Thursday, 26 May 2011

Wannabe Ottlite Owner? - Read this!

Hi folks

I just wanted to share something with you - because try as I might, i can't keep this one to myself...

Now, if you're like me, you've been thinking of investing in an Ottlite for your crafts or creative area - but either can't justify the expense, or already have a desk lamp and can't bring yourself to replace something that seems to be in perfect working order.  Yep, that was me.

Thing is, (and I may not be the first to discover this whatsoever), yesterday, I sat at my desk (in the conservatory, in the daytime) wondering if it was possible to buy a replacement bulb to fit a lamp that isn't an Ottlite lamp.  Hmm - it appears you can - or rather, if you have a lamp that fits one of their bulbs anyway.  However, if you haven't got a lamp to fit a replacement bulb - you won't have to pay a fortune!  I wish I had a £ for everyone who might read this and go out and buy this now LOL...

I have one of these on my desk:

Its a desk lamp from IKEA - called a Global and sells for £13.99 (I think I got mine for around £12 last year). Product code is 300 185 60

Yesterday, after looking at Ottlites on Amazon, I wondered if they sold a bulb that would fit this lamp as they seem to have one that looks similar.  So, I went on to a couple of websites and found that the Ottlite site itself was the cheapest.  I ordered a bulb with the SAME fittings as the IKEA lamp.  The bulb cost £10 (inclusive of VAT) and shipping was £1.20 - and it came this morning.  My son handed me the parcel from the courier and said that's lite, are you sure there is anything in it - but I couldn't remember what I'd ordered!  Then I saw the shipping note and laughed (and was surprised at the same time!) - it was my bulb - in a bigger than needed box (probably as its a fragile shipment), opened it up, got nervous in case it didn't fit after all my hopes were up - and lo and behold... it does, and it works.

That's why I just HAD to share this with my buddies and anyone in the crafting world wanting to own a daylight lamp, but in these hard times when a full priced Ottlite is out of the question.  I certainly can't afford or justify the purchase of a new one.

Here is the bulb that fits the lamp:
Its an Ottlite 508 Illumination bulb which is reported to last up to 10,000 hours, will reduce glare and eyestrain, and give superior image and colour rendering - and let you "Enjoy life in HD"!!!

I know I can for £12.20 (bulb + Shipping)... when all said and done - I already had the lamp so unless I was going out to invest now, I haven't really included this in the amount it's cost me to get Ottlamp quality lighting - but if I needed both, its going to cost the grand total of £22.20 - and probably your dinner at IKEA (or whatever you usually do when you get there) LOL!!!

Hope this helps... same as I said - I couldn't wait to share this with you.

Please leave me a message if you think this might be something that has helped, or whether you think you will go for it!  I should be on a commission - what do you think?

Paula is one Happy Bunny right now :O)

hugs to all

x x x


  1. enjoy your "new lamp", let us know how you get on with it. We have daylight bulbs in all our main light fittings and no lamps.

  2. Hi hun
    aww you good girl sharing your secret, thanks hun, sue,xx

  3. Wow Paula, great tip! I wanted to get an OTTlite in Florida as they were cheaper but couldn't bring it back safely so thought I will just have to treat myself when I get paid my first commission cheque this month but now I am going to Ikea and doing what you did! Thanks hun hope you are ok xx

  4. Love this tip, its brilliant, Might have to get one next month when I get my monthly craft pennies,
    H xx

  5. Genius! Thank you for sharing this!


Thank you for your super scrummy spangly comment and for spending your valuable time letting me know what you think...

Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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