Saturday, 27 August 2011

Music Saves My Soul Saturday

This is the second time I've joined in with this feature, where basically - when you bloghop to those who join in, you get to enjoy about 3-6 minutes of musical magic.

Crafters have a varied taste in music which makes it all the more interesting to visit each one to see what they have in store... sometimes you are met with an old (or new) favourite - or sometimes you discover something completely different to anything you would normally listen to because its a different genre to what you stick with.

Here is my offering this week - I'm loving getting some of these out the old 'memory cupboard'.  I've chosen this one because it reminds me of my school disco days!  This one is one of those that you can't help liking....  I remember me and my friends all in a circle or row doing the same moves to this one. I really could sit here all day adding all my favourite music from that era - I promise for something a bit more modern next week - but i've got my fingers crossed! lol...

If you love this feature - go over to Marcea's blog here- as she's the master DJ who set this whole fabby feature up some time ago (but I only discovered last week - but too late to post anything).  Immediately as I visited and decided to join in, I knew what my first tune would be: (see my first post here).

Hope you enjoyed... Go on, dare you to show and tell what tunes you're tapping your toes to at the moment.

Crafty hugs

Paula x x x  

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  1. Well, I've just found the weakness in the PC repair - the sdhfjksad! speakers aren't working! Argh. Better check they're plugged in before I have a quiet chat with the Geek I just paid. Love Europe, reminds me of summer holidays while we lived in Germany and all the hanging out we did. A whole lot of nothing. Which at the time was very important!


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