Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Just a quick note...

This is just a quick note to welcome all my new followers - that seem to have popped in the last couple of days - thank you and welcome - hope you will visit the playground regularly...

Here's a quick role call:

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Those without links don't seem to have blogs when I connect to them through blogger - so apologies if I'm wrong. 

I just want to thank ALL my followers - I appreciate each and every one of you.  I know I've been terrible at blogging recently - but that's been more of a health thing.

I've loads of cards to show - and will post in time - but instead I thought I'd treat you to a few sweet pics of my woolly fur babies.

This is Dylan who seems to have found my comfy spot on the sofa in the conservatory - talk about jump in your grave!!!  I've got plenty of piccies on this theme - he really knows how to pic his spot - when you've got up to make a drink usually.

This is another one who will find a good spot - usually where the sun is shining or right in the middle of my bed... she'll sneak through the door if someone leaves it open.  Here she is on the sofa in the conservatory - probably when Dylan got off!  This is Tiggy by the way!

This is Dylan again this morning - bless him.  The doors to the conservatory are just behind him so I think he was enjoying a cooler moment.  Even when you look at him he just looks up at you with those doe eyes that make you melt.  He gets straight down when told - but we don't often tell him... he doesn't stay too long anyway - and a bonus is that he doesn't malt or shed hair.  He gets cut 3 times per year - you can tell here that he's due.  Next month I think - OMG - next month is September!!!  Anyway, I'm sure there are plenty more like this - so I shan't bore the nation any longer.  However, my OH recons he'd make good Christmas cards (if we get him in the right pose)... watch this space!!!

Thanks for reading - I promise to bring you a card or two soon... in fact I'll be scheduling my DT card for Funky Hand tomorrow so please come back and have a gander!

Big crafty hugs

Paula x x x


  1. What lovely photos of your furry friends Paula. My BoJangles is much the same as Tiggy, liking to lay in the sun…usually right in the middle of my craft desk as it goes, so I have to move him on to the window ledge.

    Dylan looks lovely and cuddly too, what breed is he?..............think I need one!


  2. Hi Paula, thanks for the shout out. Your Dylan looks so sweet, just want to hug him! Zo x


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Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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