Sunday, 12 June 2011

A card or Two

Well, its the early hours of Sunday and I'm here at my desk blogging (which I haven't done for ages), and so I thought I'd actually start to blog some of my cards - hey - I've done enough to blog a couple of times per day/hour for a while.  I never seem to be motivated enough these days to actually blog them because it feels like a distraction.  I think its because at one time, I spent so long blog hopping that I didn't really get much actual crafting done.  Its probably a reflection of my energy levels though.

My sleeping is all upside down so much so that I went to bed all afternoon on Saturday.  I couldn't keep my eyes open so went to have a lie down.  I took the laptop upstairs with me, but just kept falling off!  Anyway, I got up at a really silly time, ate at a silly time (turned midnight - so technically never ate all day Saturday) - and here I am, still up and blogging.  I suppose that means I'll either be like the walking dead tomorrow or I'll be in bed til silly o'clock.  I prefer to be like the walking dead and not miss any of the day!

I thought i'd start to share some cards i've been working on recently - when energy levels permit, I'll make a few from the papers I print out for specific project, then try and use up the rest on another card - well, thats the plan!

I have quite a lot of new stuff to use - some of which I've not even opened yet - so in my head, I've got work to do for the coming years - and that's just on the stuff I have and not used.  Another thing is that I'm trying to use more of my scraps.  I file these by colour in 2 massive 4-ring binder folders.  I have one for all my naturals and metallic and monochromes - then the other file has all the colours of the rainbow in - and its filed in order of how the song goes....  have to sing it each time I file or try to find something lol!!!

Here is a Forever Friends card I made recently - its not for anyone in particular yet though.  I actually made this card from scraps from the Forever Friends Black and Gold CD.

For my favourite crafting resources - I have a folder for all the scraps I create for the following: Forever Friends, Funky Hand, My Craft Studio, Pink Petticoat, then I have a misc folder - all of these folders are kept in something that I bought that looks like a magazine rack - but its made of fabric.  Actually its sold as a craft folder thingy - I bought it from 'The Works' at a cost of about £3.99.  In fact it was so useful, I went back and bought another!!!

Here is a pic of the file holder:

In the other one, I keep a folder on the Funky Hand DT stuff, and have put some card blanks in here too.  Each unit stays under my table and slide easily on my laminate floor (well, when I kick them out of the way with my foot!!  They're really useful and serve a purpose similar to suspension files - I don't have a draw spare - all my drawers serve a proper purpose so its not like there is a load of rubbish I could potentially throw out to make room, so these were a good alternative to yet another piece of furniture in my conservatory.

Right, here is another card for me to share:

Again, this card has a Forever Friends image that was already printed out and in the FF folder.  I bought some paper doilies ages ago with the intention of using them on cards - well, here is a card that I initially stamped with a swirly flourish stamp (Anna Griffin) stamped in Dusty Concord.  The flowers were cut using a Crealies Creative Flower die (no. CF11), cut from Funky Hand polka dot papers.  The fern like leaves are from another Crealies die - this is a Crealies Creative Shape die (CS11) - I bought these at the same time from Joanna Sheen.  The sentiment is from Kanban, bought from QVC.  They did a box full of sentiments - far too many to count, but there were loads.

I'm not keen on this card - its way too busy for me - and I'm not sure I'm liking the 'doily' look!  Way too much going on here!

I think that's it is for tonight / this morning - don't want to write 'War and Peace' and put you off coming back to read again ha ha ha!

More cards will be drip fed over time - perhaps then, I might catch up with them all one day - I didn't realise just how manyI'd made until I look back at the pics (not many get through the net - they all get the photobooth treatment)!

Have a lovely Sunday - please say hi if you stop by to have a read.

Love and hugs

Paula x x x


  1. Hi Paula!! Great to see you blogging - I love both cards. The doily look is fine, but who am I to comment anyhow! Hope the tiredness isn't getting you down too much chick! Take care, big hugs! Di xxx

  2. Hello my little friend. Good to see you blogging but not so good to hear you're still not into a proper day/ night routine. Really hope things improve very soon.
    A x

  3. sweet cards Paula- hope you are doing ok- am loving the FF CD too

  4. Hi Hun, yes I agree with the others, it’s great to see you blogging again and that you’ve been able to work on a few projects.
    It’s obvious thought that you need your sleep and it’s not so much as when you sleep, more the point that you do, so it means you sleep most of the day so be it. I’m sure your body clock will know when you’ve caught up and you’ll get back to a ‘normal’ day.

    Take care

  5. Hi Paula, I think a common fault with all crafters....we are too critical of our own work!! Your cards are lovely.

    I just use an onyx black Versafine ink pad for my Tatty Teddy (it's the free one) and I coloured him with ice grey Promarker.

    I hope you get your sleep sorted xx

  6. Hi hun
    nice to see you postin, gorgeous cards, very organised bag, sue,x


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