Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Paula's winter wonderland

I love to see pictures of the snow that other bloggers have posted on their blogs, so I thought I'd join in and share a little piece of my world.

I tried to take some amusing pics of the dog on the lawn last night when he went out for a wee - but the flash just bounced off the conservatory window which was a bit useless.  Nonetheless, I've just taken a few to share with you.

I do love photography and have bits and bobs of my efforts around the house (and i'm not talking head and shoulders of the kids)... the water lapping the sand on a Mallorcan beach and another of the ripples the sand makes when the water laps away... some other pics i've done are abstrats of flowers i've had in the garden.  I also love taking pics of veg and have some of the frills on the underneath of a mushroom, the way a leeks leaves criss cross at the ends and then the rings of a red onion sliced down the middle.  Shapes and forms fascinate me.  I might look on my external hard drive to find and show.

Anyway - these are what you'll call snapshots.

The first one is a massive icicle at the end of our gutter at the end of the house... it needs knocking down before it falls on someone.  I took this pic while trying to lean out of the back door.

 Ouch - imagine that hitting you at the back of the head!!!

 A pathway has been cleared to the garage - you may not really appreciate how deep it is on this pic - below is Dylan coming from the garage where he'd gone to avoid coming back in the snow.

 This is how much snow we've really laid down - my car hasn't been cleared since the first flake of snow - so undisturbed, this is how deep its been.  

A view of the drive and the 4x4 which has been useful.

This is what my beautiful pampass grass looks like on the front garden

This is Dylan trotting from the garage (I had to give him the stern 'Dylan come' command as he really wasn't wanting to come out of the garage!  This pic lets you appreciate how deep it is from DH digging in and making the pathway.

This is my more sensible pet - one that sits in the bedroom windowsill to watch everyone else in the snow getting cold and wet!

Here is a late entry - the boys (youngest DS and his friend) have managed to knock the dangerous icicle down from the gutter - although there is a bit of it left - here is how big it is - imagine this hitting you on the head!!!

Here are the boys playing on the lawn
youngest DS is the face in the centre of the pic - he's buried himself - he'll be complaining he's cold soon enough.


DS's friend sitting up.

My outdoor glass table with a couple of chairs lent up.

Eldest DS pointing to a pile of snow

Which was concealing youngest DS... He is so like my brother - these are all the things he typically did when he was younger... he's now got two children of his own!  DS is back in now... yep, complaining he's cold.

I love it that they've been out and been able to enjoy the snow.  My dad used to take us to the local park to go sledging - although compost bags were faster so we used to use those - the dogs we had at the time enjoyed it too.  The boys, despite the snow we had in the New Year, have never experienced it this deep.  DH and I were reminiscing how, when we first started living together and we had our first pets who used to like to jump in and out of the snow at our first house.  A lovely trip down memory lane.

Hope everyone enjoys the snow in their own way - but remember to keep warm and safe.

Paula x x x


  1. Gosh!!! or words to that effect hehe! That is one pile of snow you have up there!!! Great pics and OMG that icicle was massive, good job the boys managed to get it down! Stay warm honey xxx

  2. That is some snow you have there! Good thing you are tucked up warm and snug inside. I love the picturs of your boys in the snow.

  3. You have snow every now and then where as we have 3 months of that every year!Still you did get a good batch - I have cleaned my car for the second time today - will clean it again in about half an hour! What a pelava!
    Stay warm!

  4. Great pics Paula - you forget how much fun snow was when we were young don't you. I remember going sledging with school when I was about 6. (Over 50 years ago!)It was great fun but my hands were frozen and my best friend's mum tucked my hands down the bosom of her jumper to warm them up!!! Can you imagine the comments that would cause today!!

  5. Hi Paula, I love snow when I don't need to go out in it! Am a bit miffed the postie has spoiled the path leading to my front door! hahaha The only problem is my life has been cancelled due to the snow - no keep fit, no line dancing and I don't think I'll be going to tap dancing tomorrow even if it's not cancelled - don't fancy digging my car out!
    Anne xx

  6. Excellent pics Paula! We only have a sprinkling here in Fort William... my girls are gutted seeing it all on the news!
    Keep warm!

  7. We have that much snow here as well! In fact I have to go out this morning and run the snow blower again! Love the kitty pic. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. Looks like a great time was had in all that there snow!

  9. Lovely photos Paula....we don't have quite as much snow here in Northern Ireland but more than we've seen for many a long year.


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