Monday, 27 June 2011

Its Time for Tea...

Well, it isn't now cos its a bit late for that - but it is time for me to share a brand new download collection out together by the very talented Anice over at Funky Hand.  And guess what it's called?... well, it's not a fair question to ask really cos you probably have no idea - it's called 'Tea's Up' and can be found right HERE.

The collection consists of  20 design papers, 3 pages of alphas (same font but 3 different colours), and an A4 sheet of toppers in 'tea theme' wording!  Each sheet of the download (24 in all) is in 300dpi quality (you'd expect nothing less of Funky Hand)!, and comes in a colour palette of browns and pale orange - with a twist of blue, and a bit of a grungy feel (get those inks out) - so perfect for card making, scrapbooking etc.  Talking of which, by clicking on the link above to go see the collection - further down the page, you will also see a gallery of ever increasing proportions - so go and check out what my fellow DT members have been up to....

In the meantime - here's one I made (I'm in the middle of many more - but went away with my husband and youngest son at the weekend on an impromptu trip, so didn't get the chance to get many in)...
Above card created using a square scalloped card blank in white, inked edges with Momento Rich Cocoa.  Layered a square of  teapot DP with brown grosgrain pull ribbon attached and secured round the back.  On the front there is a rectangle of DP that looks like a hessian texture (it has faux stains and splodges on which are great), then layered on top of that is the cup (using Craftworks Cards template) cut out of the 'time for tea' DP with teacups on.  All inked as before.  A little bit of fluffy stuff tied round the handle - and that's the front of the card complete.

Here is the inside of the cup - made following instructions from my youngest son - who sat there giving instructions while he played away on his laptop.  Best thing was - this was his card to my Mum for her birthday!

The sentiment is off the sheet - and the two borders are strips from the DP mentioned previously - 'Time for Tea' with the rows of teacups.  On the left we have a common-all-garden teabag presented in a Popsicle cello bag - tag just cut using nestie tags and secured inside the card with a foam pad.  Bakers twine attached to a label telling her to slide out cos knowing my mum she's have ripped it of with great enthusiasm!!!
I really enjoyed making this card - you know when you have something in your head and it comes off dead easy (the idea, not your head!)... well this was exactly one of those ideas - executed to perfection...

Don't forget to go and get your collection of papers - see what you come up with... ideal if you want to tell a friend that its time you met up for a cup of tea cos you haven't seen them in ages!  At only £3.49 for the set - that's less than a pot of tea for two (in some posh places anyway) - and this collection will last as long as you keep it safe and sound on a memory stick/hard drive somewhere for you to use time and time again - you can't say that about a teabag now, can you?!  

Oh, just one last thing, you won't have seen these papers in any other collection so won't be doubling up as they are all Brand New Designs.

Hope you enjoyed!

hugs, Paula x x x


  1. Shame drinking tea makes me sick :-)
    Glad you managed a few days away....we did too and doesn't it make a difference? :-)
    Enjoy the sunshine.
    A x

  2. I just love a nice cup of tea. Glad you enjoyed your days away. Hope you are well. Kathleen x

  3. Nice to hear you have had a mini break hon. I'm having one this weekend xx


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