Thursday, 23 June 2011

A load of old waffle...

... nothing new there then!

Hello to all my blogging friends and visitors new and old.  I hope you are all ok - and if not, I wish you well soon. I thought I would do a quick post (what do you mean I can't do one for toffee?)

Anyway, without further ado, I thought I would remind you that this months challenge over on 'Get Funky' is actually a sketch challenge.  As long as you use at least one element (paper, digi image or download) from Funky Hand, you can enter the challenge and have the chance to win a download of your choice from the website.  Go and have a look here to see what you could choose from.  However, if you don't currently have a paper to be able to join in with, Anice has designed a download for your use.  Did you know that she designs a different download every month - and makes it available for free until the next challenge starts.  How cool is that.
For your delictation, here is what the sketch looks like - 

 and the paper looks like this 

I must add that this picture just doesn't do the paper any credit whatsoever.  The colours are vibrant and certainly wake any project up that you would use it on.  Imagine your summer projects with this happy happy paper on... imagine that it would make a wonderful scrapbooking paper for those holiday and summer layouts too - or even pictures of your loved ones in the garden - whether working or playing - the paper says it all.

I'm thinking of going to Summer Crafting in Doncaster - and wondered if anyone else is thinking of going? Would any of my blogging buddies like to say hello if they have made arrangements to go.  I learned the other day that there is going to be a shuttle bus service from the railway station to the racecourse courtesy of the organisers (Stephanie Weightman) which might make it a bit easier for those who are not really wanting to take the car, or might be worried about parking (which I understand is also free should you decide or choose to take the car).

Some may already know this, but I live not very far away at all from Stephanie Weightman (i've never been round for cofee though), and also the warehouse/HQ of Crafting UK - or My Craft Studio.  She had an open day last Saturday, where she opens up the warehouse and you can grab yourself a bargain or two... well, my OH wasn't too keen of coming in with me, but it was a day when I found myself needing to use my stick (did I tell you that i've found myself needing a stick??)... anyway, I couldn't walk with the stick and hold boxes at the same time, so I made him come in with me to hold stuff.  I got quite a few bits and bobs (ended up spending about £75 - but that did include buying a Cricut cartridge at £35  so it wasn't all that bad).  One of the things you could do, was to fill a box for a £5 - OMG - you would not believe the monies worth of stuff I got in that box for £5.  TWO items came to over that on their own.  I got meltdust paper, die cut paper for MCS (also called die cut studio)... I got sheets of gold leaf, meltdust vellums, die cut decoupage - but I mainly filled my box up with glossy card and paper - and figured that in terms of retail price, I'd got over £20 of paper alone.  I wish I could have filled two now, but my back was absolutely killing me.  We were chatting to Stephs sister who was on the til (she's a Director of the company, but she said she gets all the best jobs lol), she was the one who told us of the courtesy shuttle bus, cos I'd told her i'd love to go to Doncaster, but a) i'm no longer confident enough to drive myself there, and b) no one else wants to drive me there - OH's face dropped when it looked like he thought he was chauffeur for the day!  
I haven't yet bought a ticket cos I don't want to end up going on my own - I don't know anyone who would want to come with me - my mum wouldn't be able to get round and has decided that she wants to make jewellery instead of make cards and do papercraft, so she's out too.

On the day of the open day at Stephanie's shop - she was entertaining some crafters from Scotland who had won a competition to spend the day with her at her house - and they'd been at the warehouse in the morning.... there were about 20 boxes waiting to go back to Scotland as I think they had first dibs at all the sale stuff - lucky ladies.  I hope they enjoyed their day in my little village with Steph, who I am sure would have been a very generous and lovely hostess.  They were watching C&C according to Stephs sister and crafting in her craftroom... I think i'm going to go round and knock on her door one day and see if she will show me how to do something on MCS (not really) LOL!!!

Some more cards

Right - I'll leave you with a couple more cards from my back catalogue (well, some things that i've done recently and not had time to post).  Enjoy...

The selection of cards above were made from a dowload from Pink Petticoat and this collection can be found here.  I just checked and it's in the retiring area and is now only £1.99 for the whole collection of vibrant papers and sweet images with sentiments - get it while you still can.  I think that it is a very quirky set which I love - so lighthearted... both recipients of these cards were quite tickled pink - but there are papers where you don't have to use the melons... green, white, pink and black is that main colour palette!!!

I couldn't finish of this blog post without a picture of my daft cat 'Tiggy'... in she can get on in or in it - she will try.  Here she is getting in my little basket that I use to put my craft magazines in which I take with me upstairs to bed - I can't lots of things up the stairs any longer, so feel safer taking them in this basket.  She uses it as her bed when its on the floor next to the bed - but this is about the first time she realised she could sit in it!

She doesn't like me to gain evidence on her incase I do something like this and put it on the world wide web!

Take care - hope to hear from you if you stop by and have a read.... more interesting things on the way - like a lovely new download coming from Funky Hand, but more on that in a later post.

Love and hugs

Paula x x x


  1. Stunning card! The sale sounds like a blast. I wish I was closer and would go with you.

  2. Wow ...where to start sound alot more chirpy....and what a great stash buying trip.
    Love those cards they are so pretty. I do hope you find a buddy to go with ...take care xx
    oops nearly forgot ...tiggy is beautiful ...has she any white hairs anywhere?

  3. Great projects there Paula and cute little kitty! Hope all OK with you. x Jo

  4. Only just catching up with your blog Paula. I've been away having a much needed break. fab cards as always Paula. Hope all improving at your end.
    A x


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