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Happy Happy Birthday - TV Samples

Hello Bloggers

The other day, I began doing a post, got sidetracked (not hard at all), came back, all the words had disappeared (now remember something happening to browser) so wondered where all my witty remarks had gone...

Fibromyalgia is an awful thing for the memory and thoughts process.  I find myself lacking in focus - even when it's ME that's speaking never mind when someone is trying to explain something to me!  It's quite a sickener at times, funny at others - don't worry, I can certainly take the micky out of myself! -  but this is just one of those things that i'm having to come to terms with.  Pain in one thing, but when it affects the faculties - that's entirely another! There I go again - digressing - which I suppose I was already good at anyway lol!!!

I think I was saying something like "in time old tradition, and after the proverbial missing horse and its stable door now being secured, I thought it was best that I tell my fellow bloggers/readers/followers (those who have wondered in thinking it was something else) all aboutthe release of Funky Hand's latest Papercraft Factory CD, "Happy Happy Birthday".  This is now the fourth CD in the PF series, further updating the previous ones with even more digis, sentiments and templates.

Whenever a CD is due for release, we generally get a copy a while before so that we can make the samples which Anice will take with her to dress the set with at Create and Craft TV.

It is usual for us to make about 5 samples each - and this time, so we covered the CD well, with no template or colour collection being left accidentally uncovered, we had a plan.  We each chose 2 templates and five colour collections to choose each.  Well, the reason for this post is because I never shared my samples with you.

As sad as I am, I obvioused SKY+ both the hours that Anice was on (way back on 15th September) - this would be for later boring family and friends with when I pointed out my samples and those fantastic ones of my fellow DT members.

Anyway, just a bit of a background to each Papercraft Factory CD ROM that Anice produces:

  • 20 patterned background papers
  • 12 different colour collections
  • Each collection based on a colour palette of 5 co-ordinating or contrasting colours
  • 100+ re-sizeable digi stamps and sentiments (both coloured and ready to colour/paperpiece)
  • 9 resizeable templates
  • 9 fonts in the 'writeable text' feature (and scaleable) in the same 5 colours for each collection plus black and white
  • 5 co-ordinating alphas + numbers for each colour collection (all resizeable)
Happy Happy Birthday and Craft The Year Away both update the previous two PF CD's (Dreams Come True and Colour Me Happy) by updating the workspace area and allowing them the template feature.

I have to say that it is a pleasure to use and you'd be hardpressed to make the same card as the next person because there are so many variations - then, when we take the resize function is taken into consideration....

Whether you prefer your cards CAS, whether you like big cards, small cards, busy cards, one layer cards or many layers on your card, 3D projects, home decor project - you name it these CD's have it covered.

The 12 collections are named as follows (in Anice's usual quirky style):
  1. Birthday Boy
  2. Birthday Girl
  3. Sunshine Birthday
  4. Blow Out The Candles
  5. Birthday Dude
  6. Birthday Gal
  7. Surprise
  8. Pressie Time
  9. Just 4 Men
  10. Cake Anyone
  11. How Old
  12. Winter Birthday
There seriously is something for everyone in this CD again - and added to the other collections - boy have you got a library to choose from!!!!

Right then, here are some my samples (as seen on TV) lol.... some were shown in more detail on TV, but at the end of the day, for me, the kudos is being on the Design Team in the first place whether or not they get picked out to be looked at specifically!

This is the project I chose to do with the 'Birthday Girl' collection.  I chose to do a split easel card (a first for me):

I used the champagne bottle and the glasses digi stamps that were already coloured, and used the text writer to create the two sentiments using the co-ordinating colours in this colour collection then die cut these out with Nelly Sneddon dies (rectangles 014).  I added glossy accents for the champagne spray and on the glasses - then sprinkled some glitter into it while it was fresh.  I added card candy above and below the images.

My next project is a stationery set I did using papers from the 'Surprise' collection, and using the envelope and notelets templates.

I made an outer cover by printing 2 co-ordinating designs one on one side and the other on the reverse by feeding it back into my printer.  These were ' direction non-specific' which means they are neither meant to be portrait or lanscape - but can be used either way (I've made that term up by the way). this was then folded into A5 portrait, pockets made with contrasting paper then labelled.  Using the templates, made envelopes and notelets, trimmed these and made them up to put in the pockets.  Decorated the front of the cover with rolled roses of the same design, using labels 15, I die cut, mat and layered the two DP's up then used the text writer in co-ordinating colour to read 'my little stationery set'.  Finished off with corners on the outside and inside.

Here is the result:

View of the front cover
View of the inside and contents
I made rolled roses to go on the front with a lovely aqua ribbon secured under the topper which closes the folder.  Inside you can see the wiggley notelets and matching envelopes made from the same two designs.  I bit of doodling with a fine line pen to finish off.

I'll just share one more of my samples in this post and leave the others for another post.

The next sample is from the 'Just 4 Men' collection.  This is such a lovely colour scheme for the male of the species - but works equally well if you use it with say a pink to bring it right up to date to use for a girlfriend.

This is such a popular digi image with the Design Team - we've loved using this image - perfect for 99% of blokes!  The greeting/sentiment was made using the alpha feature in co-ordinating colours.  I just LOVE the fleur des lys design which appears in each collection of course, in different colourways.

In a later post, I'll share the following collections with you which are the ones that I did samples using:
Cake Anyone and Winter Birthday.

I'd started this post on Thursday but Friday and Saturday where somewhat manic as I was doing a card all day Friday for my in-laws because it was their 50th Wedding Anniversary and I was late doing it (nothing new there), plus it was my FIL's birthday too, so I had to make 2 cards for him (one from us, one from the kids - DS1 put his card together, I just printed it out, cut it out, folded it... come to think of it - apart from sticking it together - I did the majority of it anyway... DS1 took full credit of course when he was told it looked like I'd made it... oh, and I told him where to stick things too, so all he did was the physical act of sticking it down lol!!!

Anyway, as I said, I started this post on Thursday (I has started the cards then btw), Friday busy all day; Saturday I didn't go to bed until about 4am as I got carried away working on the in-laws card, which involved playing with my Cricut Expression machine for the first time since I'd had it back in March!!!  So, because I went to bed late, my sister arrived before I was up.  We went to the My Craft Studio warehouse open day which is down the road from me - we met Nancy Watt, Stephanie and Diane Peternall there - it was funny because my sister was a bit 'star struck'!  She had a chat with them and they were prepping for a show this Wednesday where they launch a brand-new CD (which I've already bought, being a platinum member of the MCS Club).  Plus there was this most phenomenal product on sale which hasn't been on C&C yet - so just because I'm not sure whether it's a secret or not, I shall not mention the product but after they've launched it, i'm going to rave about it!!!!  Needless to say, I bought it...  So, that will be on at 9am on Wednesday so i'm going to watch that.

So, we went to MCS, then took a ride up to our local fabric shop where we buy our ribbon. Came back and did more work on the card and didn't finish it until about 7.30 turned - we were due to In-Law's Golden Wedding party about then, but got there for about 8.30pm.  Seeing as I no longer drink - and couldn't anyway because of my medication (this is why I don't, but I've lost the taste for it since I've been ill anyway) I was designated driver.

Then - on Sunday, I had the DAY FROM HELL.  It involved a certain new fella in my life (Buddy), and Poo.  I shall leave it to your imagination - but the poor lamb (ha!) has probably eaten some teddy fur which has caused some diverse effects.  But the day started off with me having a coffee in bed, brought to me by my thoughtful husband - but because just going out had tired me out, I fell to sleep sat up in bed with the coffee in my hand, which I tend to rest on my chest, and hold with my chin.  That woke me up and thankfully it wasn't piping hot, but I have scolded me in the past because I fall back to sleep easily (something to do with FM and having so much medication that makes me drowsy).  OH says it's almost like I've got narcolepsy (but not quite so severe).

Because of such a busy weekend, which included day from hell, I neglected to announce the start of a brand new challenge on Get Funky.  The theme this month is Autumn and the hostess is Amanda.  Click HERE if you want to check out her gorgeous card.

Well, that's it for this post - sorry it's a long one - but you know me by now (if you are a regular follower)!!!

More samples to follow and lots more chat and general banter to come.

Crafty hugs to you all, and thank you for reading.

Paula x x x

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  1. Hi Paula,

    I know I've already commented on all your lovely makes, but they really are gorgeous!!

    You've really got me wondering what it is you've bought and can't wait to find out! Talk about keeping an idiot in suspense, lol!!

    I'm sorry you're so poorly with the fibromyalgia - my cousin has it very bad too. Last year I was told that I had it and that was the cause of my aches and pains, bladder and bowel problems and why my blood sugar kept dropping so low. Thankfully, so far, my flare ups have not been so bad that I need medication but it is so unpleasant and especially when doctors disagree with each other! My urologist doesn't agree with the diagnosis. I'm waffling on now so better stop, lol!!

    Sending hugs, but not too tight 'cos they hurt!


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