Monday, 6 December 2010

Creative Handcrafted Storage for Earrings

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to sort out my jewellery, because I knew, due to the way i'd been storing it, I was wearing only a fraction of what I had.

Having sorted out my real jewellery from my costume jewellery, I decided to clean my sterling silver.  Wow, what a change.  Pitty I didn't take a picture, or a picture of it spread all over my kitchen table.
After a few days of contemplating how to store my earrings in particular, I decided to see what was available to but to hold all the earrings I have, but wasn't really taken by anything I'd seen.  

I'd started to put them on a piece of card but once a few pairs were on, it wouldn't stand up - but then I'd not thought what to do with all the pieces of card I would have had if I'd continued.  

My next move was to make something myself - so I set about it. Please note that this project can be adjusted to any size - larger or smaller and adapt for other things.

Here goes the stages of my project:
First of all, get a piece of board - it could be chipboard or corrugated cardboard.  I chose the latter seeing as i've had too many (well, the OH would say) deliveries of craft stuff.

My piece of cardboard measured as follows - all measurements are marked on the piece:

Score a spine down the middle - as wide as desired. to do this, either find the centre and mark then score an equal distant from the centre mark.  I chose to have a spine of 4cm.  Alternative way is to measure the width (here it is 30cm), divide by 2 halves (15cm) and take 2cm from each which makes 13cm - therefore, measure 13cm from each edge of the 'page' and mark and score.  Gives the same result, just another way of doing it.

Next, we want to cover the cardboard.  I chose some thick mulberry paper with silk threads in it.

This needs to be trimmed so that it covers the back, then overlaps the inside.  You can choose how far you bring it round as this will be covered again anyway.  Ensure that you cut it large enough to wrap around the top and the bottom, as well as round the pages:

Trim the corners so that they tuck in properly.  I chose to glue my mulberry paper by smothering my cardboard with Anita's tacky glue.  Smooth your corners with some wet glue to stop it from fraying or lifting.

Once outer cover is finished, its time to put the pages in. The 'pages' are what the earrings are going to be fastened to.  I chose to make my pages out of felt.  Its not expensive felt; I got these sheets in a pack from a bargain bag I bought a while back from Create and Craft.  I chose black and white for my project.
Next, cut the felt down to 'page' sizes obviously ensuring that they are smaller than the outer cover.  With black thread, I sewed the black sheet in, then the white sheet in then another black one, giving me plenty (hopefully) to store my earrings.

On the inside cover, I cut another piece of the mulberry paper and covered to hide the edges of the initial covering.
Here's a picture showing the black felt page and the mulberry paper finishing off the inside of the cover.

Here is a pic of the inside pages which shows how I sewed them in.  


Sewing is not my forte and perhaps could have been done neater - or perhaps with a machine, however, I don't have one.... BUT - I've ordered one off a TV shopping channel for £40... it only does 2 stitches: Straight and zig-zag, but that will do me!

Anyway, I digress - here is one of the pages with some of my silver and diamante earrings on:

The next page has some of my larger hooped earrings on:

The above are sterling silver apart from the 2nd pair in.  I have lots more to put on - then I will start on my sets which include colour.  I hope I did enough pages for all of my earrings.  However, this is just a prototype - I may make another one improving on storage - this way I can't use both sides of the page because of the earring backs.  It serves its purpose very well though.

I've decorated the front so that it can sit prettily on my bedroom shelf - and no-one should have any clues what it is:

The flowers on the cover are petaloo plain mulberry ones, purchased from QVC.  The blue ones are also petaloo from QVC - purchased a while ago with lots of other colours.  The blue flower in the top right corner is made with a marianne design die.

Just to recap on how I made it:
1)  measure a piece of cardboard big enough to make it into a book
2)  measure and make a spine down the centre of the book
3)  cover the outside of the cardboard, neatly finishing off the inside
3)  cut up sheets of felt into 'pages', ensuring they are smaller that the cover size
4)  sew or secure with adhesive all the sheets of felt into the cover
5)  decorate the cover

I hope that my (kind of) tutorial for this simple earring book was easy to follow. Let me know if you think this would be suitable for your earrings.  

Thanks for reading and visiting my blog,

Paula x x x 


  1. Brilliant idea Paula I could do with making this, my jewellry is a mess at the minute but there is not enough hrs in the day to sort it out, spent all weekend and today sorting out my crafting space, and now I need a new computer just to top it all off.
    Chris x

  2. What interesting things you come up with! I never would have thought of turning paper crafting into a storage solution for earrings! See your second pic with the four hooped earrings on it? I have that same set that's on the left, even have two sizes of them too! Lol.


  3. Wow Paula, this is so pretty and displays your jewellery so nicely!. Very pretty project and thanks for taking the time to do a tutorial! Tracey xxx

  4. Such a clever idea for jewellery display and storage - no more tangled earrings. Wishing you a happy and creative year ahead


Thank you for your super scrummy spangly comment and for spending your valuable time letting me know what you think...

Crafty hugs, Paula x x x


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