Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Back from AWOL

Although I know that this blogging thing is entirely a personal thing and we aren't meant to be under pressure to post, I actually feel really bad for not posting for what feels like an age.  So much has happened since I last posted and to a certain degree, this is what has kept me from posting.

Part of the reason has been down to my health and symptoms of the conditions I have - Fibromyalgia and Benign Hypermobility Syndrome and of course pain still remains from my operation which was just over 18 months ago now (OMG - where does time go).  I know a lot of people who read my blog posts also suffer from Fibromyalgia so identify with me when I say that my sleeping pattern plays a large part in how I feel.  Sleeping for me is a luxury.  Getting to sleep is usually a problem in itself so I try to go and go until my only part-charged batteries have totally run out - this could be at silly o'clock or early.  If I do go early - I find it really hard to get up and really have to force myself to get up because with the exhaustion, I could easily stay in bed all day and not get up at all - so fighting the urge to go back to sleep, I'll get up and find that I fall to sleep on and off all day.  Other times I'll go to bed at silly o'clock and manage on 3-4 hours - and find myself falling to sleep all day...   Recently, I had to go to the docs with pains around my achillies tendon and feet - which where sensitive each and every step I took.  The doc put me on water tablets being as I have been suffering really badly with swollen legs, ankles and feet.  His advice to me was to spend more time with my feel elevated, which I told him was easier said than done...  So more tablets to take!!!

I've also been referred to a Healthcare Psychologist who has now accepted me on a programme which is designed to help people cope with long term health conditions.  The waiting list is a pretty hefty one, so in the meantime, i've been advised to go on another programme to meet people with similar (or the same) conditions so that they can pass on their advice on how they deal with the day to day.  I should also be hearing from the Healthcare service about some relaxation and meditation/aromatherapy sessions to help me relax.

Despite all the above, I have been trying to get on with everyday and do normal things and so for me, that is making cards for stock, cards for Birthdays - and some special birthdays; finishing wedding stationery off and about to embark on some more.  Some days I just can't do anything either because of the pain, or because I have zero energy left, then again some days it's down to sheer distraction.  No one single thing is resposible for my lack of posting, but rather a whole load of things.  Having said all that - one of the BIGGEST distractions has come to me in guise of a hairy four-legged specimen as pictured below.

We weren't exactly looking for another dog (we already have Dylan, a 5 year old Bedlington), but my sister had told me about a dog she knew was being abused and she'd threatened the owners that if they did anything again, she'd report them (and she would).  Anyway, the (female) owner decided that she would part with the youngest of the dogs as that was the one that tended to get the abuse out of the three they had.  The youngest was kept in a cage with one of the other dogs nearly all day while they were out at work, then punished (punched or kicked) for yapping - and wasn't house trained at nearly 6 months old.

My sister brought him round because I said I'd have him to save him from the rotten life he seemed to be subject too.  It was love at first sight.  We decided to change his name and after 3 attempts at a name for him, we came up with Buddy.  Due to my Fibro or tablets or something, I just couldn't remember the first couple of names we tried even though I did like them, they just didn't come easily to me when I tried to shout him.  So Buddy has stayed - although saying that - he doesn't always get called that - but for other reasons - not for loss of memory.

This is only one of many such occasions when I've been doing something in the craft room (conservatory) and I've realised it's gone quiet.

nom nom nom!
OH had been growing peppers (not very successfully) outside near the greenhouse; they had been late starters, but were about to flower.  In the photo, I'm not entirely sure which one he had but he ended up having all four... after the first one, OH didn't move the tray so Buddy had another.  The third was then put on the dustbin my yours truly out of the way... only to have DS2 put in on the floor when he took the bin out one day... so that was number 3 destroyed.  The fourth one had been planted near the tomatoes at the back of the garden - but he sniffed it out and dug it up (oh dear).

Here he is enjoying his spoils with a trail of devastation behind him!!!

Although he's always up to something - like stealing plant pots out of the greenhouse because they are his new favourite toy, it's really hard to be mad with him at all because he is so cute - and also because of his past.  As a puppy he's never been allowed to explore the great outdoors as much as he has since he's been with us.  He's now at his true home.

I have loads more pics like this, what he's been up, what he's been doing with (and to) Dylan and the cats alike.

Here's just one more of Dylan and Buddy together after they've just has a rough and tumble about on the sofa:

I've got loads on in the coming weeks - I have got to make some wedding stationery samples,  I want to make more stock to sell, I want to make a start on my Christmas cards - oh, and I want to blog some of the many cards that i've been making recently.

It is my turn to blog my DT card for Funky Hand on the 'Get Funky' Challenge blog tomorrow, so  watch out for that coming up.  The theme is 'Happy Birthday' and was set this month by the lovely Jenny (see her post HERE.

So, bye for now, happy crafting and speak soon,


Paula x  x  x


  1. What a gorgeous new addition to your family Buddy is :-)
    A x

  2. Lovely to be able to visit and "read" you again :) So Sorry to hear you are feeling bad at the moment. I do hope you hear from the healthcare people soon and get some help from the group visits. I have a friend who suffers from MS and she says her weekly groups (when she can attend them) are her lifeline.
    Loving the new family member! I bet life with a puppy is different!!! I remember when we decided to keep Bella I had forgotten all the naughty things they can get upto! He's a little darling and it's lovely to see that he and Dylan getting on so well. Px

  3. AWE!!!!!! How gorgeous is Buddy!!!! He & Dylan look sooo lovely together, great pic of them! Poor Buddy, what a very sad beginning for him, people can be so cruel.

    Oh Paula, I am so sad to read that things have got worse for you my lovely. I fully understand the sleep problem as I have CFS and sometimes I am awake all night & dropping off in the day. I just take each day as it comes now. I really hope that meeting other people with the same conditions as you will really help and you won't feel so 'alone' with it all. HUGS xxx


Thank you for your super scrummy spangly comment and for spending your valuable time letting me know what you think...

Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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