Wednesday, 30 June 2010

WOYWW - 30th June

Hi de hi bloggers...

Its nice to be joining it this week - last week was the first week I didn't join in since my  blogging time began back in the day (well, January actually) LOL...  Hope you didn't miss me too much (as if)!!!

Anyway, here is the desk without further ado

I do have to admit that it wouldn't have looked like this if I had have blogged last week - and even yesterday it didn't look like this but I went and sat in my chair this evening (Tues) and tidied away... It was the first time at my desk since a made a card on Sunday - oh, not as long ago as I thought then??!?!?!?  I'll post a pic of that card if I remembered to take one...

Well, on the desk you can see i am proudly displaying my card easel - and its not staged at all - in fact, its had much use since I received it from the lovely Julia, made by the talented Mr D - he must have been going some to churn out a fair few of those - hope he doesn't have blisters - or hope he's not chanting WOYWW in his sleep - that wouldn't be good!!!

What else is on the desk?... oh, a tag is currently on the easel - this is something I coloured up ages ago when i was messing about. never done anything with it since - as you can see and didn't really need me to point out LOL!!!  Oh there is a new bag of laggy bands (as we say round these parts)!!! - coloured ones too so must have been feeling posh the day I bought those.  In the little pot with the green lid is a mass mix of card candy my Mum sent me... she bought one of those sets of 8 or so boxes when they were on QVC, so she has given me a selection of colours - i'd shown her how I used some others that someone had given me - I don't think she's used any yet - which doesn't surprise me.  My oldest DS would say - "all gear, no idea"... although, while that is not strictly true of my Mum (she does buy a lot but hardly ever crafts)... he says it to DH about all his golf tackle... it does make me chuckle - bust most of all it makes me feel far less guilty about my stash shopping cos at least I ry and craft regularly - but DH hardly ever goes golfing... his excuse is that he is always cooking, cleaning and shopping (which it quite true - bless)... but I told him that Cinderalla will go to the ball...

Anyway - for you nosey ones out there - he's another pic:

Thats a pic of my shelves - which I must admit look not too bad - i'd give myself a 'B' at least for effort...

Another one of the desk - and something I need to point out:

Now, on the wall at the back, there is something that looks like a green tree shaped post it note ... well thats because it is!!!   However, until I was uploading these pics from the memory card to the laptop, I hadn't noticed it IRL... the ever-so-mature and grown up 17 year old DS put that there - and do you want to know what it says??? do ya???  I know you're dying to know now... it says "More cheese Gromit?"... that's how grown up he is... (NOT)...  Its now in the bin!!!

Since I took this pic, I made a card which I will blog at a later time.

Anyway, come later - when you're all awake and i'm not - you'll have visited umpty tumpty desks  - so i'll just have to blog hop best I can when i do get up... that is the only reason i've done this the night before (although technically it is now Wednesday so i'm bang on).

When I originally drafted this post ready (I started it on Monday night sometime (ive lost track through not going to bed), I had written that I was going to London to Wimbledon Thurs to Sat - but there have been developments since then - in that I am now NOT going - I have convinced my DH to go with the boys... its all paid for and him going instead of me makes no difference to the arrangements.

To cut a long story short (not like me then)... I don't feel comfortable walking round in big crowds... I feel sick at the thought of someone banging into me - and noone would necessarily - and certainly not on purpose - but neither do I have a big tattoo across my forehead saying that I feel a bit delicate.

Back to the all-nighter story

I never went to bed at all Monday night... not ever.  I stayed up the whole night sat in the conservatory - not even at the desk -  cos I was in far too much teeth clenching eyes screwed up pain.  Nothing took even the edge off.  Was going to contact my doctor again tomorrow - but this afternoon I had a letter from the hospital come - i've got an appointment with the surgeon on Monday at his thoracic clinic.  Now, I'm not sure whether that is as a result of me contacting his PA a few weeks ago - or as a result of my latest xray???  Who knows but I hope to be able to shed some light on the acute pain i'm suffering in my lower ribcage and all up the site to my shoulder... even getting a frozen shoulder and sometimes tingling in my elbow - i'll hopefully be able to get it all figured out and an answer or something. 

Anyway, just in case you are wondering how you get Wimbledon tickets, DS and his friend (Ben) are both members of the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) and entered their names in the ballot for tickets for the second year running - not sure why Ashley hasn't done it before as he's been a member for a few years now.  Anyway, you 'win' the right to buy the tickets you draw in the ballot.  I think (although I might be wrong) these are only either centre court or court one tickets because all other courts are accessible without tickets - me and DS had a wander round last year and saw Rudeski, close up of Roddick practicing, Laura Robson, Macca, John Inverdale, Timmy....  It was the best time!

The jammy sods (well, DS's friend) only 'won' tickets for the MENS SEMI FINALS on CENTRE COURT - how jammy is that... and DS won tickets for the mens DOUBLES semi finals... You always win a pair - so those two are watching the mens singles (both matches) while me OH and youngest DS will watch the doubles.  I would have been as happy Sunbathing on Henmans Hill (It'll NEVER be Murrays Mount (he's a miserable bugger)

DS and I went last year and got tickets for the mens singles quarters - and got two awesome matches.  Roddick - who was amazing was one of them.  Layton Hewitt was in another... Anyhows, hope its gonna be a nice day (it was scorchio last year).  Also - the bonus this year is that Nadal is playing - we were devastated last year when he pulled out through injury, but we got to see him at the ATP finals in November at the 02 Arena :O)  DS recons he'll get a Nadal match... i'll just have to watch it at home... on my own... with my own strawberries and cream - anyone for Pimms???

Anyway - whats on your workdesk this Wednesday? Why don't you show and tell like half the blogging world are at the moment - if you don't know what I mean - follow this link to the starting point... read all about Julia's desk then comment (its rude not to) and blog about your own - linking it up to Mr Linky.  You don't have to be a paper crafter to join in - infact - anyone, anywhere can join in - you don't even have to have a desk.  Peeps from the 4 corners of the globe are joining in and blog hopping - the only candy you get on this blog hop is new friends and lovely comments... now - you can't put a price on that can you???

Go on - whatcha waitin' for????

Before you go, some of you may have seen Dylan the dog seeking refuge from the sun in his new hidey hole (aka OH's brick built BBQ) - since then, he's been trimmed.  Janice the groomer only has to say hello at the gate - before she's even brought in her equipment, and Dylan is behind the chair shivvering... well - here's a pic of him after he's been trimmed - back up the garden in the BBQ - but for very different reasons... i.e. he's hacked off!!!!

before pic "it's a bit warm Mum!"


He's thinking "Has she gone yet with that bloody hairdryer"

Yes, he's definately sat here making sure that Janice had left before he went anywhere near the house again... he's so funny.  I definately think he has more character when his hair is longer - although when its trimmed, it feels just like velvet - such a soft, almost down like hair and he smells just like a baby.....  aaaawwww bless!!!

I don't know if ANY of this post makes sence or is in order LOL... I am dropping to sleep for the first time in 2 nights... the church clock has struck one (the other is on the floor) LOL LOL - that's a joke... and i'm fit to drop so if it don't make sense - make it up!!!

Thanks for reading - please leave a comment to say you've been - then come back again. hugs, Paula x x x

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Footy Nut or Nutty about Footy - a fun card

I love this image from Bugaboo and couldn't wait to use it on a card for one of youngest DS friends.  I actually managed to get this image when it was a freebie:

The sentiment that actually comes with this image says 'soccer nut' - and their football nut is actually a pic of a nut playing American Football - so I generated this on the PC myself.  They have a nut playing various sports which are great - all priced at $3.00 each.  Have a good look around the store though - they have some really funny images from the Character Collections - there's loads.  They do a full range of the sports 'nut' - so may get the tennis and golf ones.

The background paper is from the Forever Friends CD from the male collection.  The cup is just a peel-off on white card and cut round.  The 3 footballs on the bottom are button embellishments that i've had in my stash for a long time.  I made the bunting myself and sewed together with embroidery thread after I had pricked holes in each one with my pokey tool... I think it adds a bit of extra fun and dimension to the card... I coloured the image with my promarkers... I've never had to colour a nut in before so wondered what colours to use... it didn't turn out too bad I don't think!!!

The Happy Birthday sentiment inside the card is from the Anna Griffin set I bought - just stamped with black tuxedo momento ink.

I've just had my mail delivered and amongst it is an appointment to see my thoracic surgeon - the appointment is this monday coming (5th July).  Hopefully I'll get some answers.  In the meantime, I'm supposed to be going to Wimbledon for the mens semi's on Friday - going down Thursday to Saturday but, i'm trying to get OH to go instead of me.  I am so scared of being bumped, it makes me feel sick.  Also not being able to sleep is bad enough at home, but not being able to sleep while in an unfamiliar hotel with everyone asleep in the same room and nothing to do is surely worse??? For some reason - my OH just doesn't want to go... and, if he refuses - i'll have to go as I can't let the boys down. 

More about wimbledon in my post tomorrow for WOYWW (I know that cos i've already part typed it LOL)!!!

Thanks for reading

hugs, Paula x x x

Happy Tuesday - where have I been and what have I been up to??? (and a challenge entry)!

In answer to my own question, and in case you also wondered where I'd been (thank you to all those who have e-mailed and enquired) the actual (rather boring) answer is, nowhere really - and nothing much... (again)...  I've been busy doing nothing - but at the same time, I've not had the chance to blog hop either!!! - So, I hereby apologise for not visiting anyone - I've been a bad, bad blogger - and promise to stand in the naughty corner (when I've got time)!!!

Now, I like to think of my blog as a bit of a diary - when I look back on my posts, I get a mental image as to where I was sat when I posted, how I was feeling etc etc... a bit like a journey and journal in itself - a journey that you lovely readers and followers and blogging friends have been my travel companions on - and one that I never expected to be on in the first place!

You see, I recon that all things happen for a reason... If I never got my tumor, I wouldn't have been off work all this time - and while I had started this blog only days before I found out... who knows if I'd have kept up with it as much as I have.  Anyway, I've made loads of friends - all over the world - and have had the pleasure to have met four or five IRL.  In that way, I feel so lucky and blessed - all of which happened through some rather unexpected and devastating news.  That's how weird life is sometimes???

Well, since I didn't join in with WOYWW last week - and believe me, it was on my mind - (I really wish that I had had the time and energy last week...) I posted about NOT joining in (and I would never had linked that to Mr Linky on Julia's about not joining in as that would have been most rude of me?)!!!...

Anyway, On Wednesday we watched football then Thursday DS and I caught a bus in to town (which was most painful and uncomfortable and felt every bump - even changed seats twice) to go to the Orthodontist to have his upper fixed brace (train tracks fitted) - plus it was my Mum's B'day and I didn't even manage to see her on Thursday.  Some of this I think I mentioned in my post here, (which was about not posting...) In the end, we just caught up with some TV we'd recorded and vegged a bit.

Friday came and DS was in a lot of discomfort with his new brace so stayed off school as he'd been up in the night and had needed panadol.  Not long after lunchtime (when I finally got up - I'll explain later) I had a visit from our dear friends K&M (the lovely couple who were married the other week - see here for photos of their wedding and the Orders of Service I made)...

They came round as M wanted some advice about updating his CV and Development Log for a job he is interested in.  They brought their darling girls round who are just adorable.  When they went, my Mum arrived on her scooter and so was finally able to give her her Birthday cards and pressies - which included a set of drawers for her papers, a file so that she can sort her scraps out like I have, and a set of 10 garden lights to run along her front path - amongst other bits and bobs I got for her.  She was really thrilled with her pressies.

Saturday I got up the earliest I've been up all week (those tablets are so not working in a consistent way) so that I could look at all the amendments to M's CV etc, then late afternoon/evening, we went round to my friends house for a BBQ (they are the parents of K above).  We set 3 sky lanterns off in memory of my Dad, my friends Step Dad and her OH 's Dad... It was really beautiful.

Sunday was a late morning (or rather afternoon), and watched the England match.  Mum came down in the late afternoon and stayed for a while and youngest DS went back home and stayed with her being as it was a teacher training day on Monday.

When Mum and DS had gone, me, DH and oldest DS stayed out til about 11pm on the patio - we had the tea lights lit on the table and the lanterns lit under the parasol - it was so peaceful.  The dog decided at 10PM that it was a good idea to have a mad fit and run round the garden with his squeaky toy - and do it as loud as he could!!!

Monday - another late morning.  DH took Dippy the cat (yes, that's her name), to the vets about her ear again.  The vet said that the tumor had grown, and although it wasn't malignant, it wasn't any better and we had better be prepared to make some sort of decision about her future the next time he has to see her which is in two weeks time.  The vet has given her another shot of antibiotics and a shot of steroids.  The last visit cost £56 and this one cost £45 and it seems this is going to be the norm each fortnight as it is inoperable and at 17, she would be unlikely to withstand an operation anyway, particularly in her fragile state.  We now have to weigh up her actual quality of life as, although she is eating - she is really thin and scrawny and sleeps 95% of the time - which really is NO life.

Anyway, this afternoon I fell to sleep on the sofa in the conservatory (long time since I did that), woke up and my laptop had been swiped by DS again - even though we did a swap as he has a new all singing all dancing PC (which isn't working already) :O(

Then I came on here and posted this post, so without further ado, here's the card I made from the boys to my mum:



This one has been made into a 6x6 easel card.  The DP is K&Co (beautiful green pattern) - the butterfly was punched from the same paper.  The sentiment and the butterfly punch are from the 'Flight of the Butterfly' set from Stampin' up.... I ordered this through the lovely Crafty Linby, who brought it round on her last visit.  I stamped the sentiment in versamark which I heat embossed using green pearl meltdust from My Craft Studio (MCS).  I'm so happy with the way this turned out.

This is the one I made from me (and DH)...


The sentiment is from the Anna Griffin stamps I bought the other week from QVC  - again, stamped with versamark and heat embossed with silver pearl meltdust from MCS.  I then went over the embossed sentiment with my versamagic dewdrop chalk ink and rubbed back with some kitchen roll).  The DP used is a Kate Knight collection from Papermania and the dark distressing has been done using Black Soot TH DI.  I used nesties label 4 for the shapes.  The bottom runs of 'lace' effect borders have been made using Martha Stewart punches.  The flower is made using the Marianne Designs poinsettia dies... I die cut them, then put them back through the cuttlebug with the tan embossing mat to get the full effect of the veins on the leaves.   I made one of the layers with the same DP used throughout the card.  I inked up the plain one with a different colour versamagic chalk ink.

I am going to enter this on into a challenge at Crafty Cardmakers #24 - which is 'Inky Fingers' - challenging us to use inks on our projects...

The one I did from the boys came very easily - I knew what I was going to do - and it turned out just as I wanted - which makes a change....

Because I did that one so easily - I was totally stuck when thinking of something to do for the second one and really struggled - so it was one of those cards that evolved (again)... But the main thing is that Mum loved it... I bigged it up by telling her there were a few techniques involved in it - which she loved (well, there was the resist technique with the stamped sentiment)!!!

When I started typing this post, it was well passed 11pm on Monday - but knowing it would be Tuesday by the time I finished it.   Sat in the conservatory when I first started typing, it started to rain... there was that funny smell associated with summer rain... almost dusty and like dry potting compost - if that makes sense... I had the doors open - it was relatively still but the vertical blinds just started to pick up some breeze associated with the change in air pressure (probably - but i'm no Wincy Willis)!!! 

You won't be pleased to learn that I'm still struggling with sleep - it just doesn't seem to matter what time I take the amitriptyline - they just won't knock me out - which rightly or wrongly - i was hoping that they would do???  The even more frustrating part is that I just CANNOT get up in the morning!!  DH has been leaving me to sleep as he knows how little I've had in recent months - but whats that all about?... I'm also finding myself a bit all over the place when I first get out of bed - I just seem so clumsy and can't walk to the bathroom straight without falling into the bed on the way!!!...

It's really late/early now and while I have a few more things I want to share with you - it might just make this post a bit too long... and you know me - I only like to do short posts hahahahah!!!

Hope you come back again soon - I promise to visit you back....

hugs, Paula x x x

p.s. please put any typos or grammatical errors down to my meds /state of mind /time of day /lack of practice /tiredness*

* delete as applicable - LOL!!!

Friday, 25 June 2010

WOYWW - Missing In Action

Hello all,

I need to apologise for not participating this week... there's been lots happening - and lots not happening...  Also - sorry but there are no piccies either.

Came back from a wonderful weekend away on Monday - we went to Pontins Brean Sands for a long weekend with our friends from Cardiff which was lovely and made a really pleasant change. 

Been in fair amount of pain over the weekend...  didn't take the amitriptyline until I came back on Monday night and they have just knocked me out big style.  Had a late morning on Tuesday, then had some long phone calls, started a couple of cards.  OH did a BBQ - and the kids decided they didn't want anything... before you knew it, it was time to go to bed.

Up late again Wednesday. got a phone call from the docs to tell me that my liver function is abnormal and I need to have more bloods taken in 4 weeks time.  A friend came round for some advice on his CV which i helped him to put some key points together.  When he went, we watched the England match.

Got up earlier today as I had to take youngest DS to the orthodontist to have his upper fixed brace (train tracks) fitted... he's had patriotic and topical red and white cushions on his brace!!!  Did a bit of shopping, had lunch as had to keep stopping and resting, bought my mum's birthday present whose Birthday was today (well, Thursday) then came home... used public transport due to not driving and really knew about it when I got home.  Its a good job DS was with me as I couldn't carry anything and it really took it out of me.  Started work on mums cards (I fessed up to her I'd not finished one)....

Mum is coming down here today (Friday) where she will get her pressies and cards.  She didn't mind cos she said it would be like having two Birthdays (bless).

So there you have it.  Its felt like I've been really busy (and I probably haven't been) but I feel like i have achieved very little.  Its the very first WOYWW I've missed since I started in January - even managed to get a post on (with a little help from my friend Annie) when in hospital both times.... but things have just caught up with me and i feel like that are starting to take over - life 1 Paula 0

I will, given the chance, catch up through blogger dashboard - but if i don't visit you - please don't take it personally - I really am struggling at the moment.

Take care of yourself and if you got here - thanks for coming.

If you leave a comment - it will make my day - but don't feel obliged.

Paula x x x

Friday, 18 June 2010

Fathers Day Cards

Its that time of year again which is a bit of a tough one.  Last year was the first Fathers day without my Dad - but I made myself busy by being away for the weekend.  This year we are doing the same and heading down to Somerset on one of those Sun Holidays (that never in a million years only cost £9.50), staying a Brean Sands.  This is something that I really need to do - get out of these four walls and relax - the doc said it would do me good.   Now believe it or not, I've never been to Somerset - for that matter - the only place I have been to in the South West is Coombe Martin - and that was 15 years ago (give or take a month)...  Anyway, we are there from Friday to Monday and meeting up with our good friends from Cardiff who are staying also.  They just happen to be the people we spent last Fathers day with - as we were staying in Saundersfoot where they used to site their tourer.

Anyway, I still have to make a Fathers day card to the DH from the kids so here is my offering which I am also entering into a few challenges:

Here is a side view

The image, coloured with promarkers, is a free digi from Pollycraft Designs.  I can see this image will come in handy for loads of people (of the male variety) I know - (obviously this is no reflection on me LOL)...

The DP is Funky Hand from the Dreams Come True CD, the circle Sentiment on the bottom flat part of the card was a free one, the beer glass made into a border along the bottom has been made by me, using a free image that I've had for ages from the Digi Stamp Boutique.  The 'bottoms up' sentiment was made by yours truley on the pc in 'cool dots' font - which was one I downloaded for free some time ago.  The image was coloured with my promarkers and layered up to make into decoupage.  I really love this card and the colours...

I am entering this card into the following challenges:

Fab n Funky Challenge #28 - Just for Dad

Digital Tuesday Challenge #63 - "Easel Card" (but must use a digital image)

A spoon Full of Sugar Challenge #108 - "Enjoying the Sunshine" (I think a bit of the summer sun and a bit of warm weather turns loads of people into beer monsters!!!)

A Crafty Little Place Challenge #43 - "One for the Boys"

Cupcake Craft Challenge #95 - "One for the Boys"

Incy Wincy Design Challenge #45 - "One for the guys"

Magical Crafts Challenge #17 - Something for a Male/Fathers Day

Paper Cutz Challenge #45 - a card for Fathers day using a digital

Simple Doodles Challenge #19 - "Just for you Dad"

I think that this is a record number of challenges i've ever entered - and lots of these challenges are firsts for me - which is fab!!!!

I also made this card for my OH to give to his Dad

Side View:

The image was a freebie - a long time ago from Digi Stamp Boutique.  I printed it out 3 times, coloured in with promarkers and layered up as decoupage.  I put Glossy Accents on the finished image to give it a glass look - but this doesn't pick up too well on the picture.  Again, the design paper is from the Dreams Come True CD from Funky Hand.  The Sentiment was created again by me on the PC printed in Cool Dots font as before.  Image layered up on oval nestie and scalloped oval nestie.  The 'dots' are more card candy, which I think adds a great finishing touch.

Well I hope you have a great weekend wherever you are and what every you are doing.

For those of you who visited due to WOYWW - many of you asked me to let you know how I got on at the doctors - so here's a little update.

He's changed my medication from Nefapam to Diclofenac and increased the dosage.  He's put me on amitryptoline (sp?) for the nerve pain and to help me sleep (can you tell i've not taken them yet as its turned 1.40am and i'm still up!!!  He also requested a full blood screen so I had bloods taken this afternoon by going back to the surgery after lunch and he's also requested some x-rays - so went and had this done later afternoon.  I'll just wait now.  I am still on tramadol and paracetamol, but I have to see if these meds work over the next 2 weeks.

So, thats me.  This will be my last post until I come back after my weekend in Somerset - so I will catch up with all my blogging friends after that.  Please still leave your comments though as getting on the laptop will probably be the first thing I do when I get back home.

Have a good one,

hugs, Paula x x x

Robo Challenge Card

I have made an easel card using a free digi image from Tiddly Inks Digitals, as I am a member of the group on Paper Craft Planet.  I love loads of the images drawn by Christy, owner of Tiddly Inks Digitals but its really hard to choose from the loads she has.  I've started to collect them and also have some free ones... the toughest part is chosing and keeping the number bought at one time to a reasonable level LOL.

If you wish to join Christy's Group or enter the blog challenge - go to the link in my left side bar.

I printed the design direct to card rather than printing paper to attach to the card.  The DP is from the Funky Hand PaperCraft Factory CD - Dreams Come True.   The sentiment has been printed by moi using 'Hurry Up' font.  The miri card has been run through the cuttlebug using an embossing folder - which for the life of me, I can't remember the name of the pattern (doh)!!!  The dots - which seem to be a bit skewiff (sp?) (I blame the tablets and lack of sleep LOL) are actually card candy attached using tiny foam pads...

I am entering this card into the following challenges:

Tiddly Inks Challenge #9 - "Bleep, Bleep Boys and their Robots"

Incy Wincy Designs Challenge #45 - "One for the guys"

Crafty Cardmakers Challenge #23 - "Cards for men"

Creative Inspirations Challenge #65 - "One for the Boys"

Thanks for reading - please leave a comment to say you've been - then come back again. hugs, Paula x x x

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

WOYWW - 16th June

Well, as i start this post on Wednesday afternoon, its warm outside, I could do with some fresh air and its craft day on QVC.

I stayed up last night cos not been able to sleep again - and managed to see what the TSV is (today's special value)  but not for me thank you... then fell to sleep on the sofa, only waking up when I made myself jump (as you do)... couldn't hack it anymore so went to bed.  Have had a rubbish nights 'sleep' and struggled to get up... so here we are - late (er) than usual!

In the past couple of weeks, I've tried to write my post the night before - taking pics the first thing the following morning.  Not this week.

Here it is - left as it was when I went to bed last night.

A bit messy, i'll give you that, piles of things on the right - nothing of substance.

At the back in my DVD cases are my nesties, more rolls of bargain DST on my cup stand.  My new but just cracked coffee canister with my scissors and metal rulers in - oh, and an old knife - well you never know what you might need to unscrew and a darn sight easier than ferriting around in the shed to see where Mr G has 'tidied away' his screwdrivers!!!

Here are a couple of new purchases:

Anna Griffin Sentiment Stamps, bought from QVC last week.  There are some really nice sentiments in this set with fancy writing and scrolls.  Hmm nice.

Next is something that my lovely friend Lynn Linby delivered to me last night... The 'Flight of the Butterfly' set from Stamping Up... can't wait to get using that.  I went full hog and bought the matching punch too.  Well you gotta, aintcha?!!!

Lynn and I had our usual chats which led here there and everywhere, forgetting how we got there, talked about all sorts - the time just flies by - before you know it, she's having to go home and we realise what the real time is - shock horror.... thanks for the company Lynn!!!

Here we have some of my latest storage solutions to all those files, boxes and wallets of scrap papers that were screaming to be sorted out - which my mum has been a star at doing for me.

here's the neutral colours:

In here are the metallics, white, cream, black, grey and brown - then at the back are the multicoloured bits.

Next is the rainbow file:

Red, Yellow, Pink, Green, Orange, Purple and Blue (I sang that as I typed) LOL - I tell you what, I've not cut into a whole piece of card since I sorted that out, and I didn't realise how many bits of mirri card I'd got - should save me cutting into a fresh one for a while.

Finally - you know me and sorting things out into colour... my threads, ribbons, buttons, beads, inks, card, pens etc... well now its my flowers:

And before you ask or comment, YES they are chinese takeaway boxes and NO they're not mine LOL - they're my dear lovely Mum's who helped me sort them out last week... we did laugh though cos she got most of them on the floor!!!!

I apologise if I didn't make it to your desk last week.  I didn't feel 100% - infact exhausted and still in pain is the word.  I called the hospital to speak to the consultant's secretary but she never called me back.  I gave them the benefit of the doubt and waited to see if I received a letter in the post.  Up to yesterday afternoon (our post is NOT early) - there was nothing so I called the hospital again.  Low and behold she wasn't there again.  Anyway, I called my doctors surgery instead and booked a telephone consultation which happened about 11.15 this morning.  I was 12 weeks post op yesterday, 7 weeks post 2nd op - which isn't causing any major problems... However, its getting beyond a joke trying to cope with the pain from the thoracic surgery despite STILL being on two prescription painkillers and paracetamol all day - the pain is coming straight through the meds.  The doctor wants to see me tomorrow, so DH will be taking me in the morning... We'll see what happens.

Anyway, if you are nosey like me; if you want to see what fellow crafters are (or are not) up to; if you want to show the WWW what you have on your desk, floor, camping table, dressing table, sewing table, caravan table, dining table or where ever you craft etc etc to show us what work in progress you have at the moment - go visit Julia, leader of the WOYWW movement and leave a link to your desk on Mr Linky.  Remember to leave a comment when you have visited someone - you know how it feels when someone has left you a comment - its like getting a hug!!!!  it makes your day.

So, kick back, get a cuppa and while away the day by visiting the fabulous ladies and gents who join in the phenomenon that is WHATS ON YOUR WORKDESK WEDNESDAY... well go on then, what are you waiting for ????

Thanks for reading - please leave a comment to say you've been - even if it is only a one word 'hi' - hopefully you'll come back again soon - but let me know and i'll put the kettle on!!!

hugs, Paula x x x

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Kanban Card

I've made another card using the kit I bought from QVC last week.  Its just a nice simple one - but the papers are so luxurious that it speaks quality.  I went round the base card with Brushed Corduroy DI to get rid of the stark white.

When I say kit, what you get are sheets of foiled card, sheets of toppers of various images, sheets of borders and extras like leaves and smaller butterflies and flowers... it is up to you to put it together...

Here is picture of my woolley baby (Dylan) sitting in the shade on Saturday when we had that nice sunny day.  He's sitting in the new BBQ that DH has built (and not finished off)... This place might also become his new refuge when he's in trouble or when the hoover goes on (we've not tried that one yet LOL)!!!

You can tell that he is due to be trimmed soon - infact, he is due next Monday.

Thanks for reading - please leave a comment to say you've been - then come back again. hugs, Paula x x x

Monday, 14 June 2010

More cards using Tiddly Inks Digitals - single vase image.

Here are some more cards that I done this morning with the same image as used in my last post - available from Tiddly Inks Digitals.

Here is a 6x6 card with the image matted on red mirri board, then on a lovely green paper with the edges punched with the Martha Stewart loops border punch. Red ribbon and bow round bottom, and faux red heartshape gems add finishing touches.

Next is a 6x6 square card with the image coloured up in purple tones.  The image is matted on a piece of corrugated cardstock which I think I got from the Papermill shop ages ago.  I distressed the edges of the image with Versamagic chalk ink in petunia.  The ribbon is some that the lovely Gez sent to me a short while ago.  4 small gems finish off each corner.


Next is a smaller card - A6, coloured in blue tones.  Image is edged with versamagic dewdrop chalk ink in Key Lime.  Blue card used for matting is some that I filed away yesterday when I sorted all my scrap paper out into colour schemes.  I finished the bottom of the blue paper off with 3 faux gems in a lovely blue colour.  Rik rak ribbon is from stash.

The final card is also A6 in size and is simply the image matted on green pearl cardstock also from my scraps stash.  I swept Aspen Mist versamagic dewdrop chalk ink around the image before matting.  No gems, ribbon or bling.  The image speaks for itself.


All images have been printed on 300gsm cardstock and coloured with promarkers, with highlights done using Sakura glaze pens.

I am really pleased with how all these cards turned out using this image.

All the matting on the cards in this post and the last, have been used from my newly sorted scraps stash - even some of the base cards - infact, only the two 6x6 cards in this post have been made from new base card stock. 

Its amazing how easy it is to find the right colour from my scraps without having to cut into a new piece of coloured cardstock unecessarily - and its also easy to file any new scraps that are worth saving.

My newly sorted scraps are filed in 2 x lever arch files - in separate poly pockets for each colour.  The first file is sorted in order of the rainbow song - R,Y,P,G,P,O,B (this is the order we used to sing it anyway).  I might change it yet!!!  Then the second one houses the neutral colours: black, brown, grey, white, cream and metallics.

Jobs a good 'un!!!

Please leave a comment to say that you've been - then come back again if you like what you've seen!!

hugs, Paula x x x

Tiddly Inks Image - 3 cards and 3 different looks for the price of 1

Last night I made these three cards using the same image, but colouring each one differently then matting each on co-ordinating cardstock.  It just shows how you can get many different looks from the same image. And remember, as it is a digi image, it can be re-sized: make a wider stubby vase, or flip the image for even more different looks.

The basecard was puched on the edge with MS daisy punch then a strip of lemon adhered behind to show up the punching.  Image coloured with promarkers then highlighted with Sakura glaze pens.  Finally a touch of holographic glitter added.  Rik rak ribbon from stash, flowers - a mix of Prima and Petalloo.

This image has also been punched on the edge but using my NEW Martha Stewart deep edge punch (from set of 4 (flower option) bought from QVC last week).  Image coloured as before: Promarkers etc.  Ribbon from stash (collected from my friends wedding the other week)!!!

This image using same deep border punch by MS, coloured as before.  All card stock from stash.

All sentiments on the cards were created by me - the image doesn't come with a sentiment.

Anyway, you can get this simple but really versatile image from Tiddly Inks Digitals here.

While you are there - have a good look around the shop as there are some really fab images - I hope to bring you more in the near future as I am quite smitten with them.

I inserted the image into a word document - then added a text box under each image to type my individual sentiments - which obviously you can do using any wording and any font of your choice.  I got all three of these images from one sheet of A4.

Finally, I thought I'd show you a photo of my third cat, who is actually the oldest of my three.  Infact she is as old as my eldest DS (17).  We had her when she was 18 months old as her owner was moving house and she didn't figure in his new plans.  When I phoned up, I was told there were 2 female cats - I think her pattern is called calico.  Their names were Skippy and Dippy!!!  I ended up with Dippy... story of my life LOL!!! (Sorry DH - I don't really mean it)!!!

Actually this was taken a couple of years ago - she was a very pretty cat - although extremely vocal... she still has the most haunting cry.

In the past year she has started to show her 17 years.  Since Christmas, she has really stopped washing herself and developed a sore on her ear that got worse and worse - but because she spends 95% of her time asleep, its been really difficult to try and treat her.  The ear then developed a bad infection and started to smell so DH took her to the vets.  They cleaned it up, clipped her nails.  It wasn't helping that she kept scratching it which is probably what caused the infection - plus her nails were really long as she doesn't go out enough to wear them down. Anyway - she was given a shot of long lasting antibiotics.  

DH took her back on Friday, where they said it is more than likely a tumor on the ear - too low on the ear to remove, but she's too old to undergo surgery due to the anaesthesia.  We are now trying to maintain some quality of life for her so she will go fortnightly for a shot of antibiotics to keep the infection at bay - which will be far less traumatic than giving her daily antibiotics (and we know this from experience)!!!  

She's happy enough at the moment, still eating (usually the first one to the bowl) and still sunbathing when its nice and warm outside.  Other than that, she spends most of her time in Dylans basket - he doesn't get a look in - that's why he's always on the sofa in the conservatory.

Thanks for reading - please leave a comment to say you've been - then come back again. hugs, Paula x x x

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Marianne Designs Butterfly Design Die card

I made this card using the Marianne Designs Butterfly die - and used gold mirri card to cut the image...

The background paper is K&Co and one of my favourites.  The sentiment is a stamp from the flower fairies stamp set using Versamark and meltdust in gold sparkle.  The gold dots have been made using Ranger Liquid Pearls.  Round the edge of the card stock has been distressed using a versamagic dew drop chalk ink colour: Aspen Mist.

Thanks for reading - please leave a comment to say you've been - then come back again. hugs, Paula x x x

Friday, 11 June 2010

Butterfly Easel Card

Well, I have this friend who is approaching 40... tee hee - she's older than me!!!

Anyway, she's quite arty herself so I hadn't a clue what type of card to make her - and no amount of effort or imagination on my part would ever touch her talent - so I made her this:

Front view

View from the side of the easel card

Close up of the tags

This card has been made from a Kanban kit - which is really good quality embossed and foiled cardstock.  The kit matches the stamps I bought from QVC a short while ago... I used to think making cards from kits was a bit cheating - but there's no difference between these kits and starting from scratch - but it does mean that everything matches... you still have to think about the design and layout of the card - what fold to use, what to put where etc.  I would recommend this kit to beginners or experienced crafters alike - but would particularly recommend it because of the quality of the card and toppers.

Hope my friend like it when she receives it.


Thanks for reading - please leave a comment to say you've been - then come back again. hugs, Paula x x x

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Tiddly Inks Image - and a few challenge Entries

Well hello bloggers, welcome to the Paper Playground- whether you've been here before or are brand new to my blog.

I'd like to welcome any new followers - and hope to get to know you soon - feel free to e-mail any time and say hi!!!

This card isn't for anyone in particular at the moment - so will go into my box - either for sale or for emergency use... I usually make an individual card for my friends or family and rarely get to make a card that isn't already destined for someone - but I really wanted to colour this image up and use it on a card... Its such a sweet image, drawn by the very talented Christy who is the owner of Tiddly Inks Digitals... Christy also designs stamps for stamping Bella.  Check out her blog and her Paper Craft Planet group. 

Anyway, without further ado, here is the card in question:


Now, I have to tell you that I must have taken a dozen photos of this card - and am still not happy - but seeing as this is just about the best of the bunch - you can understand why I wasn't pleased.  I will try and get another pic during daylight hours and will edit with a better one if I can.

Anyway, I haven't taken part in any challenges for a while, so I started by writing a list of the criteria set by each challenge blog, then looked at which I would be able to incorporate into this card. 

Tiddly Inks: Challenge #8 - Baby of Mine (using image "carry me to the moon")

A Spoonfull of Sugar: Challenge 107 - Floral Delights - prima flowers

Cupcake Crafting:  Challenge 94 - Dazzle Us - I used holographic fine glitter on the stars on the image and on the flowers and also used miri board to mat the image and scalloped circles behind the image and sentiment.

Frosted Designs:  Buttons - flower centres

Secret Saturday Crafters: Challenge #86 - Sketch

Creative Inspirations: Challenge #64 - Babies

Additional details
DP: Pink Petticoat
Flowers: Prima
Buttons: Woodware
Ribbon: stash
Image: Tiddly Inks Digitals - coloured with Promarkers
Nestie circles and scalloped circles used to cut image and sentiment (computer generated)

Apologies if this post doesn't make grammatical sense at all - or seems all over the place... I am just so t-i-r-e-d and need sleep - which I am lacking big style... I feel yet ANOTHER phone call to the docs coming on.

Thanks for dropping by - please come back again

hugs, Paula x x x

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

WOYWW - 9th June 2010

Hello campers bloggers and blogging friends.  Hope you are well!

Here is the desk (and probably the reason you are here) this fine Wednesday

Not too messy actually, it was a hive of activity on Tuesday - once I had got myself going...
I was doing a card for a friend who will be 40 on 20th June... I've borrowed an idea from Helen at It's All Fiddle Fart and have done him one of the 'Birthday Times' cards.  Go check out her blog - its full of fantastic makes... she such an inspiration.  Anyway, I'll show once he's had his birthday just incase they pop by the paper playground!!!

Infact, I have a fair list again for June... BUT, I decided to do a card for a challenge which i will post seperately once I have completed it.  At the back in the DVD cases are my nesties - yes, I've changed how I have filed them again... I told you I probably would... I got the cases while I was staying with my friend - 5 for £1.  I got loads of other fabulous things too - they will keep for another post.

Not much energy to do a massive post today... came back from my friend's house on Sunday - had some lovely weather last week.  My Mum popped down on Monday and said how well I looked as I had caught the sun on my face - so much so that my forehead and nose have already peeled.

I contacted the hospital yesterday to speak to my surgeons P.A.  She wasn't there so her colleague took all my details and said she would e-mail the surgeon and the PA.  He had said that I could contact him at any time and they would fit me into a clinic.  Other than that, he had discharged me.  I have a pain in my bottom rib, which is getting progressively worse and no amount of the painkillers i've been taking has taken the pain away... If I touch it, it hurts, I am aware of the pain all the time - but if I sneeze, cough or try to clear my throat - it absolutely kills...  I'll keep you posted on what happens - a lot of you already keep in touch via e-mail anyway - thankyou for 'chatting' to me and being regular communicators - its well appreciated!!!

Thats it from me - if you want to join in, find the WOYWW button in the right hand side of this blog - this will whizz you off like Dorothy and Toto from Kansas - but not to meet the scarecrow... oh no, you will meet the [good] queen herself Julia from the Stamping Ground. - so go click your heals and follow the yellow brick road and join in the best blog hop in blog land... you might find your tin man, maybe your lion - but most definately a huge crowd of very lovely blogging friends and crafters... 

What should we call a group of crafters or bloggers - suggestions with your comments please - I'll start you off.... - a charm of crafters (charm is the name given to a group of finches).... or a business of bloggers (a business is the name given to ferrets LOL) .

Just a quick pic of my Katie Kitten who is often in the craft room/conservatory with me...


and a while ago, she decided that she was a scrap cat and got in my bin bag full of bits

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again. hugs, Paula x x x

Apologies for the Wizzard of Oz reference - I have NO IDEA where that came from LOL!!!!

Monday, 7 June 2010

WOYWWAC - Winner of my FUNKY HAND Wordbook

As promised, I said that I would pick someone at random who commented on my blog on last weeks WOYWWAC, which was my wordbook:

In true blogging tradition, I chose the winner by using the 'true random generator'.  Anyone who comments on my WOYWWAC unfortunately won't be eligible.  So, 62 peeps left comments (- thankyou bloggers) and this is the number that was chosen....
drumroll please.....
Well, I checked back and ......
It was only our bloody Angie - from Shozzy's place..... 
Well done Angie - this is the lovely comment she left:
"Love the book. what a nice idea ...our wednesday meeting means a great deal to a great number of us and you have summed it up very well"
Now, all that remains in order for our Angie to get this colourful original is to e-mail me with her address... I'm so glad its going to a lovely crafting friend - but then again, everyone who left a comment are lovely crafting friends...  I wish I could do one for you all, but quite frankly, that would take forever!!!!

Thanks to all who left comments - hope you come back

hugs, Paula x x x


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