Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Launch of the New Funky Hand CD - Craft the Year Away

Just in case you ladies didn't know - or had forgotten (how could you have) - the latest CD from Funky Hand was released live on Create and Craft yesterday... yes indeed it was.

As you may or not know, this will be Funky Hand's 11th CD - the 3rd in the Papercraft Factory series.  If you go HERE to the website you will be able to see a demonstration of the software that is Papercraft Facory - you won't believe how easy it is to use.

The theme of the CD is months of the year and the collections are named by the month where each month the colourways are recognisable of the time of year - in a FUNKY HAND stylee!!!

If you go HERE - you will be able to see some fabby Design Team (Funkettes) samples of just what the CD can achieve for you - and it'll knock your socks off!!!

Look out for repeats of the show (subject to stock levels) throughout the week - but Anice will be back on Friday 4th February with two LIVE shows at 10am and 2pm.

Also - check out the challenge blog to see the latest posting by the Funkettes - the theme for January's challenge is 'Going Round In Circles'.  My card is due to be posted on 8th February and will also appear on here.  Mine will be an example of how you can use the fantastic designs to make a very simple but effective card - so come back and make sure you have a good look.  Remember - you can always click on the blinkies on my side bar to get to the website and challenge blog at any time.

Thanks for reading - please leave a comment to say you've been - then come back again. hugs, Paula x x x


  1. Hi Paula, hope you're enjoying the weekend :-)
    I'm not into CDs myself but I do think Anice's CDs are very good.
    Anne xx

  2. PS sorry it wasn't a 'spangly' comment hehe

  3. Hi Pauls, unfortunately missed the programme, but no doubt will see it in one of the replays! Good luck with your designing and I've left something for you on my blog. Hope you will feel able to accept it. Stay well and happy, ikki

  4. I Paula, thanks for your comments on my blog and yes both stamps are by Anna Griffin.

    Sue x

    ps I was born in Chesterfield and lived in Northwingfield untill I was 11, a bit of useless info for you. :))


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