Saturday, 17 September 2011

New Challenge at Get Funky - 'Birthday Fun'

Hi all

Over at the 'Get Funky' Challenge blog, a brand new challenge called 'Birthday Fun' which is being hosted by the lovely Jenny.  Jenny has done a word book using the latest release from Funky Hand's 'Happy Happy Birthday' which, in my opinion, is the best and most versatile Funky Hand CD to come out yet.

My turn to post a card for the DT on the challenge blog 'Get Funky' is on October 12th - so hopefully you will come back and have a look at my effort then.

Because I hosted last months challenge 'At the Seaside', it was my turn also to pick the overall winner and the three 'runner-up' winning entries.  If you go HERE you will see what I chose from those who entered.  Not every card could be considered as they hadn't followed the rule of using at least one Funky Hand product in their project, which is a shame as there were some great entries.  This is what happens when people enter challenges en mass - because they just see the title of the challenge then enter, without considering that it may have some, if only minor, stipulations.

Anyway, the challenge runs from the Funky Fifteenth until 11pm on the 14th of the following month.  Each month, just in case you don't own anything from Funky Hand (and why not?), Anice kindly offers a FREEBIE paper so that anyone can have a go at joining in.  Go HERE if you want to see what this months download is.

I'll be back shortly with news about the new Funky Hand CD - which I would have mentioned before now had I a) not been finishing wedding stationery off  b) been at the wedding itself yesterday, c) been well enough to blog and do anything for that matter - and not end up in bed asleep or in fact asleep anywhere I sat...  watch this space anyhow.

Thanks to all those who read and commented on the post before this one - which is a far cry from my usual post and not at all like me to get on my soap box, but I was doing it for a cause - and on the request of the campaigners for a fairer welfare benefits system, not the shambles that is the current state of the welfare reform 'attempt'.

Thank you

Paula x x x x

Thanks for reading - please leave a comment to say you've been - then come back again. hugs, Paula x x x


  1. Hi Paula, saw some of your cards on C & C they wee ace.

    Take care of yourself


  2. Hi Paula sorry you are having DLA problems. Usually when there is a diagnosis you should be ok but I have come to conclusion that the recieving of it is a muddy grey area. I know someone who fought for 4 years and finally got a diagnosis and a letter saying she has it for life. Another friend obviously is unable to work with visible symptoms (purplely hands and feet that are numb for one) that could apply to several illnesses so no diagnosis yet..they finally agree she cannot work but will not agree to any DLA. My first friend's advice is ...get/ask a second opinion from a doctor as to whether you need help with day to day living .... and go to the CAB ...she says the filling in of the form is crutial and needs an expert in that field. It was when she finally went to the CAB and had the diagnosis that things started to sort themselves out ....Good Luck xx


Thank you for your super scrummy spangly comment and for spending your valuable time letting me know what you think...

Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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