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Weekday Ramblings and Wedding card commissions

How rubbish has the weather been the last few days?  Its been like the back end of October here - although it hasn't been quite as cold.  Wind, rain, black cloud, miserable.  Today is warmer again - but the wind has built up since this morning.  Anyway, it's just a good job I've had my been able to do some reading, blogging and follow discussion on my favourite Facebook pages.

Last year, when I was still employed but off sick, I made a decision to come off Facebook for one reason and another (which isn't worth going into here), and to be honest, I didn't miss it much.  However, I became increasingly aware that more and more craft companies and things of interest to me were accessible through groups and the such on FB so I ummed and aahhed about re-activating my account.  I finally made the decision to reactivate it for the purpose of reaching those craft companies and companies of interest only, so decided to remove the majority of people on my friends list  - who I really didn't interact with much e.g. people from school etc. so removed all of those - and removed most of my remote family who I didn't interact with much, along with all but 2 of my former work colleagues.  Therefore, from just under 200 people, I whittled my list down to 24. 

By getting back on FB, I've really enjoyed 'liking' those sites and groups that interest me and have added and made lots of new friends in the process - those who I have much more in common with - and that is the love of all things craft.  Slowly, my friends list is building up again - but only with people who have a shared interest (going to the same school no longer counts as a shared interest to me - I didn't have the best of times in school, being bullied and singled out, plus its not like I socialise with them or anything.   Some people i'd removed have asked to be friends again so figure that they are the friends worth having because they've clearly missed my friendship so to speak... I'm really happy with my list now and this will be the principles used to add friends in the future - they will be crafters - they will add me or I will request their friendship, or they will be people I know who want to add me (then i'll think long and hard about whether I want them to know what i'm doing on Facebook!!!)...  I don't want to sound pompous or stand-offish (cos that really isn't me), but I will not be 'collecting' people for the sake of it.  My son has over 700 friends - and I bet he doesn't even know half of them, no, not even a faction of them - and doesn't socialise with them - so that is my point entirely.  Having more or less people on your friends list isn't a measure of how popular you are (or not).  It means you know them somehow in someway so just add them.  I know of people who will add their doctors receptionist or dentist (well, i'm using that as an example that they will add anyone)!!!

Anyway - if you are a crafter and want to be a friend on facebook - please feel free to add... crafters (and my nearest and dearest) welcome!!!  You will find me as Paula Michelle Hemingray-Gale.
I hope all the above makes sense.

Anyway - putting FB to one side, I keep telling myself I need to start putting more and more stuff on my blog - I've got lots of stuff that I haven't yet blogged.  A lot of my work hasn't really been character crafting - which has become increasingly popular.  I do have a fair amount of stamps, CD's and card making kits that I need to get my finger out and make to sell hopefully.  If I don't sell any or continue to get any commissions - people are getting rather expensive greetings cards from me - and I certainly haven't saved any money by making my own - I figure I have, like most crafters, thousands of pounds worth of stash, including machines, CD, Spellbinders, punches, tools, paper and card stock, specialist pens, ribbon etc etc (you get the picture) - so I'm going to make an effort to sell more of my stuff.

I will be doing 40 Order of Ceremony's soon for a friend who gets married in September.  Judging by the amount of content in the ceremony itself, I think each one is going to run to at least 6-8 sides, so pretty full to say the least.  I think I may set off the lazer printer to do those.

I bought a Samsung lazer printer in February and only got it out of the box when I re-jigged my craft room (again!).  By the weekend - I still hadn't managed to set it up on the laptop so this was one of the goals I set myself for this week.  I finally managed to set it up yesterday and couldn't believe when it printed 3 full sheets of A4 out in less than 5 seconds.... Its only a Black and White printer (why called black and WHITE I've no idea as it doesn't have white ink or anything in.  Just black laser toner.

Another goal,  while I'm thinking about it, is to have a play with my new cuttlebug embossing folder system.  I bought the Pick of The Day over on Create and Craft a couple of weeks ago.  At the time of typing this, they are still in their packets waiting to be opened and played with.  I want to play about with the letterpress capability of it - I wished I had Jinger from Provocraft here to help me out (one of my 'Likes' on Facebook - both Provocraft and Jinger).  Need to ask if she will do bookings the next time she is in the UK.  I could do with some lessons on how to use my Cricut Expression more effectively.

Right, enough of the waffle.  Here is a couple of not-seen-before cards...

In the last couple of months, I've had 3 commissions for wedding cards -  2 from the same person, and one for my BFF (her mum).

Here is the one for the first wedding - the brief was just to do it in the same colours as the invitation.

My friend loved it.  The black and white DP is from the Black and Gold Forever Friends CD.  The envelope was of a real good quality but the DP lining just finished it off nicely.

Anyway, the next wedding was a few weeks ago so my friend (K) asked me to do her a card similar to the last one.  Her mum (W) (my BFF) asked me to do her something special to send as it was her nephew getting married.  The colour scheme of the wedding was light blue - so I used a soft baby blue in both cards.

Here's the first one I did for K.

 Underneath the monogram on the card, there is a big ampersand but it looks really pale of this picture.

The monogram is cut, matted and layered using Spellbinders Labels Two dies.  The design paper on the top is Hunkeydory cardstock and the cardstock on the bottom is the matching colour in plain silk art card.  This was embossed using the Trellis embossing folder.  Small diamante gems were placed where the pattern crossed.

Now, for the card I did for my friend.  She'd seen a card I'd done previously for my God Daughter (which I haven't previously blogged either) - so here is that card which inspired my friend into asking me to do her wedding card using the same format:

The book-shaped paper is from The Clipart Fairy, printed out, scored, then slightly curled to look like pages (to give them their curl, I slide them over the edge of the desk sliding back and forth until I get the depth of curl I want.  Each page is attached by using double sided tape down the 'spine' and sometimes I add a bit to the edge of the page to keep the shape of it and keep it in its place.

I made the flowers on this one using a crealies flowers die - number 11 and the foliage dies from crealies too.  I purchased both from Joanna Sheen. 

So, here are some pics of the card I made for my friend for her nephews wedding:

 I think this is a good selection of pictures of the card.  I thoroughl enjoyed making this with all the detail and each handmade flower embellishment too.  It really was a labour of love.  I can't wait until someone else commissions me to do something similar.

That's all for now - until my next post,

Take care,

Paula x x x


  1. What a gorgeous selection of cards Paula.
    A x

  2. fabulous and gorgeous selection of cards. I was very interested in your post about FB most of my friends are crafters. As for posting non character cards what I love about blog hopping I love the diversity of different cards which why I don't buy mags anymore there is more talent out on the WWW than in the mags.

  3. WOW Paula these are all lovely cards but my fav has to b the last one, the wedding car those flowers are just stunning.
    I too found your FB post very interesting as to b hoinest I have been thinking about going through my friends list as i have 300+ and at least 1/2 of them I read posts and think 'god why have i got these people added' lol. Note to self must clear out FB friends list lol
    Marie xx


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