Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Funky Fifteenth (of June)

Hello there friends, blog buddies and new visitors to my blog.

Thanks to everyone who has been to visit me recently - all your comments are best wishes are so gratefully received.  I do try and get back to each and everyone of you, although sometimes the e-mails says "Blogger-no reply" - I will try better to visit your blog (if you have one therefore).

Just a quick post really to tell you about the upcoming new challenge over at Get Funky - the challenge blog for Funky Hand.  Tomorrow is of course the Funky Fifteenth - the day of the big challenge launch over of Get FunkyAnice, owner and head honcho at Funky Hand has set the challenge and will therefore kick it off with details on the blog, along with her card/project, which is her take on the challenge set.  I hope you will be able to go HERE and check it out.  Thereafter one of the Funkettes' will post a challenge card every other day until the 14th of the following month (or thereabouts).  I'm scheduled to post around the 26th June, so watch out for my card coming, and come back to see what my take of the challenge is.

Tomorrow is also a very special day for me - and my darling husband, as we have been married for 20 years.  I was a 'child bride' if you like - I was 20 which seems very young now, but back then I knew what I was doing and knew I'd found the love of my life.  We all know that it takes a lot of hard work to make a marriage work - and there are times when things aren't all rosy - he left his chin hairs in the sink, or I left my cup on the table instead of putting it in the sink... those kind of things.  However, we work at it and that is why, at only 40, I am celebrating a big milestone wedding anniversary - well, it is in my book.  Before we know it, we will be celebrating our Silver Wedding Anniversary which is humongously strange because it doesn't seem 2 minutes since I was setting up a surprise for my mum and Dad's 25th Wedding Anniversary when I was 6 months pregnant with my first child who was born on my 22nd birthday.  My Mum and Dad managed to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary, but sadly my Dad died 2 months before their 41st.  How I am so glad I held a little party for them.  They didn't want any fuss, that's why I had a few people round at my house  I just told them that I was going to cook for them.

I got a roll of wallpaper lining and put it horizontally on the wall at the back of my kitchen and drew a timeline of their marriage together on it, with all the births of their children and grandchildren on and other milestones and memorable dates.  My Dad had been diagnosed with cancer only a matter of weeks  before the anniversary and on that same night, he had his last cigarette after having smoked 50+ years.  He chose that night of all nights to stop, and he did so well.  I was so proud of him and even went to the smoking cessation classes with him.  I supported him like that all the way through his battle with cancer - which we thought at one point he had won.  Anyway, I admired how, despite having more downs than ups, and more poorer than richer - they stood the test of time.

My in-laws will also be celebrating their wedding anniversary this year... their Golden Wedding Anniversary.  We are both very lucky that we had such good role models, having both come from homes with strong family values and good solid marriages - whether there were good times or bad, they were solid.

You know when you sometimes have an argument and at that very moment, you wish they would just take a long walk off a short pier (admit it, we've all been there once or twice), I stop and think this: sometimes I might not be able to live with him (the regular men are from Mars, women from Venus stuff) - but I know with all my heart that I couldn't live without him.  And that's it.  That is the be all and end all for me.  I could not live without my husband.  So, he might well be from Mars at times - but I'd rather put up with that, than him not being anywhere in my life.... so - Happy Anniversary to my darling, beloved husband, who I've loved beyond 20 years.  I've loved him since the day we chatted when I took my Mums dog for a walk when I was a mere 16 year old, just about to leave school and still taking my exams (he was 3 years old and working).... and 3 days later - we became a couple who were inseparable.  We both KNEW we had met the person we were going to marry and be with for the rest of our lives... hard to believe that a 16year old would know that - and we were engaged when I was still 16.  We officially got engaged on the 24th December when we took both sets of parents out for a meal to announce the news. They were all delighted too.

So - I better make him a card I suppose.

In the meantime - here are one or two cards I've made recently for you to enjoy...

This is a card I made using the Serif Craft Artist, Platinum edition.  It is actually a project on the programme, and I made this for my next door but one neighbours who have just had their first child - a son they have named Charlie.  I did change some of the images on here though so it isn't exactly the same as in the project, but I love the colours and the designs on the base card.  Gorgeous.

These are a set of cards I made using an image that a blogging friend from the States kindly sent me last year - apologies as I don't know the name or origin of the stamp at all.  I've matted the stamped images in each card on a layer of blue/aqua coloured hand made paper which is extremely fine, but effective nonetheless.  I later stamped greetings in the bottom right corner of the card base to read, 'thank you' and 'best wishes' (I think)!

Hope you liked my quick post LOL and my quick cards...

Don't forget to check out Get Funky tomorrow - maybe consider becoming a follower so you always know when one of the design team have posted their cards - always dazzling and delighting with colourful creations.

Bye for now and thank you for reading.

Paula x x x


  1. Hello sweetie. Happy Anniversary to you and Darren for tomorrow.
    Hugs & Kisses Pam xx

  2. happy anniversary - sounds like a keeper! have a great day.


    I hope you have a lovely day and celebrate this special day together in a memorable way.

    I too was a child bride. I got married when I was 3 days 19 .. .. and yes it was very young looking back but we felt grown up and knew we were meant to be together.

    We celebrated 36 years this year .. .. and it feels like about 12.

    I am sure your hubby will love his anniversary card. It is beautiful.

    Have a happy day.

    Love Jules xx

  4. Huge congrats for your anniversary. Big hugs for you both.
    A x

  5. Happy Anniversary to both of you. Have a lovely day. Kathleen x

  6. Paula, Happy Anniversary from Chesterfield Missouri!!! Unfortunately I can only say that for 5 more weeks as after 17 years here we are moving to the Atlanta Georgia area :( Love all you wrote on your anniversary and that marriage is work, because it is, and yes, those guys can make us crazy, but I too can't imagine it any other way. Sounds like your parents set a good example for you. Many blessings on your Anniversary and what a lovely card for your DH!!!

  7. Happy Anniversary Paula - and many more happy years chick! Hugs, Di xxx

  8. Dearest Paula,
    Happy (belated) 20th Anniversary!!! Wishing you all the love and happiness that you deserve.

    Also, lots of thanks for your lovely comments on my blog - I was so happy to see that someone actually went through my older posts and liked what they found there :)

    And, please know that if it wasn't for your paper rose tutorial some time ago, I would not have been so inspired to make my paper flower spheres and bouquets. Thank you so much for being so talented, generous and inspiring.

    All the best!!!

    - Marija


Thank you for your super scrummy spangly comment and for spending your valuable time letting me know what you think...

Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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