown grosgrain pull ribbon attached and secured round the back.  On the front there is a rectangle of DP that looks like a hessian texture (it has faux stains and splodges on which are great), then layered on top of that is the cup (using Craftworks Cards template) cut out of the 'time for tea' DP with teacups on.  All inked as before.  A little bit of fluffy stuff tied round the handle - and that's the front of the card complete.

Here is the inside of the cup - made following instructions from my youngest son - who sat there giving instructions while he played away on his laptop.  Best thing was - this was his card to my Mum for her birthday!

The sentiment is off the sheet - and the two borders are strips from the DP mentioned previously - 'Time for Tea' with the rows of teacups.  On the left we have a common-all-garden teabag presented in a Popsicle cello bag - tag just cut using nestie tags and secured inside the card with a foam pad.  Bakers twine attached to a label telling her to slide out cos knowing my mum she's have ripped it of with great enthusiasm!!!
I really enjoyed making this card - you know when you have something in your head and it comes off dead easy (the idea, not your head!)... well this was exactly one of those ideas - executed to perfection...

Don't forget to go and get your collection of papers - see what you come up with... ideal if you want to tell a friend that its time you met up for a cup of tea cos you haven't seen them in ages!  At only £3.49 for the set - that's less than a pot of tea for two (in some posh places anyway) - and this collection will last as long as you keep it safe and sound on a memory stick/hard drive somewhere for you to use time and time again - you can't say that about a teabag now, can you?!  

Oh, just one last thing, you won't have seen these papers in any other collection so won't be doubling up as they are all Brand New Designs.

Hope you enjoyed!

hugs, Paula x x x

Thursday, 23 June 2011

A load of old waffle...

... nothing new there then!

Hello to all my blogging friends and visitors new and old.  I hope you are all ok - and if not, I wish you well soon. I thought I would do a quick post (what do you mean I can't do one for toffee?)

Anyway, without further ado, I thought I would remind you that this months challenge over on 'Get Funky' is actually a sketch challenge.  As long as you use at least one element (paper, digi image or download) from Funky Hand, you can enter the challenge and have the chance to win a download of your choice from the website.  Go and have a look here to see what you could choose from.  However, if you don't currently have a paper to be able to join in with, Anice has designed a download for your use.  Did you know that she designs a different download every month - and makes it available for free until the next challenge starts.  How cool is that.
For your delictation, here is what the sketch looks like - 

 and the paper looks like this 

I must add that this picture just doesn't do the paper any credit whatsoever.  The colours are vibrant and certainly wake any project up that you would use it on.  Imagine your summer projects with this happy happy paper on... imagine that it would make a wonderful scrapbooking paper for those holiday and summer layouts too - or even pictures of your loved ones in the garden - whether working or playing - the paper says it all.

I'm thinking of going to Summer Crafting in Doncaster - and wondered if anyone else is thinking of going? Would any of my blogging buddies like to say hello if they have made arrangements to go.  I learned the other day that there is going to be a shuttle bus service from the railway station to the racecourse courtesy of the organisers (Stephanie Weightman) which might make it a bit easier for those who are not really wanting to take the car, or might be worried about parking (which I understand is also free should you decide or choose to take the car).

Some may already know this, but I live not very far away at all from Stephanie Weightman (i've never been round for cofee though), and also the warehouse/HQ of Crafting UK - or My Craft Studio.  She had an open day last Saturday, where she opens up the warehouse and you can grab yourself a bargain or two... well, my OH wasn't too keen of coming in with me, but it was a day when I found myself needing to use my stick (did I tell you that i've found myself needing a stick??)... anyway, I couldn't walk with the stick and hold boxes at the same time, so I made him come in with me to hold stuff.  I got quite a few bits and bobs (ended up spending about £75 - but that did include buying a Cricut cartridge at £35  so it wasn't all that bad).  One of the things you could do, was to fill a box for a £5 - OMG - you would not believe the monies worth of stuff I got in that box for £5.  TWO items came to over that on their own.  I got meltdust paper, die cut paper for MCS (also called die cut studio)... I got sheets of gold leaf, meltdust vellums, die cut decoupage - but I mainly filled my box up with glossy card and paper - and figured that in terms of retail price, I'd got over £20 of paper alone.  I wish I could have filled two now, but my back was absolutely killing me.  We were chatting to Stephs sister who was on the til (she's a Director of the company, but she said she gets all the best jobs lol), she was the one who told us of the courtesy shuttle bus, cos I'd told her i'd love to go to Doncaster, but a) i'm no longer confident enough to drive myself there, and b) no one else wants to drive me there - OH's face dropped when it looked like he thought he was chauffeur for the day!  
I haven't yet bought a ticket cos I don't want to end up going on my own - I don't know anyone who would want to come with me - my mum wouldn't be able to get round and has decided that she wants to make jewellery instead of make cards and do papercraft, so she's out too.

On the day of the open day at Stephanie's shop - she was entertaining some crafters from Scotland who had won a competition to spend the day with her at her house - and they'd been at the warehouse in the morning.... there were about 20 boxes waiting to go back to Scotland as I think they had first dibs at all the sale stuff - lucky ladies.  I hope they enjoyed their day in my little village with Steph, who I am sure would have been a very generous and lovely hostess.  They were watching C&C according to Stephs sister and crafting in her craftroom... I think i'm going to go round and knock on her door one day and see if she will show me how to do something on MCS (not really) LOL!!!

Some more cards

Right - I'll leave you with a couple more cards from my back catalogue (well, some things that i've done recently and not had time to post).  Enjoy...

The selection of cards above were made from a dowload from Pink Petticoat and this collection can be found here.  I just checked and it's in the retiring area and is now only £1.99 for the whole collection of vibrant papers and sweet images with sentiments - get it while you still can.  I think that it is a very quirky set which I love - so lighthearted... both recipients of these cards were quite tickled pink - but there are papers where you don't have to use the melons... green, white, pink and black is that main colour palette!!!

I couldn't finish of this blog post without a picture of my daft cat 'Tiggy'... in she can get on in or in it - she will try.  Here she is getting in my little basket that I use to put my craft magazines in which I take with me upstairs to bed - I can't lots of things up the stairs any longer, so feel safer taking them in this basket.  She uses it as her bed when its on the floor next to the bed - but this is about the first time she realised she could sit in it!

She doesn't like me to gain evidence on her incase I do something like this and put it on the world wide web!

Take care - hope to hear from you if you stop by and have a read.... more interesting things on the way - like a lovely new download coming from Funky Hand, but more on that in a later post.

Love and hugs

Paula x x x

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Funky Fifteenth (of June)

Hello there friends, blog buddies and new visitors to my blog.

Thanks to everyone who has been to visit me recently - all your comments are best wishes are so gratefully received.  I do try and get back to each and everyone of you, although sometimes the e-mails says "Blogger-no reply" - I will try better to visit your blog (if you have one therefore).

Just a quick post really to tell you about the upcoming new challenge over at Get Funky - the challenge blog for Funky Hand.  Tomorrow is of course the Funky Fifteenth - the day of the big challenge launch over of Get FunkyAnice, owner and head honcho at Funky Hand has set the challenge and will therefore kick it off with details on the blog, along with her card/project, which is her take on the challenge set.  I hope you will be able to go HERE and check it out.  Thereafter one of the Funkettes' will post a challenge card every other day until the 14th of the following month (or thereabouts).  I'm scheduled to post around the 26th June, so watch out for my card coming, and come back to see what my take of the challenge is.

Tomorrow is also a very special day for me - and my darling husband, as we have been married for 20 years.  I was a 'child bride' if you like - I was 20 which seems very young now, but back then I knew what I was doing and knew I'd found the love of my life.  We all know that it takes a lot of hard work to make a marriage work - and there are times when things aren't all rosy - he left his chin hairs in the sink, or I left my cup on the table instead of putting it in the sink... those kind of things.  However, we work at it and that is why, at only 40, I am celebrating a big milestone wedding anniversary - well, it is in my book.  Before we know it, we will be celebrating our Silver Wedding Anniversary which is humongously strange because it doesn't seem 2 minutes since I was setting up a surprise for my mum and Dad's 25th Wedding Anniversary when I was 6 months pregnant with my first child who was born on my 22nd birthday.  My Mum and Dad managed to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary, but sadly my Dad died 2 months before their 41st.  How I am so glad I held a little party for them.  They didn't want any fuss, that's why I had a few people round at my house  I just told them that I was going to cook for them.

I got a roll of wallpaper lining and put it horizontally on the wall at the back of my kitchen and drew a timeline of their marriage together on it, with all the births of their children and grandchildren on and other milestones and memorable dates.  My Dad had been diagnosed with cancer only a matter of weeks  before the anniversary and on that same night, he had his last cigarette after having smoked 50+ years.  He chose that night of all nights to stop, and he did so well.  I was so proud of him and even went to the smoking cessation classes with him.  I supported him like that all the way through his battle with cancer - which we thought at one point he had won.  Anyway, I admired how, despite having more downs than ups, and more poorer than richer - they stood the test of time.

My in-laws will also be celebrating their wedding anniversary this year... their Golden Wedding Anniversary.  We are both very lucky that we had such good role models, having both come from homes with strong family values and good solid marriages - whether there were good times or bad, they were solid.

You know when you sometimes have an argument and at that very moment, you wish they would just take a long walk off a short pier (admit it, we've all been there once or twice), I stop and think this: sometimes I might not be able to live with him (the regular men are from Mars, women from Venus stuff) - but I know with all my heart that I couldn't live without him.  And that's it.  That is the be all and end all for me.  I could not live without my husband.  So, he might well be from Mars at times - but I'd rather put up with that, than him not being anywhere in my life.... so - Happy Anniversary to my darling, beloved husband, who I've loved beyond 20 years.  I've loved him since the day we chatted when I took my Mums dog for a walk when I was a mere 16 year old, just about to leave school and still taking my exams (he was 3 years old and working).... and 3 days later - we became a couple who were inseparable.  We both KNEW we had met the person we were going to marry and be with for the rest of our lives... hard to believe that a 16year old would know that - and we were engaged when I was still 16.  We officially got engaged on the 24th December when we took both sets of parents out for a meal to announce the news. They were all delighted too.

So - I better make him a card I suppose.

In the meantime - here are one or two cards I've made recently for you to enjoy...

This is a card I made using the Serif Craft Artist, Platinum edition.  It is actually a project on the programme, and I made this for my next door but one neighbours who have just had their first child - a son they have named Charlie.  I did change some of the images on here though so it isn't exactly the same as in the project, but I love the colours and the designs on the base card.  Gorgeous.

These are a set of cards I made using an image that a blogging friend from the States kindly sent me last year - apologies as I don't know the name or origin of the stamp at all.  I've matted the stamped images in each card on a layer of blue/aqua coloured hand made paper which is extremely fine, but effective nonetheless.  I later stamped greetings in the bottom right corner of the card base to read, 'thank you' and 'best wishes' (I think)!

Hope you liked my quick post LOL and my quick cards...

Don't forget to check out Get Funky tomorrow - maybe consider becoming a follower so you always know when one of the design team have posted their cards - always dazzling and delighting with colourful creations.

Bye for now and thank you for reading.

Paula x x x

Sunday, 12 June 2011

More cards to share

Hello blogging friends and new visitors

I thought I'd start sharing some of the things i've been creating recently while not being an active blogger. 

Here is a card I completed after getting the image while I was at the card class I've started going to - having said that, I've not been for a couple of weeks cos i've not been well.  With having the fibromyalgia - i've found that in a morning, my right hand doesn't work and on a bad day - this will be the case for all of the day.  Also, my knees have been bad again and my energy levels feel as though someone has sapped me of it all... a bit like when someone goes near Superman with Krypronite (or is it when they take it away? - I don't know)!  I've been having some funny spells where I go all funny and feel all floaty.  I had an appointment to go to the doctors originally about 2 weeks ago.  OH was on afters so he couldn't take me.  DS1 was at tennis, so he couldn't take me, so we sorted out that DS1 would take OH to work in my car and OH would leave me his (DS is only insured to drive mine - complicated, I know!).

Anyway, I had another one of my 'spells' which make me go all floaty - but heavy limbed at the same time.  its almost like I've had a 'hit' of something - reminds me of having an injection of morphine when I was in the hospital the second time.  The feeling is not a horrid one - au contrer.  However, its not a feeling you want happening while you're driving, so I cancelled as I didn't want to risk it happening while I was driving.  I finally made it to see the doc last week - DS took me.  He check my ear (for balance probably) no probs there, blood pressure - perfect :O) - about the only thing with me that is at the mo - i've got to have a new complete blood screen, so i've already had those taken in the week.  I now have to book and have an ECG and keep forgetting to make an appointment.  That will be my first job on Monday me thinks.

Right - speaking of my card class - the other week we were having a Promarker Master Class where we 'played' with several images and looking at matching three shades of the same colour for shading purposes.  I hadn't finished by the end of class - so brought my images home to finish off.  Therefore, I have no idea what the image is called or who it is by.  I'm sure I can find out - but for now, she'll just be known as little girl!

Border punch is made using an EK Success slim border punch bought from Dolly Cottage Crafts, where I go to card class.  The sentiment is one from the massive stash of Kanban ones I bought from QVC.  I'll still be using them when i'm 80 there are that many!

Here's another card:

Here is another Forever Friends card made from the Black and Gold collection.  I got the distress inks out on this one/  The border is another EK Success punch, sentiment as before, and the bow made out of some gorgeous seem binding ribbon.  I have some of this in several colours and it makes bows like a dream.  Really easy to make it look vintage - ink it up and die it to other colours of your choice, but best of all, it scrunched up and crumples and creases like a dream.  The flowers are made to emulate those in the image.  They are from the plain petaloo ones I bought from QVC a while ago - got a massive bag for about £14 odd quid.  Here are 3 daisy shapes with pearlescent gold card candy in the centre.

Thanks for looking.  Please leave me a message to say 'hi' if you have dropped in for a look.  It makes me blogging all the more worthwhile!

Love and hugs

Paula x x x

A card or Two

Well, its the early hours of Sunday and I'm here at my desk blogging (which I haven't done for ages), and so I thought I'd actually start to blog some of my cards - hey - I've done enough to blog a couple of times per day/hour for a while.  I never seem to be motivated enough these days to actually blog them because it feels like a distraction.  I think its because at one time, I spent so long blog hopping that I didn't really get much actual crafting done.  Its probably a reflection of my energy levels though.

My sleeping is all upside down so much so that I went to bed all afternoon on Saturday.  I couldn't keep my eyes open so went to have a lie down.  I took the laptop upstairs with me, but just kept falling off!  Anyway, I got up at a really silly time, ate at a silly time (turned midnight - so technically never ate all day Saturday) - and here I am, still up and blogging.  I suppose that means I'll either be like the walking dead tomorrow or I'll be in bed til silly o'clock.  I prefer to be like the walking dead and not miss any of the day!

I thought i'd start to share some cards i've been working on recently - when energy levels permit, I'll make a few from the papers I print out for specific project, then try and use up the rest on another card - well, thats the plan!

I have quite a lot of new stuff to use - some of which I've not even opened yet - so in my head, I've got work to do for the coming years - and that's just on the stuff I have and not used.  Another thing is that I'm trying to use more of my scraps.  I file these by colour in 2 massive 4-ring binder folders.  I have one for all my naturals and metallic and monochromes - then the other file has all the colours of the rainbow in - and its filed in order of how the song goes....  have to sing it each time I file or try to find something lol!!!

Here is a Forever Friends card I made recently - its not for anyone in particular yet though.  I actually made this card from scraps from the Forever Friends Black and Gold CD.

For my favourite crafting resources - I have a folder for all the scraps I create for the following: Forever Friends, Funky Hand, My Craft Studio, Pink Petticoat, then I have a misc folder - all of these folders are kept in something that I bought that looks like a magazine rack - but its made of fabric.  Actually its sold as a craft folder thingy - I bought it from 'The Works' at a cost of about £3.99.  In fact it was so useful, I went back and bought another!!!

Here is a pic of the file holder:

In the other one, I keep a folder on the Funky Hand DT stuff, and have put some card blanks in here too.  Each unit stays under my table and slide easily on my laminate floor (well, when I kick them out of the way with my foot!!  They're really useful and serve a purpose similar to suspension files - I don't have a draw spare - all my drawers serve a proper purpose so its not like there is a load of rubbish I could potentially throw out to make room, so these were a good alternative to yet another piece of furniture in my conservatory.

Right, here is another card for me to share:

Again, this card has a Forever Friends image that was already printed out and in the FF folder.  I bought some paper doilies ages ago with the intention of using them on cards - well, here is a card that I initially stamped with a swirly flourish stamp (Anna Griffin) stamped in Dusty Concord.  The flowers were cut using a Crealies Creative Flower die (no. CF11), cut from Funky Hand polka dot papers.  The fern like leaves are from another Crealies die - this is a Crealies Creative Shape die (CS11) - I bought these at the same time from Joanna Sheen.  The sentiment is from Kanban, bought from QVC.  They did a box full of sentiments - far too many to count, but there were loads.

I'm not keen on this card - its way too busy for me - and I'm not sure I'm liking the 'doily' look!  Way too much going on here!

I think that's it is for tonight / this morning - don't want to write 'War and Peace' and put you off coming back to read again ha ha ha!

More cards will be drip fed over time - perhaps then, I might catch up with them all one day - I didn't realise just how manyI'd made until I look back at the pics (not many get through the net - they all get the photobooth treatment)!

Have a lovely Sunday - please say hi if you stop by to have a read.

Love and hugs

Paula x x x


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