Wednesday, 25 May 2011

WOYWW 25th May '11

Gosh, its been so long since I did a WOYWW post that I anticipate there is going to be a whole new load of WOYWWers - and loads that I've yet to meet!

Well, to those who haven't been here before, I'm somewhat well known for doing rather lengthy blog posts.  However, I think that I must have turned a new leaf - either that, or just the fact that I actually fall to sleep at the laptop all the time - because i've not been blogging at all recently.  I have all on keeping up with my e-mails and reading the things that i've subscibed to.  I haven't blogged or blog hopped for a while - so apologies to all those blogging friends that I haven't visited or kept up to date with - I hope you are all well and that you are all keeping healthy and happy.

Things are still tough with me.  I still suffer pain from my op last year - I await my appointment with the pain specialist to see what they plan to do this time.  I'm on 18 pain killers (controlled) per day, plus now having to take omeprazol due to my stomach lining being inflammed now.  I wake up a lot of mornings with a sicky feeling and the doctor examined me - boy did it hurt when he pressed on my upper stomach - he said it was inflamed so has put me on these additional tablets.  Then there is the paracetamol I take in addition when things get really bad.  My sleeping is starting to get erratic again.  I managed to tame it for a while and even went to bed early a couple of times, but needed to get up about 5am, because my body had had the usual lenght of sleep - well, actually more sleep.

Yesterday I had to go to a medical examination, then in the afternoon, I had another appointment and I think the anxiety I suffered while waiting for yesterday to come along and have these appointments and it took it out of me.  I went to rest on the bed because my feet were like Shrek's feet so took my new craft magazines to read and ended up falling to sleep.  Came down and never went back to bed!  I feel that I haven't got anything done today, but i've felt a bit 'spaced out'.  Sometimes I get this feeling when I have changed my morphine patches - like i'm getting a 'hit'.  I felt so weird earlier that I had to cancel going to my card class that I started.  I've fallen to sleep twice sat at the laptop today and feel like that now, so i'm gonna leave my post right there for today. 

I'm looking forward to hearing from new people to my blog - everyone is welcome to get in touch - unknown bloggers are strangers waiting to be friends...

Here are some pics of the craft room starting with my desk - a bit boring, some free stamps on.  The baby oil bottle for those beedy eyed of you was so I could see whether I could blend some colouring with artist pencils (Derwent).  They did blend a little bit - but then I started to want gamasol, then I started looking for Prisma pencils (really want some!)

I recently bought the camping table in so a friend could have somewhere to craft along with me too.  However, this has become a semi-permanent feature in my craft room - and actually, it means that I can leave the desk to do admin stuff at and designing on the laptop - then turn 90 degrees to the right and i'm at the camp table crafting and facing my large flatscreen TV enabling me to watch Create and Craft all day!!!

On the camp table (which needs a bit of a tidy), I have a box at the back which contains all my Tatty Teddy stuff which I bought last week.  The green caddy has some unopened stamp sets in (this is a temporary measure until I find them a home), and the blue caddy is a bit bin for scraps while I am at the table crafting.  I have all my promarkers out at the moment because I've been colouring in some Funky Hand digi's I printed out from the Papercraft Factory CD's.

Here is a pic of my sofa where I sometimes retire to when I want to watch TV or the mojo has gone again - regular home of Katy Kitten so loads of hairs under the brown throw which is not where she lays - she lays on a blue throw which matches the cushions LOL.

These are the cats spread out on the sofa - which makes me smile cos of the Keep Calm cushion - oh don't worry, they're calm alright:


Above is a view back at my desk to show you how I've stored my dies.  A couple of DVD shelves fastened to the wall with all my dies in thin DVD cases where I've put a strip of magnetic sheet to keep them secure.  I've made coverslips for them using Microsoft Publisher making sure that the name of the die and manufacturer was printed in the right place so it landed on the spine.  Each manufacturer has a different colour printed on the spine so that I know where they all are.  It was one of those jobs that niggled away at me until I completed it.  I was so relieved when it was done and the final case went on the shelf unit (sad or what?)!

Right, I'll leave my post right there and go join in the fun... its literally months since I was on woyww with Julia - a fantastic host, I know that a lot of people appreciate what she has done, because there are no other incentives to join in other than getting a right good nosey around all over the world, and making friends.  Better than a bag of ribbon any day of the week!  Over now to link myself up on Julia's blog.

Looking forward to your comments and perhaps meeting new crafting friends

Hugs and stuff

Paula x x x


  1. Glad to see you blogging again Paula, not been around much myself as I had a stay in Hospital recently so off work yet again!!!! will email you when I get a chance. Take care


  2. Paula, it is good to see you blogging again - trust you to pick a time when blogger is playing silly b...ers!! though! I had hoped that your doctors would have sorted your pain out by now, it is really a long struggle for you, I know. Take care,Helen.

  3. Hi Paula, good to see you blogging again, I had wondered where you were. Sorry to hear you are still having major problems, but I am pleased that you havent lost your knack of writing 'war and peace' LOL
    Now.... you knew that camping table would never leave your craft room once it was there didnt you??

  4. Hello hunny-pie, so pleased to see you blogging again! I've been missing for a while myself and just got back into it in the last week or so - time flies by at an alarming rate! I'll email soon for a good catch up.

    Take care sweetie, love 'n' hugs, Nicki, xx

  5. Hi's been a while! Your workspace is looking as creative as ever. Take care..xx I hope you have more good days than bad. Sending you gentle ((hugs))

  6. Great to see you back ...I've been off line for 2 weeks while reorganizing my bedroom /craft area ...all the hard work done by DD ...I just have to fit everything back in ...I'm sure the stash has grown lol. Sorry to hear that you still have so much discomfort ....hugs xx

  7. Paula? Who she?

    Welcome back honey - great to have a peek at your crafty space. But sorry to hear you still aren't 100%. I heard on the radio the other day that there is a new painkiller out which doesn't have the side effects of morphine - no name given though. You might want to ask about it. Lots of love and hugs, Di xx

  8. Good to see you back. Just a shame they don't seem to have sorted out all that pain for you. Stay creative and make the best of the good days.
    A x

  9. I'm fairly new to woyww......4th week

    so pleased to meet you, very interesting crafty room/chill out area....well those cats looked chilled out.

    sorry you feeling a little worse for wear, hope you feel better soon, or the pills kick in quickly

    Angie x

  10. What a wonderful work space and so well organized. Sounds like you're having a tough go right now but I do hope it gets better quickly for you. Happy WOYWW ;)

  11. How utterly delightful to read you again P. Am so sorry that you don't seem to have progress at all in the pain stakes..and examinations that make you all makes me so cross! Am so glad you have enough good moments for some craft therapy, and organising therapy too - Wow, the dies look great if a bit erm, scarey!!

  12. There you are! I was thinking about sending out the cavalry! So nice to have you back again. Sorry for all the on-going pain and examinations and crap. At least you have this crafting malarkey to keep you sane, well, as sane as a dizzy blonde can ever be!! Glad someones got the right idea about chilling out, looking forward to more posts.


  13. Nice post...not too long at all. Glad to see you back posting too! Love the pics. I am sorry to hear you are having such pain. I have a history of CFS and Fibromyalgia that flares up a lot especially after having surgery etc. I also had to take pain meds and after a while they didn't work so they upped the dose...multiple times. My liver became inflamed and then I really had problems. I hope the pain doctors can help you get on top of this so you don't have to keep taking as much stuff. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #46

  14. Dear Paula

    Legend and I were SO delighted to see that you stopped by for WOYWW and a birthday visit this week! We have truly missed you and are sorry to hear that you are still in pain. I have fibro so I know what living with pain is like.

    I hope you are enjoying your weekend and I hope you will visit more regularly - you always make me smile!

    Great WOYWW post and pics by the way!


  15. Blogger wouldn't let me play on WOYWW so I am catching up now! Great to see you blogging again. Hope you will soon feel much better. keep smiling. x Jo

  16. Hi Paula! yes, blogger's been a pain!! but I'm here at last! It all looks very crafty to me and I wouldn't mind swapping as my craft room is in a terrible state! Hope you're feeling well, Happy Late Woyww

  17. Aww Paula, it’s so nice to see you back blogging again but it would have been better to hear that you’re feeling better which is not the case sadly. I hope they can get your pain under control soon and I’m sure the Omeprazole will help. I’m on that and it works like magic for me.
    The pictures of your work area are great but I just love the one of your two babies, they look so comfortable stretched out on your sofa.

    Hope to see you again soon


  18. oh what make are those stamps on your desk??? Is that a magazine freebie I've missed out on?!! Love the tree image...any chance you could stamp me some images? ;) HUGS jenny

  19. ps... Love the pick of your cats! And your choice of own sofa looks very similar! Hope you are keeping as well as possible. jenny


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