Thursday, 24 November 2011

When was the last time you got 43% discount?

Yep, you really did read that right... Anice is having a one day 43% sale to celebrate her Birthday.

So, for 24 hours only  - starts 00.01 on 24th November and ends on 00.00 25th November,  go HERE to say Happy Birthday to her - bet you can't guess how old she is though!!! lol.

Everything is included in the sale - so go and get some BARGAINS for Christmas presents... Anice also ships free with any £10.00 and over purchase - to anywhere in the world.  Downloads also count towards this so, if you buy say a CD which needs shipping but is under the £10 and you bought a download which took you over the £10 minimum - you will still receive free postage and packaging... Imagine that!

Some examples of prices in the sale:

12 Crafters Crafting (brand new CD recently launched)  £16.99 
during birthday celebrations £9.68

All I want for Christmas (download)  £3.49 today only: £1.99
'Tis The Season (Wordbook download) £4.89 for 24 hours £2.79

Happy Happy Birthday (as seen on C&C) usually £16.99 - today only £9.68

So - what are you still reading this for??? Go HERE to get you some bargains - and if its not for you - how about for a daughter or granddaughter or friend who is into crafting - at those prices, they're Secret Santa presents (the CD's).

All include papers and images with an easy-to-use software interface - so perfect for children to teenagers to crafters to the elderly... 

Above is a screen shot to show you how easy it is to use - you work in the one screen all the time - printing is one click once you've found the paper you want to print.

Papers can be used for wall art - either on a canvas or in a frame to brighten up a plain wall, for lining drawers - line your drawers with some funky designs adding a touch of scent to the paper before you lay the sheets in the bottom.  How about backing all those dreadful school/college books - with all the choices of colour - you could colour code your lessons.  Or what about regular scrapbooking, paper construction and of course card making.

If you struggle to match papers up with each other - each CD has 12 collections.  In each collection, there are 20 papers which are based around 5 matching/co-ordinating colours so any combination of papers from the same collection will match - there are even plain colours to co-ordinate with the patterned ones.  They make great stocking fillers anyway...  Downloads are also colour co-ordinated around 5 colours too.

Let me know what bargains you've got recently or if you know of any sales - bet you won't find many as good as this though...

In the States - the last Friday in November - which also coincides with Thanks Giving  is known as Black Friday (Happy Thanks Giving to all my American Crafting Friends)- you won't believe the bargains our American friends are able to take advantage of.  Now, I wonder if there are any bargains good enough that its worth getting goods shipped over to us... Remember though - don't go buying electrical goods from the States.  They are completely different from ours - and it's not just the plug, the power the appliances are run on is a different speed of motor so our 240v system is too powerful (I used to work in the textile machine industry - we manufactured cutting machines for the domestic market and to ship to the States (Buffalo, New York)... different voltage motors were used).

If you are a Silhouette owner  (SD or Cameo)- and don't know this - they are also having a 50% sale on their downloads (the ones you get from their on-line store through your software).  All shapes are just $0.50c all weekend - starting midnight Mountain Time... 25-28th November.  These are the times to take advantage and increase your library. There is no discount on the Cameo machine though.

REMEMBER: for that 43% discount from Funky Hand,  GO HERE

Take care and happy crafting.

Paula x x x

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  1. Thankyou for the lovely card you sent me. Merry Christmas. Love Kathleen x


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