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WOYWW - 19th January 2011

Well Hello my blogging buddies
How are you this fine morning - full of the joys of spring. Yes? - Well join the club - because I feel so springlike and refreshed... I've had two nights sleep.  I've woken up in the morning like a regular person for 2 days running and I feel ready for the world.  My world.

When I say that I've had two nights sleep- technically I've had between 5-6 hours average but that is super fantastic for me.  While some might run on that amount of sleep regularly - not me.  I'm a baby and in my old life could have slept 10 hours per night no problem.

Things are well in the household despite me feeling full of the joys... My youngest Son (K) is off school again - with suspected glandular fever.  He went to the nurse on Monday to tell her he wasn't feeling well - he only made it in because he had an exam or he wouldn't have gone in the first place.  However, the day they were back to school after the Christmas holidays (4th Jan), he was sent home in the afternoon unwell.  He had a a sore throat and was chesty, I had a chest infection which lasted over two weeks; eldest son (A) was also ill - all courtesy of DH... cheers!

Anyway - that's that.  You came to look at my desk - not to hear about MORE illnesses.  This household has certainly had its share in the last year.  A year ago today, I was having a CT scan and a bronchoscopy :O(  The rest is history now - but it was the start of everything that happened last year and led me to where I am today.  As it happens, in pain again for the last 4-5 days, so saw my GP yesterday - and another increase of the morphine patch strength.

Right - onto the desk.  I've been adding to my spellbinders and other dies collection since Christmas and been in a quandary as to whether to get a Cricut Expression or a Grand Calibur... Anyway - reason for me mentioning the spellbinders is because I been messing with my storage again!  Here is how it [currently] looks!

I can tell you're impressed, go-on, admit it!!!!

Here's another view

Spot the difference!!!  Did you get it?  Weyhey!  those LUSH ribbons... want a better look?

Aren't they lovely?

Just call me a mega photographer because I've captured the spangly sparkles.  And I took it last night... in the dark!!!  In fact all of the photos on today's blog post were taken at just after midnight.  I took the laptop with me when I went to bed with the intentions of doing this post...  no chance.  I started to fall to sleep.  And when that happens - I start to twitch big style.  So much so that I mentioned it to the Doctor yesterday but she didn't seem overly concerned... it was a different Doctor from my usual one - although before she had others employed at the surgery, she was my GP for the last 22 years.  She was alarmed at the amount of painkillers I was on etc but she knew that they'd been approved by the Pain Consultant.  She then had to increase my patch from 15mgs per hour to 20mgs per hour.  I put the bigger patch on last night - so I have 2 x 10mgs - high up on my back.  I'm still in pain today though. Oh well.

Well, the good news is that some of those ribbons are going to be in the little stash candy for my blogaversary - and you've got to be in it to win it.  You have to be a follower to be in with a chance.  This is in no way a recruitment drive for followers.  I only want people to follow me because they like what they see when they come to my blog.  If you do want to become a follower, as long as its not just for the candy - I'd love to welcome you - and get to know more about you...  Can I just ask one thing though... I don't want you to advertise my candy on your blog.  I'm not giving it away to attract people from afar if you know what I mean.  Anyway - I can't wait to give it away, and I'm slowly getting a package of stuff together (if I can bear to let it go LOL)... if you've dropped on here and didn't read the original post - here it is.  Good luck - and don't forget to tell me how you got into crafting - the question is on the blog post anyway...

In my last two posts, I've hinted that I had some news to share.  Only those followers that joined me early last year when I first set up my blog will know what kind of year I had. To prevent this being a mega mega post - I am going to do a fresh one which will follow this one.  If you want to know what my news is (it's not that exciting - and no, I'm not pregnant LOL)!!!

Happy WOWWY to you all and look forward to continuing to meet new friends through this phenomenon that is the brainchild of a very special person and friend Julia of the Stamping Ground blog.  To find out more if you've not come from Julia's and haven't heard about What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW), please go here to meet Julia and leave her some love - and hopefully join in.


Paula x x x x


  1. Hi Paula, Got your email. Thanks. Lovely ribbons. Super tidy desk. Take care. Kathleen x

  2. Your desk looks wonderful and I really love all those yummy ribbons. Looking forward to hearing your good news :-)
    A x

  3. Lots of lovely sparkly ribbons there mate they look lush! Sorry you have had to up your pain meds, I hope they kick in & give you some relief. Can't wait to hear your news, you are such a tease! Have a great week! Tracey x

  4. Those ribbons are wonderful! Sorry you are in more pain again, take care. hugs, Helen. x

  5. Yikes Paula - a year..oh my girlfriend, what you have been through..and I'm alarmed at what you still take for pain relief and I'm not a doctor! Poor baby boy - GFever can be so long lastin g- not what any of you need, I hope he bounces back. As for the ribbons - I can see why they make you all smiley!

  6. Call you a mega photographer?? Id rather call you a Magpie as clearly you have Magpie tendencies going by all of those sparkly ribbons!!

    Im so glad to see you back to your normal short posts Paula, if only Id known earlier I wouldn't have taken my sleeping tablets as I swear that at some point during the reading of them, a couple of lines might have - cant be positive mind, but might have blurred into one! Please forgive me!

    What a FABULOUS year ahead you have got coming! And Im 100% positive with each passing day you will get a little tiny bit healthier too and by the end of it you will hardly remember any of it - that's the theory Im working on!

    Oh I do hope K recovers fully and in good time as I believe it can be a stinker too - hey, whats with the G family and not bothering with the common cold anymore and just heading straight for the big b*gger illnesses??!!

    Catch you soon and am SO glad to read that you've actually slept, like in your own bed - and not in the conservatory slumped over the LT! Thats great news Paula!

    Keryn xxx

  7. I got lost in the ribbons... Hope your son is feeling better.

  8. Those ribbons are really tempting, but can you bear to use them and lose them? Hope your son soon recovers fully.

  9. Well you're starting the New Year off right with a DT position and a giveaway, so I really hope 2011 is looking up for you! Must hop over and read the "news" post, but I have a sneaking suspicion you're not at work any more! At least that's what I hope it is as you need to concentrate on yourself and get well! love the spangly ribbons and I'm sure by now you know how much I like ribbon!! Oh! I won a $15 voucher today to Simon Says Stamp for that HM christmas card from the other day!

    Brenda 100

  10. Love the new blog LO too, meant to mention that but I forgot! Thanks also for pointing out how dark my photos were with the other LO I had, you were right, they looked terrible!!

  11. Love the idea of using the cd storage for the spellbinders much neater than anything else. enjoy your time at home and build up your strength.
    x Tricia

  12. Hi Paula, lots of lovely, luscious ribbon. Your spellbinders are soooo organised. Sorry to read that you are still in so much pain but pleased to hear you got some decent sleep at last. Kind regards, Elizabeth #78

  13. Hi Paula, I'm sorry you're still in pain even with all those painkillers! What a life! Can't imagine struggling with pain all the time. Lovely lovely ribbons! And yes, I am impressed with your super organized desk today! I'm glad you've got your crafting joys to take your mind off your troubles! Patsy from


  14. Lots of yummyness going on. Very tidy workspace.

    Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs Marjo #10 Happy WOYWW

  15. I am impressed with your desk and I am sorry you are suffering. It is hard to take your mind off pain, even when you are paper crafting.
    Take care!!
    Sue xx 67

  16. Not many could get through the year you have ...2011 can only get better. I am so happy to hear that you managed a couple of nights where your sleep has been almost normal ...lets pray it continues. So sorry they had to up the dosage of your patch but maybe sometime in the near future they will reduce it. Hugs ...gentle of course ...xx

  17. love your organised desk and those sparkly ribbons - hope you increased pain relief kicks in soon and that your son is feeling better ~ Nicky 24

  18. hope your family gets to feeling better soon. Sorry to hear you had to increase you pain meds and they still aren't relieving the pain. I am jealous of the tidy space and all the Spellbinders storage. RIBBON is awesome!

  19. Your desk looks wonderful - really busy and creative and with lots of fabulous storage ideas. And ooooooooh pretty, sparkly ribbons! :D

    Thanks for sharing. :)

    Ali #74

  20. I am duly impressed with you organisational skills. Those ribbons are very yummy! Hope everybody in the family feels better real soon.
    Tertia 110

  21. I for one am TOTALLY impressed by that desk. And that ribbon is gorgeous. Sorry to read everyone was sick. Makes it rough. Hope all are better, now.

  22. I picked you:
    “Becca at is Sharing the Comment Wealth and I picked you”
    your site is beyond what i have to learn...thanks for the look...Tootsie


Thank you for your super scrummy spangly comment and for spending your valuable time letting me know what you think...

Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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