Saturday, 29 October 2011

Music Saves My Soul Saturday - What are you listening to today?

oooh - just a quickie from me seeing as I'm writing this at silly o'clock...

I've not joined in for a few weeks (bad blogger aren't I?), so I hope Marcea is cool with my sporadic joining in.

What am I talking about?

Music Saves My Soul Saturday of course!!!

Hmmm - so difficult to make a choice actually, but last night, my brother and I were on SKYPE playing a quiz to find the missing words to the lyrics of 80's music - and every time I got one right, I'd start to sing it... he said if I carried on, he was going to cut me off!  So, I think my choice this Saturday, should be something I sang (badly), last night.

So, here is another one that reminds me of the school disco!
Sit back and enjoy a bit of the MJ!

If you want to join in - or see what videos/music other participants are sharing this week go to see Marcea, founding member of MSMSS, at her blog 'Marceas Crafting Corner'

Thanks for listening...

Paula x x x


  1. hahahaha would have liked to be a fly on the wall during that skype conversation lol. Ahhh this does bring back memories - great track. Of course I am cool with you joining in whenever - you know I just love for people to feel no pressure and understand we are all so busy. Best bit is it is just for fun. See you next week .... or the one after ..... lol xxx

  2. Oh I just love this Michael song! *-*
    Great choice!

  3. Love this song...even have a dog named Billie Jean LOL!

  4. Hi there :) Just stopped by to say hello. MJ definitely made a stamp on our memories :)


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