Wednesday, 10 August 2011

WOYWW 10.08.11

Good morning one and all and a happy WOYWW to you!

I'm on a roll as its the 2nd Wednesday in a row that I've joined in this global desk hop for a while - the 'older' WOYWWers know that I twice (with the help of my lovely friend Wipso) posted from my hospital bed last year... anyway - for one reason or another - I don't always manage to make it so I for one am pleased I've been able to post twice on the trot!!!

Right - not much happened this last week in terms of creativity.  I've either had no energy or health to craft or make a single card - plus I've been drooling at the talent on the 'I'm a Crafter's Companion' Face book page - looking at the colouring talents of the DT from CC on there using either the lovely SWALK stamps (need some), or the Humphrey stamps (already got some) or using the new Spectrum Noir pens (now nicknamed speccies) - or using both stamps and pens... if you can - hop over there and have a look at some of the colouring in by these guys... if you look on there - you'll also find a tutorial and even a comparison of Speccies V's Copics - interesting.

Anyway - here is the desk despite the lack of activity:

Oh - I lied it appears... I did print off ONE (my first one btw) Me to You sheet I'd designed for an A4 card.  Very simple design for a first birthday card.

In front of that you'll see the Summer Crafting brochure from Doncaster a few weeks ago.  There in it is Nigel's autograph - which incidentally I didn't ask him for - he assumed I wanted it (bless him)... I did also have my photograph taken with him, also with Phill (who I'm not sure is actually with DO crafts anymore - and I have one with the Glitter Girls too (how friendly were they???! - loads that's how much).

The little shaped 'box' is one from a book of die cut shapes bought from QVC the week before.  There are absolutely NO instructions to put these boxes together, and when this one is secured at the top - there is no opening to get anything in or out - bad design..  There is another one on the desk - (in the next photo) which was pretty straight forward, but a third I took out of the box had loads of curved lines (all have only very feint score lines) and just didn't make sense at all - even the picture was no help, so I gave up and have now sent the pad back.  I've put a review on QVC and only awarded it one star - the die cuts were easy enough to get out of the page and the cardstock was of a good quality and the design papers were nice - but without instructions were pretty terrible to put together.  Anyone with dexterity problems (such as I on a regular day) would struggle - but I tried these when having an exceptionally good day and still not easy.

 Here you see the second box, which was easier to put together.  The black box in the bottom left of this picture is a box we've had for donkey's years - since we first had a home PC and Internet - back in 1998.  This stored all our CD's in.  Its been all round the house and lastly was in my sons bedroom.  It's covered in dust (no surprise there) and had some of those original CD's in - plus some DK ones that my Dad collected years ago from the Daily Express (his choice of newspaper - not mine!).  I'm going to give them to my mum as they are things such as the solar system, wildlife, dinosaurs etc etc. - that's if they work on more modern computers (not sure)....  The best bit though is that I'm going to alter the box - which is something I'm looking forward to doing.

The rotadex is a relatively new purchase so needs populating.  I found this in the bookshop 'The Works' and was £2.99... I have more address books - all for different sets of people - so I thought I'd would amalgamate and put them all in one place - plus it takes me back to when I was a telephonist/receptionist - I had a MASSIVE one which was jampackedfull!!!  That was back in the day when I worked in the textile machine industry - I packed the job when I was 25 and just having had K, my 2nd son.

Of course there is also my lovely carousel on the desk - which I wouldn't do without.

Then there is my blue 'bits' bin, kindly given to me by a fellow classmate from when I was well enough to go to card class on a Tuesday night.  I have missed not being able to go, but I've not been well enough to go for weeks and weeks.

Last photo is just a pic of the back of my desk - the DVD cases house all my Spellbinders, with some Marianne Designs, about 4 Nelly Sneddon die sets and a couple of Cuttlebug dies - the rest are nesties and shapeabilities.

Right, that's about it - if you want to join in with this massive global desk hop - you need to go to see the Chief - Julia of Stamping Ground here.  She'll explain the ground rules (of which there are few)...

I tried to visit as many people as I had the energy to over the course of the week - some wouldn't even give me a comments box :O(  so, sorry if I didn't leave a comment on yours.  Note to self... will try harder! 

Thank you to all those who came to visit me - your visits and words are very much appreciated and keep me going.  Also, thanks to anyone who became a follower as a result - I love to see a new face in my followers box, so thank you and welcome.

Right - I have an appointment this morning, then this afternoon the boys are at the dentist - so will work round the trials and tribulations that the week might throw at me and attempt to visit lots more people this week.

Big crafty hugs

Paula x x x


  1. Looks like life is still full of challenges for you Paula but glad to see you still keep going. Keep smiling my little friend :-)
    A x

  2. Great to see you blogging again. Your work desk looks amazingly well organized. My room is a tip today after M and I crafted and sewed all day yesterday. x jo

  3. You've got a lot going on in your crafting world! I like the little boxes even though they might have been a pain to assemble. I also espy a little pink set of drawers on your desk - I'm a sucker for them! Have a great crafting week :) xx

  4. Wow, a lot happening in your world! Hope your energy levels pick up and thanks for sharing your space this week and I hope the rest of your week goes well!

  5. Paula I am very jealous of all thos elovely MS punches on your rail lol I love lookin round craft rooms and thanks for my comment on mine the other day.
    Marie xx

  6. It’s good to see you again this week Paula and the desk is looking as fab as ever.

    What a shame you couldn’t work out how those little boxes went together and fancy manufacturing something like that with no instruction.
    You’re so right to send them back and review them because so many of us just think I can’t be bothered to send things back and chuck it into the back of a cupboard somewhere, so well done you.

    Have a good week and Happy Crafting!

  7. so glad to see you Paula. Enjoy the box making, and the printed sheet looks lovely.


  8. Oh my, you have so much fun stuff going on at your desk! So many lovely altered items and great ideas for storage!
    ** Evi **

  9. It's good to see you here again - and I read your previous post too, but time was tight so couldn't comment.

  10. So much hiding on your desk, I would love to come over for a play date, but I stay on the other side of the world!
    Happy WOYWW

  11. Hi Hon, can't believe that the 2 weeks that you have joined in I havent been here. Just got back from Tenerife (went for a week), D has gone to collect the dog and i am sorting out the washing (he! He!) roughly translated means I am sorting out my craft room, putting away my new Stampin Up kit that arrived the day we went on hols (not sure If I'm going to do anything with this yet, or if just for my own benefit!)and having a blog hop. You sound very upbeat, glad you are feeling a bit better. Hugs Pam x

  12. Oh that stinks about the QVC boxes. At least it is no real hassel to return. Glad to see you post 2 weeks in a row! Yeah! Hope you had a good WOYWW...and a great rest of the week! -Amanda

  13. wow! you have an awesome storage area for your spellbinders! Sounds like you have a lot going on in your life recently. I empathize with not having engery or health to get busy crafting. I have similar issues. Sorry to hear about the QVC issues. I hate it when I buy something and I don't get what I think I am buying. Have a great week. Get to feeling better! Vickie

  14. Hey Hon, how nice to pop in and see you and your lovely desk again! It's been absolutely bloody ages! Summer has been great but has really got away from me, can't believe it's the middle of August now! Don't expect any camping pics though, haven't even looked at the photos yet, about the only thing I'm managing to do is a card or too here and there, hardly any blog hopping either. Must go back and read all your earlier posts too and catch up. Can't believe you intend looking at all my posts! That'll take you ages!

    Brenda 73

  15. What a hectic life and poor you needing more energy than you can manage. Your desk looks good and is so well organised. Hope life gets easier and you can get cracking crafting in that lovely space.
    JoZarty x

  16. Thanks for your fab comments about my craft room! I am a bit mad when it comes to colour coordination Lol. I have moved house since but still have loads of stuff to do before I show people my new craft room - it's sooo much bigger and I'm loving it!!!

    Paula. x

  17. thanks for the glimpse. Have a great day

  18. Oooh I liked having a little snoop round your desk area .... somebody likes their dies rofl!!!! Looking forward to you joining in next week with Music Saves My Soul- can you believe it is my very own brain power that came up with it, lol ... so see you next week with your first song xxxxxxxxx


Thank you for your super scrummy spangly comment and for spending your valuable time letting me know what you think...

Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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