Sunday, 23 October 2011

Craft Room Security - Don't become another victim like I did

Have you ever had to consider the security of your craft room and your crafting items.  DO you have to lock them away through necessity rather than by choice?

Well, until recently, it's not something I'd ever thought of.  I didn't think that there were any true threats to my crafting tools, cardstock, consumables etc etc, due to living in a family where I am the only one interested in craft and being the only female (it's amazing what I can hide in my drawers in my craftroom)...

Like  most crafters, you have to have all the latest gadgets, tools, papers blah blah - and if you calculated the cost of all of this, it would probably amount to a fair pretty penny.  Have you considered insuring this as a separate entity - you would consider it if it were your jewellery - right?

Anyway, in this weird old world of ours, I actually have to insure the perpetrator, and I'm also going to name and shame too, but first a couple of pics that give you an idea of the devastation that can be caused when visited by the said perpetrator.  These were carefully placed in a plastic container and put away in a box, but obviously, my security wasn't tight enough.

Even my OH has been victim to the behaviour and had his prize pepper plants stolen and destroyed - clearly theft isn't enough here and has resorted to adding insult to injury.  He now has to think more strategically and plan things meticulously to avoid any repeat of this devastation.

A trail of devastation
One down, 2 to go (and they did)
So, here is the thief and head of destruction:
I'm sure he had white legs!
"They'll never know it was me"!
"oops... caught red-handed (or pawed)" - no mucky paws!
And why on earth did he go to all those lengths?

For this....
one of his favourite places is the mat at the back door... you can see his trail of soil in the sills of the door!!!
Yep, he destroyed 3 plants in the end for the sake of the pots they were in!  Once he had finished 3 healthy pepper plants off (that might have had fruit on right now), he found that he could make his way into the 'greenhouse' (we have one of those frame things that have a cover over and zip doors as we don't have room for a proper one)...  He often pinches plant pots that are bigger than his head.  And eats plugs of compost that are for setting seeds in.

Anyway, when he can't get outdoors - he resorts to 'bullying' the cats (not really, he knows his place as they have put him there a few times)!!!  However, he showed a bit too much interest in Katie Kitten's new 'Giddy Kipper' toy which was full of catnip - hence Katie being in raptures and quite oblivious to Buddy near enough having his nose on it!!!

"Can I have a chew please Katie?"
 So there you have it - the very reason I have had to increase my craft room security as there have been too many occasions when he's been found with a ROLL of ribbon under the kitchen table, a stamped image I've coloured to make a card with, a gift box I've made - and much much more.

Here is a picture of the security measures I have now taken to avoid repeat offences.

Quick, shut the gate, he's coming!

The gate is occasionally opened up for good behaviour!

Hope you enjoyed this latest post about my new woolly baby - I'm sure he'll feature many many more times on my little corner of the world wide web!!!
Crafty hugs

Paula x x x


  1. Cute! I don't need any help to make a total mess in my craft room!! Hope you are feeling a bit better Paula. Life carries on much the same down here - including Annie's 3 extra grand children!! Have a great day. x Jo

  2. Hi Paula, What a little terror but so cute.Your pics really made me giggle.Great captions.Hope you are having a good day.Love Debbie x

  3. he he he he!! cheeky little monkey he is!!!!! i love that "what did i do?" face he has!!!
    hugs Lou xx

  4. Aww, how funny Paula!! You couldn't be cross with him though, he's so cute!!

  5. What a gorgeous excuse for a messy craft room :-)
    A x

  6. Laughing here Paula! Bet you couldn't be cross for long with such an appealing pooch :) Hugs, Di xx

  7. That is too funny (and too cute!) =D

  8. He is gorgeous ...who coul;d be angry with that face.Maybe a row of pots with earth but no plants might distract ...incase of an escape.xx

  9. Aww Paula, what a little scamp
    He obviously felt you weren’t paying him enough attention, bless!
    I was greeted to a similar scene in my garden yesterday morning. I spent the day before planting up the last of my spring bulbs and generally tidying the shrubs I have in pots. Looked out this morning to find compost, bulbs and stones all over the patio. I was ready to blame BoJangles until Cyril the Squirrel turned up to bury some more nuts.

    I look forward to the hearing more of what Buddy gets up to in the coming weeks, Lol!

    Happy Crafting!

  10. I'd like to see him trying to get my giant craft scrap box open..heck I could probably do with his help I can hardly do it! He is adorable..even if a little naughty. But naughty goes with nice!!
    Anice xx


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