Wednesday, 28 April 2010

WOYWW...Bet you didn't expect one this week :-)

This is written by Annie[wipso] on Paula's behalf.

Well girls this is my desk for today....and yes it's very tidy!  As most of you will know I was rushed back into hospital at the weekend with Gall Stones this time!  They had hoped the antibiotics they gave me would reduce the inflammation so they could send me home for 4-6 weeks but alas no, and they had to do emergency surgery for me yesterday.  They have removed my gall bladder using keyhole surgery so I now have 4 more scars on my tummy [yes I am much more like Jane Teddy Doe now!].  
I have just had a visit from the Surgeon and he is happy how the op went.  My gall bladder was inflamed when he took it out as expected.  I have much swelling and pain but have just managed a shower.  I seem to be the ward entertainment....I have an old school friend also in the ward and it's been really good catching up with her.  We plan to stay in touch. They are keeping me in today and reviewing me again tomorrow.  I plan to catch up with all your desks over the weekend when I'm home and RESTING...I have vowed to rest properly when I get home.

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again. hugs, Annie[wipso] on behalf of  Paula x x x

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Tuesday update...

Just a quick update by Annie.

 Paula has just text me so say she is back on the ward with 2 more scars! [looking more like Jane Teddy Doe every day bless her !].  I've told her to sleep it off today and that I would let you all know her op is all done.  She now just needs to rest and recover.

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again. hugs, Annie
pp Paula x x x

Monday, 26 April 2010

Monday's good news....

Annie blogging for Paula again.....
  1. Wahoo wahoo wahoo it's just the best news ever....Paula has just been for her post op lung check and the tumour was benign although as you would expect [it being Paula  :-) ] it wasn't just a 'run of the mill' sort but was a very rare type of tumour.
  2. More good news too is that her gall bladder isn't settling down as they planned it would and they are going to remove it asap....either this afternoon or tomorrow  :-)
She is able to read all your lovely comments via her phone but just not able to write a blog so thank lots for all the support you are giving her.

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again. hugs, Annie
pp Paula x x x

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Latest hospital update...

It's Wipso again.  Just typing in a message from Paula.....
On antibiotics as gall bladder is inflamed and infected although more settled than when I came in.  Not sure how long I'm gonna be in for.  Surgeon came to see me this morning.  I definitely am having op to remove gall stone and gall bladder when it's settled down...usually 4-6 weeks after discharge from hospital [the stone is the size of a cadbury mini egg on ultrasound!].  I'm hoping this is while I'm still off work.  I've managed some food today.  Been able to rest while I've been in hospital which is ironic in a way.....Darren said it's a blessing in disguise!
Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again. hugs, Paula x x x

Paula is really grateful for all your lovely kind wishes and would like me to thank you all very much. 
A x

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Back in hospital...

Hi folks.  This is Wipso writing a quick blog on Paula's behalf.

Paula has been readmitted to hospital today in a lot of pain and now they have found she has gall stones!  They are starving her and giving her antibiotics via a drip in the hope that the pain and inflammation will settle down soon.

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again. hugs, Wipso pp Paula x x x

Friday, 23 April 2010

First Tag - Free as a... Butterfly!!

edited due to some rather faux pas typos (i'd put crap paper instead of scrap paper)!!! LOL

Hi All

For my Birthday, the lovely Anne (Liverpool Lou) sent me some tags (thanks again Anne) and I hadn't (for various reasons) got round to doing one... thing is, I don't know what one does with them once they have been decorated - you see, I'm very keen to try all these different techniques, I wouldn't say that I have a particular style when making cards - I take inspiration from all my lovely blogging buddies - and will try anything (alright, I have my limits!!!), but 'altering' is also something I want to do - I did do some many years ago when I only worked part time and my youngest was pre-school age.  I went to a paint techniques class where I did stencilling, scumble glazing, crackle glazing and made my own stencils with the use of a pane of glass, acetate and a soldering iron - long before purpose manufactured tools came out to do this type of thing.  It was in the dizzy heights of Changing Rooms and Linda Barker and LLB with his curtain material suits and floppy sleeve cuffs!!!

Anyway, I digress (as usual)... I thought that, while I couldn't sleep some nights ago, I'd try out a tag and play and here is the result - remember it IS my first attempt!!!

ooopsss... not a great pic is it???

First I distressed/inked the tag with peeled paint and brushed corduroy, then I put this thing on it with holes in (looks like sequins were punched from it - I'm sure it has a name but I don't know what the heck its called)!!!

Anyway, I put this holey (not Holy) thing on and dabbed Tumbled Glass through it to make the dots - then swiped some Heirloom Gold Perfect Pearl over while that was still damp.  When that was dry, I used some stamps that I've had for a couple of years and never used - these are Flora Bella by Graphicus, using Black Tuxedo Momento ink.  When dry, I put crackle accents on a couple of the blooms and one of the butterflies, which were made using the stamp and punch butterfly from Martha Stewart.  These were done from some scrap paper I inked up using what was left from my tag (by wetting the wet.dry foam).  I layered the butterflies up only stamping the top layer.  These were fixed on the tag using pinflair glue.  The metal tag is from a stash I've had for donkey's...

There - my first attempt!!!

I have decided (just) to enter this into the Sunday Stampers Challenge run by the lovely Hels Sheridan (Ink on my Fingers)... I so KNOW it won't be up to the standard that some very talented people out there put together (I don't have a lot of arty farty stamps either)- but is is my very first stamp entry - and Hels 100th challenge - so, a bit of a milestone for both of us.  

Her theme is 'free' this week (as in anything goes) - although she did add that you could include birds to go with the 'free as a bird' saying... Well, I think butterflies are equally free (i'm just saying that because I didn't realise before I made this tag that she had said that bit LOL) - so there, I'm going to name my tag 'Free as a... Butterfly'...

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again.

Big hugs,

Paula x x x

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

WOYWW - 21st April

Alright - own up - who stole the week?  I know a lot of you will be saying this, but ITS WEDNESDAY ALREADY!!!!
If he were alive - i'd have to get Arthur C Clarke on to it - or maybe Prof. Stephen Hawking... anyway somethings happening to our weeks and its a complete mystery to me where they go LOL!!!

Well last night this was the devistation that was my desk

EEK!!!!  Anyway - it got that I couldn't think straight with the mess so I set about tidying up... I was in a fair bit of discomfort - but it had to be done.  I'd been working on the laptop to the right of the desk with a TV table at 90 degrees to the desk - basically with my back to the kitchen - and facing the tv and garden.

This is how it looked this morning:

Another view

A couple of things to mention on the desk...

The tins - been there ages - intend to decorate them up to match and put pens/tools in.

The mug tree - that Crafty Linby noticed last week - holding my rolls of double sided tape (which I buy at 10 rolls for £1 - yeh I know - bargain)!!!!  Couple of other sized tape on too and some ribbon.  Saves me ferriting about in the basket anyway.
Jane Doe - out of harms reach from the Dylan monster =)

The funny looking pink and lilac thing on my printer is some felting that I sewed - my first effort of actually making something (since school) and inspired by Wipso sending me that sewing ideas stash a couple of weeks ago.

Anyway - i've had some new stash this week - 

2 new MS punches (I have two more on order that I placed last week from another retailer that STILL haven't turned up, and if they don't today - there's gonna be words LOL... and the stamps are by Kanban, bought from QVC last week - aren't they great - I can envisage some great cards with these.  I was disappointed with the TSV they had - well, it wasn't for me anyway.

Then this came yesterday - bought at the same time as the stamps

This is a Kanban decoupage kit - Patchwork Pals.  I'm not one for kits as I feel that I've cheated a bit (another guilt trip) but sometimes when the idea isn't happening by you need a (quickish) card I thought these would be good as they are so innoffensive.  Here's one I made yesterday with the kit - this is for a friends daughter who started nursery school in the Mornings on Monday... she was only 3 in February and apparently was really looking forward to going...

Right - thats me this week - if you want to join in - hop to Julia's blog Stamping Ground and add yourself to Mr Linky - then leave a comment for Julia and visit all the other WOYWWers.  This is the best blog hop on the web - no stash or prizes... oh no... better than that - you get to meet new like minded people and make some special friends - I did!!!

I'm going to take it easy today and visit everyone from the comfort of the sofa... quite uncomfortable today again and definately too uncomfortable to craft =(  - bed at 3am again, up at 7.30 - may take a nap in between visits but I'll do my best to get round everyone - i was still making visits on Monday - some of you had posted after I thought I'd finished - but I still managed to fit them in and leave a comment - if I didn't - SOZ!!! It wasn't intentional.

Big hugs to you all and thanks for visiting and leaving a comment...

x x x

Monday, 19 April 2010

More dotty cupcake cards!!!

Just a few more cards I made in the wee small hours today using the same Kirsty Wiseman CD, and the same design set: Tea Party, in the same colourway as before.  I haven't put any sentiments on them yet so I can keep them open for any ocassion.

The band across the middle is made from the striped paper in the design set and trimmed into borders.  Sorry about the quality of the pics - the flash came on for some and not others so I tried to brighten in the software programme (and failed).

I'm still loving this CD - particularly this design set. 

I didn't go to bed until around 3am as I wanted to be really tired before I went as just recently when I've been going to bed I've had restless legs - not helped by the fact that I can only sleep in two different positions - neither of them being my natural one!!! Anyway, when I did finally go I was FREEZING... pj's on, dressing gown, fluffy bed socks - still cold - then i wrapped myself in my fave fluffy pink blanket  and pulled the duvet almost over my head and put the hood of my dressing gown on - not that much better, although I must have dropped off at some point... then woke up feeling red hot so off came the blanket, socks and dressing gown =( ggrrrrrr...

When I eventually got up the bed looked like i'd had a fight in it - OH had to make it because its still a bit beyond my capability - its the tugging that I can't do. It's really weird cos some nights I'm willing the morning to hurry up and arrive just so that I can get up. 

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again.


x x x

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Something Different - A collection of blogs

I'm not sure how it works - there are far more clever people out there than me who initiate these things - but someone is trying to create a huge collection of blogs in one place to jump round and visit.  Anyway please follow these instructions if you want to join in - some blogs that you may never have come across otherwise are included here...  I found this by visiting a new blog buddy - Annmaree from Emu Creations - Annmaree recently joined in with WOYWW.

Anyway, here are the instructions:

Start here and add your link to the inklinkz tool, and then add the HTML code below, to a new blog post!

The list will automatically update with the next people who join.

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again.


x x x

Bathing Frog

This card is from the Fee J designs - Froggin' Madness CD.  My Mum bought this a while back and I borrowed it.  Thing is, most of the CD is print and cut your own decoupage... I don't know why she bought it because she has arthritic hands and wouldn't be able to cut out the intricate parts of the design... I had a go to see how difficult it would be.  

This is my effort - its a cute image but while its decoupage made up of several layers, I still think its lacking something - I think I will put some glossy accents on the bubbles and splashes of water - i'm sure that will work.  The background paper is from a stash of 12x12 I bought ages ago and can't remember the name or where from - I emptied the pack into a box and threw the packaging out. 

Isn't it a funny image?

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again.


x x x

Cute little cards

Just a short post to share some more of the A7 sized cards i've made... I made loads of this size card in various styles- but they're all in the post now. All were made with the Kirsty Wiseman CD mentioned in my previous post.

These two are from a sheet of 8 (I think - without loading the CD in again) - I've cut them from the image sheet using nesability dies then inked round the edge with my versa magic dewdrop chalk inks - in the most appropriate colour to compliment the image.  The first two were mounted on plain backgrounds and have a couple of gems added for a touch of bling.

Then I did these mounted on a patterned background (still from the same CD)

I think I prefer the ones that are mounted on the plain card and just inked.

Then I did one on completely different mat - from the same CD - although the print on the card itself is actually a free members only download from crafters companion - and part of the new Beatrix Potter range that is to be released and is a pink toned paisley pattern.  Not sure about this one either - just experimenting really - also, this one is an A6 size card.

Yes, I definately like the simplicity of the first two cards and the way the ink compliments them - nothing more needed i'd say!!

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again.


x x x

Hello My Little Cupcake!

Sorry - but this is not a term of endearment for my readers - I am infact referring to some cards that I've been making and JUST LOVE... the colours, images and patterns.  I've made a few over the last few days using this one design set.

These are a couple of 6x6 tent cards.  The image was printed out from an A4 image sheet - there were 6 images to a sheet.  Here i've used slightly different sized scollop circle nesties. On the sheet - the coloured band around the image is deep enough to use these different size nesties.  There are two pink, two blue and two red.  I just LOVE the polka dot paper.

Here's a closer look at one of the cards:

The band across the middle was made by printing a sheet of cupcakes design paper out then trimming into borders width ways.

Here is a birthday card made for a friend from the design set:

I have cut these out with nestie ovals and scolloped ovals.  The sentiment is from the flower fairies collection from crafters companion.


I printed on both sides of this paper to add a touch of luxury to it - although you can't see the pattern on the back it the same colour with the dots closer together.  The blue flowers are mulberry prima flowers and the pink ones were white but coloured pink with my versa magic chalk ink (pixi dust).  

Next are some A7 sized cards I made - the same cute size as the craftrak cards I made - I'm loving this size card and have made quite a few cards now in this size.  Here are two anyway:

Here are some little tags made with some scraps of the paper from the same design set:

And here is a thank you card made with the same papers:

I love this colour scheme and don't think I will tire of it just yet.

Now - I can hear you shouting at the computer screen - "but Paula, where's it from?"... LOL
well, it's from the Kirsty Wiseman CD called "Colour Burst of Fanciful Things".  The design set is called Tea Party and comes in three colours ways - the one i've used here is called Pinky Blue, there is also Strawberry Lime which is pink and green colour tones and Purply Cool - purple and green.  There are lots of images including tea pots and cupcakes in the Tea Party design sets but throughout the whole CD there are many fantastic images, design papers and sentiments.

Julia, over on the Stamping Ground spoke in her last blog post of how she wanted to use up some of the lovely design papers she buys and many people commented about buying two or three of each - one to use and two to keep and look at... Imagine if i'd have bought the design paper I would soooo not have made that many cards because I would have kept it to look at it - and with my ink system and card - i don't mind printing it out again and again...

Just one last thing before I go - I've been speaking to one of our new crafting friends from over the pond - Cher (Cheryl) of Cheryl's Window, who has recently joined in WOYWW.  How cool is that.  It started from a comment about having a conference for WOYWWers and she mentioned about overseas participants... well, one e-mail led to another and then we managed to hook up to SKYPE.  This morning I bought a webcam (made sure I'd done my hair first LOL) and made contact again - this time she saw me - double chin and all... not long after that, Annie (WIPSO) and I got on the old SKYPE and have had a right good laugh.

If you want to get in touch on skype - email me (address at top of this blog) and we'll hook up... you'll even get treated to a live look at my desk and perhaps be subjected to Dylan or a member of my family =/ - now, what more could you ask for? 

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again.


x x x

Saturday, 17 April 2010

A handbag????

Have any of you ever read the Oscar Wilde play "The Importance of Being Ernest"?  

The title of this post always reminds me of when I did O Level English Literature - and this 'catchphrase' this is one of the things that most sticks in my mind when they discovered that Ernest was found in a handbag.  The other stories we had to study were - "Cider With Rosie", "Of Mice and Men" and "Through the Tunnel"... Needless to say - I hated English Lit (LOL)... I probably would do better at it now - I enjoyed English itself - I was singled out for always producing long imaginative stories - somethings never change - I just never knew (know) when to stop tee hee....

Anyway - this card is the reason for the title of this blog post:

This was just a simple card I made for a colleague who's birthday it was last week - she's a bit of a handbag collector - she buys a lot of the Cathy Van-Zealand ones from QVC!!!  Her present was a really blingy lipstick holder with a rhinestone crown motif on - perfect to go in any of her handbags.

The papers were from a digi kit I bought through Pollycraft Designs - I think it is a Creative Cottage kit.  Some fab papers and images of handbags and shoes...  I created the card and sentiment through the My Craft Studio graphics programme.  I created an insert using the same papers and a line of shoes and the inside read... "or too many shoes, but a lady may chose to lose count of the birthdays she's had"

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again.


x x x

Friday, 16 April 2010

Newtons Law Cards

I made the following cards for my Sister and Brother who had their Birthday on Wednesday this week - they are twins who were born when I was only 13 months old - was my mother mad or what!!!
Anyway, I thought I would do Newtons Law cards as these were not too difficult - I did print extra images out again so that I could decoupage them.

The 3rd card was for a colleagues daughter who was three at the start of this week - again, this was using the Newtons Law CD and decoupaged.

This one was for my Brother from the Boys:

 This one for my sister from the boys:

This one for my colleague's daughter, Lyla:

 I love the sweet and humorous character of Newtons Law having only recently found out that he existed - I'm converted.  You can put any wording you wish with the images - I used the My Craft Studio Professional graphics programme to produce these as I'm not keen on the programme that came with the Newtons Law CD - I really bought it for the images.

Hope you like him as much as I do...

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again.


x x x

New Baby

A very dear friend celebrated the birth of another grandchild recently - here are the cards I sent.

I used the Joanna Sheene 'Baby Love' CD - I made the decoupage layers myself as these weren't part of the design sheets.

This is one for the proud grandparents:

This is one for mummy and daddy (and sister):

Inside the card:

A closer look at the tag:

I just love the image on the front of the card and think it will be one I will use regularly for new baby girls.

Here's one I made for a colleague ages ago (before I was blogging) as she was leaving to have a baby - we didn't know the sex of the baby so although it does look a bit girly, I used peach tones

Apologies for the rubbish photo - but the pic had been taken as a record - not for blogging... little did I know back then!!!

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again.


x x x

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Happy Ending for Felted Teddy!!!

She's back in the fold - fully restored thanks to my lovely friend Annie (Wipso) of A stitch in time.  And i've christened her Jane (as in Jane Doe) LOL!!!

She arrived by post office ambulance this morning right in the middle of me texting Annie as it happens - Dylan has already been warned off her - its the dog house for him if he so much as sniffs her!

She has a few stitches but I think that these definately add to her character - not like a drastic face lift that some 'A' list celebs wished they'd never had.... Infact - I think she looks better than ever!!!

Also, what came with her this time was this poem that the lovely crafty sisters penned (Wipso and Twiglet) (Check out their blog for more fabulous stuff including bears) between them - while I had a massive grin on my face - I also welled up to think that they had actually spent their time together doing this for me - they are so talented in more ways than crafting - I said to Annie - "Move over Pam Ayres"

Get a load of this:

Ode to Jane ‘Teddy’ Doe

From a parcel on a hospital bed,
This tiny teddy fell.
A little gift from Annie,
To wish poorly Paula well.

Just 4 days later bear was home,
[with Paula stitched and sore].
Sitting safely, keeping watch,
Upon the bedside drawer.

Paula, feeling better, now
Struggled down the stairs,
Putting teddy on a window sill,
A scary place for bears.

Little bear was terrified,
As folk went whizzing by.
She looked a little anxious,
And a tear came to her eye.

The sun came out and cheered her up,
She took a little leap.
And landed bump upon the floor
In a crumpled, fluffy heap.

Just as she bent over,
To see what she could find
A hairy, scary monster
Grabbed her roughly from behind.

He dragged her down the garden,
While Paula was asleep.
And chewed her arms and legs off.
No one heard her weep.

But Darren saved the little bear,
Though only bits were left.
He handed them to Paula,
And she was quite bereft.

She popped her in a body bag,
And blogged the wicked deed.
To bring life to this little bear,
A miracle she’d need.

Emergency action called for,
They dashed south to A and E.
The A of course is AnniE,
And her extended family.

Paula showed her bear parts,
Yes, we saw them all for free.
A day of fun and giggles,
Of sandwiches and tea.

Now Annie worked her magic,
Prodding, poking arms and feet.
The little bear, once broken,
Was soon to be complete.

So here’s a happy ending
Included with this letter.
Bear brings a little message.
We’re all so glad you’re better.

Lots of love from Annie and Jo

How fantastic is that???!!!

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again.


x x x

Cute little cards - CRAFTRAK

I hope to spark a debate off with this post and hopefully you'll have your two penn'eth (if you're anything like me, you won't be able to help yourself)!

I have received these two litte cards which are A7 size.  This is as a result of joining something called Craftrak.  This is a recently launched concept where you receive and send cards to random people in the pretext of making new acquaintences in the crafting world and works a teeny bit like swapping ATC's.  However, Craftrak goes one further and automates the tracking of your cards.

I am a Craftrak virgin, but joined back in Feb/March following a post by Jak Heath of Crafters Kitchen who works for La Pashe - the people behind Craftrak.  You purchase blank cards - a pack of 20 for £4.99.  Each of these have a unique code on the back... you make the card up, take a pic of it, upload to the craftrak website and imput the unique reference code on the back... You can either drop it of at a trading place (dotted around the uk), send it to someone in particular who is registered with craftrak or have the system generate you a random recipient to send your card to.  The system then shows you how far your card has travelled and plots it on a map... Once you receive a card, you have to log on and enter the reference in the system to say you've got it... you can even pass it on again once you have recieved it so it gets to travel around the country.  Well, here's my first offering - something very simple to start off with - i've registered it and have been given the random recipient so it is going to be winging its way to Wiltshire:

Once it has been received - the person logs that it has been received and may, or may not send it on its way again to someone else...  I don't know what the etiquette is for sending on and whether anyone is offended but I think anything goes...

At the mo, these feel like an ideal size for me to decorate up and you can use all those little scraps up...  With ATC's I suppose once you've sent them, you don't know anything else about it - not that I know ANYTHING about swaping ATC's - but this basically tells me everything I need to know.  Being a new concept - everyone is in the same boat in terms of learning what's what.  There is the chance to add friends, message people and join in discussions on forums too...

Thanks for reading - let me know what YOU think - would you give it a whirl - is in not for you, do you think it will take off, just want to know your opinion...

x x x

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

WOYWW - 14th April

Hello WOYWWers - hope you're having a great day and have enjoyed the sunshine of the last few days... doesn't it put a spring in your step?!

Here's the desk today

This is actually, believe it or not, a bit tidier than it was yesterday and previous days...  I got fed up with only having an inch square to craft in so had yet another move about.

Anyway, on the wall you can see a lovely clock that wasn't altered, but was decorated by our esteemed leader Julia Dunnitt - what a lovely surprise that was...

then yesterday I received a box of goodies from the darling Susie Sugar - dies cuts, brads, gems, stamped images... I am so overwhelmed by everyones kindness - and I know I keep saying it but its true - all you lovely people out there have spoiled me rotten and I really can't thank you enough - you all know who you are... I will be collecting addy's so that I can send you a little card out now I can manage to do a little more crafting... oh yes my friends, i'm trying to do a few bits of crafting - nothing too fandangled but a little something so, if I haven't already got it, I would be most grateful for your address (which will never be passed on by me personally) - please send me a private e-mail - my address, if you don't have it is under my title bar somewhere!

So, new stash... I've had delivery of some new nestabilities - ovals and scalloped ovals, a leaf punch and some Craftrak cards.  I had a larger delivery of some stuff the other day but it was all for my darling God Daughter who, to my delight, has started crafting - she was 8 last Thursday so I got to indulge and bought her lots of things for her stash and girly things so she could make her friends some scrummy cards.  I printed her some 'handmade by Jess' labels out too so she can pop them on the back of her handmade cards... bless her.
I just have a couple of Martha Stewart punches on order at the mo - so looking forward to receiving those.

As for me, I'm much more mobile, on less painkillers and more frustrated than ever that I can't do things like lift or carry anything for long with my left hand.  I've managed to wash my hair with two hands though and the best thing of all is that i've actually had my hair done by my stylist sister-in-law... the last time I had it done was before Christmas.  I had to cancel my appointment i'd made for 7th January as I had the start of the chest infection that led me to finding out about the tumor - since then, i've put off having it done as I wasn't sure whether I'd have to have chemo (wasn't paying all that money if I was going to lose my hair) LOL - then latterly, haven't been able to have it done because of the pain... so glad to say that the roots have gone - and with it the trailer park trash look (ROLF)... Back to looking half decent again.

One last thing - just to let you know, if you didn't already, that I spent an absolutely fantastic time with WIPSO on Friday when I delivered the mutilated body of yellow felted bear.  I also met Twiglet while there too.  They are such lovely people and made me, my OH and boys feel sooo welcome - infact, I felt like I'd know them for years and was extremely comfortable in their company - what lovely ladies.  I keep asking Julia to instigate a WOYWW conference (for want of a better word) where a central location is chosen and we all meet up - are you up for it???

Right, I'm of to visit all my WOYWW buddies - if you want to join in the fun, pop over to Julia at the Stamping Ground and make this your starting point - if you want to show your desk - add yourself to Mr Linky then visit everyone in turn and try and leave everyone a comment.  I visited everyones desk and left a message last week - in fact I think I had more to visit and was still at it at the weekend...

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again.


x x x

Friday, 9 April 2010

WHOOP WHOOP.... - delivery of felted bear's body

Well people, I have some news on the poor felted friend who is currently bagged up Like this):

Here's the toe tag

Do you want to know the best news?.... I'm personally delivering her to Wipso - yes, my OH is driving me to Shropshire for a nice day out so I can meet the lovely WIPSO... oh happy days... 

More later.

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post. Please come back again.


x x x

Thursday, 8 April 2010

In Sympathy (LOL)!

Just a quickie...I've some bad news i'm afraid...

do you remember this little sweetie:
well unfortunately - she now looks like this:
Thanks to this:

Dylan - the murderer ran off to the 'greenhouse' when he was told how naughty he was.  He had taken my lovely little felted friend, sent to me by the lovely Wipso, off the windowsill in the lounge.  I didn't see him do it but my OH spied him up the garden with something yellow in his mouth.  When he brought it back in I was mortified.

I contacted Nurse Wipso and informed her of the misdemeanor... and she laughed til she nearly pee'd herself...  My felted friend will be going to the 'A Stitch In Time' hospital for emergency surgery in the next day or so.  I hope that an emergency procedure can be performed to restore her to her former glory.  In the meantime, Dylan, who pleaded guilty to the crime, is to be starved of treats.  

Please remember to leave a comment of sympathy for our poorly friend. Hope you had a lovely day of sunshine where you are.


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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

WOYWW - 7th April


 This weeks desk looks like a bomb has hit it unfortunately... and its not due to crafting :O( - although I did manage to put some easter things together for the small people in my life (i.e. god children, friends grandchildren and my Niece) - pics later.

here is the bombsite 

The cards on the desk are there because my Auntie came to see me on Monday and I was showing her some stuff i'd done.  She's been into card making for way longer than me - but was impressed by my stash!!!  Having said that, she's got stuff that she's bought and never touched.  I had to laugh because it sounds like she's purchased a spellbinders wizzard (she did the actions so I figured it out) but never used it... She couldn't even remember what it was called!  Anyway, thats why the cards are piled there.  The rest of the mess speaks for itself really.

This morning I received a package from the lovely, kind, generous Wipso 

While texting each other a few days ago, I happened to mention that I had some felt and didn't know what to do with it, not being the sewing kind... but I thought it would be something I could do while sat recuperating.  I also menioned that I could only do a running and blanket stitch - and lo and behold - this little package was put together and posted... it contains some lovely bright threads, templates, stitch instructions and loads of ideas on what to create.  I am so lucky to have made a friend like Annie - and I know that I am not the only person who has been touched by her thoughtfulness and kindness.  She really does have a heart of gold and texts me each day to see if there is anything she can do for me, to see how I am or just to say hi.

Here are some things that I sent to the small people for Easter - the boxes are made from 12x12 papers cut down so they are the length of A4 paper (squared) then scored round each side using the tri-fold line on an embossing board. Each corner square is then scored on the diagonal and folded in... if you want more details, feel free to get in touch - i'll write them out in full and try and do a full project post when I have more energy.

I filled them with little gifts like Bunny Poo, chick treats, which were basically choc raisins for the bunny poo, choc eggs for the chick treats and some edible bunnies which were all wrapped in cello bags and put little labels on with cute images...  Darren scored some of them for me, then later in the week, I managed to do a couple myself.

Here are the cards:

My OH kindly used the cuttlebug and cut the card shapes out for me as I didn't have the proper use and strenght to hold the bug down or turn the handle.  These have been made using (I think) labels 8 - the largest of the dies on a folded A6 card, making sure to overlap the fold line so it doesn't cut it.  He then embossed each one (following instructions - which he does quite well)! then cut more card with a smaller die for matting on the cards.  I did manage to glue and stick but it really tired me out like I would never have believed.

Here is a pic of OH on the bug - he wasn't posing, he just looked up at a perfect time - he didn't know I was going to take the pic as it was done on my phone.


And finally - if you are squeemish - please look away now, as I'm going to show you my stitches.  The first pic is from the day after my op and the second is about 12 days after my op.

Now I don't want to hear you agreeing with that surgeon who said I was built like an ox... (see last weeks post) - it's all swelling.... honest!!!! :O)

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to read this post.   If you want to take part in Whats on Your Work Desk Wednesday (WOYWW) - hop over to Julia on her blog 'Stamping Ground', where she posts her desk and adds Mr Linky for all the wonderful, friendly, generous people who are known as WOYWWers.  There's a badge you can collect also - to display proudly on your blog to say that you 'belong'.... its the best blog hop on the net - no prizes - no - its even better than that - you gain wonderful blogging friends - no stash giveaway can beat that....

I'm off to hop around my friends' blogs now, catch you later - please leave a comment and feel free to come back again.

Oh - by the way, just to let you know that I have a new e-mail address (i still have the tesco one, but will be phasing it out... here it is in code (to confuse the spammers) pmgale(at)sky(dot)com 


x x x


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